#20 Slow Drivers

mjunjaw_large.jpgSlow driving has been a pasttime for elderly and Asian vehicle operators everywhere. The nature of this behavior has not only been embraced by country folk, but it seems to have seeped into our main city streets. Powell, Burnside, Broadway, Sandy, MLK, Lombard, Hawthorne, Cornell, etc. are filled with these recreational drivers. Unfortunately for the people that use vehicles to get somewhere, these people clutter the road with their late model Toyota Camrys.

Personally, I walk or use mass transit in order to avoid this problem. But when I hop in my car, I’m looking to get where I’m going quickly. I don’t want to be stuck behind someone from Ridgefield searching for the best way to I5 off Broadway. I want to get to my Recesstime Sports event ASAP, and being stuck behind some idiot drives me insane!

“Right side=Slow” and “Left side=Fast” rules don’t apply to these retards of the road who refuse to maintain established speed laws. 40 MPH actually means you better drive AT LEAST 40 miles per hour. Don’t hog the lane because you see a pretty little park or a cop has pulled someone over for having a tail light out. In fact, just get off my road.

Is it because so many Portlanders are ex-somewhere-elselanders who don’t know the roads yet? Is it the people from Vancouver looking for tax-free goods? Are they on the phone ordering takeout from Orient Chinese restaurant and refilling hemorrhoid cream prescriptions at Walgreens? I’m guessing it’s a mix of these causes. Do you have a suggestion to end this madness? Leave a comment and I will try my hardest to implement that solution tomorrow.

58 thoughts on “#20 Slow Drivers

  1. If you think that’s bad never come to Washington. These dumbass seahawk fans are the worst. They can’t drive in the rain, in the snow, when it’s clear and sunny. They plain cannot drive.

    I wish there was some sort of test that potential drivers would need to take prior to operating a motor vehicle. They do in other states, why not Washington?

    When I first moved to Washington my NCO (Sergeant) told me, “I hope you have full coverage insurance. You might want to update your life insurance as well.” A few minutes later we get side-swiped. Welcome to Washington.

    Good luck. Drive safe. May the gods be with you.

    • Omg you’re SO right!!! I moved here 10 months ago cause my bf is from this area. All these slooow a$$ drivers make me crazy mad! I am a law abiding citizen who has only gotten a ticket once in 2002. I don’t drive fast, but I can’t handle how people here in Washington seem to just plain & simply not know how to drive! Grrr!!!

  2. I have lived here for 30 years and watch the Portland area explode in population. After many years of watching post like this I finally figured it out. The root of traffic slowness here is several things. One, the freeway system is the same undersized system it was in 1985 when I moved here but the population is 6X. How many 6 lane freeways do you see in this major city…zero. Also, Portland and this state is #1 moving destination in US. Also the Portland area city governments have a clear agenda…to make driving miserable so you will ride your bike or take transit. In the last 10 years they have spent billions on max train expansion and bike lanes, but about zero $ on freeway expansion. The lack of expanding the urban growth boundry only increased the density of the population adding to our frustration, so we practically live on top of each other. Also, I spent time looking at every slow driver that pisses me off. 90% of the time it was an elderly person or quite honestly an Asian immigrant. Which raises the question, how in the hell did they ever pass a state drivers test to get a license? I travel the world on business and nowhere else do they drive this slow, but also nowhere else to all of the above variables come together in one city. Until the city governents change their agenda…this problem will only get worse. So, frustrated with slow drivers…take the train, bus, or ride a bike…problem solved exactly the way the city governments want it. Or my case, time to move!

  3. Having driven all across the country, I have observed that the best drivers are East of the Mississippi. Yes, Oregonians are exceptionally slow drivers. However, they are also the most polite. California drivers are the absolute worst about not moving out of the left lane and are also very rude with cutting people off. We’re all generalizing here, as there are good drivers and bad drivers in every state. I think obtaining a driver’s license should be a lot more difficult than it is!

  4. We visited from Ontario, Canada, this summer and had a great time in your state. What we did not have a great time doing was driving. Being stuck in a line of cars in the left lane of the freeway behind a driver going 10 mph under the speed limit was the definition of our driving experience. I kind of wondered why as visitors we were able to drive better than locals who knew the place. It motivated me to google the question. We said it must be the pot, jokingly. Anyway, you’d do yourself a great service by enacting the move right law and ensuring tourists don’t think the reason everyone is driving so slowly is because they’re high.

