#2 Tracy Barry, KGW News 8

When I come home after a hard day of work, sometimes I turn on the old HD boob tube to catch some story about murder in NE Portland. Nothing too serious, just some light mischief going on around Killingsworth. A couple of times I have made the mistake of leaving the tv after fully powering it on. I have no idea what news channel is coming because of a commercial break. Then I hear that satanic KGW intro and her voice.

It would be very difficult to describe Tracy Barry as an evil, human-hating Velociraptor… oh, hmm, that wasn’t so hard! With a slightly sweet cackle, she turns even the worst kitten killer into a saint. I don’t know how this human being can manipulate words like “burned to death”, “puppies drowned” and “company doesn’t recycle” into sweet soulful music. She does though… and she enjoys it.

My favorite contributors* towards this vixen of vile actually fear for their lives. I have seen Zaffino flinch when she asked, “So, Matt, is it still going to rain or will we finally get that sunshine?”. If Zaffino didn’t provide a break from crappy weather, I’m sure she would disembowel him. When super hot new reporter, Katherine Cook joined the KGW 8 team, Barry felt threatened. She immediately caused a tree lighting festival so Cook would have to cover that lame story.

PLEASE, don’t die in a horrible car accident… because that means Barry is going to get you.

* Joe Donolon & Matt Zaffino

103 thoughts on “#2 Tracy Barry, KGW News 8

  1. I’m looking at this on 2020. What a bike disgusting group of people who have commented on here. Tracy is a wonderful woman who did a great job at KGW. The people on the air now are superficial and only report what the snowflakes want to hear. My entire family loved watching her through the years and we appreciated her work .All you negative judgmental people with self esteem issues should pretty much STFU. You make Portland sound like it full of a bunch of worthless people who want to try to drag down people who actually are better than they could imagine being. Grow the f up

  2. I like her. One girl I DO NOT like is Maggie Vespa. Omg she was reporting one day close to my church that i attended and I wanted to ask what was going on? I was worried that there might be shootings or something. I simply asked if everything was o.k.. She acted so rude. Pretended not to hear and kept swinging her hands going “what”. I was right in front of her. Umm, your not a celebrity. I was looking for reassurance it was safe as I also had an elderly I needed to help out of my car.
    She seems like a very fake rude woman.

  3. Tracy Berry

    Was a nice personality to watch on KGW!
    Sorry to see her retire or leave after so many years ! Many other news personality people have left as well!
    It happens in this market! Best of luck
    too her in what ever she dose and what
    life brings. It’s vary nice too she a smiling
    face on TV in spite of how the may feel.
    Being positive is sometimes hard and it
    a life style! Put on a happy face when
    you tired or angry or sad is a challenge!
    But it good like medicine! Thanks
    Tracy Berry!

    Gary D H

  4. Dumb! Don’t know her personally!
    But she did her job at KGW the best
    she could! It’s a job we’re people can
    love you or hate you based on how
    you look and how you talk! Bottom
    line there just people. Leave it there.
    I’ve meet on of the people from
    a couple of different stations briefly
    they are nice enough!

  5. I have watched ch.8 news for years. I love the current news team. However, I find Tracy Barry to be very annoying. My large network of friends and I are very tired of her talking to viewers as if everyone is a first grader. Too bad she couldn’t be more professional like Laurel Porter and many others. Her fake sweetness and over the top dramatics are too much. She use to be a really good anchor. And why does everyone swoon over her anyway, especially Matt Z.

  6. KGW is the worst of an abysmal lot of pdx news stations. The fact that tracy ‘scarey’ barry and drew ‘the human moron’ carney seem to do nothing but cement the fact that portland has as much talent as an empty porta-potty. The good talent works only weekends (Mina Melhauf, Maggie Vespa, Brian Brennan) will never get a decent shot here in pdx. Not that anyone with talent should stay in this one-horse dumb-as-a-rock city.

