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  1. Born & raised in Oregon (not PDX), currently trapped in TX. Lived in PDX a few times over a period of years. It wasn’t too bad in the late 80s early 90s – a person could actually have fairly congenial social interactions with strangers. Something happened over time though. Like a very real and very strange “energy shift” – sorry it sounds woo but that is the best I can do to describe it. In fact, my husband & I used to drive a lot between Medford OR & Vancouver, BC and we would always notice a palpable change just north of Eugene (for the worse). It would finally change again for the better north of Bellvue WA. Very, very strange. Some fun facts: PDX area at one time had the highest per capita prescription rates in the U.S. for anti-depressants. Also if you are morbid, do a superficial search on serial killers and the NW. There is definitely something out of whack in that area. As much as I love most of Oregon (the nature), I would never live in the region west of the Cascades between Eugene & Bellvue…

    • *Please note – English is not my native language, so please focus on the message and not the accuracy of the grammar.*

      I used to be a happy person before I moved to Portland. I was passionate when I communicated with others, passionate about life, had energy, livelihood, and a LOT of sense of humor.
      In a relatively short time, Portland managed to suck my joy away.

      And no, I’m not talking about the rainy gloomy weather. I knew about the grey clouds prior to moving here. I’m referring to the hypocrite liberals who just “love and accept everyone, no matter where they’re from*. Sure, you accept people as long as they think look and behave like THEM.

      But guess what weird, boring, all-the-same Portland people? Accepting other people also means accepting their different CULTURE. In other words – immigrants or blacks are NOT WHITE HIPPIES/HIPSTERS.

      Portland basically attracts more of the same. Same opinions, same tattooed hipsters, under-achievers, dirty creatures. There is absolutely zero diversity in terms of opinions and race.

      Their hypocrisy is beyond imagination. Republicans were much more accepting of my culture, sense of humor, energy, and character than the Portland zombies who are married to their liberal ideas by words only.

      They absolutely don’t walk the talk, and if you tell them about it, they will dismiss it right away and saying you’re rude. But I am not the rude one you clones, you are – for saying words you don’t mean, for being fake nice, for not accepting anything else that is not white, for making plans KNOWING IN ADVANCE you have no intention to follow and then cancel the last minute. You are the rude ones being so passive-aggressive, dishonest liars.

      Don’t even get me started on forming close friendships. In any normal other places in the U.S (hell, even Alabama), people seek closeness, friendships, and true bonding. Here, the rain brain Portlandiands’ definition of a close friend, is a very distant acquaintance in any other normal place.

      Maybe it’s the lack of Vitamin D… Maybe this city attracts all of the anti-social people, who find it satisfying just being fake nice and NEVER EVER want to hang out with you or see you, even though they clearly say “Let’s have brunch this Thursday”.

      They are so disconnected from reality and the real world. They are living in their own bubble, la-la land, and if you say something realistic, or expressing your opinion you are being confrontational. Wow, what idiots! Why won’t you just talk to a wall?

      So if you have different opinions here and you are an actual free thinker (who questions concepts before obeying them like the rest of the herd), the extreme liberals who “accept everyone” are not interested to hear. They contradict their own values! What a lack of self-awareness and complete absence of self-observation.

      Also, if you dress nicely, and like to wear makeup, shave, or put a perfumeת forget about it. They will shun you because here, the homeless-look rocks! Even if you’re working in tech. If you’re not covered with tattoos, have a pink, purple, green hair, a ridiculous hipster cap – you will be a threat to everyone and they will make sure to show you how superior they are over you.
      Their main policy is self-neglect.

      Never seen ANYTHING like it my entire life. I lived in four different states, traveled around the world and actually got to see other cultures. If you’re reading this before moving, do yourself a favor and stay away from this s**thole. Don’t waste your precious time in this place. No-one here will be interested in getting to know you anyway.

      • Hey, LOVO, what’s all the blame liberals business? Portland’s problem is the incredible ignorance and superiority (based on nothing) of the (1) people who live there and think it’s Nirvana and (2) the people who move there seeking a lazy lifestyle. It has nothing to do with your politics, believe me, it’s all about intelligence and character.

        I’m from the East Coast. Raised Conservative and became about as Liberal as one
        gets BY CHOICE once I got enough education under my belt. I moved to Portland on the advice of a dear friend after spending a too-short weekend checking it out. I lasted exactly two years—the first, trying to find things to like/admire; the second, planning my escape.

        What’s wrong with Portland are the people who think ignorance, laziness, and lack of consideration for others are what life’s about. Nothing to do with your politics, just your character.

        • Anne, I was raised liberal, still liberal and will always be one. I just can’t stand the hypocrisy of “accepting everyone” claims, but acting completely different than what they allegedly stand for. Their world views are nothing but following trends, but in fact, they are convert racists. And completely oblivious to their racism.

          • LOVO, enjoyed your reply. What’s odd is that we don’t disagree at all. I can’t stand the hypocrisy of Portland either, but why do you think it’s political? You said:

            “Republicans were much more accepting of my culture, sense of humor, energy, and character than the Portland zombies who are married to their liberal ideas by words only.”

            That makes me curious about how many GENUINE liberals you know? Certainly, there are hypocrites everywhere, but that isn’t confined to a political party. (Just look at our current President—zero correlation between what he says and what he does. He claims to care about those who are not wealthy like he is, yet all of his policies will advantage the wealthy and disadvantage everyone else. That’s hypocrisy, and he’s a conservative.)

            Portland is indeed full of unthinking zombies who spew one thing and do another…or, more likely, do nothing at all. But that isn’t necessarily, or even basically, political. That’s character.

            Frankly, people who stay in Portland leave me speechless, For example, they claim to be environmentally progressive, yet that ended with their beloved bottle bill, and they haven’t moved forward since. Everywhere I have lived has better recycling than Portland does now. Everywhere. Currently, I’m in San Diego. The recycling here is far superior to that in Portland, but it can’t touch the efficiency and creativity with which it’s done in Boston. And Boston is, for the most part, very liberal—polite liberal, educated liberal, welcoming liberal. Sense of humor, energy, and character are prized in Boston, and my guess is your culture, whatever it is, would be enjoyed and respected too.

            Another example: While I was in Portland I tried smiling at people on the street, just as an experiment, because I never saw anyone act friendly or even minimally pleasant towards a stranger. I have no idea whether the people I smiled at were conservative or liberal, but in two years, only ONE woman smiled back. Again, the problem in Portland isn’t political.

            And a final example: San Diego has quite a mix of conservatives and liberals. When I moved here, I joined a weekly walking group. On my first day, I was laughing with another woman, originally from Missouri and also new to the group, about some bit of political idiocy. One of the other group members stood listening in the background, and I barely finished my sentence when she started screaming at me that I was ignorant and had no business saying whatever it was I had. New experience for me to be insulted by someone I didn’t know who was listening in on my conversation. Actually, new experience for me to be screamed at in public. Turned out, she was a Republican. Basic good manners aren’t a political issue.

            So, might I ask, where else have you lived in this country besides Portland? If Portland is your only experience with “liberals,” my guess is you might like to move elsewhere—some place not populated by the dropouts of life from both political parties.

            You also commented:

            “So if you have different opinions here and you are an actual free thinker (who questions concepts before obeying them like the rest of the herd), the extreme liberals who “accept everyone” are not interested to hear. They contradict their own values! What a lack of self-awareness and complete absence of self-observation.”

            Realistically, no one accepts everyone, not conservatives, not liberals. Do YOU accept everyone? Doesn’t sound like you accept the people in Portland. I don’t accept everyone either, so I left Portland and moved to a place where people are a lot more interesting, interested, and open to other views and cultures. I don’t care for people who are hypocrites, people who are lazy, people who lack manners, and people who completely self-unaware. Please note that those aren’t political traits. Those are traits of upbringing, character, and education.

            You sound miserable where you are. Please, do whatever you can to leave. There are many, many places better than Portland, I promise.

            Finally, as for this—”Please note – English is not my native language, so please focus on the message and not the accuracy of the grammar.”—you don’t need to apologize to anyone for your command of English. I was an editor in my East Coast life. Believe me, your English is far better than that of many of our native citizens.

            Best of luck to you!

      • LOVO, I see the same behaviors that you see. I think there are a lot of Portlanders who have branded themselves as liberals, but who don’t really behave in a liberal manner. They have their “In our America…” and “Black lives matter” yard signs, but that’s as far as it goes. All talk, no action.

        I guess I’m unhappy here because people make assumptions about others and cut them off without bothering to find out if the assumptions are correct. In my case, I’m liberal, yet I have friends who are not, and when I get to know them better, I discover that they have a lot of good qualities, and sometimes their opinions make me think, and that strengthens my own liberal position. There’s a real value in diversity of thought. It’s good to hang out with people who aren’t exactly like us. I think a lot of Portlanders have a cookie-cutter image of who they should befriend and what they should believe, but they don’t know why that is because they don’t think for themselves.

        I understand why you are frustrated with this city.

        • Agree. It is disheartening to hear liberals talk about tolerance and acceptance then within minutes trash newcomers for “ruining” Portland. Makes no sense. I didn’t like the conservatives any better so Anne you are right, but I think it hurts more when people you believed would hold the same values as you (at least politically) lack acceptance and tolerance as well. The adults of Portland really do remind me of the maturity level that I experienced in High School, I don’t get it. If you experience this as your perception of Portland it does not change and it’s best to stop investing anymore in the place and leave. The only regret I have 3 months out is not leaving sooner. Literally if I had picked up my bags, broken my lease, rented a uhaul and turned around 90 days into it when I really felt like something was off, I would have spent less money and wasted less of my life. I thought I should give it a shot because I spent the money to move there and the locals know this. They will take advantage of you and it won’t get better. It’s one nasty con basically with beautiful scenery.

      • It is true that people in Portland only accept those who think like them. Yes, there are people who are ignorant and have a chip on their shoulder, but overall, Portlanders are myopic and provincial. The mantra among liberals is, “Live and let live.” I understand this truly means, “live as we do or leave.” It disgusts me every time an Oregonian expresses distain for Californians. Replace “Californians” with “Blacks” or “Mexicans” and it means the same – “we don’t like outsiders.” Oregonians, you are in a world of hurt if you think this will continue to work for you. Eventually, you will have a more diverse population. Hopefully, you will retreat and let the rest of us enjoy the various cultures and people that make life so interesting.

        • Exactly. When it comes to Californians, I hear a lot of white nationalist rhetoric where the word “California/n” is used instead of “Mexico/an”.

