#33 Portland State University

Nestled above Broadway Avenue, Portland State University’s motto sits transcribed into one of the campus’s many skybridges. That’s right, I said skybridges … on a campus. Because what else can you jump off of when stressed about midterms and/or suffering from seasonal affective disorder from the area’s lack of sun? The urban, public university is in the most unappealing setting for the college bound – full of continuous concrete, constant construction, and congested traffic. One thing that PSU proves is that nothing screams “college” more than the sound of jackhammer intermixed with the sweet serenade of garbage truck.

If the State of Oregon was a set of parents and its public universities were their children, Portland State University would be the unattractive, overweight, emo, possibly-adopted bad egg in that picture perfect, khakis/polo, All-American family. There’s little Benny and Donald: the all-star athletes who are set to be an engineer (OSU) and a lawyer (UO). Then there’s the set of quintuplets who are each destined to be an accomplished actor (SOU), a prominent teacher (EOU), an advocate for the deaf (WOU), and a computer designer (OIT).

PSU touts themselves as Oregon’s “most diverse college.” But all that means is that you can walk into any given classroom, find a black and a white, a Latino and an Asian, a Mennonite and a Muslim, and a granny and a tranny. These distinct groups of people would never otherwise talk to one another but are forced to have a discussion on topics they could care less about and are only there to fulfill a worthless general core requirement.

Let’s get some real stats, shall we?

  • The average age of PSU students is right around 54.5*
  • It’s the fallback school for when Portland area high school students get denied at OSU and UO*
  • The cost of parking for a month is roughly the same rate as in-state tuition for a school year
  • Half your classes will be at night to accommodate the full time single mother of three who sits next to you (and brings her children to class)*
  • You’ll watch some sub-par sporting events*
  • You’ll see on average seven hobos a day who will beg you for a cigarette or change or will be urinating in the breezeway of the student union.

Yes, let knowledge serve the city.

*Not a real stat but definitely a real opinion

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  1. the system at PSU is broken. The administrators simply do not lead to make an educational system that works. The teachers know this and become lazy and complacent. My child has been brutally honest in his accounts in how phony their intent is. They have no interest in education your child. It is unforgivable!

  2. I am not a student but a parent of a student. All indications that I get is that the teachers simply could give a rats a$$ about students. Teacher after teacher have failed to actually be Teachers. The lack of care astounds me. Do not send your child to this school. They fake care. No interest at all but to get a paycheck. The administration likely is to blame. They made my child hopeless. He feels degraded by there responses. My child feels cheated.

  3. I got accepted to both UO and Oregon state. I attended PSU because I could still live with my parents while attending college. I can confirm that what Oregonian37 said about the average age being 25 at PSU is more likely to be true.

    By the way, there’s no school spirit at this school.

  4. PS IF YOU WANT QUALITY EDUCATION WITH BREATHTAKING VIEWS OF MT. HOOD THAT YOU CANT MISS SIGN UP AT MHCC! AS LONG AS YOU TRY AND DO GOOD WORK YOU CAN EARN AN AA OR TRANSFER FOR A COOL 30k less than PSU. And the French Teacher is Native Swiss (FR, DE, SWD, ES, RU, etc… He speaks them all) the German teacher (Austrian) Spanish teacher (South American) cheap (relatively) trips to Kyoto and Florence, COME ON!!!!!! Education goin Onnnnn!

  5. Yes! This school is a big piece of s**t with a “University Façade” I paid TOP dollar to take a few classes at PSU last year. The German teacher wasn’t German! I pay more than at MHCC and they have NATIVE speakers! Why can’t a school that claims to be a “higher” education not source a native speaker? Where is the bang for buck? Nowhere, PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY IS A $5 PIMP THAT WILL SUCK INNOCENT PEOPLE IN UNTIL THEY ARE $60,000 in debt. Thank God I at least have loose German ties that are tight enough to take advantage of FREE QUALITY education in DE. My Modern World Teacher (Grehan) was great! Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the class because I’m a working man and this guy thought he was teaching at Harvard! He literally assigned homework like he was at an IVY LEAUGUE SCHOOL. And I’ve been to IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS. This school is a cheap imitation that will take your last dime and be done with you. I wonder how many bums on the side of PSU, WENT TO PSU? Food for thought.

