#27 Personal Agendas

Everyone in Portland is trying to save something about our world. Although you can’t see it at first glance, each person has an agenda. To discover a hidden personal agenda simply ask them, “What are you passionate about?” Top responses range from actually important to issues specific to Portland. Examples are: Environment/Global Warming, Anti-War, Seperation of Church and State, Keep Portland Weird and Smoking in Bars. No matter what personal agenda your friend/coworker/random stranger might have, there are things to avoid.

If your personal agenda is getting Obama into office, I would try to avoid Clinton-PA and McCain-PA guy. Do you enjoy a pack of cigarettes a day? Then steer clear of bars like Saucebox or you’re guaranteed to encounter “Ban Smoking in Bars”-PA guy. So, how do you successfully push your agenda on everyone in Portland until people are following your beliefs and doing everything you say? You don’t.

By pushing your agendas on other people with the same fervor as your passion for Oregon Microbrews, you are actually alienating your audience. This is how Anti-<enter your personal agenda here> guy is created. For every blog you create promoting your agenda, know that there is some asshole willing to write things about your agenda that suck. “Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling”. Be passionate about your cause but don’t force it down everyone’s throat. Friends, coworkers and random strangers will appreciate you for this.

Happy Earth Day! My gift to you, the most popular agenda pushing blog in Oregon: blueOregon.com

1/2 Man, 1/2 Bear, 1/2 Pig

4 thoughts on “#27 Personal Agendas

  1. For all their pride in their “greenness,” liberal-cum-Marxist politics, and OPB snobbery, Portlanders are some of the most intolerant, provincial, and ignorant people I’ve ever met. Only San Francisco is worse in this.

    • But at least the “weirdos” in San Fran are actually weird. Take the Portland popularity of going down to Burning Man for example. The minute you pay money to be weird, you can be confident that there is absolutely nothing unique, interesting or ‘weird’ about you.

  2. this is so true … the number one reason why i can’t wait to get out of here. If one of my self righteous Portland friends would of mentioned this to me; i would of never moved here in the first place.
    I refer to Portland as the ” Just go and rent that movie PSU with Jeremy Piven.. it’s a great example of what Portland is”

    People are ignorant in Portland unless it relates to their cause, and of course it skewed to their advantage. God people here suck!

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