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“This is Lars Larson of The Lars Larson show. To reach our show call 1-866-Hey-Lars”, lars, lars… I believe the word “lars” should be the new blah, blah, blah. Any poor soul who has listened to The Lars Larson Show will find 79%* of what he’s saying B.S.

Our #1 radio bully began his broadcasting career at the age of sweet sixteen in Tillamook, Oregon (famous for cheese, coincidentally enough). After attending the University of Oregon, he continued to build his gabtastic abilities in such urban markets as Eugene and later Spokane, WA. With his experience growing, Larson returned to our sweet state to dominate AM airwaves ever since. In 2000, The Lars Larson Show was created to honor his shocking ability to draw audiences throughout the state.

As a conservative talk show host, Larson has rubbed elbows with some of Oregon’s finest conservatives and pissed off 95%* of Oregon’s liberals (which is basically everyone in the state). Representing the right on the left coast, he has attacked and drawn controversy over his antics against state and federal politicians. In 2007, Larson publically aimed his AM-radio gun at Governor Ted Kulongoski in suspicion of Ted’s involvement with the Neil Goldschimidt case. Whether or not Kulongoski helped cover up Neil’s love for teens has been debated and investigated. The fact that no one in Oregon respects Larson’s opinions to investigate the “evidence” he brought forth, makes me laugh; proof Lars really has pissed off the entire state of Oregon!

However, Larson did not stop with just our political representatives. A concealed weapon permit has provided Larson the tool to prove just how nutty he is. Any person that physically threatens his family, Lars will reciprocate with lethal force. With the inordinate amount of L-arsonists, I’m shocked he hasn’t killed multiple people. Also, you know that you’re a flashpoint when your radio station is hit by a car, and the first thing people think is that the driver must be a disgruntled Lars listener!

Its a shame there isn’t a reality tv show covering his daily interactions with Oregonians. I feel like it would be a combination of Tyra/Ted Nugent type dramedy. Sadly, Larson hides in Vancouver, WA which is one large dumpy Republican refugee camp.

*83% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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  1. I’ve listened to this show in Baltimore, Md. Lars is
    no intellectual giant, and I’ve heard tell a version of
    a current news story that is completely the opposite
    of the facts.

    Then I remind myself that there is a reason why his show is not on during the daytime hours.

    He sucks.

    • Lars is an idiot. Every point he makes is surface level as he doesn’t have an understanding of the complexity surrounding the issues he thinks he’s an expert on. About what I expect from a college dropout turned talking head entertainer.

  2. Lars Larson is without a doubt the most rude and annoying talk show host in the country. He is more disgusting then Rush Limbaugh. He treats his callers very rudely and anybody who disagrees with him. Listen to talk show host in Seattle and you will get a much different opinion of how a talk show host is supposed to act. Dori Monson on KIRO FM in Seattle is a model host and has much higher ratings than Lars Larson ever will.

  3. Well just another dumbacrat stating his idiotic opinion he has no idea how many Republicans r in the state. Just as well lol. Lars speaks the truth and we love it. Obama was a horrible President just like all dumbacrats. Go get back in caves and cry. I’m sure happy our party doesn’t act like dumbacrats do walking around crying and babystepping around Portland. What do they do call all the unemployed and offer some scratch to walk around with signs? None of them really ever knew what they were doin it for anyway…Super hilarious…Keep up the good work Lars. WE LOVE U MAN!!!!!

  4. Wow, what a bunch of haters. I listen to Lars because he is LOGICAL. Have any of you actually done any real homework on his topics? Have you noticed how many jobs for instance are lost due to EPA antics or other environmental people that want the money and power over you and don’t care about your freedoms? How about every time you turn around Kate Brown and those before her, try to disguise a sales tax or other legislation that tax us for CONTROL,POWER? Why is it so important for those in positions of power that are suppose to work for you, use their power against you? What to drive, where you can even have a picnic, or where you can explore, What your kids can eat at school, what and how your kids are taught and when. Have you noticed how many days your kids are NOT in school? Hate Lars all you want but actually do the homework on the topic in several resources before you hate. All conservatives want is the freedom to live peacefully, to have a job to take care of their family. Every time ANY government of local, State or Federal gets involved, they have to hire more people and then they get more power. To much power and ALL your personal freedoms will be gone, GONE and it cost you more per paycheck. We, as a Country, are getting ready to fight very unstable Dictators. North Korea, Iran or Russia, Al-Qaida, and as always, ISIS. If you have to hate someone, hate the haters who do not have anything in their lives but hate and prey that something REALLY doesn’t happen to them, because that’s a reality that previous generations had to fight for so they can sit on their as$e$ and just hate, hate and hare some more.

  5. I had the opportunity to deal with Tina yesterday. Boy you talk about a needy person, yes we were very busy and she thought she had waiting long enough. So off goes her mouth that’s she needs to get home to a grandchild and how her time was so much more important than anyone else’s time in our store. She’s a self concerned beotch that has no business going out in public. It’s very Obvious she was never raised how to talk to or treat anyone with respect for the work they are doing for her. There’s a Special place in Hell for people like her and I hope she gets there soon. But until then the next time she comes in for service I’ll remember our first acquaintance and trust me she wait All Day this time. Gonna teach this Beotch some patience and quit possibly some manors

  6. Lars sucks, of course. Not only that, he’s a mean bully not only to the callers on his show, but is such a coward that he also delights in shooting and killing Bambi, as evidenced by the photo above.

  7. I am so disappointed that you believe most all Oregonians are liberals. We are very quietly conservative. We let you liberals yak away while we build meaningful, conservative lives. Lars speaks for us. His gift of gab keeps our points of view in the public forum and we commend him for it.