    • No States in Canada…..Provinces and there are 10 of them. I guess there are bad drivers anywhere you travel. Floridians in the left lane on the I95 cut right across 300 feet or less to get off the next exit all the while doing 70 MPH…..crazy madness for sure and everyone shoots through red lights.

  5. I a grew up in Oregon. Moved around shortly after I got my license here in Oregon(Albany to be exact)- to Los Angeles, Georgia and Tokyo. I came back and am truly baffled by Oregon drivers. They seem to think its’s acceptable to merge into the freeway at 45 mph and to drive the speed limit in the passing lane. Despite what many Oregon drivers seem to think its actually poor road ettiquete to not use the passing lane for what its actually for. Not to mention it actually is a ticketable offense in most states, including Oregon. Furthermore, merging into traffic going slower than the flow of traffic is incredibly dangerous and short sided. Sadly though the OSP is more concerned with writing citations out for failure to display front plate ( another stupid reg, but I’ll save that for another conversation.), illegal window tint and other non consequential b.s. than enforcing real laws. It just seems to me that Oregon/ PDX metro drivers seem to be so unsure of their cars’ and their own driver capabilities. On a side note I love how Oregonians blame everything on those evil Californians or the tax dodging Washingtonians ( Clark & Cowlitz residents). It just demonstrates that they can’t admit to their own state’s short comings, and there are so many.

    • First of all, the Californians come up here and act like they own the damn place, second, the Washingtonians drive worse than the Californians. Those of us Oregonians who drive like insane lunatics passing everyone in sight have watched Californians seep into our cities and towns drive like that and realize that we have to drive like that in order to survive traffic. Nothing says “adrenaline” like a stupid trucker cutting you off after catching up to you going 85 MPH on I-84 near Portland. You go 85 on the freeway and get a hefty ticket; I’ll take my chances and hover near the speed limit.

      • What does that even mean “act like they own the damn place”? Passing is entirely legal by anyone legally driving in Oregon, including those with California plates. In any event, no one is ever going anywhere near 85mph in Portland – the road is obstructed at much lower speeds, often below the posted speed limit in the left lane.

        Oregon is the outlier–not California. California’s drive in a more consistent manner with the rest of the country. And guess what, Americans are super slow compared to just about every other developed country.

        Feel free to hover near the speed limit but keep all the way right (that doesn’t include the center lane–that means the far right lane) and don’t disrespectfully impede traffic.

    • I have a question…why does mostly everyone here have dark tint on their car windows??? The sun barely even shines here! Smh.

  6. Interesting responses from all to be sure but here’s my take on this having lived in SW Portland for 4 years now. First I’ll say that the tailgat. ing going on in Portland is the worst I’ve experienced anywhere on the planet. In Los Angeles this kind of tailgating is grounds to pull over and fight. I also find the comments about people driving too slow amusing-sure there are the odd out driver that is going 20 in a 35 for some reason but more often I encounter people speeding over the posted speed limit. Take for example Barbur Blvd. in SW. The posted speed limit is between 35-45 depending on where you are. God forbid you’re actually driving 45 because someone will be driving right on your bumper. When the topic of driving in Portland comes up locals or “long-timers” are quick to note those that drive slow but when I mention the tailgating going on they get angry red faces. Apparently nobody wants to talk about the tailgating.

    Posted speed limits people-if the flow of traffic is going 60 in a 45 zone it doesn’t mean that those that are going 50 are going too slow. Also, it ISN’T rude to honk your horn. If you you’re doing something lame on the road and nobody honks at you you’re never going to learn about what kind of lame driving you’re doing. I’ve driven all over this country and abroad and the folks in Portland are amongst the worst, most inattentive drivers I’ve ever seen.

    Don’t get me started on the idiot pedestrians who are CONSTANTLY jay-walking. Oh and how about those ridiculous green bike lanes that allow for the bikes to stop in FRONT of the cars at the red lights.

  7. Someone forgets that posted speeds are maximums unless specifically stated otherwise. Oregon has no minimum speeds, if you want that, you might want to try the Kansas Turnpike or the motorways maintained by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. Bring exact change, though.

  8. Ive lived in portland most of my life, and from experience i can say its true. Half of the drivers are doing 5 mph under the speed limit in the left lane. The other half are the assholes that weave through traffic doing 15 mph over the limit cuz theyre late to work because they decided to smoke one more bowl. Lucky for me, im the asshole who is late for work 🙂

    If you voted for McCain/Palin, you probably wont like Portland. If you dont accept marijuana, you probably wont accept Portland.

