#19 Tight Black Pants on Guys

I found this post from another Portland blog, “…the importance of being, Andy.” Enjoy this excerpt and click on the link below to read the full article.

skinnyjeans.jpg“Seriously, what the hell is up with these? Don’t they hurt? They look like they hurt. No matter how much you want, you can’t have girl hips. I’m sorry – live with it.I’m sure it’s all part of the whole androgyny rebellion thing, but it annoys me.

I mean, in general I’m 92% function over form. IE if something isn’t comfy I ain’t gonna wear it. And that s**t looks uncomfortable. (note that the only pic I could find is not particularly bad, the s**t I see people wearing on the street here looks penis-smashingly-painful). In general women (and effeminate gay men of course) seem to be almost the exact reverse of me – like 85-95% form and 5-15% function.”

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2 thoughts on “#19 Tight Black Pants on Guys

  1. Hah! Thanks for the refer.
    If only I had the patience to stalk the tight-panted-ones in their native habitat and photograph them.

    Luckily I have better things to do.

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