  8. He’s an automatic global warming denier, which is bad enough, even if he makes a few common sense statements on other topics. Just look at the guy’s face for a summary. Most people on the far right have that thick-headed, incurious look about them. His show is also full of ads for Glock, etc. which is crass in these days of rampant incidents. Guns do enough damage without sales pitches.

    • Are you really that stupid? Guns do t do anything they are GUNS it’s people that do damage. Which by the way are probably dumbacrats!! So get real and pull ur head out of the sand. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  9. I had the “pleasure” of being on Lars’ show. After being put in a waiting “line” and being reminded that I needed to answer every one of Lars’ questions before I could say my piece, and to make sure I said nothing off-color, they asked me exactly what it was that I was calling about. Like an idiot (my first time calling in to a nationally syndicated show), I told them in explicit detail.

    The topic is one where Lars is clearly biased. When I got on the air, he asked one question after the other, often interrupting my answers with more questions- that alone saying he isn’t interested in the truth, instead hoping to shut some guy down that he disagrees with- and, before I knew it, I was put on indefinite hold- I realized after a couple of minutes that I had been discarded, and the guy after me got out of him that he’s very myopic regarding law enforcement. That was a surprise- had I known he was a cop-sucker, I’d have gotten right to the point and shut him down. Instead, I hadn’t got to say what I went on the air to say, which is a cogent and common-sense approach to the police accountability issue, a piece of legislation that is working in other parts of the world because they had the same problems that we are now having with many bad cops running rampant. They no longer do, but we certainly do, and people like Lars help to perpetuate the problem.

    I imagine that, during our online time together, Lars had one hand busy under his desk, if you catch my drift.

    How such a myopic, self-absorbed worshipper at the zipper of law enforcement ever managed to have a radio show, let alone a nationally syndicated one, is beyond me. I imagine the reason he goes around armed is that he treats most people in the same manner as he did me on the air and is fearful of someday reaping the rewards of his behavior.

    He’s a coward, in other words. He’s myopic. He lacks integrity. And… while he said on the air I was “pandering,” that’s how this idiot makes his living. He’s a disgrace to journalism and to the human race. He should euthanize himself.

    For those of you who are… angered… by this comment, I invite you to call in to his radio show where you actually disagree with a point he’s making- if you aren’t a sheeple, he will eventually (like most people) say something with which you don’t agree- and follow the instructions you’re given to the letter. When he’s done using debating fallacies on you and has finished stroking himself in the process, come on back and we’ll talk about it. If you won’t do this, you have nothing to say, do you? It’ll be a case of “those who have no experience in a matter trying to disprove those who do.”

    • Well said Nick. Except for the progressive-rich I-5 progressive corridor, Oregon is conservative. Leftist votes are concentrated in population-dense freak zones like Portland and Eugene, which tip the scales blue. Pity. It’s an otherwise awesome state.

      • Who the hell do you think is going to pay for the infrastructure in the places where the anti social want to live in this state?

        If we didn’t have densely populated cities populated with the smart people, we’d be a one lane gravel road state more akin to Arkansas or Mississippi.

        • odd, 60 years native Oregonian, before all the smart people show up we built freeways, since the Blues took over not so many. Odd, the addition of pervious gravel would would be more green than building freeways that would allow me to go where I want to go. Why do you want to hate on Arkansas or Mississippi, seems intolerant or at least an elitist snob

  10. Those of you that still think the playing field is all about Repub vs Dem had better do some research, reading or maybe just talking to your neighbor that votes differently than you do.
    It astounds and amuses me to think that people with 4-6 yrs of college education under their belts actually believe that one political party or the other is somehow in control of “The Truth”
    In fact both Repubs and Dems have had an agreement for quite some time now that they would each share the limelight in order to quell any dissent that may arise from a citizenry that “wakes up” to the fact that we all are being cheated.

    Lars Larceny (trademark 2014) is just a tool of corporate interests wanting to fill the air waves with truths, half truths and bold faced lies in order to see which ones you all latch on to.
    They in turn use this information and your public exclamations for or against a certain radio mouthpiece to manipulate every election cycle. Mega Corp has you right where they want you when you stand so solidly in favor of one party or the other, it makes their election calculations and rigging all the easier. You have got to be blind to not see that BOTH parties are in favor of endless war because its profitable.

    Do the Republicans condemn this war on financial grounds as fiscal disaster? NO
    Do the Dems condemn this war from a peace and justice angle? NO
    So, it seems that both parties would like to see hostilities in The Middle East continue on and on and on.

    As long as Americans argue with their neighbors over handgun rights vs creation we will be the willing chumps of the Demo-Publican manipulators forever doomed to fight each other over something we don’t realize is being controlled by a remote corporate puppet master.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better and applaud you for being someone who is not only enlightened but knows how to cut through the bulls**t and speak about it. We all have to stop taking “what we think are” sides and arguing about the same old issues and rhetorical rehash of partisan ideals and start having a real conversation about what the truth is and how it affects all of us equally. We are being controlled on almost every level. It is no accident that we are so divided and in fact we are just as willing and stupidly ignorant as they knew we would be as a populace. The think-tank men behind the Governing administration, no matter which party, are constantly gauging our behaviors and using our own willingness to fight with each other instead of uniting with each other to control us on the whole. When will American people truly “wake up” to that? The fact that inherently we all want the same damn things. Freedom, peace among our citizens and to be respected as American people and not stolen from or lied to. To be treated fairly and without prejudice and to not have reason to fear those who are supposed to be protecting us. But instead we are lied to daily and kept in the dark and fad s**t.

