#88 Androgyny

AndrogynyMen can do their toilet business much faster than the ladies. And when girls just can’t wait in line, they may choose to hit up the men’s room. As case in point, go to Boiler Room at 11pm on a Friday night.  Although socially questionable, this act would seem somewhat understandable.

Just a block away in Old Town/Chinatown at the Tube, you don’t even need to establish a Hipster’s His/Hers restroom line. It’s almost impossible to distinguish these denizen’s as Women or Men.  From Pioneer Square to Belmont to Alberta, the streets run rampant with Androgynous Armies.

It seems a lot of individuals here feel challenged to put the cancellation of masculinity and femininity on trial – resulting in an almost third-kind of gender, “No Man’s Land” (no pun intended). Like a single zombie bite that turns an entire city into the infected, gender-neutral clothing has become the “rotten flesh” of Portland. Even our southern-state-transplant-posers feel the need to adopt the look and style of rain clouds.  When Californians adopt the style sensibility from a Twilight film, you know something is wrong.

Now, there are those who like to stand out as individuals, but they mostly go to work then take the Max back home to Beaverton. When the sun comes out for three months, some of the infected actually wear shorts and whatever V-Neck t-shirt currently on sale for $9.99 at H&M.  As the clouds roll back into their lives, so doth the goth in all of us.

He or She? We’ll will never know.  That is the wonder of Portland.  There are no gender roles.  There is no clear definition of man or woman on the streets of Portland.  There are no pink coats, cowboy hats or furry hoods.  There are just black hoodies, tight jeans and Chuck Taylors.

10 thoughts on “#88 Androgyny

  1. this is amazing and the most accurate blog/comment section ever. i live here (moved here accidentally) and can’t wait to leave. City is full of poser retards with no soul who cant talk about anything and have no identity/nothing to say. haha it’s made me kind of a beast honestly. like god among men type of s**t. lmao at the elevator comment, that s**t happens all the time to me where i’ll say something to hella people and no one even looks at me . like people r fukin calcified hipster zombies out here it’s od

  2. No joking, part of the gender confusion is based in medical fact. All the people who insist on eating soy based products. Soy contains phyto-estrogens and if you want to screw up your endocrine system and your hormones, just eat some soy for awhile.. And Patient Attorney, there is NOTHING magical about Portland. Zip. Zero. Unless you like seeing overweight, lazy, unemployed people who smoke like chimneys and complain about everything but do nothing about it, then hey, Portland is the place for you. Oh, and you better like 8.5 months of rain every year, mold and CRAPPY roads.. For those of you who have lived, or live, in Portland, can you really disagree with most of what I wrote? IF you’re honest with yourself. =)

  3. Sadly, I’ve seen signs of the infection spreading down here in Salem. There have been several occasions where I’ve been riding Cherriots (our laughable and completely inept public transit system) and I’ve encountered a person where I have literally been COMPLETELY UNABLE to determine their gender. The usual tricks don’t work either: You can usually get a hint from their posture or the shape of their jawline, but nothing. I CANNOT TELL what they are.

  4. This is due to the obvious fact that Portlanders are frightened copy cats. They have to look as ‘individual’ as the next person which means they look exactly like the next person. They are too scared to have their own personality or train of thought.

    Anyway, the city is quite ugly for most of the year so it is not a surprise that its denizens match the weather. Also, no one dresses decently in Portland or anywhere in the burbs. Does anyone in the area own a suit or a dress?

  5. I truthfully feel as though I am in the Land of the Walking Dead here. The “androgyny” is just all mixed up and upside down and no one will talk to me anyway. I was in the MAX elevator recently at Sunset TC and 3 other people were in with me. I said “I can’t believe we have to go down this just to go to the other side” sort of laughing. Nobody even looked at me. Silence.

    • I would of said something! Darn too bad I wasn’t there. Because I am too looking for the same connection. I reek of needing to socialize with people but as I type slowly I am expressing slowly as well. These next words…….I am invincible in the city of roses amongst many, I do not exist. No one talks just dead souls that never connect smiles.

      Walking past a single person on a side walk without anyone around is the hardest things I have to confront. Do I act like they aren’t there or do I say Hi and get rejected as if I am not there.

      On the note that I too am an enigma of gender at times I feel like a butch dike mostly. But am sadly a man. Lol awkward cry and shout towards the sky.

  6. Possibly my favorite site. Yes Portland is a s**tty place full of s**tty people. The hipsters main job is too complain enough so they get what they want( pedestrian rights, bicycle rights, gay rights) which makes day by day routines harder. The female hipsters are the worst girlfriend to have, dont talk to them for a few days and they hop on the first c**k they can. f**k this city.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Androgynous people are one of the many things I love about this town! People on this site are haters!

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