  2. Thank you California, Washington, and other states for sending us your derelict homeless people. Portland used to be a nice place but with tent cities, homeless tents and garbage everywhere, LGBTXYZ… attitudes, protesters, selfish XY generation, no one wants to work for thier selves, they have no christian values and hate authority, have no respect for the president so stay out of Portland unless you want your back side to stink like a homeless person if you ever ride max train or trimet buss.. Portland city council spends property tax money to lure in more homeless people every day by offering housing and support yet my taxes go up and up only to help the stream of crack addicts bused in from elsewhere

  3. It took almost 2 years but I finally left Portland. I thank God weekly i’m no longer scared to go outside on errands, facing daily racial passive aggression. I got told to go back to Mexico (should mention I’m not even Mexican just tan) and cursed out at gas station. Jokes on you loser as you’ve recently lost your jobs. No one warned me about the racism of Portland and how no one wants to admit it. They gloss over it and put more care into the environment and taking care of it over caring for human lives. I love how locals are so quick to defend and say how they don’t need any new people. They want to dwell in their isolation and ignorance. Guess what? Portland sucks, there’s plenty of places with beautiful nature and better attitudes.

    Portland is for white people.

    • Where did you end up? Definitely, Portland (all of Oregon really) is super racist and passive aggressive, or just plain aggressive.

  4. Wow and you say you hate Portland. Sounds like you love it. If the people that gave out the bus passes had compassion they never would have sent them here, to the cold. At 51 I expect to at least enjoy the places that my grandfather help to build and not have then over run with ingrates that trash the place. You are the typical whiner. Thinking your coming here to create a future for yourself when you are just ruining Portland and then bitching about it. Then you think your going to make me feel bad for complaining about tons of homeless being shipped here. I have kids that would like to be able to walk in their neighborhood without finding syringes filled with drugs compliments of the homeless that you pitty and criticize me for not being compassionate about. You are right I do not have compassion for most of the homeless that are homeless by choice cause they are too lazy to do- what it takes to live. Get 2 jobs if you have too. We all have sad stories but you don’t see us living on the streets and shooting up or using meth. I feel sorry for the older ones with mental health issues and the vets but not the druggies which is the majority. Basically, you are what’s wrong with society today. I am not banging away my anger at someone trying to start a family. You will not win this argument by trying to belittle me and make me feel bad for my behavior. I am angry at the pathetic people on this site bitching about how they hate Portland, yet the reason they hate it , is people like you ruining it. Native Portlanders are polite, compassionate and friendly but when you throw in newby young assholes from outside who think they know something about Portland and bitch about it, we become not so friendly. Coming from a poor family who worked their asses off to support 3 kids on a mechanics salary and spent every last penny on Catholic education for them, Multnomah falls was one of the free places we could go and enjoy. That and the beach but now that is overrun by outsiders just because you want to make a better life for yourself. In the process you ruin our home and take what little enjoyment my parents have left. So yeah I am a little angry. Think about that for a while instead of yourself.

    • Did I say the people who ship homeless people around have compassion??? This has been going on for decades, to many, many cities. That’s the point. You’re not special. Everybody in every city is trying to figure out what to do, You are suggesting the EXACT thing that you claim to hate – Ship everyone off to someplace else…If you’re a Catholic why do you believe you should have no compassion for someone trying to start a life somewhere? Why do you think it’s not your responsibility to be a good neighbor and communicate with newcomers? Discuss the problems that newcomers have brought to you personally, how do you wish they could be solved? Why are you angry at people that don’t have the good fortune you had of family to give you a foundation to build upon? Why do you believe I, or anyone else here have trashed anything and all homeless are from someplace else and not an Oregonian or specifically Portlander that suffered from terrible economic situations that I have already pointed out? Because you see homeless kids downtown begging and leaving trash? Do you really think kids on meth living in vans have the resources to make comments on this page? Do you really think independently wealthy people that have moved to Portland from someplace else go to a blog to find some understanding? Yes the people you’re banging away your comments at, “Go Home, Leave, Thanks you Pigs etc” are most likely perfectly decent people, just like you, who just thought Portland would be a reasonable place to live with access to outdoors and job growth. Wow that must be terrible to have new taxpayers and neighbors that have those values.

      And I went to Multnomah Falls once because I was working hard and didn’t have the resources to spend much time doing anything outside of the city. Same goes for the beaches. I didn’t bitch about Portland to a single Portlander, I left. You’re welcome. Enjoy your inheritance.

      And to the folks trying to do their best, You have every right to make your life what it can be, where ever you want it to be. Happy New Year.

      • Well said, NotPortland!

        I left as fast as I could. I didn’t cause the problems—I came with a work ethic, good manners, and expecting concern for the environment at least equivalent to my own. Found none of that among the natives.

        Believe me, Portlander, outsiders leave as fast as they can. You are more than welcome to your city. Maybe you should travel more to see how pleasant the rest of the country is? But, on second thought, don’t…do everyone a favor and stay where you are.

        • Thank you Anne and glad you got out. I think Portland is particularly hard for women. It seems like it will be a good place but it’s harsh and judgemental. I learned people like Portlander just don’t have the same life experiences and probably isn’t a bad person but can’t see the big picture. They don’t know the problems they are talking about are everywhere because they haven’t lived anywhere else or traveled so they mistakenly associate the problems to all new people. I understand this mistake but I never found a way to communicate to any native how ridiculous it is to blame one person personally for major social issues. It’s futile to try when the only thing that would prove it is living somewhere else and seeing the same problems happening with a totally different set of people. No one group is personally responsible, but they would never leave Portland to experience that soooo….Congratulations on getting out and being around people that can see a problem objectively and do their best to make their community better anyway.

          • I have been other places and didn’t like the unfriendliness. Not blaming one person but all of you. Did you read the comments? Portlanders are stupid and smell. The women are fat and ugly. Seems to me maybe it is your concept of what friendly and beautiful look like. There are not a lot of facelifts and fake BOOBS here. I personally appreciate the realness. Who is making the community better. You all run for the hills, you are not helping. Portland is beautiful if you appreciate it. It goes through hard times just like any other place but the only difference is natives dont leave. The peei you have met that are unfriendly are most likely from California. Obviously I am not getting through your think skull and small minds. So go ahead and continue trash talking Portland and bitching about how everyone smells and how ugly d fat the women are and how stupid and uncompassionate and friendly we are. Yes thank you for your great insight.

        • I have been other places. I am glad everyone is leaving. Smart move. Bye take the rest of the garbage with you. I plan to stay. My family has been here for centuries.

          • Portlander, hate to break it to you, but people from this area are socially stunted with a narrow world view. The “small minds and thick skulls” don’t belong to who you think…..

      • You are very ignorant. Read the comments that I responded too. You can read can’t you? The comment like “people here are stupid and smell.” Try having a little compassion yourself. Compassion for the people that can’t afford to have homes because of all the influx of people from other states. People that cannot walk paths due to the homeless leaving needles around. For the people that have been displaced by the outsider that thought it was fun to light a smoke bomb in the forest and burn acres and homes includi g Multnomah falls. Yes Portland has been trashed by “you.” Just because i was raised Catholic doesn’t mean i practice it you moron. I am- angry because you winers are complaining about Portland and you are the reason it has turned to s**t. So yes please feel free to come to Portland and start a new life but don’t bitch about it and expect us natives to sit back- and take it.

    • I’ve lived here for twenty years. People like you are a big part of what is wrong with this city and the state at large. “I’m upset that homeless people are here” is such an utterly lame political argument. If you’re so upset about them, follow your heart and go Rudy Giuliani on their asses. Oh, you don’t want to do that? The truth is that the reason why you don’t want to do that is not because you are “compassionate” and “liberal”…it’s because you’re LAZY and too self-absorbed to contribute civic involvement. You can barely look after your own personal matters, and yet you squawk about the homeless trashing up downtown. Let me give you a dose of reality. Oregonian “NATIVES” (they pride themselves on this, for some unknown reason) are all too often (say it with me) LOW. QUALITY. PEOPLE. Who sit at home watching tv every night after they get off work. Very similar to “natives” of Montana and other insular, creepily-isolated states.

      • 20 years is nothing. There is no helping the homeless. No native sits at home and watches tv moron. We don’t bitch about the rain either. We still go out and home in the rain. Never said I was liberal. I am conservative. I have lost a lot of my compassion especially for people like You. You are bitching at the wrong person. Only someone of low quality would say someone else is low quality.

    • I am always so perplexed when people refer to themselves as “Native Portlanders”. Your relatives may have been here for centuries, but are you indigenous people? My relatives came here from Italy, but I certainly don’t regard myself as a “Native.”

      • Definition of NATIVE- Person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.
        “a native of Montreal”
        I knew I was dealing with ignorance but geez.

  5. The reason Portland sucks. I have lived here my whole life and I am 51. It used to be so nice. It didn’t really start to get bad here until about 2008-2010. The population started to grow and the areas that were not so savory shifted to other areas. Now I can’t even go to Multnomah falls because there are so damn many people. If people move back to where they came …….yes I said that and take the homeless people with you. It was not like this beforw but I hear that other cities are giving the homeless free one way tickets for the bus and plane if they move here. So all you people that are complaining about how crappy it is here, it’s because of you. The reason people don’t go outdoors anymore is because you all moved here and Ruined it for us. So yes if we are so stupid, please get the he’ll out and ruin some other place. You all know who you are.even out beaches sick now…thanks you pigs.

    • 51 years? It sounds like you’ve had more than your share of the Portland joy. Maybe it’s time for you to move somewhere else. I’d suggest California or Washington, but you’d never survive there. Maybe you should try Arkansas. Or Gresham.

      • I am a true Portlander. I don’t quite when things get bad. I would never move to a place where everything and everybody is fake like LA. I just keep hoping all the trash that has moved here and screwed things up, move back to where they come from. Portland, believe it or not was once a beautiful place to live. We never had to worry about much crime. But now that everyone has moved here and brought the trash with them, you’re right it does suck. I am holding out for the future and thankful that everyone thinks it sucks. Only a true Portlander can appreciate Portland and the rain, by the way, is why it’s so green here. Why don’t you move to Boise with all the other followers.

        • And Gresham used to be nice too. Now it’s full of trash too. The only place that was sketchy and no one went to was North Portland and some of NE Portland but you all ruined that too.

          • You are the shining example of why anyone with courtesy, manners, education and self respect should leave. The reason you felt a population increase 10 years ago is because the millennial generation was starting to join the workforce and move around the country for jobs, school marriage, like everyone else and every generation before them and yes some moved to Portland – a trickle compared to the other major West Coast cities. Meanwhile the baby boomer generation, the other largest generation, has failed to retire and remains in the workforce and housing market. There is massive job and housing competition in most urban parts of this country as the 2008 economic housing crisis destroyed the housing market and made it impossible for the industry to keep pace with housing needs for two massive generations to coexist in jobs and housing. While technology has both forced job creation in very specific markets and destroyed industries in other markets. This is not the fault of any one single person and banging away your hatred at young adults trying to make a life in Portland or seniors who couldn’t afford to retire unless they moved to a cheaper home is pathetic. The homeless, drug, opioid crisis is everywhere and is largely a result of people that fell through the cracks during the economic crisis of 10 years ago. People who lost their homes or jobs weren’t the best at taking care of themselves or their kids. People couldn’t afford college when they were in an upside down mortgage or their parents were. Sure some people just suck, but the majority of people you’re talking about that have received a bus ticket literally have spent this past week in the worst conditions you could imagine to spend the holidays. But you whine about not enough parking at Multnomah Falls…And you’re 51. Happy New Year Portlander, you deserve all the compassion, joy, security and comfort of the new year in Portland that you believe has been so wrongly taken from you that you would never dream of offering another.

