#31 Portlandia

*Not to be confused with the show, which is 94% accurate

I found this post from another Portland blog, “Public Portland Art” Enjoy this excerpt and click on the link below to read the full article.

“I loath everything about Raymond Kaskey’s 1985 hammered copper sculpture, bolted to Michael Graves‘ Portland Building.

The name sounds like boosters at the City Club thought it up on a boozy Friday afternoon. The first mention of the name in the paper of record is in 1986. Yes there are female trident-carrying goddess types in local decorative artwork, but these were previously referred to as “Columbia,” a general 19th Century patriotic icon, not Portlandia.

The location, perched on the third floor landing of a garish pomo hybrid government building, surrounded now by leafy trees, is both incongruous and hard to see. An unsubtle message from the City Forester who has selected thirty foot trees to block views of the sculpture from distance at every angle.”

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  1. BTW, the statue in Pioneer Square is FAR MORE annoying. Every a$$ visiting town feels the need to pose with it for a photo. If it were in a location *any* less visible, it’d have been stolen by crackheads by now.

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