    PS QUIT CALLING ME, I WILL NEVER PAY YOU $125 for a book that was only 5 days late. (I used to work at a library)

  6. I hate Portland State too. This college actually made me less intelligent, as it must have done to the author. The correct phrase is, “COULDN’T care less”, you ignorant moron. I seriously judge anyone who says that phrase incorrectly. THINK about what it means if you “could” care less. It means you care at least a little bit when you’re trying to convey that you don’t care at all and “couldn’t” care any less. It’s alright. I suppose it isn’t the author’s fault that Portland State offers such lousy college education, a problem about which i COULD care less.

  7. Hmmm.. written in 2008? I think a lot has changed since this post was published. It’s not a thing about Portland that is spectacular, but it certainly doesn’t suck.

    I guess if you don’t go to the school you could see it as a useless thing in the way. And, if you get a degree here in, lets say, acting, your life isn’t going to amount to anything.

    However, the school of business at PSU is a high ranked SBA that has actually prepared me for my advertising profession. It has also given me the opportunity to give back to the community. For my senior capstone I am working with a team of SBA students to create a business strategy for a local nonprofit.

    Also it is no longer hobos we have to worry about, but f**king professional panhandlers (people like Save the Children, Green Peace, ect). In fact besides that the only other complaint I have is the older students that are in my classes. They havent been in school for so long they sometimes ask the stupidest questions, and waste our teacher’s time.

    That’s all!

  8. I have a feeling the author would include the major university regardless of the city they were writing about. I am surprised this isn’t in the top 10, but maybe throwing in a “college educated…” bash into every other article, like it is a bad thing, makes up for it.

  9. Well, I would argue that Portland State sucks but for different reasons. It has a 35% graduation rate. There’s your hard data. http://www.campuscorner.com/oregon-colleges/portland-state-university.htm

    I wouldn’t necessarily bash it’s location. It’s nice being downtown.

    Lastly, it isn’t diverse. Seriously. It’s white hipsters. Look at the stats in the above link. My advice – don’t go there. It has such a low graduation rate for a reason – you’re on your own there and the professors can’t be bothered with their students.

  10. the skybridges are a god send cause i don’t have to deal with any of the pushy street walkers and drivers and bikers and jerks with their clipboards. its one of the only places you can actually walk from point a to point b without worrying about who you are or aren’t making eye contact with.

    the campus is as old as 1946 in some parts and as new as still being built in others. i know opinions over art and beauty of this time and then differ, but ill attack that the art building still looks like crap and we have a problem with the homeless coming in to sleep inside the building and smear their s**t all over our juvenile bathroom walls. having attended 4 universities before psu, i can attest that the majority of the campus is beautiful, has better alternatives for getting work done, but probably not in the department you’re majoring in. and those new computers you saw in the pictures? they’re gone now.

    at the heart of education, its the teachers that suck the most. the cost of education is already insanely high once i moved to oregon, but teachers lack that reminder and are constantly giving us the day off to complete work. hah. as if slacking our education is a way to support us. here, ill just piss on my money and stick it to the windows for anyone who wants it.

    • I suspect that you are not doing very well. PSU is not perfect, but it is a good school and it offers enrichment to those who pursue it. I have been going for 3 years and I have really enjoyed and appreciated the professors that I have worked with. The majority of the professors I have had seem to genuinely care about my education and most are willing to put in time above and beyond what is expected or required.

      I suggest that if you insist on complaining about something, start with world hunger, and the problem with getting non-poisoned drinking water in so many developing nations.

      From where I sit, your complaints are at best opaque and not persuasive. At worst unintelligible, unsubstantiated whining.

      I am not involved in any extra-curricular activities as I spend every spare minute with my children. I am not a dogmatic supporter of all things PSU. (a second floor swimming pool?) I say sell the rec center and use some of the money to lower everyone’s tuition and the rest to give the professors more money.

      PSU pays the lowest professor wages of any university. I’ll give a teacher some leeway if they are less than pleasant. They are grossly underpaid and then to add insult to injury, many professors ride the bus or drive a 1987 Camry to get to work and then they see a student driving a brand new Porsche Cayenne or a new gleaming white Maserati – these two cars, and many more of similar expense, can often be seen around campus.

      However, I believe that you get out of any university what you put into it. So my advice would be to look for and spend time thinking about the good things at PSU. I have grown to respect and appreciate many of my professors. I suspect that if you quit being such a grumpy pants, you might connect with some of your professors. Those relationships are rewarding. Earning the respect of most professors is tough, but then most things that are rewarding are tough.

      Buck up kiddo. Things will get better. If they don’t, there is always the skybridge.