  11. “Vancouver, WA which is one large dumpy Republican refugee camp.”

    With any luck he’ll shoot your pansy a$$ for making that remark. Dickweed.

    and yes, Portland sucks monkey balls.

      • Lars Larceny (trademark 2014) is a tool, a tool of mega-corporate interests which are as we ALL know busy day and night gathering data/opinions that affect elections and sales figures. The forces that control both Dem and Repub parties are financially benefitting from all of this pseudo “We are right and they are wrong” crap being waged by average citizens most who have never even met each other and would probably get along just fine if they lived across the street from one another. But Mega Corp. Inc. wants and needs you all to distrust one another and waste your time arguing over what Lars says. At this juncture most Americans mistrust the Federal Govt, which the founders of this nation encouraged! That being said, corporate entities have infiltrated deep enough into our government so that the average person cant detect it upon simple observation. So it stands to reason that what Americans mistrust about our govt isn’t really our govt at all but our govt being controlled by business, money and profit rather than a mutual consensus by election..the same businesses that fund regurgitating tools such as Lars Larceny.

        In this sense its important to slow down and really think about the state of the union and the fact that war, endless war is still being waged using the average, working US taxpayers hard earned money to fund, and to what end? peace in the Middle East?..uh..No. Middle class wages being squandered on the literal killing floors of Congress in order to perpetuate hatred and fuel a war that may run to be the longest in human history. Dwight D. Eisenhower famously warned the American public about what he called The Military Industrial Complex, all of you self assured Dems out there can sniff and turn your noses up at what a Republican had to say about Americas future, but he was a man on the inside with the inside scoop willing to risk his reputation in order to benefit his country.

        Does anyone see the Democrats pushing to end hostilities in the Middle East, perhaps in the name of peace, justice and non intervention? (as is their stated charter) No! of course not, there is FAR too much money to be made yet. Does anyone out there see the Republican party pushing for stricter fiscal policies (as is their stated charter) in regards to military spending? NO of course not…there is FAR too much money to be had yet. All of these people are evil, I said evil and I meant just that, they would throw your kids into a vat of burning oil if it paid them $5. If I am wrong I am waiting for a voice of dissent to take center stage in Congress…Im listening..America is listening..has been wanting..and so far NOTHING.

        Does anyone still think that Democrats are substantially different than Republicans when it comes to destroying an entire civilization, or two.. in order to control oil production? Do you still think that Lars is a far out whacko who only represents the unhinged fringe? Do you truly believe that he pops up from sleep at night and says to himself “Marijuana is being force fed (in secret brownies) to elderly patients at Walter Reed Hospital as part of Obamas plan to sedate veterans” Yes? well your wrong. First of all he isn’t that creative, just ask anyone that has met/known him, for the record I have not. He has writers that come up with that crap. Lars is a manipulator and instigator of discourse, employed to keep the sheeple distracted. Of course Lars doesn’t believe all that he spews, he is INSTRUCTED to say what would benefit the corporate interests sponsoring his show..DUH!

        All of you small thinkers can scream at one another about lifestyle issues..guns vs bicycles (I happen to enjoy BOTH) and smut vs church and that’s your right but that’s exactly what mega business/US Elections Inc. are counting on you to do. They want you to engage each other in a war of endless words over which party stands for freedom, which one for prosperity, and homespun virtue when its neither all along. BOTH parties are controlled by mega-$$$ Inc. and they will continue to do what they do so well, create noisy smoke screens like Lars and Co. in order to distract and engage the public in a never ending circular argument over dumb stuff like kids school dress codes and marijuana while they raid and pillage.

        Wake up and smell the Lars! both conservatives and liberals, its your DUTY as Americans to stop squabbling over non issues that he perpetuates and see the REAL picture!

  12. Hey – I just got banned from Lar’s facebook page this morning! I have proven that Lars just can’t handle the truth. If you leave many comments, especially documenting how Republicans have done far worse, you will get deleted too!

  13. I understand some of the folks point supporting Lars, probably because I know that there are a number of people who need a simple explanation and solution to complex problems to make them feel secure.

  14. The lars larson show is one of the few things that DOESN’T make Portland suck. Hippies, ***s and liberals make Portland suck. This country was built by men that worked hard, fought hard and died for our freedom. It wasn’t built by a bunch of queers. If that offends you, get over it.

    • To you morons that eat up every word this guy says just know that LARS LARSON IS THE BIGGEST FAKE. HE IS NOTHING BUT A DORK WITH A BIG MOUTH WHO NOW MAKES MONEY OFF OF RACIST BIGOTS AND DORKS OF THE LIKE. For all you know he doesnt believe half of what he says. But you guys make him rich so he will continue to preach to the masses and in his own privacy laugh at YOUR stupidity. SUCH DUMMIES, and before you spew the same sh@t he regurgitates out that filthy microphone just know and remember YOU ARE AN IDIOT. No one but other idiots care about your opinions. Its nice to know that all of his election predictions came true. That must have really shocked you. Or did the media brainwash us. lol LOSERS!!!!! PLEASE DONT PROCREATE.

      • Holy Cow! You are a GENIOUS! You are such a deep thinker: introspective, wise and gracious. Not only THAT, but you even discovered the CAPS LOCK KEY!

        I hope you are doing well and did not simply forget to eat until you died.

    • I was thinking and you said it bob… Thank you so much. These freedom hating liberals need a swift kick right in there gluten free a$$.
      Does anyone agree that a vote for the dems Is a vote against our very constitution?… So tired of liberals enjoying the freedoms of our constitution.