    • indeed-I notice that people literally “park” in what we Californians call the fast-lane or what Europeans would call the passing lane.

      If you’re driving in the left lane and there is a car behind you or coming up on you pull the F’ over to the right.

    • Most of the drivers you speak of that do that, are from California. Then again, California’s lax licensing standards and even worse enforcement is why you have to re-test to keep your license if you move east of the rockies. Californians could do their country a favor and improve the opinion others have about them if they just went back home to California when they’re done visiting. You’d think they’d get a hint that they’re not welcome elsewhere after a while, but I guess that’s just how dumb Californians are…can’t take a hint…

    • Paul Johnson:

      I seen so many ignorant douchbags online and in the real world. But you take the cake, you have this Nazi type hatred for California. You are a sorry low life who is a major hypocrite. I would bet you use a PC with a Intel or AMD CPUs, or a Mac. And own a iPhone or a Android phone, all the companies responsible for these devices are all based in California. I really hope you have a Apple product, so you can see “Design by Apple in California” everyday. I would be laughing if the server for this site is in California, would that make little baby Paul cry? If you hate California that much, why don’t you put your money where your month is and don’t use PC’s and Smartphones.

      And avoid Hollywood movies while you’re at it, because their based in California also. You’re just another typical Oregonian that is so insanely lazy and childish that you can’t take responsible for own actions. Prime example, your economy consist of attracting outside companies, which proves you can’t make it on your own. Paul just proven Oregon is the bigot capital of the world, which explains why the Nazi skinheads feel right at home in Oregon. I’m a Washingtonian from Kent, who has lived all over the West Coast from Seattle to LA. I met some good Californians and bad.

  9. It’s definitely not the ex-somewhere-elselanders. Next to the rain, by far the hardest thing to get used to after moving here was the way people drive. It literally took years for me to get used to it. In California, if you are not driving at least 10 mph over the speed limit on the freeway, you will get run over. And you better be ready to hit the gas the moment the light turns green or people start honking. Sometimes they honk anyway. At first I would pull up alongside someone driving 45 mph on the freeway because I thought, you know, maybe they’re having car trouble or a heart attack or something. But invariably they seemed normal and calm and not obviously stoned. Ultimately I got used to it and now just tack on 10-15 minutes to my trip time to account for traffic jams with no apparent cause. In most places a huge jam means a car has flipped over or a truck has jack-knifed. In Portland it means someone saw a snowflake or has come to a complete stop to try and change lanes before entering the Vista Ridge tunnel.

  10. Speed limits on u.s. freeways are designed to be the speed at which 85% of traffic drives. It’s a proven fact that traffic fatalities are more likely to be caused by people driving too slow than too fast. (hence the data above) Get a f**kING clue Portland.

    • Steve I assume you can at least read!You are typical of the group of self centered who are over confident of your driving skills…I have been driving over sixty years,and have never encountered such stupidity as is now exhibited on the highways….I watch those of your ilk run red lights ,stop signs,tail gate,and in general think they are Indie drivers who own the roads,and everyone is just in their way…When you are lying in a Hospital bed (If you are lucky)perhaps you may learn something from the experience,that speed KILLS,and MAIMS!…If it was only yourself that would be great,one less idiot to watch out for,but unfortunately the innocent always seem to suffer the most…And tell the police your theory of what speed limit signs mean,perhaps because of your lunacy you will not be cited for exceeding the posted speed limits…LIMIT Means just that!.. That is the top speed you are to drive not the lowest speed,You can drive…You are thinking in reverse try and get an education on the rules of the RD. as you are a genuine accident going off to happen…The 1st citation I ever received was for driving 26 miles per hour in a posted 25 mile per hour zone…UMMM!maybe The Cop was thinking in reverse like yourself!…I say for you go for it hopefully you will only kill yourself…HAVE A BAD DAY SUCKER!!!

      • Jim, you need to learn a thing or two. Speed does not kill, slow drivers do. They cause reasonable drivers to take chances that they would otherwise not have had to. Driving for 60 years means nothing if you have been doing it poorly. Speed up or get out or my way.

  11. What is with Oregon drivers and headlights?!! They leave their brights and fog lights on at night, low beams on all day, and turn them all OFF when it is raining or foggy. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost been hit by an oncoming car in thick fog that didn’t have any lights on.