  11. i am international student i have been at psu for 2 y . in my opinion psu is not that pad of place to study in. psu has some normal problems that you can find it anywhere such as parking and this big problem because psu is located in down-town. anyway as i said all these problems that you guys talked about are normal problems. i wanna add that i am business student so i dont know about other department may they have problems.

    my best !

  12. Wow! What a well written piece. You sound like a really smart person. So smart that you got bilked out of thousands of dollars by seemingly continuing education at a school that you hated. If you dislike the school so much and have so much negative B.S. to say, than why did you go there? Why did you not just go somewhere else? I gather that you did attend there noting the fact that you seem to know so much about the school. If you don’t like the school, than don’t go to it. If you didn’t like it while you were attending, than you should have transferred to a different school. The truth of the matter is that you are probably just pissed because you are finding that you are still unable to find a good job with that Liberal Arts degree that you spent thousands on at PSU. You were probably delegated to attend that school because of your s**tty GPA. If you don’t like the school, go somewhere else. Staying somewhere that you seemingly hate is actually f**king STUPID. The fact of the matter is that you are f**king STUPID because you stayed at a school that you hated, or weren’t good enough to attend any other college. Good luck finding a job with your liberal arts degree.

  13. methinks the lady doth protest too much. my kid is going to PSU and loves most of his teachers. he actually walked away from a scholarship to switch majors, mostly as a result of inspiration from some excellent professors outside of his original major. The first time I went to college, I didn’t like it very much. so i dropped out. later, i went back. When I finished my degree 15 years later, I liked it very much. I think most of the change happened to my attitude, not to the institution. Final thought for you: If you traded places with someone at random on this earth, you’d have a 1 in 5 chance of finding yourself in an existence where you subsisted on less than a buck a day. kinda puts the PSU experience in perspective.

  14. Well I don’t know what year/when these comments were written but I’m currently attending PSU after everything has been remodeled. The dorms and some buildings are as good as new and the fitness center is amazing. I agree that PSU is not the best school but what do you expect from a public school? You are not in any way singing up for Harvard and if you really cared about getting a good education then go to an Ivy league or Reed. I think any college is what you make of it so complaining doesn’t change a thing. I don’t completely disagree with a lot of the comments made. It’s not a school if you want that “college campus life” as everyone lives off campus but the location is great. It’s in the city so when you have a long break you don’t have to stay on campus. You can go to many restaurants or shop. I actually love the diversity. I went to a mostly Caucasian/rich school for most of my life and I want to get to know people of different cultures/ethnicity. The people are really nice although it’s super awkward right now since we are all freshman and since the classes are big if you hate everyone in your class, you won’t see them again since there are so many students! You have to really look into what classes you take and look up the professors to get the best ones. I think if you really try you can get a good experience out of it. It’s not your typical college but it can be a lot of fun if you are optimistic. The good thing about the education is that the classes can be easy so you can get straight A’s. Who hates getting a 4.0?

  15. Trying to study civil engineering here. do not need to learn about latin man in new york who sells electronics. must purge brain of university studies.

  16. Well, I have been going to Oregon State University (“OSU”) for almost 3 years and have never set foot in Corvallis. I like the idea of “learning math” at Portland State University (“PSU”)becuase I just want the credits-to get a stupid degree, just to go to another (law) school-not to learn math. Plus I bet there is lots of pretty “punk” chicks. Suicide Girls…

  17. Thanks a lot for nothing PSU! I thought I had all of my requirements to graduate until I found out that one the core classes that I took was not right, I took “an elective class” that has THE EXACT SAME NAME!!!!! What is the difference between Punishment and Corrections and Punishment and Corrections?! NOTHING that I can tell.

    Thanks for screwing me PSU! Now I get to pay to take an almost identical class with the same name with your ridiculously high tuition fees. Nice scam.

    • Oh my GOD. Same here. You will not be getting any of my money alumni association! I audited my degree requirements like 6 times senior year, come to find out 9 months after I “graduate” that I really was like 3 credits short of my minor requirement and therefore did not have a degree! I was like just f**king give me the diploma without the minor because I need this job that requires applicants to have a college degree. Duh.

  18. I agree with you PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY SUCKS. I went to information systems program at PSU school of bussines (now retired cause they could not “rip off” enough students) and it was a total WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY .

    In my job interview’s they asked me, what did they teach you in that program? and I pulled my curriculum and they laughed. They just taught you 1 class of SQL? they said. 1 class of Java? etc

    and they never called me back for an second interview.