      • What in the bloody hell makes people think that Democrats or liberals in general don’t work hard or care about the constitution at all. It’s that exact type of blind aggression and basic bigotry against anybody different from you that makes you seem so freaking backwards and ignorant. People who want to think progressively towards a better society as a whole don’t don’t deserve to be slagged or hated for it and you certainly don’t know anything about people judging from your comment. I don’t wish you any harm or ill will for believing what you believe and in fact I share a lot of conservative opinions but still I’m called a liberal because I believe in the environment or things like that. Can’t we find ANY middle ground here? I’m so sick of this one sided s**t and clearly twisted idea that all people are either ONE WAY or the OTHER. It just isn’t fact and is so convoluted and silly. Please rethink your blatant and blind hatred of other human beings. It’s the division between parties that are keeping us all under control and you need to educate your self on the way that BOTH parties keep us in this insane partisan battle. It’s insanity and you’re buying straight into it. my friend.

  15. If accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior is all it took to get into heaven, Adolf Hittler could have made it.

    The teachings of Jesus Christ trump anything you might be creative enough to create enough to bolster your views.

  16. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, says in the Bible, “Beat you swords into plowshears.” He don’t say anywhere in the Bible,”Beat your plowshears into guns.”
    He also says, “Blessed our the peace makers.”

  17. My advice to the haters would be to show a little class. I’m all for opinions & criticisms, but name calling? Really?

    I don’t think Lars Larson is always right, and I wholeheartedly agree that he has tendency to bully. But to be fair, he brings up many critical issues to the States’ attention, and he is a pretty good debater.

    I see many people on here who are critical of the claims he makes on the show, but I don’t see any of you calling in to his show. Bottom line, if you have something to say, call in with facts to back up your case. Otherwise, it is just blah-blah-blah to me. Most “naysayers”(not all, but most) on his show do very little to impress me, and I’m a pretty open-minded person.

    • Sensationalism and narrow-mindedness do not equate to a good debater. Lars Larson is a thoughtless jerk who fails to understand that the goal of a good debate is to change the mind of your opponent. The tactics Lars Larson uses seem to always fail in that regard for the obvious reason that he is insulting and confrontational. It’s not his fault, and I don’t hate him. I think of him as an indicator of how so many humans simply do not understand how reason and logic work.

      • I admit a whole lot of callers aren’t the smartest of people which to be real are a good chunk of society that you live and work with. But as soon as anybody says something he can’t argue with any logical reasoning he changes up and goes to break before they can say anything else. He cuts them off and then they’re gone. Chicken s**t if you ask me. I listen to the show because I’m so constantly appalled by his egotistical tone and blatant bulls**t that it entertains me somehow. He spins s**t into oblivion and he loves to have an opinion on the political climate as long as his tongue is far up Trumps asshole. I’ve heard it hundreds of times and I lose respect for him every time he dismisses one of his callers who happen to have a good argument. He IS a bully and he can’t handle being wrong. He is however a brilliant spin artist and can make anything SOUND right and logical. But when you research his so called facts you find they are quite often false or incorrect and he also loves to stretch and reach ridiculously far to slag or accuse HC (who incidentally I don’t like myself) of something but will quickly and wholeheartedly defend Trump for the same type of thing no matter what the circumstance and before the evidence is even in yet. I would respect him so much ore if he could at least be open ti the fact that possibly Trump can do wrong and often does. I can’t imagine he doesn’t get compensated somehow by the Republicans as nobody is that one sided or ignorant to certain issues and not others. He isn’t always wrong and is a seemingly very educated person, which is exactly why I feel he is being controlled because I just don’t hear REAL common sense or truth, but instead only partisan championing and rhetorical propagandized nonsense. I wait and I wait and I wait for something that sounds like unbiased truth but he just isn’t capable of it. So if he speaks to you conservatives out there then I consider him to be a huge part of the problem that continues to brainwash you to hate your neighbor and to take arms against them to keep your freedoms, which is both tragic and unfounded. And you think the Dems want one new world order when the cycle of divisive hypnosis through propaganda and partisan hatred on both sides continue to push us in that very direction. Unless we can find the true common ground that we all very realistically share then we will be destroyed as a nation and as a populace.
        To you Trump followers and so called conservatives. The “great” America you have been sold is a lie and has baited you into fighting with your fellow citizens. Keeping you thinking the other side somehow is ruining your life. Pitting us all against each other this way isn’t a mistake and isn’t an accident. It’s legitimate and intentional and we are all capable of rising above it. Sadly most of us will not and will continue to throw insults and hate at each other like the animals we are until we all have to watch it burn down while eating the fact that we were a blatant failure at keeping a country of free-minded, peace loving people with love and empathy for others. You can’t deny that most of the hatred for other people comes from the conservative side. Hatred f liberals or immigrant people or people just like you who might be in trouble somehow or need to survive and perhaps can’t work to do it and thus need welfare to make ends meet. I’m not speaking for all cases as that would also be ignorant but I hope you can break out of your hardened shell of party loving illusion long enough to think outside the box for a chance at being a better human being. We don’t need to choose a side anymore. We are the People. We are one united thing and We are the side that matters. Not the leaders who have for so long lied to and taken from us. Trump is no different. This is a plea to stop and think and be part of the solution and not the problem. Right now the biggest problem is how much our country is in two horribly misaligned pieces.

  18. Yeah, he is one of those pseudo celebs who thinks he can get away with bad driving, and bad manners. Don’t ring up his groceries, I can tell you from experience his wife is nuts and she will go postal on you from some imagined affront you commit on her by not double bagging her groceries, and Lars will back her up like they expect everyone to fawn all over them. I apologised to the bagger for them because I was so ashamed of the humiliation he suffered at their hands.