    Oregonians have learned two other really bad habits. One came from the land of the worst drivers on earth (Seattle), and involves driving in the fast lane at the same speed as a car beside them in the slow lane, and not letting anyone pass them. The other is running red lights, which seems to happen most frequently in Gresham, Salem, or anywhere that the roads are filled with unlicensed illegal Mexicans.

  12. So right now I’m living in scenic Vantucky, and I work in PDX… And my god, Oregon has the worst freeway drivers of all time… the speed limit is for some reason 50!!! ON THE FREEWAY!!! I’ll admit I’m one of those assholes that relocated from California, but I’m living in the Northwes because I want to be here… and I’m trying to get in state tuition in Washington. But from someone that is used to driving at least 70-75 on the freeway I find myself flying by people when going 55… Even worse once I acclimate to jackassery that is Oregon driving, when I go home to visit the family I find myself being ran over by drivers in California (Where 65=90)… Basically Oregon drivers are absolutely terrible. And they need to consider widening their freeways (2 lanes on the freeway in the downtown of a city of 2 million!) and raising the speed limits.

  13. Can someone explain to me why Oregon drivers start stopping 100 yards before the stoplight/stop sign, and then inch up to the intersection. Not only is it IRRITATING, but it is dangerous. I’ve almost hit a couple of cars who have done this – when there was NO CAR IN FRONT OF THEM, and the light was GREEN!

    • I know! The traffic light is green and the stupid drivers take forever to react! Then, they try and not even make the light! Green means Go, not stop or slow down! Oregon drivers especially from Eugene north to the Washington border are just dead from the neck up! They don’t know how to merge or even drive the posted speed limit. It is a safety issue! the sign says slow traffic keep right, but they don’t know how to do that! At least Cali drivers keep traffic moving!

  14. Well, it definitely isn’t because they are from somewhere else. I am from Michigan, here for grad school, and I can tell you after driving all across the country that Oregonians are some of the slowest, and worst drivers I have ever been in contact with. On top of that, even if they do drive the speed limit it is for short bursts, so that a cruise control is never used and I am constantly having to do the speed up, slow down behind them. That, combined with Oregonians inability to MERGE is making me very glad to be heading back to Michigan where at least I can go 5 over the speed limit without running into someone’s rear end and where when it says to merge, people do, without having to have lights on the freeway entrances, and nearly causing accidents.

  15. Ok people.. throw your rule books away.. like the rest of the world.. there are speed limits… the left lane means you can go faster than the speed limit by approximately 5 mi/hr… this is not written anywhere… but that’s the way the world drives.. GET A CLUE

  16. NMSF…. Have you never seen a sign along the roadway that says “slower traffic stay right”? When I went to driving school, I was taught courtesy to move over if someone comes up behind you and to only drive in the left lane when I was passing someone or the traffic was just generally slow. Get a clue!

  17. Oregon drivers are the worst!!
    I was just thinking about this today.

    Oregon drivers are the SLOWEST, DUMBEST morons on the road. They stay in the left lane and are tailgated by a line of 10 cars and they STILL don’t move over. I saw a jack-tard flip a driver off that PASSED his SLOW a$$ at a legal passing point on a 2-lane road.

    Another Oregon retard sat at a stoplight ten feet behind the line and was making exasperated hand motions at the stop signal when it refused to change. MOVE UP to the line so you are on top of the SENSOR, you RETARD!!

    The types of cars that these idiots drive include: minivans (you slow, fat ho, you know who you are), Subaru wagons (old ex-yuppie green turds that can’t afford Volvos anymore), Toyota Avalons, and pickup trucks (old farmers). GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE!!

    I have lived and driven in many states in the US and Portland (and surrounding areas) have the worst drivers, hands-down!! I actually miss Massachusetts for their crazy drivers.

    • Well put. Listening to local radio or watching local news there is a constant flow of auto accidents that have much more to do with poor driving skills and not because of alcohol or being stoned. As it has been stated…there are two main groups of drivers around here and they are those that are going ridiculously slow or at least 15 mpg over the speed limit. In all cases, most are tailgating. The topic of tailgating here in Portland seems to be a sore subject that nobody wants to address. As the population increases, yes sorry locals this place is popular and that’s what happens, there will be more accidents and more deaths unfortunately. 1 car length per 10mph people as a bare minimum.