    I had to change my major and go to psychology instead and I am going to a top university in New York thanks to my grades but everyone who plans to go to PSU. Be aware!


    University Studies is there only to take your money, it is worthless in the job market.
    School Parking is very EXPENSIVE
    Housing is expensive
    NO online classes or very limited options

    go to UP , OSU better yet, go to Washington state.

    • Um yes same here again. I was talking to one of my professors about going to grad school my last term. She asked had I done x? or y? or z? I had done none of the things she thought were necessary to succeed in grad school. She literally sighed and said “what are they teaching here?”

      Awesome to hear! Thanks PSU! You get no alumni money, f**k off.

  19. I am a PSU students just transferred here Fall of 2009 and for as long as I have been here, I really only have one problem, The financial aid. I went to school at MSU for three years and I never had issues with FAFSA there but, here I was “randomly selected” to provide parents verifications and income tax detail. And so I did for this year. And now that I applied for FAFSA again next year, I was “randomly selected” again. And this time they decided to take back my grants for the last two quarters.

    I feel like PSU is trying to give you the least grant and financial support as possible. On my letter from FAFSA stated that I will be receiving about 10k for this year, but instead, PSU decided that I don’t need the money, so they only dispursed about 7k at first. And then take it back at the end of the year so I have to pay more money.

    And the people the the financial aid office are the worst. The neve get anything straight. I would talk to five different people and they will give you five different stories. I would be asked to fill out all these documents given by one of their worker and when I do, another person would tell me that I didn’t get the right documents. And I have to do it again and again and again.

    • wow. I also was “randomly selected” for the verification process as well, and eventhough I don’t make crap, and my mom own’s a tiny business as the sole employee, I had some of my FAFSA money taken away too. Your story worries me, I don’t want the same crap to happen to me.

      In fact, it seems like there’s a lot of idiots that work at PSU… like the idiot at the ID Services that I had to deal w/ today… that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  20. I agree with some things (okay maybe most things) from this post. But PSU was my first choice because of their exceptionally good music program. The opera program is the best on the west coast (for undergrad work) and the Jazz department is run by jazz legend Darrel Grant. So, there are a few hidden gems, it’s not all crap 🙂

  21. Portland State isn’t the best university — but it’s an acceptable one for a lot of people, including myself, who don’t have deep pockets from mommy and daddy. Also: 29,000 students attend this university. It’s truly a heaven if you’re a heterosexual male because the place is a gold mine for some really beautiful women (local and international women).

    • I’m a senior and it’s time for me to take a senior capstone class…uggg… I hate it so much! I hate “community-based learning experience.”

  22. Yes, PSU has is share of problems. Need anyone be reminded that it IS a public school? Yes, tuition should be lower. HOWEVER I believe all you whiney Oregonians should suck it because your education system is miles ahead of say, Alabama. Appreciate what you got bitches.

    Two challenges:

    2six– There is a Veterans group. And they have a big office.

    Miss Kitty– You’re required to take language classes because it broadens your world view. Most of the world speaks more than one language. I guess you could just continue to be a stupid, monolingual Imperialist whore. STFU already. Besides, you’re English spelling isn’t anything to admire.

    There, I’m done.

  23. “I’ve encountered amazing levels of incompetence as evidenced by recurring mistakes with billing and financial aid. You can’t get a straight story out of anyone who works there. If you run into a problem, be prepared to be bounced around. A lot. Every single time I’ve had to deal with a problem, I’ve had to talk to a minimum of two people and two departments. f**king ridiculous.”

    So true. I didn’t get any financial aid until almost the end of my first term because of a billing mistake. It was almost impossible to straighten out; it got to where someone would tell me something and my instinctive reaction was “f**k you, you’re lying.” None of the administration knows or cares what they’re doing.

    And University Studies does suck, especially for me as an older transfer student – I already know what I want to study, I don’t need to be perfunctorily exposed to 10 different subjects to make me “well-rounded.” Sounds good on paper, annoying and frankly insulting in practice.

    I will say that I’ve actually had really good professors pretty much across the board, though. It’s mostly the administration and policies that stink.

    Also, if the homeless, “androgyny”, and people whose first language isn’t English really bother you so much, perhaps a public university in the middle of a city is not for you.