  19. ” pissed off 95%* of Oregon’s liberals (which is basically everyone in the state).”

    How false is that statement? Oregon is pretty evenly divided and we just had one of the closest governor’s elections in recent memory. The Willamette Valley is probably 60-70% liberal. The rest of the state is 80-90% conservative. Thankfully Dems have slowly been losing power and votes in this state at the state level (legislature and so on). Next election we might see the Republican capture the house and that nut David Wu voted out as he should have been in Novemeber had the liberal press in Portland not protected him.

  20. “A concealed weapon permit has provided Larson the tool to prove just how nutty he is.”

    Any of you geniuses have a rebuttal for Lars’s rationale for advocating concealed carry?

  21. Lars Larson is an opportunist. He lives and breathes his career. He was a democrat until 1996 when he got his first taste of the power of the right on the radio. He has no life. He is currently married to a woman 15 years his junior who calls him Daddy. They are both obnoxious snobs who would do anything to get their names in print, or faces on TV. They both have faces fit for radio. This “son” of theirs they keep harping about who is a Marine that Larson will refer to as “overseas” is a stepson of Tina’s that the two of them had no hand in raising, and he is stationed in Japan. I call that low. When I think of the families who have kids who are serving in harms way, or have lost their kids while they were serving our country, it makes the Larson’s lies despicable. And whatever you do, don’t wait on Tina Larson at the grocery store, she will swear at you like a truck driver if you don’t ring her up fast enough, or dress you down for not pandering to her enough. It is embarrassing.

  22. The photo of Lars above — I notice he’s holding his gun in a really stupid way — with his hand over the barrel. Duh.

    • Yeah, he is not really a “seasoned” hunter. He hunts with affluent fans who supply him with the guns and ammo. He is a techno nerd who carries a gun and has a big booming voice. Not your regular guy who hunts

  23. Goddamn punk, I would love put two bullets in his head. Show him how to use the gun…and what a REAL US American patriot who defends this country is all about. He is a wuss and can’t hold a candle to a US troop who fights for the freedoms he obliterates everyday. Wonder if Palin would put crosshairs on him too….eh! what’s the use…don’t need it. Hehehe!!

    • Yeah, Palin would have no time to waste with Mr. Larson, other than they assemble on the same side of issues. She is the real thing. He is a pretender radio talk show guy. He has never served in the military and the step son he is so fond of bragging about is in Japan

    • The whole state is NOT liberal! The libs have a majority simply because of PORTLAND and Eugene (lib town USA). As one who really likes Lars Larson and listens to him daily, I think the writer of this article is living in their little world surrounded by libs to reinforce the dillusion of what America should be. Lars Larson has not pissed off 95% of libs but 100% of them. Of course a liberals answer to the dilemma of Lars Larson is to cry “Fairness Act” and remove him from the airwaves. I say,”Long live our freedom and Lars Larson” who stands up to the socialistic liberal agenda!

    • Dur-da-dur.

      1. It’s the “fairness doctrine” and it’s not FCC rule anymore, ergo guys like Lars. That and the radioactive butt-faced inducing swamp he crawled out of. Just a lame a$$ making money off the fact that most of America like their political views spoon fed and don’t know what a logical deduction look like. I listened once and he stated that because Valerie Plame’s husband also believed there were WMDs in Iraq, that’s proof that W didn’t lie.

      Non sequitur — look it up.

  24. If you wouldnt protect yourself and your family from harm, and yes I mean shoot them, you are a dumbass. Its to bad oregons economy is the way it is, run by a bunch of morons that cant figure out they are the cause. all they are worried about is how to protect you from yourself, and save the planet. gas prices on on the rise, i have my own long haul truck, here we go again, fuel is over 3 dollars a gallon on the east coast, i am suprised you liberals arent saying it bushes fault again, god forbid(oh yeah i forgot most of you dont believe in god) you say any bad about obama, he cant have anything to do with it. a black MUSLUM running the country and a dumb pollock(not all are dumb)running the beautiful state of oregon,both are democrats, we are all in trouble!!!…..GO LARS LARSON…..KEEP REPORTING ON THE SHADY THINGS THE LIBERAL SCUM ARE DOING TO RUIN THE COUNTRY AND STATE

  25. Yes Matt, obfuscation is a tactic that Lars employs often. Anytime a caller has Lars on the spot, as it sounds like you did, he quickly weasles his way out of that spot by changing the subject or focus of the conversation altogether. He often does it in a sly way, so that the non-critical thinking listener (i.e., most of Lars’ audience) won’t notice it. But occasionally, he just does a complete, unapologetic 180 on the conversation.

    He did this to me once, too. We were talking about the legality of marijuana and alcohol, and I had Lars up against a rope where he couldn’t logically continue on the same train of thought without completing blowing his own argument right out of the water. Sensing this, he COMPLETELY changed the subject. And when I asked him, very politely, if we could please stay on topic and finish discussing what we were talking about, he got in a last word and then hung up on me. He very clearly does not like to “lose” arguments, and Larson rigs his show accordingly.

    BTW, Larson now has a company called “Reputation Defender” working for him. This company is supposed to “cover-up” negative things said about you on the Internet. LOL! Lars should ask for his money back!

    • Dave — I’m not at all doubting the Reputation Defender thing (sounds exactly like something he’d do, actually) but I was wondering, do you know of any internet sources I could cite? I think that tidbit would be a juicy addition to the Lars wikipedia article, and they’re going to want citation(s).

    • Ryan, I don’t know of any citations, per se. I only know about it because Larson himself admitted he uses Reputation Defender in commercials on his shows. Larson also had the CEO on one time for an “interview” (I’d imagine the “interview” was part of his paid advertising package), and there too, Larson acknowledged that he was using Reputation Defender’s services.