    • But if you have lived in other metro areas in the US (LA, SF, Chicago, NYC), there’s a better basis for comparison. Also, the problems with this city aren’t readily apparent. We thought Portland was great until we moved here. It took about a year to realize what a mess it is.

  6. The people aren’t friendly. I volunteer at my kid’s school and the other volunteers barely acknowledge my existence. I had no trouble making friends in other parts of the country. In Portland, it feels like everyone else has already reached their quota of friends.

  7. So many options, but I will file my two most recent grievances.

    1. This headline:. “Commissioner Eudaly Staffer, Who Attended an Avocado-Toast Based Party With Portland Tenants United, Cleared of Wrongdoing By Elections Officer.”. I got to “party” before my eyes rolled back in my head so hard that I momentarily went blind. To say nothing of my feelings about Eudaly, why is “avocado toast party” a thing?

    2. The photo in the article of avocado toast at a restaurant that was literally a plate of toast and a plate of avocado next to one another. Why is this a thing? Why do restaurants make money on this ridiculousness?

    • After reading comments I want to make a more in depth post (although the avocado toast party thing still has my brain hurting).

      I just left Portland and the state all together. Couldn’t be happier. Let me list the reasons why:

      1. It’s dirty af. The homeless issue is so far out of control that there is just no hope to fix it. I get it. Some people are genuinely down on their luck, many can’t afford the ridiculous cost of housing there (more on that later), and some have mental health and addictions issues. But Portland is the only place where I have heard of the following phenomenons, both of which put a strain on the social services there:
      A. The homeless by choice. This is a real thing. Opb went and talked to a bunch of homeless people last summer. Several said that they get free services and can put their tent on nice waterfront property for free, so why work.
      B. People moving to PDX to be homeless. Read many articles and interviews What in the actual f**k.

      With that, you have bike paths and side walks covered in trash and excrement. The city passes ordinances to allow for things like overnight camping but don’t put in basic services like trash and public restrooms to support the effects of those policies.

      2. It’s polluted af. The traffic is horrendous these days. It used to be that it took maximum of 30 minutes to get from point a to b anywhere in the city, but that now seems to be a minimum. Also who liked those wildfires last summer? I enjoy feeling like I am breathing through a straw.

      3. The “creative class.”. Oh f**k you, just say “unemployed.”

      4. The weather. My last 12 months in pdx were rain, snow/ice, rain, everything is on fire.

      5. The people. Jesus they are just ridiculous. Pretentious assholes who are fake nice. They think they know everything and they don’t know s**t.

      6. The hypocrisy. I sat through a class where a white guy with dreadlocks who lived in the Pearl district talked to me about black oppression and redlining. No. Just no.

      7. Chloe Eudaly.

      8. The cost of living. Our rent kept going up, so we bought a house (during the recession). Then our property taxes kept getting jacked up so much that we might as well have been battling the rent increases. The only upside was cashing out, paying off nearly all of our student loans, and putting a healthy down payment on a house out of state. The downside of that was bridging the gap with a 1400/mo basement apartment that reeked of cat piss and cigarettes had massive plumbing issues, and a bathroom wall that was so rotted that the tile was falling off. Did I mention the lack of updates to any of the appliances or interior since the 1960’s? What a bargain!

      9. The lines. Omfg. If you wanted to do anything (brunch, post office, grocery store, gas), be prepared to stand in line forever.

      10. Trimet is a joke. The max is an overpriced trash heap with daily issues because Trimet was too stupid to make it grade separated where it would really count. They decided to mix trains, buses, cars, bikes, and pedestrians on the same roads downtown. Fun! What could go wrong? Also, “frequent service” lines are a joke and the non frequent service lines don’t run often enough to even be worth it.

  8. I was looking through a thread about Seattle the other day where one user commented on, among other things in Seattle’s social scene, how, according to her, Seattleites never answer their phones and always communicate through social media channels like Facebook. This observation resonates with me as an Oregonian because I think it sums up what makes Portland so discomforting and truly “weird” for many; most people here would rather hang out on Facebook than in real life. There is a noticeable disconnect here: someone’s curated online image will show a lot of activity and connections but then, in real life, you know that they don’t really leave the house often.

    Many a time I’ve heard someone say to me in conversation, in reference to a mutual acquaintance, “Oh, I haven’t seen them in years!” It would make more sense if they lived miles apart and were extremely “busy” with a demanding career, but the city proper is no bigger in size than a small town and, what’s more, you know that no one around here does much. So what is it that kept you from hanging out with this person for years upon years?

    Bear with me while I explain what I’m getting at through a story. There is a lot of talk of Portland’s various “scenes” being frozen in varying levels of neglect from starving artist types. When I used to go out to shows more often it seemed like a huge tragedy: ten people bothered to come out for something that I genuinely thought was unique and worthwhile. And then the ones who came out were oftentimes just people who thought they were big s**t, and not necessarily people you wanted to know. It took me a while to get it. The unfriendly reality is that people in this town are by and large closed off and self-involved. The sense of “community” is “dissolving” because it was tepid to begin with. The isolation was good for creating one or two waves of a “scene” but then, afterwards, few cared enough to pick up the torch. Image is more important than who you really are, here. At the end of the day, the younger newcomers would rather curate a tumblr/instagram where THEY are the art, rather than make the art (the two are not so far apart, after all). And when neither camp shows much interest in making other things, like making other people smile, then what does the distinction really matter, anyway? This situation seems to me to be a metaphor for the city as a whole. What did you expect? Now that rental prices are skyrocketing and ugly new buildings are popping up left and right, displacing non-white people rapidly, how can you say you didn’t see it coming? Who feels truly “happy” in Portland, now? Travel-bloggers?

    • The absolute worst part of Portland is the people. Holy s**t, some of the nastiest, ugliest (inside and out) people I’ve ever met. I have never encountered so much hostility in one place in my life. I moved there from NYC and New Yorkers are 100 times friendlier than Portlanders. The passive aggressiveness is out of control. I worked for 2 years at a store where many of my co-workers would avoid eye contact and never once said a friendly word to me the entire time we worked together. For no apparent reason. I just left there after 2.5 years and I am am so happy to be out.

        • Think it’s time for me to unsubscribe as I’ve been out of Portland for a few months now. I can honestly say again to those trying to get out, it’s been completely mind-blowing how negative the people in Portland are in comparison. We all have faults and struggles, Portland is not the place to sort them out. You won’t get help or compassion or a career or friends to help you (re)build your life. I don’t use drugs or alcohol and have a white color job so I understand it was easier for me to leave but I want you to know if you’re struggling with issues in Portland, ANYONE can be made to feel crazy and desperate there. Go someplace with opportunity, whatever that means for you, and get some help to work on the problems that aren’t Portland’s fault in your life. Thanks for being a sounding board to get out and I hope the admin of this site adds some resources to this page. Add a support group #, some housing resources maybe? a FB roommate group?, something to help people keep going. Portland is lonely as f*ck and can drive anyone mad. Don’t let it, you just keep taking care of you until you’re ready to leave. Peace and understanding during the holidays.

          • Thank you. I have moved around the US and landed in Portland thinking it would a decent new beginning. I found your reply to be the most healing. I have been here a year and I’m leaving in two weeks.

            The people are not easy to get to know and the place is completely depressing. My demand in the job market in large cities such as SF, LA or NY is competitive and haven’t ever had issues finding jobs, but I felt black balled here on every level.

            I thought it was me until last month. Even though it is very pretty here at times, I think this is the most miserable place on earth in terms of gatherings of people, job opportunities. discrimination of outsiders, and just mindset.

            Perhaps the cloud layer changes people into subhuman depressive sheoples.

            I don’t care to find out anything further…I’m counting the days….

          • Good for you Em and I’m glad you found the things you needed to believe in yourself. You sound well intentioned and clearheaded. The blackballing is real and it takes a lot to figure out how damaging that is to ambition and drive. This is why people end up choosing depression and poverty in Portland, because they were criticized and ignored over and over again when the reality is it’s under qualified, under experienced, under educated locals afraid of job competition making bs up. Understandable fear but not ok to convince a person they are valueless because of fear. Good luck where you land in the new year.

          • Every once in a while I like to suggest we meet at one of the best bars in Portland, The Goose. Every problem in these posts could be ameliorated by a glass.
            Everyone? Get a grip. We all need to be our own best friend.

      • lol did you work at New Seasons or Whole Foods? That whole vibe is truly the reason why this place is a joke, a paradise for cold-blooded yupsters from another planet. No…on second thought, the fact that Willamette Week ran an issue with a prominent local white supremacist on the cover, with the witty caption “The White Stuff” in tow…maybe that’s a better representation of this town…

    • I knew some people that said that they would not attend events unless they were sent an invite via Facebook. Same type of people that would go out and post pictures and updates to Facebook all night, rather than just being out and being in the moment. Worse, they would both make the same exact posts the only difference being the side of the table the photo was taken from. I hated doing anything with them because of that and the million stupid tags I would later have to filter out. Always made me die inside a little.

  9. This antiquated city is so a$$ backwards. It lacks any real sense of culture. Unless of course you’re white and gay. There’s nothing wrong with being white and or gay but that’s all you have here. White people and gay people whom refer to themselves as “they.” I mean really, your gay, so what. Who cares! In NYC or LA or San Fran you are gay or straight or black or white or Christian or muslim and people couldn’t care less. In those city’s its more about what you have to bring to the table. In Portland it has more to do with which community you represent. Who you are on the outside is more important than what’s on the inside. Portland has more to do with what you are as opposed to who you are. Hence the saying, people make NY, Portland makes people.

  10. Used to live there. 3 years and I was SOOOO done with it. Have never HATED a place so much. Like my soul hated it there. My family lives there. They’re able to cope with/it but I couldn’t. I felt bad leaving cuz my dad was happy we were all there but for my sanity I had to leave.

    Seriously, into my 3rd year every morning when I woke up, I wanted to jump off a bridge. No joke. I was SOOOO tired ALL the time. I wanted to sleep all the time. I kept thinking about jumping off a bridge just so I can sleep FOREVER. Stupid I know, but that’s how I really felt.

    Moved to Houston. Hate the humid weather but it’s still better than OR. I love that there’s always something to do here almost every weekend. And they go all out for the holidays.

    Advice: if u hate oregon, get out before u lose your sanity.

    • “Like my soul hates it there” this, how can this be universally true for so many people?? It’s not the weather, something is seriously, seriously wrong in Portland

      • What depresses me about Portland is all the homeless people camping on the sides of the roads and on the freeways. If Portland didn’t cater to them maybe they would leave. Please spread the news that Portland sucks to all your friends so we can get back to the beautiful place it used to be.

    • I got seriously depressed there and couldn’t figure it out. Then I moved out of state and got some clarity and realized that it is just a culmination of soul sucking BS and not a single factor that made me feel crazy.