    • You think Brian Brennan has “good talent”? The guy is a goof! He messes up all the time and always looks so uncomfortable in front of the camera. I agree with you regarding Melhauf & Vespa but Brian fricken Brennan????

    • Yes, I would like to back too Seattle but I now have a f-ing mortgage, so I am stuck with the news here. Geez. I once posted a comment that was meant as a left handed comment in jest to Vespa and she reacted as if I was a pervert. Kinda turned me off to KGW. And I have been watching kgw news for 20 yrs.

  7. Seriously, you’re annoyed that she is too nice? Do you hate your favorite aunt for the same reason? If you were in Portland in the early nineties you know she is actually a huge supporter of animal rights and an activist. I admire her. Get a hobby, people! WTH.

  8. I am a member of The Multnomah Athletic Club. I live in Hillsdale and take the Salmon Street exit off of 405 each morning. The garbage along 405 and the Salmon exit are beyond filthy. I contacted Mr. Hays at ODOT here in Portland and he had it cleaned. Now it is filthier than ever and the homeless and drivers are the culprits. The city of Portland is doing NOTHING with the garbage. It was there for a month when I reported it. I am about to go to the site and rake it into a huge pile, get Tv coverage and insist that the city remove the litter on a regular basis. I am 76 years old and a gardener and have a rake! Can my favorite channel do a story on this problem? Thanks. Sally Gould. 503-490-0779. 5737 sw 28th Dr.

  9. Tracy,This is lady Woman on Mt.St.Helen on May 18th 1980 …Cheryl Slick Cherrington …256-343-9331.love Cheryl

  10. Tues. May 16 Tracey reported that Oregon was the 6th ? highest gas prices in the US . OK, She also reported one of the reasons was that we do not pump our own gas WRONG Calif. and Wa. are way higher and they pump their own gas. Ca. also refines their own gas . Very misleading statement . Also a poor endorsement of why we maybe should not pump our own gas. I would request a reply on her part.

  11. NO ONE is as irritating as Brenda Braxton who sounds like she’s the reader for the library’s preschooler Read Along. Between that and her constant habit of ending her sentences with upward inflection, I’ve had to stop watching Channel 8 News. I”m not 5 yrs old nor am I a Valley
    Girl. Yuk.

    • I cannot stand Brenda Braxton either. She has that fake laugh down pat and doesn’t hesitate to use it. She is disgusting. And might I say fat! Though she doesn’t realize she is fat. And her taste in dresses is similar to that of my eight year old grand daughter. Brenda believes that every day of the year should be 80 degrees and sunshine. She gets that pouty face when rain is in the forecast. Doesn’t she know she lives in Oregon? Why doesn’t she move to California, or Florida, or Argentina! Yes Argentina. Please!

  12. You’re a a sad excuse …. she’s an anchor, a local small time celeb. Zaffinos not in the least intimidated by her. It’s absurd you would harbor any disdain for TB. Does she look like your mom perhaps?

  13. If you don’t like watching her, turn the channel. Keep your vicious comments to yourself. The world needs less of the vial verbiage you spew and more love and kindness.

    • I agree with every word he said. Blow me. I would also add that Tracy Barry is like the Mom who gives you milk and cookies when you come home after school. I think she wears an Apron under the desk. Which is entirely inappropriate for a News Anchor.

    • There is no where to turn the channel– Clowns at all 3 Networks! I don’t know what the World needs, but Portland needs some newer sharper, hipper, more interesting Newscasters! This means you, fat f–K Jeff Granola, and Ken Booty! 20 years on the job is enough! Portland has changed, and it would be nice if we had at least one TV Station which reflects that!

  14. You need to grow up Channel 8 news Tracy Perry and all the worthless f****** at work there, in my opinion just the way you worthless f*** stuck there at KGW 8 News I really hope and I pray that the big one will happen and waste the entire city of f****** Portland Oregon killing everybody in that suck in town

    • Get a lil classTM. No wonder people think Trump supporters are crazy. Have an opinion but maybe a little bit more down to earth .I understand (sorta) your angle. I also support Trumps effort Strongly!!! Chill these people don’t share your opinion but they aren’t bad people they are just lefties!