  26. Driving from Bend to Eugene today, I warmed-up on Rush and then found Lars on the dial. I suffered through endless commentary and parody about Obama the communist. I giggled through callers who agreed “100%” with Lars that Obama’s speech to students was facistic and totalitarian. I couldn’t take it any more. I called from the car and asked Lars to read on air the communist or totalitarian passages from Obama’s speech to students.
    After bloviating about Obama smoking “pot” and Lars not understanding where he got the money to buy the pot, Lars hung up on me. His skills of obfuscation are generally impressive, but this was weak. I really expected Lars to have the self-respect and respect for his listeners to answer such a straight-forward (and obvious) question.
    I do hate to help boost his rating, but one day I might give him another shot!

  27. I think it’s great that Oregon has Lars. I can’t think of any place more deserving. You libs need a good poke in the eye. Just a bunch of self assured insolents. I really like your beaches. PR

  28. It is a shame that Portland can’t suck hard enough to pull all the lefties out of Washington and help us disinfect the state. Lars is about the only thing in that “city” that DOESN’T suck.

    • Rag, sure thing. He said if anybody ever “attacked his car with their bike, he’d shoot them”. Do you really think they’re going to let him do his radio show from prison? I doubt it.

  29. I hate to add to this, but here goes…
    First of all, STAYOFFTHEFENCE, our mayor IS NOT a child molester. Thanks for keeping up on the news. So far he’s done a pretty good job, so gay or straight, he has that to his credit. And he has a good track record of serving our city before he was mayor.
    Second, maybe when you called yourself liberal, it was a band-wagon type situation. But it still sounds like you’re not thinking through your judgements on political or social topics, whether you’re conservative or not. You’re just making biased assumptions, which by the way, never accomplish anything, no matter what side you’re on.
    Way to represent yourself on that one, buddy.
    Sorry not to practice what I preach exactly, but you know how it is folks.

  30. Remember a couple years back when that bicyclist was hit by that car and wound up riding it for several blocks because the drunk driver wouldn’t stop? Lars said “if anybody ever attacked my car with their bike, I’d shoot them.” Really, asshole? Do you think they’re going to let you do your radio show from prison?

  31. Sorry to hear about Lars losing his national show. Although I don’t always agree with him, I do believe he hits things on target more often than many people would care to admit.

    I find it interesting how stories I hear from his show end up on the front page of the Oregonian months later. Most recent example was last Sunday with the young girl sent to Mexico to an abusive family.

    • Johnnyrussia- Westwood One wouldn’t renew their contract..probably for financial issues (7 cents/share…anyone…anyone…). Compass Media Networks, run by ex-westwood exec’s, picked Lars up and he kept 90% of his affiliates.

      I’m with you Devman, as a former Oregon-band-wagoner-liberal I think if anything we need more Lars. He’s one of the only conservative voices in Oregon, where Portland has a gay child molesting Mayor and the states unemployment rate is through the roof.

      And you granola’s want us turn our heads?

    • Stay off the Fence I would imagine you also call yourself a Christian.

      Christ hung out with the prostitutes you homophob.

      Lars is a part of the problem, part of the hate.

    • What we need is a response to Mr. Larson that will have an impact. How about a boycott of his sponsors. When he made his
      hideous comments about the father who lost his son in Iraq, I
      notified Timberline Dodge that I had purchased my last vehicle
      from them so long as they were affiliated with Larson. I don’t think it had the impact then that it would now but it certainly felt good.

      Further my son recently purchased a older home in Portland and is going to remodel it. He had contacted George Moreland plumbing to do all his plumbing upgrades. When I told him this firm is sponsoring Larson and fellow travelers in this years talk fest he dropped them as a vendor immediately and told them why.

      Hit Larson where it hurts and let the sponsors know your views.
      Jim Hill

  32. Great news: his syndicator–Westwood One–dropped him today. You’ll probably still be stuck with him locally, but maybe now (or in 30 days, per his contract) he’ll fade nationally.

  33. Well, I have listened to Lars, Rush and Dr. Laura and sadly, if you agree with them, you can speak as long as you like……but if you disagree, they cut you off. That us what I deplore about these talk show hosts.

    What I have noticed is that the people who agree with their philosophies believe that they have “rights” that no one else seems to be entitled to. They can let their music blast in their yards, at campgrounds, in their cars and can disregard all the rules, etc…..as long as it suits them. There is no regard for other people’s rights.

    Remember, your rights end, where my rights begin.

  34. Lars Larson is an idiot. Plain and simple. If you like him you are a moron and deserve everything you get for voting in Bush twice. F%*cking morons.

  35. I always disliked Larson. I met him as a kid, when he dated my next door neighbor Deb Janes (also of minor local celebrity). He was always a jerk to her kids (childhood best friends) and us back then.

    The only thing that makes me happy is having seen him grow gradually fatter over the years.

