#77 Police Bureau

Recently, a transient was shot by a Portland police officer and bled to death. You have probably heard that phrase so many times in the past couple of years that it seems almost routine. Officers receive a disturbance call and respond to it in varying degrees of time. Once they get there, it’s up to the party in question to do everything the peacekeeper says or face the consequences. Most of these unlucky people die from lethal force (or sometimes non-lethal force). No matter what side you are on, its gotten to the point where Portlanders are becoming concerned with police procedures.

Essentially, this is what happens: A “homeless/transient/minority” is “acting crazy/wielding an unknown object/being a minority” in a residential or public area in Portland. The first reporting officer to this disturbance discovers a situation that will quickly escalate if not remedied immediately. I assume the officer have a 80/20 advantage over the person in question due to their training. Once the officer approaches the suspect, they will tell them to drop some weapon, or get to the ground in which the suspicious person declines. As a peacekeeper, the officer must handle the situation in order to protect the public. So far in 2010, two people have died due to lethal force. One man was unarmed, while the other armed with an Exact-O-Knife.

The media tells us that an officer has killed another person due to some conflict and the other party was unarmed, sober, or wielding a weapon that most of us wouldn’t find dangerous. When is the last time you witnessed a transient wielding a razor in a public park? How about a crazy bum yelling obscenities, trying to fight nearby people? How did you handle the situation? Did you think to yourself, “I’ll go take care of this situation with non-lethal force so the police don’t show up and kill this guy?”

Portlanders pay the City of Portland to take care of any situation deemed unsafe. What do we do when the police force has become unsafe for the general population? Are they going to start pulling weapons out even when they are off duty? Oh s**t…

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  1. I know xacto knives don’t sound threatening, but they really can be pretty dangerous. I have 9 stitches in my foot to prove it. 🙂

    I definitely wouldn’t want to eff with someone wielding an xacto knife. 🙂

  2. > Portlanders pay the City of Portland to take care of any situation deemed unsafe.

    Do you have any evidence for this? I thought Portlands pay the City of Portland because, if they don’t, thugs will show up and KICK THEM OFF “THEIR” LAND. Same as everywhere: neo-serfdom.

  3. The PPD is an absolute disgrace 🙁 they kill far too many innocent people (minorities/people who are mentally ill and desperately need medical attention). The problem is that the PPD is on a power trip: they face very little risk at their job. See, in third world countries cops are not such dicks and don’t waste their time with petty crap, because um, they actually get shot at. Since the PPD is well protected (and funded! $5million over budget but no big deal, right?) they feel they can do whatever they want. People who have been brutalized by these thugs need to start bringing these pieces of s**t to court and getting the justice they deserve. f**k the PPD.

    • “they face very little risk at their job.” you have got to be kidding me. do you have ANY idea what in the world cops have to do on a daily basis? being a police officer is an incredibly dangerous job. As an example, the Lincoln City cop could’ve died just because he happened to pull someone over. Whatever happened to respecting authority and the people that risk their lives on a daily basis so people like YOU can be safe?

      “f**k the PPD” next time you are in an emergency situation and need police help, I hope they dish you up a huge slice of humble pie.

  4. To be fair, an exact-o-knife is razor-sharp. Did the cop have a baton? He should have used it. I remember reading a comment somewhere how if it had happened in the 1950s or earlier, the cop would have been trained to deal with the situation resorting simply to a baton, easily. I guess they don’t get that training anymore…

    The cop in the link at the end of the post was involved in the Chasse death. Surprise, surprise. The police *are* starting to pull weapons out while off-duty. Also note the incident in March in Gresham where the cop shot and killed those women at the bar.

  5. I have discussed these events with a lot of the retired portland police guys that work here.  You know they used to ride two to a car which means you always showed up with backup and were less likely to have to shoot a guy with a razor knife. Now cars are cheaper than cops so they only ride one to a car.

    • Is that an excuse?? I think it’s their responsibility to wait for backup when no one’s life is in immediate danger. Clearly there are many flawed policies at play here.

      WAS it a cop that killed those women in Gresham? That happened right down the street from my apartment.

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