  18. Explanatory Notes
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    Table 1
    The Per Capita Death Rate for Each American State – 2007

  19. A lot of the problem here is Asians. Go to any community where Asians are more prevalent, and the traffic becomes exponentially worse. Take Beaverton or Tigard for example.

    The wealth of Asians here certainly is not the end-all of explaining this phenomenon. I think there are probably 3 main reasons, dealing with demographics (i.e., lots of Asians), civil engineering (roads in Beaverton have lights at every block, none of which are timed to allow continuous traffic flow), and a culture of misconception about driving slow.

    Oregon has had some of the worst traffic fatality rates in recent history, and states where you’d guess are the worst are actually the best. Why? Because there is a code of conduct people in these states follow where the fast lanes drive fast, and the slow lanes drive the speed limit. It’s not rocket science, you’d think.

    Explanatory Notes

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    The Per Capita Death Rate for Each American State –

    Road Deaths
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    (millions) 1
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    2007 3

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    2 ( 3)
    New York

    ( 6)

    4 ( 5)
    New Jersey

    5 ( 2)
    Rhode Island

    6= ( 8)
    New Hampshire

    6= ( 9)

    ( 7)

    9 (16)

    10 (10)

    11 (20)


    13 (11)

    14 (
    of Columbia

    15 (12)

    16 (21)

    17 (15)

    18 (19)

    19 (23)

    20 (18)

    21 (27)


    • Bulls*t. The locals born and bred here or here for a couple of decades are the absolute worse. If you’re going to make a racist sweeping generalization at least make it educated. The author obviously never lived near San Francisco.

  20. It’s not just the people that drive slow, it’s the goddamn roads and lights. Whoever is in charge of Oregon Department of Transportation should be sent back to his University of Retardedness. Who decided that the city’s main roads should only have 2 lanes? 2 lanes makes it impossible to pass slow drivers and thus you are stuck behind these assholes until they turn. Every major city in this nation uses 3 lanes for major roads. Get a clue.

    Also, for a city that prides itself on being green and environmentally healthy, I absolutely hate the fact that every traffic light is an island. It makes it so you CANNOT drive from A to B without hitting a red light at every single light. Do you know how much gas you waste when you have to brake and re-accelerate all over again? It’s so stupid that each light is pressure sensitive and thus as soon as one way has no traffic for a few seconds, it automatically turns red. So if you see green from 50 yards away, you know you’re definitely not going to get the green. Each light shouldn’t be an island; rather, it should be a a whole networks that works together so you’re able to get from A to B smoothly! They did it for downtown so why can’t they do it for the burbs!

    • VERY true-the driving here in Portland doesn’t flow. There is a constant stop and start routine going on in places with zero traffic or even any other cars. Portland is a very strange place to drive in.

  21. I live in Vancouver, born and raised in Portland, and coming down 205 into P-town, I swear I get so pissed when I hit the curve right after the Sandy exit going around Rocky Butte, because the only lane that’s ever capable of hitting the speed limit of 55 is the far right lane, that exit only’s onto 84 East.

    What the hell people? That’s not right, that the people on the right are flying by and the people in the ‘fast’ lane are getting smoked like oily reefer!

  22. It’s the whole f**king Northwest that drives slow, dude. It’s not just Asians or old people. I don’t live in the Northwest anymore but to this day if I suddenly find myself going far slower than I should be I look at the rear license plate pf the car in front of me and nine times out of 10 it has that goddamn Oregon tree on it.

    • I’ve noticed that too when I’m driving in another state-I’ll say that from my conversations with Oregonians that there is a lot of fear when they drive in any state other than Oregon. The utter terror on an Oregonians face when they recount their experience driving in Los Angeles. Hilarious.

  23. Ok no I have to agree here with people who do not comply with the “courtesy” of driving-or perhaps they were never taught it! I know its difficult to drive through town when you do not know where you are going and I respect people trying to be cautious….HOWEVER, my biggest pet peeve comes from highway drivers! When you are trying to merge onto the highway and there are people in the right hand lane and no one in the left hand lane, is it not courtesy to move over to let them on?! I THOUGHT it was but somehow that NEVER happens!

    Or when you’re driving down I-5 or I-205 and there is a HUGE pile up of cars in the left hand lane all behind ONE slow vehicle moving 50 mph and NO one or very few in the slow lane-seriously just MOVE OVER! It is not taking away your right to drive whatever speed you feel “safe” but it is considering the people behind you who WOULD care to drive the speed limit at least or heaven forbid 5 or 7 miles over-which according to a police officer I encountered is STILL quite safe.

