#53 Duck Fans

Football season is upon us and the city of Portland has become divided once again: you are either a Beaver or a Duck.  Hopefully for you, you are not a Duck. Parading around town with hideous green and yellow flags and decals, the University of Oregon regalia is a disgusting array of lameness.  Donald Duck is quite possibly the lamest mascot in the entire world.  Wait…the uniforms are more lame… wait… Robo Duck… this is difficult. Duck fans believe they won the National Championship back in 2001 and they have no problem telling you this. They were also one knee injury away from a National Championship in 2007.  That season garnered two visits to Eugene by ESPN’s College Gameday.  11Yell”o”.  Also, Dennis Dixon won the Heisman in November. I’ve never meet a Duck fan who is a football fan in general.  Okay, you have been on your little bandwagon since 1995 when you used to be the “good” program in the state. I don’t know the last time I saw a fan base talk more s**t and be a worse team. Every time you start out to do something, you beat your chest, get all fired up, start out hot and fizzle into the night, then decide that a new uniform is the answer. UO has a horrible shampoo effect, later, rinse, repeat. How do you root for a school whose most famous athlete decided to get smashed and drive home, only to kill himself – great role model. Duck fans are a bunch of elitist liberal hippies. Their hippie priorities clash with the source of their funding.  Students protest sweatshops, but the only reason the school has ANY money is because of Phil “Southeast Asia” Knight.  I remember when the hippies came out in full force after the Nike child labor fiasco.  They’ll protest for human rights and child labor laws up until Phil Knight threatens to revoke his endowment.  That is when you realize your team is owned by Nike and you no longer are a legitimate football program. In producing the largest amount of hippies North of Berkley, Duck fans are degenerates. Please take your marijuana plants, methamphetamines and lines of coke back to Beaverton, Hillsboro and Eugene.  Portland is Beaver country. Duck Fan Rebuttal

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  1. Gooooo BEAVERS!!! Ducks are ok… But Beavers ROCK! Ducks boast and gloat about how much money they have while Beavers are loyal, respectful, and kind. I used to like the Ducks until I realized how much jerks they are. Therefore with that said I AM A BEAVER FAN WORLD! DEAL WITH IT! SO HECK WITH THE DUCKS!

    P.S. I did not use bad words for your personal benifit.

    P.P.S I have done my research on the verge of Beavers and Ducks so please respect me and my opinion, Thank you


    • so how you gonna say respect my opinion when your a BEAVER FOOTBALL fan? ayyy there baseball team kills it, basketball team kills it, but football n track n field is OUr thing! n soon will the sports y’all are good at 😉 most of my friend go to osu so i love talking trash lol

  2. ALL of you are f**king STUPID!!!!!!! I DIDN’T go to college, and I’m SMARTER than all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! College sports are f**king STUPID, and oh so VERY unimportant, yet all of you think otherwise. If cheerleaders and f**king jocks is what you think of when it comes to COLLEGE, then why not just do the world a favor and KILL YOURSELF right f**king NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This f**king world is so f**king LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fuuuu your the one mad at the world… quick to critique everyone else but not assess yourself, hm. typical. intact, do what thy wilt lol idiot n you’ll see how far you DONT get in life. GO DUCKS!

  3. From NY am not a hippie and love the ducks. Hmm we have the Gmen the Yanks,, yet Im a duck fan. Ducks are legit man. Its being proven once again the Ducks are no joke. GO DUX!

  4. Seriously? Really..I just heard that…i live between Eugene and Corvallis.

    Yellow and green are lame? lol…Its HALLOWEEN EVERY GAME FOR OSU!

    Beaver fans-
    -Lifted redneck trucks
    -did i mention rednecks
    -Fans seem to “forget” the previous years record every year and only remember beating USC or the Ducks…selective amnishia
    -Are still not sure if the world is round…
    -Own newer farm equipment and guns..then vehicles..

    Duck fans-
    -Dont ware sweatpants and boots with a cut off OSU shirt 2x too small so there gut hangs out on game day…
    -INVENTED The “O” logo..and we dont have to rip off other schools logos…
    -Don’t have to just root for TWO players
    -We have an entire TEAM, including DEFENSE.
    -WE accept our losses and dont pretend they didn’t happen and gear up next year to rip ur throat out…

    The Ducks have enough money to put there name on the side of a jet…

    The Beavers give there money BACK to the community by offering “Tail Gate Alternatives” such as…

    -Free dentistry (Voted least number of teeth per fan last 14 years running)


    -A Revolutionary Hooked on Phonics program that teaches the fans how to read the game day program… (Voted most illiterate fans in the nation 6 years running)

    Don’t tell me what Beaver and Duck fans look like…i live 30 min from each stadium. Beaver fans tend to be ignorant W/T..Duck fans seem to at least be “normal” people…Beaver fans are the running joke around here.