  24. God. All of you suck. You’re too young and full of your own thoughts of how cool you are. Please. Go to school or take acid and go to school but just either go or go work at some retail store and tell others how interesting you are, try it in twenty years. Education Good, cynical idiots espousing narrow views from OR really boring, like uh boring oregon

  25. I go to PSU. I live downtown. I ride my bike to class. I have two kids, one and three years old. There are problems at PSU. The construction is never going to be finished. Repairs are one thing. When was the rec center supposed to open?

    The budget for student groups, under the control of the student government is how much?

    Student groups don’t need money. Space to meet, that’s it.

    The tuition should be lower.

    Or, the money should be used on faculty. I’ve had some really good professors, but you can tell they aren’t doing their best. Not because they are jerks, but because they feel dejected.

    Students who show that they don’t care about a class either by being inattentive during lectures or a lackadaisical approach to assignments, would naturally have some effect any person’s enthusiasm. Compounding the problem with a convoluted University Studies program, many students end up forced into classes that they have absolutely zero interest in. So professors end up with classrooms full of students who would rather be anywhere but listening to a lecture that might be fascinating to someone interested in the subject, but which, to the university studies student, is tedious.

    A professor who is underpaid moreover feels unappreciated, will naturally have a tough time performing. On the other hand, a professor who feels that even with a smaller paycheck, he or she is helping young minds to develop, in a subject that is dear enough to them to have motivated study to a masters or PHD level, will have reason to put much more effort into their performance.

    I have found that many professors soak up encouragement. Like a pet from a rescue center, some professors are understandably cautious of kindness from students, until they know that it is genuine. You can’t just sit silently through the course and then say, “Thanks for the class.” You have to do the assigned reading and ask thoughtful questions. Then the professor will know that you share some concern for the topic that they have devoted their life to. In turn the professor’s performance will improve and you will feel rewarded, not only in the education that you receive, but in the education that you contribute towards, and in showing kindness to another human being.

    Thoughtless questions will have the opposite effect. Imagine yourself in the professor’s position. People can work for little money if they get a non-financial reward. Genuine gratification, a feeling that your work is important, confirmed in that other people think the work is important is, to many people, a better reward than a large salary.

    If you don’t like PSU, that’s cool. Get an education somewhere else. Or enter the workforce. Or blog some more about how terrible things are. Where ever you are, there will be things that could be better. There are people who complain, and there are people who look for what they can do to contribute to improvement. If you are gonna go to PSU, do what you can to make the best of it. What you get from college is your own responsibility and depends entirely on what you put into it.

    It would be encouraging to see some more posts on things that students might be able to do to improve the situation.

    • From one happy PSU student to another: VERY good, and well-chosen words. I came from the U of O myself, because it simply wasn’t a good fit. There are many things about PSU I really like, and still things I find frustrating here as well. But over-all, I too feel very comfortable here. 🙂

  26. I have to agree with what everyone posted above. Because I am an older student (25 is old in most universities!), it is helpful to have classes offered in the evening because I have a job. My biggest issue is with PSU’s language department. It is a huge money making scam that wastes 6 terms and thousands of dollars for every student who isn’t a language major. In addition to all the tuition, you have to buy multiple books at about $200 each. Really not helpful in this economy. I don’t know anyone who remembers a damn thing from their languages classes 6 months after. The program is not designed to make you learn a language, French in my case, but rather teach you to memorize as much grammar and vocabulary as humanly possible, spit it back onto a piece of paper and then spend another couple thousand bucks to continue on. I don’t think the people who plan this program take into account that 1) English speakers learn a foreign language easier if their instructor is not still learning English themselves 2) Most people are taking more than just the language class and some of those classes are a bit more important to their major and education that the language 3) If they are going to structure the class to accommidate people who have jobs and families, they need to take into account that people have jobs and families

  27. My roommate and I are current PSU students and we must commend your accurate assessment of wonderful education that PSU provides.

    * the library is now the defacto homeless shelter/urinal for downtown

    * do you enjoy spending money to learn about transsexuals and their sex changes? If yes, then PSU is for you!

    * PSU touts diversity and sustainability because they suck at everything else, namely educating anyone.

    * do you enjoy science? do you enjoy learning science from someone who barely speaks English? PSU is for you!

    * University Studies, alternatively referred to as the biggest clusterf**k invented purely to leverage more money out of students in exchange for teaching them what a day planner is and how to use it.

    * f**king hippies. that’s all I have to say.

    * a queer resource center, a latio center, a womens’ resource center, a black/asia/lesbian/jewish/insert triple minority center… but no veterans office?

