#86 Bangs

I hate bangsWomen get excited about changing up their hairstyle. It’s as if we go through some mini quarter-life style crisis and instantly need a change. Most every Portlander from Vaughn to Mississippi seems to have bangs now, so I decided to try them out.

When I first got bangs I LOVED them! After one week of the new do, I found myself looking at old pictures of my long, flowing hair and instantly missed the style that I donned for a decade.

Cutting your bangs is like dating the “bad boy.” In your heart, you know it’s not a good idea, but you ignore those feelings and jump right in. About two months into the relationship, the allure wears off and you realize this might have been a bad decision. Days or even weeks later, you become consumed by the terrible mistake you’ve made and major guilt sets in. You feel utterly stupid, ashamed, embarrassed. This is the exact same process you go through with bangs.

At the beginning, you feel pretty cool with the decision to cut your bangs, but then the two month mark hits you.Ā  Your bangs start stabbing you in the eyes, become unruly and don’t fall just right. No matter how hard you try, they never want to do what YOU want them to do. This begins the horrible “in-between stage.”

Everyday you start telling yourself, “All my problems will go away if I just cut them again.” You fall into the trap, thinking this will just get them looking “normal” again. If you’re like most women and end up cutting them, you then have to ride the emotional roller-coaster ALL OVER AGAIN. You love to hate bangs, just like you love to hate the bad boy!

It’s been almost seven months, and I’m only half-way to my original style, my “normal.”

It’s a process, but I have to remind myself I’m just better off without him. I mean them… THEM! I meant bangs.

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