        • I dare to differ. Have you lived near the city where white swat team beings screamed “BRING IT YOU f**kING ANIMALS,” at people protesting the murder of Michael Brown? Check it out. It’s worse.

  11. I have lived in many states across this nation. Miami, KC, Chicago, Columbus etc. By far Portland is the worst city. What makes it the worst is the stupid people. I have never seen so many poor people be rich. I have never seen a town that thinks it liberal & all I hear is racist names everywhere in PDX. This town is backwards. Remains me of the South. Atlanta is 100x better. That is how bad Portland is. I can go on about this backward city

  12. its not liberals creating the wage/cost of living issues as much as lack of controls on growth, laws favoring development above all else, and OR has long been a welfare state

    • The reason Portland sucks is that you are perpetually dealing with people who have mental health issues. It’s not just people who have unfortunate poverty/mental health circumstances, it’s neighbors, service industry, students, etc. There are simply wildly low mental health expectations in this community. Of course people with mental health issues should not be locked up or shunned from any community but it is completely abnormal when a person with severe anxiety or depression manipulates and or controls everyone else around them. From the alcoholism, to the intergenerational racism and depression, high domestic abuse rates – there is a problem here and newcomers see it just like seeing anything with fresh eyes, and are struggling with it as it is not tolerated in other cities of this size. Again, this is not specifically homeless, it is anyone with mental health issues being destructive to the community or others in the workplace, home/ public/community, while emotionally healthy people bend over backwards avoiding this paranoia, anxiety depression or other related issues. Your trees and coasts are beautiful, there are fun things to do and many other good things exist here. No, it is not a blanket statement that Portland sucks, but for newcomers this is the real problem, mental health needs to be addressed here for all classes and interactions in the community. Shunning outsiders (newcomers) is a form of abuse and is a sign of severe self esteem issues. Your problems with Californians are your problems with yourself.

        • I am officially out, crossed the border Friday and will never look back. I left with little and am taking a big risk but Portland is not worth your sanity. If you have friends or family somewhere else take their help to leave, if you don’t, believe in yourself to leave. The place is an abusive s**thole, it’s not your imagination, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s gross, exploitive people that will take all your money in rent, bad business deals, or any way they can. They are swindlers and con artists, they treat women and minorities like dirt so they can take advantage of them. Conservatives are not my favorite people but I’ve never seen such total bulls**t of people treating each other like s**t over politics on both sides. Portland is pathetic. I am fortunate to be able to leave and I hope you are too.

    • Very true.
      But… where should we go?
      I don’t want to move to another place where the dominant culture is of fakes and flakes.
      Any suggestions of places with authentic, kind and no politically correct attitude?

      • Pittsburgh isn’t bad if you’re looking to avoid politically correct and want an affordable lifestyle. Not great if you don’t know anyone though and kind of trashy in some ways but still a nice mix of a small city with a big city in some ways that Portland is. They are happy to have people want to move back so new folks are often welcomed for buying their grandmas house for double what they thought they’d get instead of the Portland ridiculous attitude of blaming and insulting people from other states for “ruining” their housing market while they pocket the profits from grandmas house to start another uninspired restaurant “concept” aka. Fair Food Cart…Santa Fe is ok if you’re looking for warm weather and can get a job first.

      • I am from LA, and loved it there. It’s diverse, vibrant, cultured. It’s expensive, that’s a down side. I wouldn’t live anywhere midwest or east coast.

      • I am an authentic, kind person and I am moving to the Seattle area. I am originally from Tacoma so it’s not a huge change for me. Remember though, there are fakes and flakes everywhere you go, so use discernment. 🙂

  13. They are the same- passive aggressive, non commital – check out the phenomena known as the “Seattle No” .
    It will drive you bat s**t crazy.

  14. I spent a year in Portland in 2000
    I’m from the Philadelphia area.
    I thought that the people there were politically correct under achievers.
    Slow and stop is pretty much their operating mode.

    • I think that’s why I can’t get a job here, even when willing to work for 1/2 my NYC salary & turn in “great” test projects. It’s obvious I could do the work and the slow & barely capable don’t want to look bad by comparison. I’ve heard this happening to other outsiders here.

  15. I’ll add Oregon (the parts I’ve been to) in this review too, in additional to Portland, Oregon.

    My background: I grew up as a kid (4th grade and lower) in St. Paul, Minnesota. I grew up (4th grade to 12th grade + some college at U.C. Davis) in California (central valley area).

    I’ve been living in Portland, Oregon for almost 20 years. My worst complaint are the stupid drivers, poor road building system/techniques/work ethics, and poor education system. Back then (and now) there were (are) the idiotic (sometimes infuriating) drivers that drive 5 mph below the speed limit, on the fast lane, sometimes side by side with another driver on the right lane, thus blocking traffic for 5-10 mins at a time until I’m able to finally speed up and past. I can’t tell if these morons are native Portlanders, or just outsiders who don’t know how to drive. Some are old (which I sort of don’t blame, but do still blame because they should be moving to the friggen slow lane), and others are normal looking, working-aged people. If you’re one of these morons, watch out because you might piss off someone not to nice and get shot in a road rage incident or something. Just a warning to you clowns. I’ve actually hydroplaned before in hard rain in northern California going 5 mph below the limit, so I know how scary that can be. However, even when it drizzles just a little in Portland (it rarely does torrential rainfalls like in Wyoming or Montana – and I should know because I head out to Yellowstone almost every June, and we get those torrential, almost category 1-2 hurricane force winds and rain each time we go), the morons in Portland drive like dips**ts. Usually the f**ktards going slow on the fast lane are Priuses or Subaru hatchbacks, but can be other cars too.

    When I first moved here almost 20 years ago, traffic was not too bad, other than those aforementioned stupid drivers. Driving from the west side to Gresham took about 30 minutes. Today (2017), traffic is the worst I’ve ever seen. That same drive now takes 45 minutes to sometimes an hour. Weekends can be worst than weekdays, and even at 11 pm, cars are all over the freeways. One of my cousins from St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota was surprised to see cars on the road after 10 pm.

    Now, I do a lot of camping and driving to National Parks, so I’ve been to more states than most people. For the longest time the top speed in Oregon is 65 mph. I recently saw 70 mph near the Idaho border. Otherwise, it’s like 55 mph on state highways. Other states have signs showing 80 mph, so 55 mph is a joke when you’re used to faster speeds. Although, looking at you can see states with higher speed limits do have higher fatality rates, therefore theoretically even though stupid Oregon drivers infuriate you and I, you’re less likely to die in Oregon.

    In California, Cal Trans (California Transportation) tears town entire stretches of freeway and redoes it overnight. In Oregon, the same distance takes f**king years for ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation). No joke. What might take a few days or just weeks for California to do, Oregon takes like f**king 5 years or more. Sometimes you see cones and s**t out there with signs saying road construction, but you don’t see any work done for months at a time. And I’m not talking the rainy season either. The drivers, and ODOT appear to be a manifestation of the same attitude.

    California smog regulations are strict. When we moved up, Oregon DMV knew this and allowed our cars to pass their tests promptly. In Oregon, if you live outside the Portland metro area, you do NOT need to do any sort of smog check for your car. So if I lived in Salem, Oregon and purchased a s**tter car that smelled like s**t, it wouldn’t matter. Oregon doesn’t care. The very first thing I noticed when moving to Oregon was I had to turn on my f**king air recycler in my car so I wouldn’t have to smell the nasty exhaust from other cars. And, this is in the Portland metro area, almost 20 years ago! I don’t know if this is due to the poor DEQ standards, or if it’s other drivers from other parts of the state just driving in the Portland metro area. Either way, I didn’t have to do this in California (Fresno and Sacramento areas) and feel this is reducing my lifespan. The only consolation for me is I live 0.5 miles from work and only drive 5 mins to work. Thank GOD!

    Outside of the Portland metro area, there are a f**kload of rednecks like you wouldn’t believe it. This is especially true of central and southern Oregon. I do a lot of camping in central Oregon (near Bend, OR) and classic signs of rednecks are pickup trucks, guns, fat women, beer belly’d and no shirt men, and stares, especially if you’re not Caucasian. These f**king rednecks like to trash campsites by leaving trash littered all over, and placing trash in the fire rings. Some will remove the rocks from other fire rings and move it over to their area, building a huge pit at the expense of other campsites. f**ktard behaviors are the norm especially for the Detroit Lake area and central Oregon. Seriously, like these redneck f**kers spend more energy trashing a campsite than they would if they simply took their trash with them or burned them. It literally takes more energy to go around and spread your trash around than it is to clean up after yourself like a decent human being. There was an incident where stupid a$$ Oregon college students trashed a California campsite too.

    On schools, the first thing I noticed when my sister (then in the 4th grade) moved from California to Oregon was the lack of homework, lack of field trips, and lack of basically everything. You have to bring in your own supplies etc. I took advanced placement (AP) courses in high school so I was surprised when my sister’s school only offered a few courses. Lame-o. And we weren’t living at the time in the ghetto that is North Portland or Southeast Potland (yes, Potland). I’ve been calling it Potland for awhile now, even before they legalized it. Keep Potland Wired!

    And yes, I hate that stupid f**king Keep Portland Weird sign. Living almost 20 years, I believe I have the right to call myself an Oregonian. I just hate the morons living here and am looking for a different place to move to. Also, the stupid a$$ governor signed a law allowing minimum wage to go to almost $15 in the next few years. Minimum wage is supposed to be exactly that! MINIMUM f**kING WAGE. It’s not meant as a living wage for someone to do this for the f**king rest of their god forsaken life until they die at 70 or something. What these clowns don’t seem to get is it’s only going to increase inflation and the cost of living for everyone else, and most employers will NOT give a wage increase to adjust for cost of living. Poor bastards who worked their way from $9 an hour to $15 an hour over the past 10 years or so are soon going to make about the same as some high school dropout. WHAT THE f**k? I got out of college with a degree and $30K student loans, and barely made $17 an hour. f**ktards want to drop out of school, with no student loans, and make almost as much as when I started. That’s just a load of bulls**t. f**king liberals.

    • Great analysis. I am convinced ODOT or whoever is in charge of the roads is intentionally trying to drive residents crazy. Hello, work overnight, yo. People have to use these stupid roads for important things, like WORK! And PPS, except for the charter schools, suck. Go charter or private, or don’t bother. They have so much money and funding and still manage to f**k it up. Crazy.

    • It’s not liberals. It is the fact the the wealthy in this sh_thole city are committed to keeping a peasant class of people to work the restuarant, bars,clubs and business’ they own. Fatter profit margin that way…You are spot on about the drivers being the worst in the nation. Overall, Portland is a dive. I would love to move back to Houston. It rocks the socks off of this place evan after the hurricane.

    • And yet you CHOSE to leave family and friends and a great career to move to Portland. What does that say about you? No one asked you to come. You and 100 others a day ruined a beautiful city with your demands for ugly condos. Not happy? Go the f**k home! Or go have a beer at The Goose. Just quit babbling. You are tiresome.

