#16 The Lloyd Center Mall

sdfg.jpgBigger isn’t better.

The first shopping center to challenge the post-WWII downtown shopping area was Lloyd Center Mall. For many years, it helped suck the life from downtown Portland shops as people moved further away from the urban area. However, the glory years of “Oregon’s Largest Mall” are over. People are staying in sucky suburban towns for their post-Gulf War shopping arenas.

Take a stroll down Lloyd Center’s halls, and you will find abandon stores and empty Dell/Sprint kiosks. Walking to Nordstrom’s within the “belly of the beast” feels like a stroll through an urban ghost town. The stores that remain are a rag-tag bunch of mediocre crap (Who shops at DEB?). Lloyd Center is anchored by, not one, but TWO discount-bin chains (Marshall’s and Ross). The LC is also home to the lamest, smallest Nordstrom’s on the west coast. Although, their Sears isn’t bad.

As far as food court options go, the LC is particularly weak*. Billy Heartbeats, while slightly tasty, is run by a bunch of incompetent managers and snot-nosed servers. In fact, I would say that food court restaurant is WORSE than McMenamins’ service only because you can’t enjoy a frothy alcoholic beverage. If you venture outside Lloyd Center Mall’s glass paned doors you’ll run into Red Robin and Stanford’s. As a professional dietician, I recommend cigarette butts over those two dining experiences.

Has Lloyd Center Mall been hurt by the reemergence of the Pearl and suburban shopping arenas? Undoubtedly. But don’t feel sorry for Lloyd Center Mall… just avoid it. UNLESS you really need to satisfy your ice skating fix. Then go pick up your white trash outfit at Forever 21 and hit the ice! You can be just like Tonya Harding for a day.

*Taco Time isn’t technically fine dining… but it’s pretty close

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  1. Why would an educated person ever refer to the race of potential and/or perceived welfare cases? All races in the USA have the bad and the good, the lazy and the industrious, the smart and stupid, the honest and the dishonest, etc., etc. When is racial differentiation and discrimination ever going to end in this country????

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  3. We are trying to live off ol one income. Two reasons I can’t support PDX downtown: too expensive, and how does it help if I have to drive all over to get what I need? At least at a mall, I can accomplish many tasks in one trip. Get over your pretentious, affluent bad self.

  4. I was at the food court and was asked by 2 well dressed black teenage girls who were stuffing their faces with food if I had a quarter. I thought they may as well get pregnant and go on welfare already why prolong the inevitable. Walking from Nordstrom to Sears one kiosk worker wanted to straighten my hair abd 2 others wanted to rub lotion on my hands. Like I really want complete stangers touching my hair and hands when they’re trying to do that to God knows who else walking through the mall.

    • I am a educated, and married black woman! As are all my family members. You act like all black people go on welfare! Please know what your talking about before you say such dumb things. Makes you look so uneducated, and white trash!

    • This is really a response to “mrs. black oswego mama”
      3 things:

      1) The post you responded to wasn’t tasteful to be certain, (and I could be going out on a limb here, and way off base) but I think that “Ghetto Center” is black… “straighten my hair”..?. maybe not.

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      You describe yourself as “a educated”… I would lean more toward a blathering and uneducated fool, a bigot and an obvious hypocrite, a harridan always on the lookout for something to be righteously indignant about.
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    • Uhoh you said the B-word! For shame… Looks like a flame war is about to begin… oh wait since the timestamps on these replies are old, it has already happened. *sigh*. BTW, white women or any other race/color of woman can get pregnant and have to go on welfare; it depends on their circumstances, you tool. I understand where you’re coming from with the lotion and hair straightening from strangers, though… ugckh. It’s worse than the stupid perfumers who spritz you as you walk by, which thankfully I haven’t encountered in Portland yet.

  5. Turns out LC has a new owner from the east coast (which is part of some chain). This explains the rent increase and why so many good shops left. Its such a shame to watch LC go downhill.

    • I’m not the one begging for quarters at the food court, lady. If anyone’s uneducated trash, it’s them. If they’re expecting handouts now, they’ll expect handouts later. Just watch.

    • That’s a strip mall in east county, anchored by a Target. Entirely different than a “real” mall in a “trendy” area.

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