    I think we should all just hate USC….Maybe then we could all get along…

    • Typical of a Duck fan, don’t even know the history. They did not ‘invent’ the O logo, Oregon State has had an ‘O’ as their logo since the 1950’s. If anyone ‘stole’ it, it was not Oregon State.

    • Hahaha…”J”…i forgot about this…

      yeah well i figured they would have, i mean SOMEONE had to go to OSU that was smart enough to use an O a symbol for the school. I was talking about the modern “O” vinyl stickers on cars. The U of O was making a killing on there stickers..and conveniently orange ones started showing up…they weren’t even smart enough to change the stylized O…i guess copying is a form of flattery…just figured they were smart enough to know.

      Just saw some…..”L-OS-ers” stickers..hilarious..

      Typical OSU fan….stomping and pouting about stuff that doesn’t matter…

      And since im here i might as well add to why add another couple reasons why OSU still sucks..

      I’ll hand it to you guys….you have managed to do something FAR beyond anything that the Ducks accomplished. You won not just 1….but 2 back to back NCAA baseball championships…and STILL NO ONE gives a crap about your $hitty school…. hahahahaha.
      UofO’s mediocre baseball program in its 3rd year….slapped you guys around the last weekend of the regular season and took the pac-10 title away from you.

      Maybe one of these days…all of you OSU fans that are “SO Proud” of all there sports teams(specifically football), will actually sell-out a games without the opposing team buying half the tickets. Its pathetic really…your stadium is like 40k and you can’t manage to sell out a game without playing a big name school. Autzen is 65k with standing room only and we have sold out every game since 99′(74 in a row). With tickets STARTING at $50 for standing room only..
      Your athletic dept. lowered tickets so much(5-$10) they are not making money…and people STILL don’t show for your games.

      Rally the rednecks, hicks and grass seed farmers and actually GO TO your games and support your athletic programs, beyond sticking a “Dam right I’m a Beaver” sticker on your rust covered 1978 F-150.

    • YEA GO DUCKS! someone knows what there talkinbout, not just talking s**t cuz there football team SUCKS A BAG OF DICKS!!! maybe one day ducks n quiffers can get along but as of right now YALL STANK!

    • hahah right?!?! 1st day in corvallis visiting my homegirl n this crazy tweaked out meth head comes up to us talking bout shell give us a hit each for 20$! when passing through eugene a year plus later, the FIRST person i asked if they knew were to get some good weed, they did and it was GREAT weed ;p what di i learn? most duck fans get high off weed. more beaver fan get tweaked out on meth… don’t do research, live n find out for yourself!

  5. I’m a transplant who chose to be a Ducks fan basically on a coin toss when I arrived here. So I consider myself relatively neutral, and…seriously? Are you actually calling that group of people in orange uniforms running around every Saturday this fall a “football team?”

    You just defeated yourself.

  6. Also, Beaver fans are pissy/angry at Duck fans year round, this is true. Duck fans are against the Beavers, of course, but it seems more muted. They tend to be more “whatever. Its a game” about it. This won’t come as a surprise to anybody who lives in either town and has a few brain cells to rub together.

  7. Hahah.. what the f**k is Robo Duck? Is that some kind of new gimick to appeal to the computer generation children of today? LMFAO

    BTW, wondering why I can’t click on the “Beaver fans” blog entry on the main page. Hmmmm…

  8. Want to know the most hysterical part about this sniping?

    All you Oregonians SUCK you are arguing over AMATEUR SPORTS!! Give me an effin break. You can go all go protest the abuse of animals and smoke your pot you dirty hippies or go ahead and drink your bud light and sit in the back of you pick up trucks you pieces of white trash. That’s what Oregon is:

    White Trash vs Hippies.

    Let’s keep arguing over amateur sports. Let’s keep touting how great your “beer culture” is. Let’s keep saying how awesome and clean your city is. Portland f**king sucks. It’s a podunk town with nothing to do. None of you can drive. Your food sucks. You can’t make a decent slice of pizza or a normal one at that. Pine nuts and gouda cheese on pizza? Are you f**king kidding me? This town BLOWS. All you hippies can go hang yourselves with your hemp necklaces and all you rednecks can blow your brains out with your guns.


  9. The comments above are why Beavers hate the Ducks all year around.

    They have a false sense of superiority and will tell you how great they are at every opportunity. Even if you don’t care.

    This post may have been tasteless, but it was spot on based on your reactions.

    How about that Boise St. game?