      • Bob, why are you still here? This is one place people who detest Portland can go to commiserate. We don’t need your stupid a$$ around here. You have zero clue what’s good and what’s not. Go pound sand.

        • Bob has a point. The stupid weed law is what changed Portland the most. No one has respect. Everyone is destructive and angry. Judgemental , rude and the homeless are having the worst time ever trying to rebuild so they can stand on their own two feet again. I also heard we are very limited to or no housing affordable so that means more homeless , more people and lots more problems.

          • I agree about the weed law. That’s probably why all the Californians moved here and Ruined it.

    • Oh my God, Portland is the worst city I’ve had the unfortunate luck to have lived in. It’s dirty, filthy in fact, it smells, hell you can’t even walk down town with stepping in either human or canine excrement. Why the hell would anyone move here? It’s a great place if you’re a stoner, have NO ambitions,, wanna get fat, and stay stuck inside 10 months of the year what a s**t hole!

    • Yea, it’s complete s**t. The people (as everywhere) are hit or miss, but the realtors have some agreement to raise the rents skyhigh and people, in general, act like they’ve made it to Nirvana and you’re just a has-been, two-bit actor in The Movie of Their Life. On the other hand, the natural environment is pretty nice. And legal marijuana, so…

    • I am in immigrant who moved to the States a few years ago. I lived in New England and Chicago prior to moving to Portland. Both places were awesome. I had tons of friends and connections.

      I cannot begin to describe you the hypocrisy of the average portlandian. They all say they accept everyone, but in fact, it’s just lip service. They only accept you with words and BLM signs in their yards. I’d be surprised to know if they’ve ever saw or became friends with black folks.

      If you have a different culture, opinions, and you do not behave like a typical white hippie – you are not welcome. And they will never tell you that directly, oh no, they will be passive aggressive about it.

      I am both VEGAN and LESBIAN and I thought this place would be heaven for me. Man… was I wrong. The LGBTQ community is combined with fake hippies who “love everybody”, but hate anything different than them. If you’re not obsessed with Hillary Clinton, you’re automatically a racist and close-minded person. They label you non-stop, but they “hate judgmental people”. Go figure.

      I’ve met two Transgender people here who told me it was WAAYYYY easier to come out as Trans than come out as Trump voters. Unbelievable.

      And I am not a Trump fan at all, but it’s OK to have a different view and STILL be friends. Wow, what a concept.

      No wonder immigrants and people of color do not move here. They have no room in this city, a room to express their authenticity. You have to be so politically correct to fit in. If you’re expressing yourself differently than the typical white Oregonian, they will shut you out.

      And I’m talking about the liberals here. Their fakeness is unbelievable. The way they cut out anyone who is different from them is contradicting their so called liberal values, that they’re so fakely passionate about.

      “We accept everyone”, so they claim. Bulls**t.

      Bottom line: there is absolutely no diversity in people and opinions. They’re like all clones or something. People here have no character. Seriously, they are all the same. I’ve really tried to meet someone who’s no a clone. Let me know if you find one.

      Move here only if you are:
      1. Passive-aggressive
      2. Saying you’re open-minded and tolerant to diversity, but in fact, you’re really not
      3. Flaky. If your word means s**t and you have no intention adhere to plans. Ever.
      4. A white hippie with no ambition and any sense of style or fashion
      5. Polyamorist who has zero interest in building a true intimacy and commitment with another human being
      6. Extreme liberal who lives in a bubble and has no connection to reality (and refuse to talk, not to mention be friends, with anyone else who has a different opinion than yours.)
      7. Not interested in having any close friends, only shallow and surface level friendships
      8. A really bad driver
      9. Lacking sense of humor and if people’s jokes often offend you
      10. Against any kind of success (but deep down you’re only jealous cause you know you will never achieve it with your lazy stoner a$$).

      • Lovo, are you still here? I know exactly how you feel! I’m not by any means conservative but I’m certainly not the Portland brand of extreme liberalism. I have lived here for three years and am counting the days to get out of this place. People here are all about image. Nobody really cares or accepts anything different. Hard work is not a virtue here. I feel like I’m an alien in some strange planet every single day in this town. Once vibrant and full of life, I am now defeated and gray like the skies, drowning my sorrows in craft beer – the only good thing aside from the beautiful landscape.

        • Hey chicken, I’m still here. Just saw your message. Felt frustrated again about the weird people here so came to see if there are new comments (and also get some kind of approval that I’m not crazy and others feel the same about this unbelievable town). I’ve been researching places to move to, that have reliable, authentic people who value true and meaningful connections. Any suggestions?
          Are you still here?

          • You have my sympathy, believe me. I moved to Portland on the recommendation of a friend (and based on a weekend visit, which wasn’t nearly enough).

            I spent a year genuinely trying to like the city and like the people, the next six months REALLY looking at what (and who) was there, and the next six months working like mad to get out. I didn’t have enough money to travel and look at other places to live, so I had to do all my research online. When the day came, I put my stuff in PODS, loaded my car, and took off for San Diego.

            I have to say, I truly love it here! The scenery is lovely in a whole new way for me, the people are intelligent, pleasant, and friendly—to my shock, they even smile!

            I live in North County SD, which is a mix of liberals and conservatives. Although I’m definitely liberal, I can deal with other views, but it’s easy enough to avoid politics if you need to. Having spent many years in the Midwest and East, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

            My best suggestion is to just get out as soon as you can before you become paralyzed with depression and the “alternate reality” of Portland’s denizens.

          • Very well said, and thoughtful. It’s ok to leave and go someplace else without that much experience in the place. Most places won’t treat you like an outsider like Portland does. You don’t have to become a nasty deadbeat with so many psychological issues you can’t function. To anyone who is scared, I can’t promise you it will be perfect or easy where you go but I can promise you, you aren’t crazy for feeling miserable in Portland. You deserve better. Try someplace else or return to a place you know. Portland is never going to change, you can.

          • Lovo, Boodibablog, Anne, NotPortland — it’s great but also sad to read your replies. It can’t be a coincidence that so many of us, from such different walks of life, feel the same way. We need to get out of here while we still have our wits about us. No wonder this is one of the Tweaker and Suicide capitals of the US.

            I just came back from a short work trip during which I was free from the dark thoughts that plague me here. When my plane was about to land at PDX, I saw snow-capped mountains, rivers, forests…. Portland looked like paradise from up above, and I actually questioned my desire to get out of here. However, ten minutes after leaving the airport, the grime on the streets and the attitude of its inhabitants were simply overwhelming. People — tweakers, entitled hipsters, clueless hippies — are destroying Portland. We are not crazy for wanting to leave. We just see Portland for what it is.

            I’m currently exploring relocating to the Midwest or Atlanta. I’ll let you know what I find out!

      • Right on the money! I am not a Hillary supporter or liberal and am often outcast. I am expected to conform to the liberal agenda of be shunned. I also drive a full size pickup truck and fear an eco terrorist may destroy my ride. Should I get into the reactions I get when people find out I am a gun owner?

        I am going to throw it out in agreeance again… Oregon drivers suck. Even Florida folks can drive better–that’s pretty bad!

      • Perfect description of Oregonians in general, unmotivated, unwelcoming and close minded. They reek of jealousy and are intolerant of opposing views. There main f**king highway, the 5 is 2 lanes thru the city WTF? Nowhere from down in Mexico up to Canada does 5 have 2 lanes in a metropolitan area except Portland. f**k Portland

        • Can’t agree more, although I’ve found that it isn’t the natives as much as the holier-than-thou, oh-so-hip transplants. This city attracts the type of people who never moved past their angsty teenage years and are in a competition to see who’s cooler, weirder, and more liberal than everyone else. This creates a horribly cliquish and homogeneous culture where it seems nobody holds a traditional job and everyone acts and thinks the same in all their “weirdness.” But look underneath, beyond the tattoos and the Black Lives Matter/antifa/cause de jour tokens, and it’s all for show. Meanwhile, the city government fritters away tax dollars on ultra-liberal policies while neglecting education and the protection of its citizens. I don’t want to be here when the proverbial turd hits the fan.

          • “This city attracts the type of people who never moved past their angsty teenage years and are in a competition to see who’s cooler, weirder, and more liberal than everyone else.”

            This. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • Brilliant analysis. I live among angsty image-conscious middle schoolers who happen to be in their 40s. That’s it. Portland is for emotionally stunted people.

          • As one of those transplants you blame—one who came, saw, and left—if you are rational, I don’t think you can blame us. Have you noticed that most of the people commenting here are people from other places who know what having a good life is and go into shock when they hit Portland? If you are smart, you get out as fast as you can. If you stay too long, you just give up and spend the rest of your life whining. And if you like what you find there, you wallow in happiness and settle in to promote more of the culture you found upon arrival.

            You can’t blame the transplants who leave because—please notice—we aren’t there any more! The people responsible are (1) the people who were there to begin with and couldn’t maintain their own culture (if it did, indeed, have anything to recommend it), along with (2) the people who come and settle in with glee because they’ve found “their people”.

            As for the whiners, there are very few things in life you can’t change if you try hard enough. And I mean really try. I know because I’ve had to do it, more than once. Consider putting the energy it takes to whine into getting out. Just a thought….

          • Wow I can’t believe I am go in to say this but I agree with you. It isn’t the natives trust me I am one of them. I was offended by most of the other posts but not yours. You speak the truth. This is how I feel exactly.

      • For real, you just placed everything I feel about Portland in words. I moved from a city outside DC. Where I grew up, the classroom looked like a mini UN. I hate this place and it’s total hypocrisy and passive-aggressiveness.

        I’ve had two jobs out here. Both started straight away with coworkers/supervisors asking “where are you from?” and “why did you move here?” and promptly lead to vague, passive aggressive remarks like “this job really isn’t for everyone”. I’ve been in my field for nearly 10 years and no one has ever questioned if I’ve been right for my job till I moved here. Can’t wait to live in reality again.

        • Every single job, group, volunteer project, class was this ^^^. Where are you from, why did you move here. I also got, did you move here with money? how much is your rent? You must have no culture since you’re not living where you grew up etc….What I will say I came to terms with after the first year is that the locals in Portland probably don’t have any way of knowing that their city PROMOTES itself to all the overcrowded cities to gain Tax Revenue from new comers. This is truth. The actual number of people with a lot of money from someplace else looking to exploit Portland or surrounding areas by living cheaply and not putting money back into the local Oregon economies is very little. So if you’re a local reading this thread and you’ve gotten pissed off at a new comer for any of the reasons noted throughout this thread, I encourage you to TALK with that newcomer. Most likely they are lower middle class to middle class and just wanted to do better for their family, or hell have a family and potentially have work life balance. And for the unfortunate people who have little support in their lives, struggle with poverty, addiction and mental health, I assure you this is a national crisis and Portland is NOT special. What is unique to Portland is a very disorganized approach to helping these people. I’m not saying other cities aren’t failing at it too but I promise that doing nothing and waiting for homeless to die or move to the next city isn’t going to fix the problem either. Last, I’ve worked with born and raised Portlanders in other cities. It never once occurred to me to ask them any of these questions or make them feel unwelcome. I assumed they were gaining life experience and many talked about going back to the area someday and I wished them well on that journey to have good career experience to take back to their hometown. I didn’t think they were exploiting me, the company or the area they were experiencing. I was truly SHOCKED by the unwelcome reception I endured DAILY. I would never treat an Oregonian or anyone from any state this way and even though my experience was bad, I would still NOT treat an Oregonian with suspicion, distrust or blame in any future interaction I would have in another city.