  36. The only thing about Portland that sucks is PORTLAND! how could you call Larson a fascist pig? Has he forced you to do anything against your will?
    Has he told you if you don’t think how he does that you are wrong?
    Has he MADE you believe anything he says; or else?
    Most of you f**king libs are fascists.
    Fascism is in your DNA. You tell others that don’t think the way your “hive” does that they are idiots and fools.
    As a former liberal, it’s dips**ts like you that made me conservative!
    Keep up the good work morons! Your intolerance and bigotry will only create more conservatives! That is if they can see beyond the bong smoke and have a moment of clarity as I did, and see liberalism for what it really is. DELUSION SQUARED!Portland is a beautiful city but it’s people make it suck…

    • The only thing keeping people like Lars Larson from using law enforcement to enforce their right wing fascist christian values, is Liberals. That’s the answer to your question, DEVMAN. That’s the only reason he and those like him don’t have more control over our lives. In your heart of hearts you’d be throwing gay people off buildings like ISIS

  37. If it wasn’t for Lars Larsen, nobody would really know about the ineptitude and occasional criminal activity (think Neil Goldschmidt, Bill Bradbury) perpetrated by the government of Oregon and of Portland. He probably lives in Vancouver because the purveyors of “tolerance” and First Amendment rights would burn down his house if it were in Portland.

    • Boo hoo hoo, you conservatives are SUCH the victims of liberals. Instead of crying, ever think about moving your stupid a$$ out of the Pacific Northwest, or at least out of Oregon?

  38. I would love to have your show come on in the morning instead of the midled of the nite. Funny I hear the liberals castigating you when in essence your work is well researched and theirs is usually just plain hate and venom. If you listen to Nancy Pelosi I guess then yoou can understand where all that partisanship come from. Lars keep up the good works!!!

  39. Reason # 35 about things in Portland that suck; Idiots on bicycles who ride down the street naked and the potty mouth “20 somthings” who support such idiocy. To them I ask; Is that really something to be proud of. If you answer in the affirmative well that speaks for itself!

  40. My biggest Lars “pet peeve” is the way he won’t ever let a dissenting caller finish a complete sentence without interrupting that caller. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually yelled at my radio, “Lars, would you at least let this guy finish a complete thought before you interrupt him?!? Jesus Christ!”

    I’m not sure whether it’s arrogance or just flat-out rudeness. But someone should make Lars sit there and listen to an hour of his own show. He should be forced to keep track of how many times he interrupts a caller in mid-sentence. ‘Cause I suspect he doesn’t even realize how often he does this. Or maybe he does. After all, the first rule of talk radio is that the caller can never let the host look bad! And Lars tends to interrupt when he knows that the caller is about ready to effectively refute Lars’ argument. Since we can’t have THAT, the caller is not allowed to finish his sentence at all. It’s really quite convenient for Lars.

    Of course, if a caller does this to HIM, Lars will say, “Do you want to have a conversation or not?” I guess to Lars, “having a conversation” means that he is free to interrupt you at any time, but you are not free to interrupt HIM when HE is talking.”

    Oh well. If the “rules” weren’t stacked against the caller like this, people would more easily find out that half the time, the talk radio emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

  41. It’s truly great to see that Lars is sooo effective in pushing the buttons of the whiney liberal crowd!! It’s also obvious that everyone does indeed hate him, as evidenced by his new, national show…Kind of gives you hope for the future of Oregon, doesn’t it??
    Whine on, Obamanation, whine on……….

    • Most of the time conservatives exist simply as a reaction to what original thinking liberals are doing. How do people as stupid as you even exist in the modern age?

  42. I can’t stand even listening to the tail end of his show waiting for
    coast to coast to start. He really knows how to put down a caller. If the caller doesn’t agree with what he is saying he attacks them.
    We need someone on the air that can balance out his terrible show.

  43. Yes, I have to agree that NOONE should have a concealed weapons permit, especially in the liberal bastion of Portland,Oregon where there is no CRIME because it is a “virtual utopia” populated only by people who ride bicycles and vote only for the Messiah…er Obama. Thank you Lars for providing a breath of fresh air which runs counter to the drivel put out by Willamette Week among others…By the way, I love my Glo… Oh no, you can’t mention that word lest your house be fire bombed!

  44. I listened to Lars for a few weeks (that’s all I could stand). He simply follows up with the same lies that John McCain and Sarah Palin are putting out. Many which have been proven wrong.

    When a person who disagrees with him calls in, he talks over them and finds some excuse to disconnect them. While some callers are allowed to stay on the line during a commercial break. A lot of his talk is simply unacceptable by what most of us call ‘acceptable standards’. Those long commercial breaks are annoying, especially those that repeat a phone number as many as 8 times. Then those long musical introductions after a break. Wonder when he has time to speak. Not what I would call an individual worth listening too.

  45. It is apparent that he is FASCIST PIG.

    Portland has a great many of these types, busy labeling themselves this-or-that … for the moment being “progressives”.

    They can’t resist calling others any hateful name they can think of, while avoiding any such confrontational displays in public; except as members of some dumbed-down mob of “rich-hating”, under-educated bums out burning cars and tipping over trash receptacles.

    Lars certainly expresses conservative opinions on his show, no doubt about that, but where is the “Fascist Pig” exclammation supported or explained? Never happens! No “progressive” can justify the hate-filled typing they conduct – get real! And, that’s why they so hate Lars, because he doesn’t accept such exaggerations and hyperbole to be accepted “reasoning” on his show(s).

    What those claims actually do is support the idea that whoever calls US conservatives “fascists” is actually as dumb-as-a-sackfull-of-hammers (as Lars likes to highlight in talking about “progessive” comments), and haven’t a clue that fascism was part-and-parcel of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP, and the term “nazi” being a combination of the German words: nationalsozialist).

    The only nations to display fascism since Hitler’s Germany and Italy’s Mussolini has been socialist/communist! Certainly not the United States which gives away BILLIONS each year as a substitute for Blitzkrieg.

    No wonder he so strongly supports the Neo-Cons positions and also supports John McCain.

    Another funny comment, and since Lars has something bad to say about McCain, almost daily! It is just that those things that Lars disagrees with are things that “progressives” like about McCain!

    Unfortunately, people like Lars Larson only do one thing in their careers: propagate hatred….