    • How about the Civil War? The Ducks beat the Queevs again this year 37-33. The Ducks are going to beat the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. And I can’t wait til tonight to see BYU kick the Queevs a$$. The Queevs defense suck a$$. At least they didn’t give up 65 points again this year. The Ducks will beat the Queevs 3 years in a row next year and go to the National Championship next year. The Ducks will win the National Championship next year too. Beavers suck.

  10. Bah, both Ducks and Beavers suck…go Raiders!

    Too bad SOU’s football team is so obscure. *weeps* I mean…I don’t even know what our mascot is. What’s a raider supposed to be anyway? I don’t think a raider is even our mascot…it’s actually like some sort of frigging bird (not a duck).


    • Raiders suck! 5-11 is a good record now. The ducks went 10-3 last year amazing record. Now Masoli is a dumbass so they won’t make the National Championship. f**k Masoli. Why did he have to blow it with an ounce of weed.

  11. Why do all beavers have small man’s disease? (sterotype intended).

    Portland is beaver country? Hey dude, you might want to crawl on down to the HUGE new UO Portland Center Campus under the Made in OREGON sign on the river front. Then give us the location for your third-tier university’s Portland site….Hint, not the tiny shop hidden in the
    B of A building.

    Country and beavers…two words that are joined at the hip.


  12. Pre became america’s athlete and track star douche in 1972 for the olympics. Thats in really bad taste. only good beaver is a dead beaver.

  13. Portland, is Beaver country?? Yet you can’t sell out your HS size football stadium. Hee Hee, go back to the trailor and stick to watching Springer. You’re in over your head here.

  14. HEY SID! You are on the wrong blog, this is a SPORTS blog, not an academic blog. I’m sure your academic blogs aren’t as fun as these. But honestly, GET A CLUE! I’m sure you will find some grammar mistakes and what not in my reply. So go ahead and get your giggles by pointing out things that have nothing to do with sports. You probably go to OSU and don’t want to go out on a limb to argue sports. I notice that beaver fans only argument lately is that Phil Knight owns the Ducks. It has been beaten to death, now I would like to see an argument with some stats and facts to back it up. Honestly though the Ducks are moving forward because that’s what the fans push for. Maybe beaver fans aren’t as dedicated and that is why they are lacking in many areas

  15. Oops….(4) for the Beavers. Baseball. How could I forget with the never ending crap sounding out from Corvallis everytime the subject comes up.

    My Bad!

    • Lets see. Duck baseball, basketball and every other sport except track sucks. Just google the records for Oregon and compare against Oregon State. Then tell me who is the real joke. Back to back national baseball champions and top notch wrestling. We have been to the final 4 multiple times in basketball. Oh I forgot that the ducks won the 1939 national championship.

      I am totally with this blogger, Oregon fans are the worst. Even with all of the phil knight money, they suck at everything. Your football team is a joke, they should be renamed the Oregon Thugs. Oregon State is always the underdog and yet we always manage to achieve more then expected.

      90% of Oregon fans dont know crap about any records besides “go ducks.” When you look at Oregon State sports compared to Oregon sports, you will find that Oregon State wins this race. So suck on that one Oregon thugs. GO BEAVS!

  16. Let’s do a little comparison for you Beavs.
    UO Main Donor – Nike “athletic super power”
    OSU Main Donor – Reser “bean dip”
    UO Stadium – Constantly rated top 10 environments
    OSU Stadium – 3/4 full until UO fills it for UO/OSU
    UO colors – Dark Green and Neon Yellow
    OSU colors – Neon ORANGE!!! and black (technically only 1 color…ORANGE…PUKE)
    UO stereotypes – Hippies, Liberals, and Pot (SIDE NOTE: Corvallis has larger % of liberals than Eugene accordig to the last census, and I have been to many college parties…plentyof pot!!!)
    OSU stereotypes – Sheep..baahhh
    UO Pac 10 recent team champions (7)- Football, Mens Basketball, Womens Basketball, Mens Track, Womens Track, Mens Cross Country, Womens Cross country.
    OSU Pac 10 recent champions (3)- Football, Wrestling, Gymnastics.

  17. pmzamboni
    keep your politcal crap out of the sports blog. This is no place for it and only ruins your own credibility.. im sure i speak for others in this regard

  18. Judging by the posts here, it’s really good to see that both schools continue to emphasize academics over athletics, particularly involving basic spelling and communications skills. When you can’t tell the difference between an MBA and an English major at a school, based on basic command of their chosen tongues, it’s time to take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

  19. Oregon hates Oregon State a few weeks a year, Oregon State hates
    Oregon all year. OSU is jealous bcuz we don’t consider them a BIG time
    rival. UW is our Rival, NOT OSU, and it kills them that we don’t think
    of them like that. a successful season for osu is beating oregon. they
    can go 0-10 or 0-11 be facing the ducks, and if they get that 1 win. it’s a successful season.