      • It’s true that you cannot speak your mind in Portland. Everyone is afraid to say what they really feel. Foreigners and people of color do move here. No offense but that is part of the problem here. I am taking a huge risk here by saying that some areas where people of color live are high crime areas. It used to be predominately white here. People are afraid of people of color here because of the crime. The people that say they are liberal and love everyone live in the fancy neighborhoods where they don’t have to deal with all the crime and homeless people. There kids are not subject to “others.” There are so many druggies now. There never used to be. The people who i have met that are not originally from here are the liberal freaks.

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    • I’ve had enough of Portland, too. This past winter, in combination with the disgusting homeless problem and the insufferable hipsters. After 15 years, I’m taking my life elsewhere; someone else can have my spot in this craphole.

  17. You guys are so right. This is the doorway to hell. I am stuck until the husband loses his job or I leav. This place sucks the life out of you and just makes you want to die. Slow, stupid, tired, wet, pathetic. And they all think this place is some sort of nirvana. They are all so sun starved they think this is normal

    • Sarah, it’s not the sun. It’s the people. Read one of the earlier posts from Ben—he lived in London for 6 years and loved it. I don’t think you get much wetter than London. But you are absolutely right about Portland sucking the life out of you…hence, maybe the where the name of the website came from?

      • Oh god it’s happened to me… And I waited to long. I’m one of those who was at the top of my earning bracket as a senior designer in NYC and now I have two years of freelancing in PDX as a kiss of death on my resume. I’d have gone to Seattle last summer if that had worked out. Have a younger friend working at a company which just relocated a large portion of their new womens line staff in the past year and a half, but I’d already been out of a day job for too long here, and they didn’t want to meet me, even when they could’ve done it for free, despite the fact that my particular skill set was a perfect match… I may as well drink until my liver takes off down one of my pant legs. #gallowshumor

      • Today I officially leave this s**thole, good bye Portland, goodbye s**tty weather, s**tty people. Where homeless have more rights then property owners, where the collective ambition is to do as little as possible and goodbye to a city with its head so far up its a$$, it relies on mother nature to maintain the city streets. I’m coming back to SD and really wish I never left, this was two years out of my life.

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  19. Rain. Snow. Sunshine. Makes no difference. Worst drivers. I just pretend im back in asia where no one seems to know how to drive. Most flighty, flaky people who never learned the meaning of punctuality nor sticking to the plans. (To all the germans and nordic europeans, stay away from portland. It will drive you bonkers). Everything is always decided til the very last minute or even no show despite a prior committment. Downright rude or selfish in my opinion. Over preaching Liberalism and politically correctness have resulted in reverse psychology. Everyone is so concerned with not offending anyone, more rules and restrictions have been placed which seem to be stifling the very core values of acceptance, freedom and liberalism. Overrated city. It prides as a foodie city. There are plenty of restaurants eateries for sure. They all love to brag about the locally sourced food as the latest fad du jour catchphrase. despite all the braggings, most dont measure up to the hype. Ask any european or asian from either continent living portland. They will certainly validate my claim. Not much of a nightlife to speak of despite being labelled as a hipster town. ( i even look as an avid electronic music lover). By 11pm, there are no traffics in the downtown nor on the major highways to speak of even on the weekends. Its a city full of pansies who dont know how to hold their liquor and call it a night by 10. This city loves the idea of diversity, but a very little is reflected on the population makeup. Its just full of more of white folks. Oddest thing i have noticed about this town, maybe blame it on the rain. But i feel like im in the uk. There is disproportionate ratio of decent to attractive looking males outnumbering female counterparts. UK is one of the few places where i ve noticed this unusual phenomenon, where an attractive guy will settle and date an average to unattractive girl ( yep, i can be shallowed).

    • I moved here from the East Coast and the drivers act as if they are the only car on the road – driving with earbuds and completely devoid of others around them. It is as if they are used to driving covered wagons with only two modes – slow and stop. I agree the food here is not that great. No authentic Indian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, etc. Most importantly, there is no fine dining. Portlanders can’t bring themselves to get out of their shower shoes and sweat pants to make themselves presentable. Hopefully, the southern Californians will bring some culture to this provincial city.

      • The Oregon drivers are just a metaphor for the whole place. I found EVERYTHING there to be just like the way they drive. You’re hopes that the Californians will change the Portland culture is largely in vain. I mostly found that the only people who were worth anything there were not from Oregon and had lived there for less than two years. Once someone is there for 2 years or more they just seem to conform to the depression, passive-aggression and anti-sociality of the place. And in my experience the people who don’t conform to that culture, leave. Nearly all of my favorite people- friends, co-workers etc who had energy and character moved. As did I last year, thank goodness! My life and mental state are back to normal now that I’m away from those tedious Portlanders. I still struggle with the fact that I lost 8 years of my life there, what a waste! Life is too short for struggling and getting nowhere for that long. I’ll come to peace with my loss but it will take me a while. My advice to others is if things don’t seem right there: trust your instincts and get out to a better place ASAP. Do what it takes, borrow money if you have to. Don’t waste your life there, it’s not worth it.

        Thank you to the people who keep this website up. It really helped me cope and I know it helps a lot of people struggling in that vortex of unhappiness and dysfunction. Good luck to all the good people out there!


        • How well said, and what great advice!

          Sadly, I moved to Portland on the recommendation of a very good friend. Not even a four-day pre-visit opened my eyes before I moved because you don’t get to know the people—and it’s the people who are the problem.

          I got out one month before your recommended 2-year maximum, which entailed working hard for the last six months to find a better place (this time sight unseen due to finances) and make the arrangements. Believe me, I left just in time because I could feel the lassitude and hopelessness starting to set in. Two years really is the limit of tolerance.

          Boregonian, you are right—do whatever it takes to get out. I am now living in San Diego and couldn’t be happier. Truly, nearly every place is better than Portland.

          • Anne that’s so funny because I moved here two years ago from LA on the advice of a friend and a 4 day visit, i am now moving back to San Diego (I used to live there to). Portland is a piece of s**t, ur so right about two years. After that u start to assimilate and become as s**t as them. I can’t wait to get out of this city. I know it’s not going to solve all my problems but at least I’ll get a little sun. I can’t say enough bad things about this city. The people though at the number 1 problem because London has s**tty weather and I lived there for 6 years and it was the best time in my life.

          • 2 years is definitely the limit. Work hard to stay on your path to get out. Don’t listen to anyone else. Focus on goals or risk developing learned helplessness.

        • Ben, you’ve made me laugh! Any sane person has to wonder occasionally if they are crazy, but Portland is never something I wondered about. Nonetheless, it’s nice to hear that you come from a parallel universe!

          Be aware you will have a total shift in your perception of life once you get out and back to San Diego—all you will have to do to be happy is look out a window, any window. It’s effortless! It’s NOT PORTLAND!!!

          As for living in London and being happy despite the weather, I totally believe it. I am an all-weather person because I grew up in Michigan (snow), moved to Boston (everything), and owned a Labrador who needed to be walked to matter what. It’s never the weather—it’s the people.

          • What’s funny is how in Portland I’m not even attracted to the opposite sex. 90% are heffers that could knock me out. I have never met so many woman with BO besides when I’m in a third world country. Even then Portland chicks body dour gives any Indian a run for there money. Before I got here the gym and physical exercise was a way of life for me. I managed to keep it up for the first two years here but now. I have become lazy like most Porlanders (what’s funny is Portland claim to be the fittest city in the nation, don’t make me barf) they only exercise two or three months of the year here. Its so funny when I ask a lot of girls what they like to do, they always reply, hiking. Yeah that’s only possible 3 months of the year here 6 if u like rain. I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to get out of this crab in a bucket city.

          • Ben, listen to Boregonian—do whatever it takes to get out. This is your life. You only get one (unless reincarnation is real, but don’t test that in Portland, please). It sounds like you may have been there a bit too long, so just pack and go. Really.

        • Agreed. Took me ten years to leave, and like you I am still processing the wasted effort and mind numbing experience of the place. I am now almost two years away and though it’s not always easy here, but I still drive down the street with a smile on my face glad to be away from ‘the town self reflection forgot.’

        • Boregonian, are you still living in Portland, or did you find an escape? I need a dose of hope that escaping is still possible.

          • London, sometimes you just have to pack up and leave.

            That’s what I did, and I was 70. (I’d only been in Portland a year when I decided I had to get out if I wanted the rest of my life to be worth living.)

            If I can do that at my age, and move to a place I’d only researched online—literally I was down to “anything to get out”—you can do it too! Don’t waste any more of your life. Please!

          • Yes London, I did escape. I moved to the East Coast. The move itself was very difficult. But when I first moved, everyone seemed really happy here. Almost to the point of me saying “What’s their problem!” And then I realized that they’re not really that happy, they’re just normal and that Oregonians are REALLY unhappy people. And even though I was expecting that, it was still very stark. Oregonians are ignorant, miserable people. Ignorant in that they have NO IDEA how miserable they are: no self-awareness whatsoever. When you get out London, you will see this even more than you see this now. I’m SOOOOOO glad I don’t have to deal with those awful, miserable people anymore.

      • After a recent trip to SoCal for a wedding, it finally dawned on me. Portlanders can bad mouth SC traffic, but I’ll tell you what, I actually PREFER their traffic over OURS.

        The problem we have here is, too many commuters trying to make their minivan/full-size pickup/’classic’ muscle car and uh.., turn it into a DAILY driver!? So many diverse vehicles w/ hugely disparate handling and performance characteristics, braking, acceleration etc.

        Nearly everyone in SoCal that commutes.., well they drive commute-READY vehicles! Going to and from LAX from Thousand Oaks we noticed almost exclusively 2 or 4 door sedans no more than 3… possibly 5 years old! Guess what? It WORKS! Sure, there’s a few oddballs out there but by and large, they take their work a lot more seriously than we do. Thus a reliable, dependable [under warranty] vehicle!

        I swear, not a WEEK goes by ( and frequently, a DAY ) without seeing a roadside breakdown. Or a smoking, rotted 70’s-ish PU that can’t maintain speed on the slightest incline! Until we join the adult world of making payments and having sound autos.., our commute will continue to suck. It’s a commitment thing. One most of Portlanders don’t want to make! Payments..? That’s for LOSERS. Just look at my classic.., oh wait a minute..?

      • Right. Anything that starts and goes into gear is ready for the 205 at rush hour. Get in, it started..!

        But I didn’t realize how awful our cuisine is until I got back from a recent trip to Spain. Our food scene is awful. Bombing around Southern Spain in a ( 3-cylinder ) Citroen was an absolute blast. Ate at all KINDS of different places and across the board? Our food scene is awful.

