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imagesThe Oregonian’s “Negative Nancy” came to us from the Bay Area and Indiana daily newspapers. Historians* have placed his Indy beat writing days during the tenure of Bob Knight. Don’t blame Canzano for developing the knack to rip apart storied sports teams, since Knight’s relatively well known for providing journalism nuggets. But as his craft for “investigating a story” grew in strength, he needed greater journalistic challenges.

As a native Oregonian and lover of all sports teams north of Junction City, I have spent countless hours exposed to his venom. Trust me, it’s difficult to avoid him. Canz is the LEAD sports columnist. In the world of journalism that means he gets first dibs on breaking news. It also means he appears on 1080/750 AM during our afternoon drive-time home. What I don’t share in Big Suke’s love for LA Weight Loss, I do share in his knack for rebutting Canz’ comments. On 1080 “The Fan”, Big Suke becomes the voice of Portland to Canzano’s spew of discontent. No doubt Canz haters have their own extension on the “Whiner line”.

Unfortunately, people want to hear what is broken about something that appears perfect. We hate perfection (19-0), but LOVE adversity (18-1). As much as we want our teams to BE perfect, their imperfections are what make them tangible to us. Our precious Trailblazers, Ducks, Beavers, Pilots, Vikings, etc. can never be as perfect as we want them to be. Canzano points out that bald-faced truth to us, which is why he sucks.

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12 thoughts on “#12 John Canzano

  1. Canzano’s gloating coverage of the latest UW-UO game was hardly what I would call objective coverage of a sporting event. He seems more interested in stirring up resentments between UW and UO fans. Responsible journalism promotes sportsmanship not trash talking. Maybe Canzano should apply for a job on FOX news.

  2. John Canzano is a schmuck – plain n simple. He has marketed himself very well, just marketing though. He should go back to Cali – like minded folk there prolly like him… Its too bad that he thinks so much of himself and his journalism skill that he likes to get in to the city politics as opposed to just sticking to the lame sports he should be honing his lack of journalism skill on, organized sports.

    Move John, Portland really doesn’t like you.

  3. WOW, how pathetic is Clownzano that he comes onto this website and tries to defend himself. “Stop Crying” is the only person that doesn’t have a legit handle. CLOWNZANO YOU SUCK!!! PLEASE GO DIE!!! Thank you!

  4. holy cow, someone actually likes john canzano, are you kidding. His writing skills are atrocious. He writes like a jr. high kid who’s having a hard time passing english.
    Like any true fool he’s convinced he knows more than the rest of us and can’t wait to let you know it. is there anyone in oregon he hasn’t criticized or offended. john, with all my heartfelt sincerity, please move on to the next town, i don’t like you much.

  5. Canzano is the best so quit your crying. Just because he is not all rainbows and butterflies doesn’t make him wrong. If you didn’t like it why did you read it, or why did you listen? He must be doing something right……. And he does understand Portland, that’s why he is successful.

  6. John Canzano is painful to listen to on 95.5 The Game. Please let Gavin Dawson take over his show. Canzano is trash, for all of the aforementioned reasons

  7. John Canzano is nothing but a gimmick. He sews seeds of discontent because he has no real talent. The underlying truth is that he is only concerned with marketing himself as a “hard hitting” journalist. Hence “the bald faced truth”. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING special about his writing style or voice. People who try to be controversial typically do so because they lack creativity. It’s the whole “lowest common denominator” strategy, which is not only pathetic, but also sickening. I love his thoughts on Kobe…”fans hate of Kobe misguided”. He basically tried to say people hate Kobe because he is good, and maybe even because he’s arrogant. WRONG! Fans hate misguided? You’re article was misguided! I do hate Kobe, yes, AMAZING isn’t it. But ya know why? Because he is good? No…Because he is a lousy human being! You may want to have somewhat of a pulse on the local fan base before you tell them what they think and why. He obviously does not belong in Portland because he simply does not understand us. This isn’t L.A. or even San Jose, we actually pay attention to the things that matter to us, so please John…show us the respect we have unfortunately been giving you for far too long.

  8. I’ve lived in Texas, New York, and Oregon, and John Canzano is the ABSOLUTE WORST writer I’ve ever read in my life. He’s worse than the sports writer of my college newspaper. He seems to think that simply writing the random thoughts streaming from his brain make for good writing. His writing is so horrific that it doesn’t matter if you agree with what he is saying or not. It just leaves you feeling angry and disgusted that a newspaper would be so dumb to let this guy represent them.

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