#76 Nate McMillan

It appears that the 2009-2010 season will need another huge prayer of hope just to lose in the first round of playoff action. This season has seen a mass drop in production from marquee players, mostly due to injury. The Natural, The Vanilla Gorilla, Webster, Batum, Rudy, Outlaw, Greg Oden’s penis, etc. have all taken some terrible hits this season. Never in my life have I seen a team literally fall apart at the wheels.

Injuries Schminjuries!

There is only one person to blame for this horrific fall out, and that is Head Coach Nate McMillan*.

Team  Year  W–L%  Finish  PG  PW  PL  Result 
SEA 2000–01 67 38 29 .567 5th in Pacific Missed Playoffs
SEA 2001–02 82 45 37 .549 4th in Pacific 5 2 3 Lost in First Round
SEA 2002–03 82 40 42 .488 5th in Pacific Missed Playoffs
SEA 2003–04 82 37 45 .451 5th in Pacific Missed Playoffs
SEA 2004–05 82 52 30 .634 1st in Northwest 11 6 5 Lost in Conf. Semifinals
POR 2005–06 82 21 61 .256 5th in Northwest Missed Playoffs
POR 2006–07 82 32 50 .390 3rd in Northwest Missed Playoffs
POR 2007–08 82 41 41 .500 3rd in Northwest Missed Playoffs
POR 2008–09 82 54 28 .659 1st in Northwest (tie) 6 2 4 Lost in First Round
Career 641 360 363 .498 22 10 12

As the only Pro team in Portland for the past couple of decades, Blazer fans have become obsessed with a NBA championship. I can go on and on about the history of barely getting there (17 point lead!?!?), but the discussion isn’t about triumphing over adversity. This is about us dumping the Captain of Crap. You will notice in the diagram what most die hard Blazer fans already know. McMillan hasn’t won s**t. A coach is not supposed to be a leader in “Missed Playoffs.” The Portland Trailblazer coach is supposed to lead us to the playoffs and win us a championship. That is not the coach we currently have in place.

Are we to let us fans look at this current injury list as an excuse to let McMillan off the hook? Absolutely not! He can’t make in-game adjustments. The roster changes are so outrageous, even curly red-fro Blazer dancer scratches her head. Portland is crumbling under the poor leadership that McMillan has to offer. History has shown that no matter what happens, we are not going to win a championship under him. What do you think?

*The Strength Trainer is a close 2nd

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