  20. Wow, thanks for reminding me how much class Beaver fans have. I usually forget until the civil war when I see all the frothing rednecks with the ducks they killed at the local pond and dragged to the stadium.

  21. Perhaps before talking smack your rodents can start by selling out their stadium. Game tickets still available for the USC game. Unbelievable.

  22. Wow, this thing is a mess. If Portland is Beaver country then why even write this pathetic piece of trash. Sounds like more of the same from another typical beaver fan. Keep this crap coming because the more you makes asses of yourselves (jealous beavers), the stronger our numbers become. Honestly, this pathetic inferiority complex looks bad for OS. Do you honestly think young recruits don’t read the blogs? Oh that’s right, you don’t care what recruits you get as you like the underdog, come from behind, play not to lose style of football. Here’s a thought, quit embarrassing our state with your behavior. Beat the Cincinnati’s, LSU’s and Penn State’s when you get the national exposure you so crave. THEN you can write all the trash you want. But don’t call Portland Beaver country because the numbers aren’t even close.

  23. Knock this crap off. Sarah Palin already won the contest for “Wacko Pandering Vice Presidential Candidate that couldn’t find her a$$ with both hands in a dark room”.

  24. typical beaver fans.
    i would say congrats against hawaii but your fat ugly c**ky quarterback blew it in embarrassing fashion against stanford and you went across the country and embarrassed the pac10 again the week after. you talk endlessly about being underrated, trolling duck articles and citing your comparable recent record; THEN START THE YEAR 1-2.

    People waste way too much time arguing football with you.
    I can’t wait till we eclipse your baseball team it will be awesome reading all the jealous anti-nike posts under every duck baseball blog and article.

  25. lay your pride down before you start typing. you only wrote that in anger which comes from jealousy. that was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard a beaver fan write. I mean some stuff is acceptable but that…no.

  26. What an a$$hole! Invoking the tragedy that was Steve Prefontaine’s death is so shallow, immature and (should be) embarrassing for all Beaver fans is in itself a tragedy! Get a life and grow up!

  27. Wow, it sounds like you really follow football… NOT! Is this really a football article? It was so poorly written I could tell it was a beaver fan in the first sentence. It sure was quiet while your beavs were getting beat by a terrible Stanford team and demolished by Penn St. I was wondering when I would start seeing this stuff after beating a terrible Hawaii team that has new head coach and lost 3 guys to NFL at skill positions. This type of argument is why Duck fans can’t take SOME of the Beaver fans seriously anymore. It’s never an argument with stats or anything to do with football, it always goes to Phil Night. There are tons of colleges that have millionaires and some even billionaires, and they usually have good teams. Money does make the world go round, so produce your own Phil Knight and that should solve all your problems. I forgot by the way, what position does Phil play again? Beaver fans sound like a jealous little brother sometimes and I can offer you a tissue but that’s it. Have fun watching your beavs this year and look forward to basketball season. IT MUST SUCK TO BE A beaver fan, boo hoo. Take your little glove and bat and pout on home.

  28. At first I thought it a bit early for the Annual Beaver temper tantrums, but I realized that Beaver fans know they peaked with the Hawaii game, the wheels are completely off the Beaver bus and that any smack talk in late November will be far more likely to evoke pity than anger. It’s okay, stuff your face with potato salad and dream of 2009.

  29. someone should crush this dudes larynx. What a lame article. Someone sounds bitter! Don’t worry there will eventually be a year where the Beavers win more than 1 of their first 3 games. Until Then,
    Another Proud & Loyal Duck Fan

  30. I’m a transplant who chose to be a Ducks fan basically on a coin toss when I arrived here. So I consider myself relatively neutral, and…seriously? Are you actually calling that group of people in orange uniforms running around every Saturday this fall a “football team?”

  31. Once upon a time I had a radio show in Eugene. A few days after Joey Harrington flubbed what should have been an easy win in Corvallis at the ’00 Civil War, I decided it would be a great idea to make fun of him on the air. This earned me first death threat.

    So, yeah, Ducks fans take their football program waaaaaay too seriously.

  32. Portland is Beaver country???? WTF dude. I enjoy most of the posts on this site, but this is just ridiculous. I am neither a liberal, nor a hippie, and I like the ducks. I’m from Portland, I support the Beavers whenever they aren’t playing the ducks. This post reminds me of the blog for “stuff white people like” because it overgeneralizes and essentially stereotypes a group. Sure there are plenty of the type of duck fan you described, but there are also a million more who aren’t like that. This post should be titled… “I like the Beavers, F*** the Ducks”. Dork. Many of your posts pick on certain groups, but this is just a bit too stereotypical homie. Dig deeper for some content next time.

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