    Too rich! Here is a Lars-hater, propagating hatred for Lars, and Lars doesn’t even know this “progressive’s” name, and would try to “propagate” hate against the idiot, anyway! However, the clowns don’t know that they are stuffing themselves into the teeney-tiny-minded attitude of hate they can’t even see in themselves!

    Enough! “Progressives” are the hatemongers, trying to sell-out the USA at war for partisan votes! Party over nation, brownshirted, goosestepping “Fascist” pigs they try and project onto Lars and anyone else that knows them for the stupid mob/gang/hip-hop idiots they are …

    …that’s what it is about Portland that sucks – the ignorant, even moronic, socialist, “Progressives”!

      • Yes, the nazis were liberals. Hitlers early supporters mirror that of American leftists of today. After assuming office he took absolute power like liberal darling Castro.
        It’s hard to deny when the hard left finamcial support comes from an actual nazi! You’ve heard of George Soros?

  46. It is apparent that he is FASCIST PIG. No wonder he so strongly supports the Neo-Cons positions and also supports John McCain.

    Unfortunately, people like Lars Larson only do one thing in their careers: propagate hatred….

    It is a shame that he is rewarded for selling hate.

    I wish that in the future, the FCC will judge his type of show as pure hatred and pull him off of the air. He seems to be similar to people who commit hate crimes, except Larson does it through the airwaves.


  47. To Dave:

    As someone who knew Lars all through his “Mook” days in high school, I can certify first hand that at least during one time in his life, Lars was one of them “dope smokers” you’re railing against.

    I hate to rain on your parade, but I also suspect that much of Lars’ talk show rants are nothing more than schtick that he dishes to entertain the yokels (for a pretty good living). By now he may have actually come to believe his own B.S., but years ago he was a highly intelligent and ambitious reporter and entertainer, who was committed to doing whatever it took to get ahead in “the business.” It’s sad to see what it took for him to get ahead, especially since there was a time when Lars would have laughed out loud at precisely what he’s become.

    • Knute….I would like to talk to you about Lars, I’m writing a piece on Portland public people about how they were perceived by others during their high school days. I will be notified if you respond and perhaps we could exchange emails?

  48. Doug, you are an imbecile. Posing with a gun, and aiming a gun is two different things. So please do not think claiming you are a hunter somehow validated your moronic statement. Oh, and if someone threatens to harm my family, I also threaten em back..I am weird!!!

  49. Oh, and one more thing.

    In the hunting picture of Lars above, you’ll notice that Lars is supporting his rifle by having his hand wrapped around the barrel, with his thumb resting on the crown of the barrel.

    As a hunter myself, I can assure you that this is a safety no-no. You never obstruct the barrel of a gun with something that you don’t intend to shoot. Particularly a useful body part like a thumb. It’s a pretty basic rule of shooting.

    Ol’ Lars should take a hunting safety class.

  50. Larson used to have a good radio show a few years ago. But I’ve lost a great deal of respect for Larson in recent years, mostly due to the partisan blinders he has chosen to wear during Bush’s administration.

    Larson’s biggest problem is that he has mostly given a free pass to the Bush Administration on various issues (warrantless wiretapping, lying the country into war, massive big government spending, the Plame matter, ect.) during the last few years. And the problem with him doing so is obvious enough: if a Democratic president did these EXACT same things, Larson would be foaming at the mouth about it and demanding impeachment!

    In other words, in the last few years Larson has pretty much lost whatever credibility he had to begin with. Whereas he used to be one of the better conservative talk show hosts, nowadays he has morphed into just another right-wing partisan hack with a microphone.

    But then, this is all in keeping with the idea that the Republican/conservative “brand” has been heavily damaged in recent years by their own incompetence and seeming lack of honesty and ethics. As Larson is merely a mouthpiece for this brand, it stands to reason that he would go down with that ship.

    But truth be told, I’m kind of looking forward to the faux-outrage Larson is sure to display when Obama is elected. For example, if Obama increases the federal debt even a little bit, Larson will use this as “evidence” that all Democrats want to do is spend, spend, spend. At that time, Larson will have conveniently forgotten that under Bush’s watch, the federal debt increased more than 4 TRILLION dollars (from approx. $5 trillion to $9 trillion). Yes, Larson will re-create reality in a way that only dishonest talk show hosts can, and will suddenly find that sense of outrage that was only selectively employed when “his guy” was in office.

    Should be amusing to watch, if not a bit pathetic.

    • You are right Bush increased the national debt by 4 trillion. Now here we are two years into Obama and He has increased the debt another 4 trillion. But I’m sure you won’t find fault with this as you hope and change turns out to be the same old same old.

  51. I listen to Lars every day for 7 hours. I am glad that there is someone in the area that will put all you dope smoking nuts in your place. Go hug a tree

  52. Posing over a fresh kill is bad medicen.There is no ego in removing a life from nature.He should have gone out of his way to avoid being photographed with his dead deer.I belive in the true hunt.

  53. In between Spokane, WA and AM Radio in Portland was about a decade as anchor/reporter at KPDX, the Fox affiliate. He did some good work there, although his tendentious side showed up on more than one occasion.

  54. It may or may not be well known that Rod Anders … “Ramblin Rod” … also came from Tillamook.

    I think it’s possible that Lars might actually be Ramblin Rod’s son … but naaah. Rod was a nice guy.

  55. Amen to that. Not only does he have a 4-hour local show, but at one time he did a 3-hour national show. I don’t know if that’s still going or not. That would be a guy who likes to hear himself talk for 7 hours a day, folks. And to heck with the facts. Who needs ’em?

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