    Everyone I konw that has come to visit from out of town cannot figure out what is up with people driving on the highways. Everyone is all about their “right” to drive however they want but are SO selfish or even obvlivious to other people on the road!! I consider myself a pretty easy going person but THAT pisses me off. I’m sorry friend, I really wish I had a solution for you for your problem, all I can do for now is bitch about it but if you think of a solution I hope you’ll let me know and I’ll be on board!!

    • I notice the folks on Portland area freeways do not let others merge when entering the freeway. It’s very odd to constantly see people speeding up to close the gap when when they see someone entering onto the freeway. What they don’t realize is that I cut my teeth on LA freeways and I WILL merge without any fear-very often I see cars diving hard because of a hard brake due to their own fault of speeding up to not let me merge. I drive the speed limit or 5 above, I don’t tailgate, and I don’t swerve around in traffic constantly looking for the best lane to be in. I will also honk at you if you’re doing something lame or illegal.

    • Probably because state law requires people entering the roadway to yield, not the other way around. Glad you actually bothered to learn how to drive, asshole.

    • Hey Paul Assjohnson, you can’t read can you? I’ll make this a weird and locally sourced comment so that you understand–I said that people speed up to close the gap AGGRESSIVELY so you can’t merge. If they continued at the rate they were going merging isn’t a problem. This is a strange aggression from “nice” folks that would probably never consider honking their horn. You fit nicely in the played-out group of locals that don’t like people who weren’t born here. Without a constant flow of people moving in here you have Detroit. Waaah, the big bad people from other cities are moving in here taking your jobs, your real estate, your women…waaaah I can’t handle the competition.

    • Because they’re assuming 1) you’re going to yield as legally required, and 2) if you’re not going to yield, it’s better to get out of your way than have to brake suddenly to let in someone who failed to yield. It’s not the Michiganders who have this issue with merging, it’s the Californians.

  24. Maybe it’s just me… but I always thought “speed limit” meant there was a MAXIMUM speed to be upheld… yet everyone seems to think it means the opposite. Guess I’ll continue driving in the left lane at the speed limit (the fastest legal speed for me to drive, which means it’s okay to drive in the fast lane).

    • Spoken like a true local-what you’re doing is not safe and you risk being slammed by a vehicle traveling at a much higher rate of speed. As the population here increases along with the drivers and traffic your practice of driving the posted speed limit in the left lane will bring you closer and closer statistically to a massive accident. Driver be warned.

    • You honestly expect other people to violate traffic laws to make it safer for people who can’t be arsed to obey the speed limits or drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions? How /did/ you get your license, anyway? Or does yours still say “CALIFORNIA” across the top?

    • Crap, locals. I don’t think the locals here travel much out of Oregon. Portland is definitely a weird place. Comments like hers remind me of how removed from societal norm Portland/Oregon is. It makes small midwest cities look more advanced. This so-called rugged individualism here is nothing more than a lobotomized structure that refuses to change. I loved the flack that everyone put up when the Pearl District got developed. Beyond words.

    • No, it’s not legal. You’re not permitted to impede the “normal and reasonable” movement of traffic. That is not the same as the speed limit so it is no defense. The bigger question probably has to do with your personality. What is wrong with you that you would want to block traffic? To prove some moral point? I assume that you are not deputized to enforce the speed limit.

  25. In all seriousness though, if you drive enough in Portland to be annoyed by slow drivers, you should probably just move away. Portland has moved so far from being auto-friendly that it isn’t going to be efficient in this city every again.

    Aside from that, why drive here? Live smartly, work smartly, and you won’t have to deal with this s**t. I moved here from other cities where the drivers might not be slow, but they have been known to flip the bird, run into other people, SHOOT other people, KILL them, etc, all while in traffic. (New Orleans, Memphis, Jacksonville if anyone is curious)

  26. I used to fume at the length of time it took someone to accelerate through a red light or stew when someone at an all way stop would wait for my approaching car to make its way down the block and come to a full stop before cautiously proceeding. Now I’m one of them. This wasn’t always the case, but people here crash red lights so often; pedestrians wait at the light and then cross when it turns red; and people tend to wander about in the intersections. So after a while you adapt, I guess.

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