  15. I remember watching the news and hearing tracy say in a very snotty tone live on air “that’s my line!!!!!!” when the other anchor accidently said her line. She is as fake as it gets. Once the camera turns off she’s just a huge bitch.

  16. This is not directed at any one individual, just a personal thought , there was more reporting on the news about people riding their bycikles NUDE down portland streets than there was on Franklin Grahams PEACEFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE EVENT AT THE CAPITAL, I don’t know what the nudist did to attempt to make my life better , I think praying for our country is a much higher road . It should have been covered much better.

  17. Good heavens there are some vicious people out there. I’m 67 y\o born and lived in Portland all my life. I love that Tracy has lasted so long on KGW. Seeing her and how she hasn’t aged a bit while I’ve gotten old.is a pleasure. The news stations play musical chairs with the weather people and KOIN dumped everyone for perky younger women it’s nice to have a perky, beautiful familiar face to turn to.

    • There in lies the problem. She hasnt changed! ONE BIT! She has blessed us with her suckitude for over 30 years I have lived in this backwater racist dump of a city.

  18. She is an idiot and drama queen. I usually change the channel at 5 so I don’t have to listen to one of the worst newscasters I have ever heard. Today was case in point. The exchange with Matt over weather was priceless. She made one of her inappropriate and cringeworthy comments and Matt made sure to point it out. Love him but wish she would become a soap opera actress.Her talents would be more suited to that line of work.

  19. Ha! Look who got the last laugh! Tracy did. She’s weathered this Bush inspired hatred from puny minded Yuppy pricks and come out one of the best anchors in Portland. Her wit and off the cuff comments just make me guffaw. Because I’m smart I like smart reporters. Now KGW just needs to get rid of Joey the loser Harrington.

  20. Things that suck is our news stations that cant report a real story..only crap that affects nothing really important..What a joke..You watch planes turn our sunny days into overcast polluted skies..and you so called reporters want to say they’re just normal con trails…What a ridiculous joke you people are…How can you even have any pride in what you do…have some balls and report the real story..we are all being robbed of our God given right to enjoy a sunny day..without whome ever is behind filling our skies with metal particles..and blocking our beautiful skies above of having clear blue skies…You people are just as guilty as those who are behind the spraying..you should all be ashamed of yourself and your jobs…just an insult to what reporting should truly be…

  21. I would like to talk to Tracy Barry years ago she did a report about a program called Pivot . Pivot was a program that helped youg girls/women get the high school depoma and gave them self esteem as well as some skills in how to get a job. This changed my daughters life. I would like to tell Tracy what a diffrenrance this has made a in her life. My daughter is happy and has a successful career. Because of Tracys report

  22. Tracy was the only reporter that my dad would let interview him. My dad, now deceased, ran one of Oregon’s largest social service agencies in town. It got to the point where my father would only trust Tracy. Tracy was fair and appropriate in her interviewing while other reporters would take my father’s words out of context and misrepresent details. My father told me how highly he regarded her as a journalist and reporter. In each time I have seen her lately she is still the same professional she has always been. I am glad that she is still an integral part of the KGW news team.

  23. What a pathetic, self-righteous group you are. So…. her voice is too cheery? Typical Portland hipster, trying to make something of nothing, so there’s something to bitch about. Yawn. If you’re going for a career in journalism, dig deeper. Have you met her? Has she ever said anything offensive? Oh, it’s just her speaking voice? Cool. Moving on..

  24. Will one of fox news 8 contact me please. I have a story about refugees in thailand needing help for being persecuted for being christian. I have proof and videos and pictures i am in contact with the refugees just trying to doing my part to help.. Its real as crazy as this sounds. Lilrob79@gmail.com thanks. They sent me documents passports info a lot of stuff just for it not to be made up. And have spoken to.them directly video call. Dont mean to sound crazy but this s**t sounded a bit to crazy not to be be real
    thanks for all your help and God bless you all.