        We’re uh.., planning to go back. Real soon! They get more sun in *February* than we get in JUNE. Rained (1) day out of the two weeks we were there. We’re the inverse…

  20. Now that I’m free, although my news feed is cluttered with friends from there and their Portland Issues, I just have to ask the following . Anyone with actual answers please feel free to reply.
    Why is crowdsourcing your daily living expenses for over a year an acceptable way of life? Seriously I’ve watched someone crowdfund their every day expenses all the way to eviction for almost a year – and not a single person in this souls life has told her to pull her head out of her a$$ and f**king get a job- any job. Her rent was subsidized and wasn’t subject to insane rate hikes that are plaguing the Pearl but she couldn’t get it done for over a whole year. She’s now homeless. And “can’t cohabitate with a roommate, because she’s an empath”- well have fun cohabiting with the homeless on the streets ! My personal belief is that if your situation is dire enough that you are facing eviction – you find a f**king job regardless of your empathic sensibilities and keep a roof over your f**king head, even if it’s Burgerville Starbucks Freddie’s McDonald’s – you do it and do it proudly. Don’t repeatedly send out email after email begging for funds to keep you alive. And then when the sympathy is tapped out- whine about how you are ALL alone on this earth and no one cares – seriously from a 40 yr old woman.
    Also why does everyone there have to identify as differently abled – therefore special and needing validation. Another aquaintance identifies as “trans ethnic” and identifies as Irish / Celtic but has not a drop of Irish blood in her nor has been culturally raised as such. But got herself a “panic attack” and “felt threatened” because a company thought and said she was full of s**t. She’s deeply offended and contacted the ACLU for assistance.
    As a manager of these beautiful citizens of Portland – I had an employee call the ethics hotline because “he was deeply offended” that I told him he needed to come to work. Seriously. That same employee – age 26- had his mommy call him out sick from work. Yeah.
    What is the attraction to having a disability and or be labeled to the point where you are requiring that to be called to the attention of everyone around you ?
    The west coast was settled by good sensible Yankee stock that moved west – except something happened between the plains and the expansion west – you all forgot to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and your heads out of your asses.

    • Oh my God. This is the most Portland post ever. There are so many things in here that fill me with rage, but you are spot on. Everyone there has to be differently abled or somehow special or exempt from being a f**king adult. I hope you dumped that friend, cut all contact with that acquaintance, and fired that employee – they all sound insufferable and I don’t know who I hate more.

      • Hahaha, this is the true Portland. A whole bunch of people seeking the fastest way to disability checks. Freaking unreal. Never thought a place like this existed.

  21. Transplant of 5 years from Socal. The pervading culture here seems to embrace petulance and inanity; something I’ll never be able to get a grip on. The highest concentration of chidly, socially inept adults I have ever seen ANYWHERE in America. It terrifies me. It might be time to move on…

  22. Weird Isn’t Working! So sick of the dirty f**king hipsters and commies with Hillary and BLM signs on their lawns, seemingly one, or many times, more on every block. maybe if they looked into the people behind the violent terrorist movement/hate group, they would know that Black Lives Matter has been funded in 650 thousand dollars by George Soros, a Nazi collaborator who helped the Nazis send thousands of Jews to death camps to save his own life, and said he felt no guilt or remorse when interviewed about it on 60 Minutes with Stephen Kroft. Not to mention the fact that Black Lives Matter has caused millions of dollars in property damage in several major cities, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte, etc. and assaulted innocent bystanders at their riots. Why aren’t they protesting the fact that in New York City, more black babies are aborted than born, or that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist who said “Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.” Most importantly, if Black Lives Matter to you, protest the fact that black-on-black crime kills several times more black people a year than police killings. Portland is full of brainwashed zombies and social justice warriors that need to wake up and do some research.

  23. Is that why they are changing the water source because they found parasites in the drinking water here. Willamette river is one of the most polluted in the states that’s why they have a superfund cleanup scheduled for it.

  24. You speak about visiting Portland and receiving nothing but kindness, I don’t doubt this but once living here and interacting with the people u will notice the contempt they have for outsiders and the superiority they feel because of their “liberal views”. If u doubt me then why are there so many yard signs here with people impressing there political views upon us. This town is so lacking in culture/ minority’s u would be hard pressed to find a black man outside of north Portland. There is no drive here, motivation is sorely lacking, everyone wants to do as little as possible and complains about house prices, the median price is $350,000 that’s not outrageous but u wouldn’t know that listening to them rant and rave here but offer no solutions except tax and pass cost on to land lord.

    • Right. People who visit and think they actually know what it’s like to live amongst 20 year old retarded lazy stoned hipsters who think they’re better than you but want you to pay for their housing and college, give me a break.

    • True, I for one am sick and tired of hearing these people complain that Oregon is “too expensive”. Yeah maybe it’s too expensive for the losers there that don’t finish high school, have minimum wage jobs, spit out kids that they can’t afford to take care of, etc… So many families with three kids, only one parent works and neither one of them has any schooling past high school. They do absolutely nothing to plan for their futures, they don’t take into consideration the cost and consequences of their decisions. They spend their money on tattoos, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other frivolous and unnessecary items. They do the bare minimum to get by and they don’t keep track of their finances whatsoever. I saw this one couple from Oregon that set up a go fund me page after the boyfriend had gotten into a car accident and of course they don’t have any saving for emergencies such as this. Then a few days after they put the page up the girlfriend posted that she had just gotten a new tattoo. That just goes to show how these people handle their finances and what their priorities are. It’s no ones fault but their own that they squander what little money they earn on useless crap instead of saving it or spending it on basic necessities. They would struggle to afford living anywhere, it’s not the prices it’s the people.

  25. Dearest f**k Oregon,
    What does it say about your own judgement skills that you left ostensibly of your own volution a place that the “more enlightened” lived and thrived? No one asked for your sullen demeanor and palbable faux superiority. I was just in Portland last week and I cannot reconcile the picture you paint with the comfortable kindness I felt all the way down to my gate at PDX. No doubt there are some bad experiences, but hey, nothing is perfect. I lived in Oregon for the first 30 some years of my life then first moved to North Carolina for 8 years. I heard an awful lot of “Yankee” jokes, was spit on during a half-marathon by a person of a different race, but still grew to love it. I was invited to be saved more times than I can count. Still the Midwest was tougher. You think Portland has religious weirdos? Try Missouri. Rural Illinois. Scary. Now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. I have found fun and enjoyable people in all areas. Are there creeps? Yes, of course. All you can do is endure and save yourself for happiness to come.

    • Bob, than you go right ahead and fork out a chunk of your paycheck in taxes so lazy hipster bums who whine about your cis white male privilege can get subsidized housing and have enough left over to pack and smoke their bong. They might even wave at you from their bikes on your way to work in the morning, if they’re up.

  26. I have escaped back to New England. Where there is health care and education and sanity.
    I am making more money and my kids have access to the best children’s hospital in the country ( which had to clean up after OHSU Doernf**kers)
    I wish you all the best in your plights to escape the hell that is Oregon.

  27. This place is total balls. Lived here 20 years & I can’t wait to leave. Actually made the decision w/ my spouse to get out of here. Why?

    1. If you’re not super liberal, as in simply moderate politically or not a total Trump hater or questions BLM tactics or whatever, you’re a social pariah. Wanna meet the most vitriol fueled hyperbolic big babies ever…then please…move here. In PDX you better agree or keep your mouth shut or get out. So bye!

    2. Smug arrogance everywhere in town. Go to the burbs & folks mind their own business & you don’t have “In Our America” yard signs every 50 ft. Here people love to congratulate themselves for being “tolerant” by putting signs, bumper stickers, and buttons on everything, as a reminder that, you know, they’re down w/ “the people.” Guess what…no one cares what you think about what you think. If you’re an actual regular nice person, you don’t need “flare” that proves it (see the movie Office Space).

    3. This truly is the place where lazy young people go to retire. It’s fun & cool until you notice that every store owned by some P. Town hipster has terrible to nonexistent customer service. It’s not rocket science. A “may I help you” is not hard but instead if you walk into some “cool” place you get a cold stare and that’s about it.

    4. The water here is terrible, the roads worse, and the politicians are as slimy as they come. This place is great if you’re into complaining about privilege & wanna find others to complain about how horrible straight white men are. But if you actually want clean water, decent roads to drive on, politicians who are interested in more than their own vainglorious gains, and like all kinds of people including the so-called unenlightened, then go somewhere else. Fo reals!

    • Wow… that is the BEST description of that crappy city as I’ve yet to read! It piqued in the 1990’s and went down hill soon after. Never been in such a city where so many people STUNK! Either of cigarette smoke or pot. And I’ve never seen such a lazy bunch of over-privileged whiners.. Yuk,,, Its actually the perfect city to see liberalism in all it’s stupidity!!

    • The water is terrible? Where the f**k are you from Iceland? The water in Portland is actually phenomenal and has been voted top 3 in the entire US. And as far as Trump haters, move your a$$ to Georgia then with all of the other stupid f**ks who don’t give a s**t about anyone besides themselves, their families, and their guns. Why don’t you talk about actually issues that make Portland actually suck, for instance, when we get snow, it f**king sucks because no one knows what to do. Yes hipsters suck, however, homeless people are WORSE and they basically ship all of the homeless people around the world to Portland. Also, people from Portland act as if they’re okay with living pay check to paycheck…which would makes sense considering they’re always probably late or do not even have a job considering how f**king slow and retarded they drive everywhere. Portland never used to be full of hipsters but they came along and moved all of the black people out to Gresham and basically took over the entire Portland Metro area. I will say one thing positive about Portland, though, as I agree with the poster that is isn’t my cup of tea either—however, the food is phenomenal for very cheap!

      • Lol, my first year in Portland the entire city shut down it’s water supply for 1-2 days because of contamination. Problems with PDX natives is that they actually think that’s normal.

      • Actually they switched water supplies two months ago after finding parasites. They switched back to contaminated sources last week because new source was to expensive and parasites were below level that would cause harm. So there r parasites in ur water.

  28. I just saw this idiot man from Oregon post something on Facebook that says “babies can smile at 11 weeks, but abortion is legal for all 9 months of pregnancy”…. Ummm excuse me?! No where in this country can you legally get an abortion after your first trimester (aka 3months). Everyone in the comments agrees with this stupid man, no one points out that this is 100% false and just more uniformed, uneducated hate that’s being spewed at people for wanting to have a right to choose what they do with their bodies. If you ask me men shouldn’t have a say when it comes to abortion they have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant, and if they get someone pregnant they get to be the ones with the option of just leaving if they don’t want the baby, they don’t even have to consider abortion, they don’t have to go through pregnancy, birth, things like postpartum depression. Pregnancy is not the same for everyone, it can be extremely hard and even dangerous to be pregnant for some women. I have a medical condition where I still have the ability to get pregnant, but being pregnant and giving birth would do damage to me and the baby. So if accidents happen (which they do quite often) and I got pregnant I should just have to be forced to keep the baby so we can both suffer and possibly die anyways? There are plenty of situations where abortion is a viable option and it should never be one that’s taken away from women. What if a woman is r-wordd and becomes pregnant, she should be forced to birth and raise her rapist child by herself? Nothing is black and white, and not all women that choose abortion are in the same situation. If your going to make an arguement about something, at least get your facts straight so you don’t sound like a f**king idiot..

