#28 Chinese Food

Remember back in the good ol’ days when going to downtown Chinatown for food was an amazing experience? It was the place to go in Portland for dim sum and authentic Chinese family style. Then all the owners grew old, died off and left the Chinatown restaurants to the kids. As you can tell they do a terrible job. Also, commercial leasing expenses have increased, so authentic Chinese restaurants moved out to 82nd.

Portlanders now get their fix by eating “Taco Bell” Chinese. Panda express and Safeway, are perfect examples of this. Anything with a combo meal is not really Chinese. When you see other Asian people eating there*, you’ve found a good Chinese restaurant . Have you ever seen an Asian person order Chinese from Safeway, PF Chang or Panda Express? Come on!

This can be attributed to the Caucasians who don’t know what to order. Most authentic Chinese restaurants have menus with no pictures and in Chinese. Their menus are in Chinese or Vietnamese characters. I only know of two with picture menus.

TAPTS Top Chinese Restaurants in Oregon (In no particular order):

Honestly if you want the best stuff, head to Richmond, Canada. By far the closest thing you’ll find next to Hong Kong, but better because its cleaner.

*I’m Chinese/Asian… NOT Oriental.

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  1. My wife and I are thinking of relocating to Portland – she is from shanghai and I am an expat from Austin. The lack of decent Asian food is worrying. We have been thinking of doing a food cart serving shanghainese dumplings or something like that. Do you think there is a market for it there?

  2. Oh my god! Thank you for sharing this with us. I recently moved to Portland from San Francisco and all the Asian food here seem to suck. I’ve passed by Wong King’s many times but I was too scared to enter (because of my past experiences with Chinese food here). I’ve been to Chinatown Restaurant and it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t fake Chinese food.
    I’ll check out the other places though. Thank you again. 🙂

  3. Gold Coin is beyond greasy, gross and nasty! Always awesome though is Powell Seafood on 63rd-ish and Powell. Excellent food and excellent service.

  4. Okay I have to agree, I moved here from denver nearly 10 years ago and i’ve ALWAYS thought that

    1) 4 blocks does NOT a Chinatown make
    2) The chinese food here blows donkeys; I got better s**t in Denver and I tell you what, I’ve yet to find ANY place in PDX that is authentic and doesn’t taste like someone opened a can of ChunKing.

  5. Anybody else see Hung Far Low (the location with the front door reached by a flight of stairs going up into an awning) on Dave Attell’s “Insomniac”? It was a shot of him standing in front of the building and its sign, saying something like “this is just too funny”

  6. I’m from Vancouver, Can and RICHOMOND is the place for proper Chinese food and any ethnic cuisine….Mexican food is good… but not that good where you need 10 on every block… get cultured people…

  7. Perfect, absolutely, chinatown chinese is horrible, House of Louie should change their name to ” House of Salmonella” Wong’s King is by far the best Chinese place in Portland. I’ve been there for lunch, and literally I was the only white guy there. THATS the mark of good ethnic food. (DONT RUIN IT ;))

  8. I don’t know how “Fong Chong” (4th and Flanders” didn’t make it on your list. It is always packed. You know it’s good Chinese when Chinese people line up out the door. Their dim sum on the weekends and at lunch time–sublime. But, to each his own they always say. I do agree with your selection of Wong’s King and my curiosity is definitely piqued about China Town near the Nike Campus. Cheers!

  9. i just spent 20 minutes reading about what NOT to do when i come visit portland…

    your insight is great and you’re quite witty. i’m off to youtube the newscaster–have to see if she’s as bad as you paint her out to be….


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