    • Trick or treat when I watch her. I already turned away from the morning news with Nick Dickhard who was so rude and full of himself. She is just full of Botox. For a good laugh, just pause your dvr at anytime when she is on.

  25. Tracy Barry, you are a very professional reporter & the BEST, well always been my favorite on KGW! And to have just read your humorous post….does not surprise me. You have that smile & twinkle in your eye. Sincerely, Linda Seidel

  26. Personally I think Tracy Barry is so professional Portland et al viewers clearly see the difference in quality of voice, personality and dress which Tracy provides us over other news personalities.
    Good job Tracy. Keep up your good work for Portland. You professionalism provides us with quality hands down.

  27. any time I hear her voice I want to drown some puppies, burn people to death and throw papers in the trash at work. that broad is PURE EVIL.

  28. she is a deranged dwarf, from hell why? are her eyes cross eyed your never quite sure what she is looking at, is’nt there some type of corrective surgery for her. yeah fire her and replace her with a fresh, new face with intelligence.

    • Don’t talk if u can’t say something nice!!! Just stop …breathing!!! TRACY BARRY is yummy friendly,and has quiet Catholic girll. Sex appeal!!!

  29. I’ve met this witch a couple of times (through work) and I’m here to tell you that she’s a horrible person. HORRIBLE! I don’t watch her but, unfortunately, we live in a fairly small town and chances are that I’ll get the displeasure of dealing with her again at some point. HELP ME!

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  31. You need to do a least a modicum of research before you write your “nuggets” of wisdom. It’s NOT Matt Zafino. Google it.

  32. Don’t be misled by the seemingly benign nature of the Barry… she is secretly as evil as Rush. It comes from being 4′ zip. she can’t help it.

    • I agree..don’t like her..don’t watch..I personally don’t really like her but, watch anyway because I like channel 8 news.

      Brenda and Russ and of course Drew and Nick are my favorite!!!

  33. I worked TV news in Portland and elsewhere. Tracy was a contemporary. She was smart, professional and caring in third rate milieu (Portland TV) which has historically been rated by industry insiders as a mediocre pile of poo. In my informed opinion TB has done more than most to elevate and maintain Portland TV news standards….such as they are. You spend that many decades at one thing and ya just get tired, ya know? And the deal is…the entire local TV news industry from Portland O to Portland M is way dated….a retail sales support system entirely reduced to retailing old junk to old farts….the very same people who watch Matlock on their rabbit ears. Local TV news has been terminal for ten years. Tracy Berry, Katy Couric? Dead people walking.

  34. I LOVE Tracy Barry! I hope to pick her up one night at a bar and take her botox’d, face-lifted dental-implanted face home for a one-night-stand! If she is such an adorable vile vixen on the air just imagine how hot she is in the bedroom! She’ll tear me up, boyeeee!

  35. Damn people, what if her family finds this…newscasters have feelings too…btw, I hate the local news. It’s for people past 80.

  36. “With a slightly sweet cackle, she turns even the worst kitten killer into a saint” She’s got the same gene as Diane Sawyer.

    I’ve also noticed she’s a bit of a Bush Basher. Mentioning and reporting Bush insults as if it will make a difference.

  37. I did notice her lips, she looks like Bill Cosby!!! LOL!!! I had the opportunity to stand behind her in line at a grocery store. She asked the clerk “Do you need to see my ID?” The clerk said, “No, I know who you are.” She spent some $200 on groceries in Beaverton. I was wondering what happened to her lazy eye. Now, all I can see is her big lips that look like a river raft folded in half.

  38. I remember meeting Ms. Barry when I was a little kid…that’s right a little kid!

    She seemed nice but after 12 years, I, in opinion am very much used to seeing her reports on the 5PM news.

    And she defintely could pass for the Joker!

  39. As someone who has suffered with Granulomatous Cheilitis, that is what Tracy appears to be experiencing. It is not pretty but it creates an embarassing condition.