    * a student body, in which half of the people register for a class and then never show up. Meanwhile, those of us who need to take PH221 can’t.

    * desks and seats from 1940

    * academic curriculum from the same time period

    * a bookstore that doesn’t understand capitalism… if you sell your s**t for twice that of your competitor on one will buy it.

    * an overworked and underpaid faculty

    * the average student’s gender is androgynous, representing 80% of the student population

    * it’s located in Portland, OR which, lets face it, is a giant s**thole filled with hipsters

    * and finally! spend your money get your degree and enter the Portland job market of… 10% employment!

  28. 1)Agreed, the never ending construction is a pain in the a$$.
    2)Any idiot who says PSU is worse than “The Institution On The Hill” (Lane Community College) must have spent thier time at LCC smoking a lot of weed and drunkenly experimenting with members of the same sex.
    3)Some of us would rather pitch ourselves off a skybridge than attend a school full “of picture perfect, khakis/polo, All-American family” students.

  29. I went to PSU my freshman year… 2 months later I was looking at other colleges to transfer to. Although the architecture professore were cool and actually excited about what they were teaching. “University Studies” as they call it, is a complete waste of time and tuition money, not to mention the credits earned don’t transfer to any legitimate university. Moral of the story, don’t go to PSU.

  30. I just got my degree from PSU and I know that the school is a complete joke. The quality of education is barely above high school level for most classes. They do not require writing classes for incoming student and believe that their Freshman Inquiry will teach students everything they need to know. It doesn’t and consequently professors for middle and upper division classes must spend time reviewing simple grammatical rules so that the papers some students write can rise to the level of barely readable.
    I wish I were kidding. Even lower to middle level science and math classes are severely dumbed down for PSU students.

  31. PSU most definitely sucks, the teachers are bored or pretentious and don’t give a s**t about you or your education. Most of my classes were filled with info spewed directly from a book I can read on my damn own or even worse… filled with people bulls**tting and chatting with the teacher and no teaching at all. The advisers are basically useless too. I go there now, online only, so i can take the opportunity to use my loans to move the f**k out of this hipster filled s**thole as soon as I can. If PSU is ANY kind of standard, Id say we should all just drop out now and buy some books and do it our damn selves.

  32. True story:

    I went to the Registrar to 1.) pay my tuition and 2.) pay a library fee. I wrote two separate checks, thanked the bitter woman behind the desk, and went on my merry way thinking all was good in the world.

    Two months later I get a form letter from the PSU library thanking me for my generous 2,000 dollar donation. This confused me. Apparently the Registrar lady accidentally donated my tuition check to the library — but now the gears of bureaucracy were turning, and I had to go though goddamn hell to get the school to acknowledge it had screwed up. I did get the “donation” back but the entire episode screwed with my financial aide and I couldn’t sign up for the next term’s classes in a timely fashion.

  33. I’ve slept with loads of PSU girls and I have to say they’re wonderful in the sack, despite one graduate student I dated spelling “you’re” without the apostrophe or the e, and another not knowing who JD Salinger was despite being a second year English Lit major. But she gave the most amazing blowjob.

    PSU is a hilarious excuse for a school, but in terms of dating it beats Reed, where all the women think they’re Sylvia Plath and will kill your dog/burn your house down/cut themselves/smash your car windows/all of the above if you break up with them. And those are the ones from the STABLE families.

  34. Yeah, the quality of the instruction is highly volatile, and students are apathetic on the whole.

    But I wanna know: Who taught you to call it “Broadway Avenue”?

  35. I’ve been to Lane CC, Portland CC, UO (my first degree), and PSU (working on my second degree). PSU is a s**tty, s**tty school. I’ve encountered amazing levels of incompetence as evidenced by recurring mistakes with billing and financial aid. You can’t get a straight story out of anyone who works there. If you run into a problem, be prepared to be bounced around. A lot. Every single time I’ve had to deal with a problem, I’ve had to talk to a minimum of two people and two departments. f**king ridiculous.

    And then there’s the quality of instruction, which compared to UO and even PCC is SEVERELY lacking. Several of the programs seem to start freshman off in a hostile environment. I’m here to learn, folks, not deal with the academic equivalent of boot camp, complete with screaming drill instructor.

  36. Actually the average age is 25 and I can guarantee you that PSU was my first choice, not my last. PSU has a long way to go to live up to its reputation but it is far from being the waste of space you attempt to paint it as.

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