    As far as her making “expletive” comments, those are stories make up by hate filled people. She would never do that in public, because she is such a public figure.

    I was appalled to view such a vast number of hateful comments. Where has the world come to?

  40. I found this site because i noticed Tracy’s lips looked funny,at first i thought she had clear braces!
    I don’t believe the story from her blog that says she has granuloma’s on her lips in clusters, it’s about as believable as Ashly Tisdales nose job story that she had breathing problems.

    I was also snubbed by Tracy in public, this was 13 years ago, obviously im over it right?

  41. Boy,..I’ve never read so much BS in some time.

    “TV” has obviously never met Tracy as such things are totally out of character for her. She simply would NEVER say such a thing to anyone. Having worked with her for 8+ years in a variety of sometimes stressful circumstances, such things do not happen.

    I’d kindly suggest that people take note of her exceptional writing skills and extemporaneous delivery under pressure.

    Brains trump appearance, every time.

    • Didn’t know where else to make this comment (I’m such a computer whiz!)
      Good for you Tracy for wearing your hair in a complimentary way in spite of what every other female TV personality is doing to “look alike”. Even poor ole Hilary Clinton is trying to be 22 again.
      I admire your reporting as well.
      Sincerely, M> C>

  42. From Tracy Barry’s KGW’s Blog
    A few months ago I noticed a small hard nodule under the skin of my upper lip.

    I didn’t think much about it. But it didn’t go away and in fact there seemed to be a little cluster of them. Since I have had Melanoma in the last couple of years I had the lumps looked at. Turns out the “granulomas” were nothing to worry about. But the painful and repeated process of removing them left my lip swollen, scarred and uneven. All in high def I might add! Clearly it looked worse than I thought.
    Can I have it fixed? I’m not sure. Will I have it fixed? I’m not sure about that either.
    I keep having visions of Goldie Hawn in the “First Wives Club”.
    So thanks for listening and as always thanks for watching.

  43. wow just saw tracy barry on the news tonight and definitely botoxed lips or she was having a bad reaction to shellfish! Those lips are almost as big as lisa Renna–need i say anymore–

  44. Never had a problem with the woman as I usually watch KATU, but I had to look again. WOW talk about waaaaayyyy over done. She should have just a a mini lift as jeez she looks plastic.

  45. Sorry to disagree but I like Tracy. In fact I think she is one of the few news anchors that isn’t phony and into themselves!

  46. All of you are complete idiots. Who would ever waste their time even replying or taking part in this ridiculous conversation.

    I know I certainly wouldn’t.

    Idiots. Effing idiots.

    I mean, seriously, why take the time to jabber about her?

    You make me sick.

    Really. I would never just type a bunch of needless crap. I have much better things to do.

    Like sewing. I like to sew. Do you? There was this one time wh


  47. Mostly an observation. The last couple times I’ve watched Tracy present the news, it sounds like she is gasping a bit for air. This could be from a microphone that is too close or too sensitive. It could be a breathing “phenomenon” ie quick intakes of air being picked up by a too close or too sensitive mike. Being an old broadcaster myself (from a whole lot of years ago)I can’t help noticing things like this. Thanks for reading this far.

  48. My girlfriend works at a local fitness club here in portland where Tracy Berry attends. Her daughter is in daycare there, and once, while not liking the answer of one of my girlfriends co-workers, Tracy Berry, actually said, “Don’t you know who I am, I’m Tracy Berry Bitch!”

    Priceless… and Classy!

  49. I hate Tracy BArry…she ran into me and my moms basket at Costco and looked at us with those accusatory eyes of her’s as if we were in the wrong…I HATE YOU TB!!!

  50. I was wondering about the facelift, too. She looks…….weird. Pulled up or bigger lips or something. Can’t she just get older gracefully like the rest of us and look natural and not plastic? She should sue her surgeon.

  51. I’ve been saying that the little troll needs to retire
    She makes me physically ill when I hear her shrill of voice

    My I think she is retarded!

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