  29. Hahaha, this thread is awesome. I moved to Portland just 3 years ago. While the PNW is beautiful, the people here make me think of Green Acres’ Hooterville. No brains or ambition, let’s just smoke pot all day and whine about needing “free” college and healthcare. They are the biggest victims that I have ever seen. Even a lot of business owners don’t return calls or show up to open their shops on time. And they blame Californians for increased housing costs, they have no clue that housing costs are going up in most major cities and they are not special. Heaven forbid if you voted for any one other than Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein, yet they continually vote in the most corrupt politicians I’ve seen. Millions of dollars missing here and there for government projects and continually vote to increase their own taxes. I thought I was a liberal until I moved to Portland, these panty waists have me ready to vote for GOP.

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  31. There is something truly wrong with this city Portland. The people are rude, ignorant and lack any ambition( unless growing a beard and drinking 24 seven is ambition). Look around the universities are all lower ranked, no corporations make this city there home save Nike, so there are no job anchors here only bums.
    Instead of hating on people who move here from Cali, they should be welcoming them for contributing to Oregons economy, I’m pretty safe in saying I bet ur average Californian who moves here pays more taxes than ur out of work still living at his moms 40 year old.
    I find it so funny how people from Portland claim there city has such great restaurants and that they are some of the best foodies in America. The only way someone could think like that if they have never been anywhere else. Most ethnic restaurants in Portland are opened up by white people who spent a few months in a foreign country and fell in love with the chicken. You have no decent Persian or Chinese places here.
    I went to a strip club here only 1 time and the stripper stunk of BO and had hairy pits.
    This place is heaven for unemployed dirty younger people who lack any ambition besides catching DRD.

    Oregon banned black people from living here until 1937.
    These are the few good things about Portland
    1) great coffee
    2) great weed and good price

    • Totally agree with many of your points. Portland is one of the most racist cities in America. No one who is a Portland native seems to think so, though. Everyone here is so conformed to their bubble, which is why the economy here sucks.

    • You are right about the coffee and the bud. I lived in Humboldt County and the bud in Oregon is some really dank stuff for sure…..Everything else does suck!

  32. Honestly nowhere is perfect. I have lived in Oregon and California each for many years. They are both good places! Portland is a community that accepts people no matter who they are. Californians are good people. Not all Oregonians are lazy, and they don’t all make minimum wage. The people on this site are just trying to be mad about something, and it just reflects everyone’s poor character.

    • You’re a decent person and I know you’re intentions. No it’s not everyone here and CA has a crap ton of problems too. It really comes down to the overall themes people are saying are true and yet you can’t talk about them to a native Oregonian. You can tell a Californian to go to hell and they pretty much know why you’re frustrated.

    • I am in immigrant who moved to the States a few years ago. I lived in New England and Chicago prior to moving to Portland. Both places were awesome. I had tons of friends and connections.

      I cannot begin to describe you the hypocrisy of the average portlandian. They all say they accept everyone, but in fact, it’s just lip service. They only accept you with words and BLM signs in their yard. I’d be surprised to know if they’ve ever saw or became friends with black folks.

      If you have a different culture, opinions, and you do not behave like a typical white hippie – you are not welcome.

      No wonder immigrants and people of color do not move here. They have no room in this city, a room to express their authenticity. You have to be so politically correct to fit in. If you’re expressing yourself differently than the typical white oregonian, they will shut you out.

      And I’m talking about the liberals here. Their fakeness is unbelievable. The way they cut out anyone who is different from them is contradicting their liberal values, that they’re so fakely passionate about.

      “We accept everyone”, so they claim. Bulls**t.

  33. I have been here for a year and a half and must say the people in Portland are real haters, I mean jealous individuals. I have seen this first hand, I drive a nice car and in other states where I used to live have been complimented on it but since moving here I have only received jealous comments. This town has no ambition or drive (unless u consider staying in status quo an achievement). The people here hate and fear progress, they want everything to stay the same. Lazy and un ambitious, when u look at any protest here it’s self obsessed white college students complaing about everything. I keep seeing signs around construction sites saying “stop demolishing Portland” what they mean to say is stop building towards progress we like things to stay old and out of date. We like old high energy consumption houses, so stop all building, we like s**tty highways that have not been updated since 1960″.
    Portland sucks balls I’m outa here real soon

    • I’ve noticed the same thing with people from Oregon, they are all losers and are envious of anyone who has success or is different from them. They put on a facade like they are the ones everyone should be jealous of, which is laughable considering they have absolutely nothing that anyone would be jealous of. They’re the most trashy, rude, childish people I have ever encountered. I had no opinion of people from Oregon, until I had the misfortune of meeting a few of them. At first I brushed it off thinking it was just that particular group of people but I have continued to notice that every single person I have interacted with from Oregon fits the same pathetic criteria. Self-centered, ignorant, uncouth, unintelligent, and unable to see any flaws within themselves. I could go on… That’s the really sad part, because they’re too blind to see what s**tty people they are, they will never change. I would say avoid Oregonains at all costs, they’re nothing but negativity, stupidity, and drama!

      • Wow, this is the most accurate description of Oregonians I’ve ever read. It’s scary how accurate this describes my experience working and socializing with people in this sh*thole state for the past 18 months. Like the poster above, I initially thought that my first interactions with the self-centered, lazy, envious and unambitious cretins of Oregon were just bad luck or confined to a few people. But after a year and a half, I finally reached the conclusion that this is the prevailing mindset and attitude of the majority of the population. I moved 3,000 miles from Oregon to South two weeks ago and it was the best decision I’ve made this decade. I seriously believe that the constant grey gloom and total lack of sunshine / Vitamin D is a major factor in the prevailing attitude of people who were born and raised here. It’s pretty shocking how many native Oregonians I met who have never left the state with the exception of a brief vacation to California or Washington. Like the poster above so eloquently put it – they’re too blind to see what s**tty people they are, and have no experience living in other parts of the country to understand what a craphole they live in. The constant gloom, grey clouds and zero sunshine are depressing, but that’s nothing compared to the interactions you will have with the citizens. Oregon has one of the worst school systems in the nation, and they keep on churning out ignorant imbeciles who want everything handed to them for free. Don’t even get me started in the victimization culture and far-left regressive politics. I used to be a liberal until I lived in Oregon, now I think they are all whiny babies who blame others for their problems instead of having some personal accountability. Have fun in the grey gloom idiots, you will never understand how bad you have it because you are too stupid and lazy to move.

        • Chief, I agree with you 100%. Honestly, I tried to brush off my first encounter with the good people of Oregon (which belive me was nasty) and assumed it was just that particular “clique” of people. Anyhow over time I had the displeasure of meeting more and more people that live in Oregon and it is absolutely astounding to me how similar they all are! I have tried to find a single person there that doesn’t fit the usual personality, the typical self-entitled, immature, white trash I’ve come to expect. I swear they don’t exist in Oregon. It’s like they are clones or something it’s really quite disturbing.

    • Portland claims tolerance and liberalism, yet I never experienced such petty, jelous, back stabbing in my life. To show initiative was a threat to the status quo. To be ‘individual’ was a cause for fear. It was a professional nightmare of constant ‘what did I do to deseare that?’ This fearful attitude is reflected in the mediocrity of the schools, food, music etc. I am a liberal through and through. What is exhibited in PDX is not liberalism but self indulgence. A self serving politics. I’m pretty certain that if the PDXers who yell the most and publicly cry out their views were asked to contribute to the community in a real way, such as volunteering time or donating services they would not do it. This is not all Portlanders, of course, I still know a few people there who put their money where their mouth is. I’m talking about the hipsters etc. one of the most telling aspects of Portland life is the constant claiming of being the ‘best.’ The best food, the best eco friendly, the best bikes, the best beer, all sighting an originality and excellence that doesn’t exist. Every ‘cultural good’ in Portland was taken from somewhere else. Even the slogan Keep Portland Wierd was stolen from Austin TX. But like someone else noted Polandiers who go on and on about how BEST it is have probably not been anywhere else. Is it true that PDX got in trouble recently for claiming itself the most bike friendly city in the world? If so, my point exactly.

  34. Hi Bob. I’m on my way out of your sodden little piece of hell.
    And no.. I’m 99 % sure it’s the natives that are the issue here. So
    I’m not from California – that would be even worse.
    Thank you -AND your people for 6 years of passive aggression, property damage, theft and stupidity.
    Go f**k yourself.

  35. Hi Losers, Bob here,
    What amazes me the most is how so many of you
    cite past social and professional success in previous lives; high salaries, tons of awesome friends yet you come to Portland and you are disappointed that you are not heralded with a ticker-tape. It is YOU, a$$-whipes that drove the real-estate prices up and the commutes to California night mare levels. Why the f**k didn’t you just stay where your happy place was? Why come here with the big chip on your shoulder from whomever dumped you last? I am an Oregonian who left in ’97 and since then has lived all over the U.S.. No one MADE you come. We would all be happier if you left.
    P.S. Since you are denagrating my own happy place which I CAN NO LONGER AFFORD, I have every right to be on this site. YOU ARE THE THING THAT SUCKS ABOUT PORTLAND.

    • Bob is a typical Oregonian… It’s a whole state full of Tanya Harding a$$holes just like this!! Bob, you’re proving the point of this website perfectly, you pecker-head!

    • I didn’t expect a ticker-tape. I’ve been friendly and polite for a year. I have people tell me to my face how much they hate east coast people or Californians or San Franciscans. There is no reason given and zero acknowledgement this is a mean thing to say and very much a personal attack. I have never told a Portlander how mean they are. I didn’t buy a house and am not personally responsible for real estate prices going up. Quite frankly a $300k or $350k home for a two income family is NOT outrageous and the fact that there is still a market priced lower than that here (that’s the avg not the starting point) If you can’t afford that then you’re making less than you should be. Which means your native Oregonian parents and grand parents are greedily pricing homes out of your reach and attracting Californians to sell to while paying you crap to stay. Instead of allowing the influx of new people to generate community, business growth and tax revenue. Unfortunately Bob you are getting screwed by your own community that has developed a business plan no different than Florida. Attract retiree’s from other states and only offer service industry, recreation and tourism growth. The problem isn’t newcomer’s raising your rent. The problem is Portland refusing to see the benefits of population growth and making it an opportunity for both natives and transplants. I’m very sorry your home city isn’t able to give two s**ts about your future to make that happen. My best to you and wherever you land.

    • Bob you are just a shining example of the trash that comes out of Oregon. Complaining about not being able to afford Oregon? Obviously you’re just a loser with a low paying job because Oregon is a lot cheaper than most of the states in this country. I live in one of the most expensive areas in California, I’m only 24 and I can afford to live here. You Oregonians do the bare minimum with your lives, everyone I know from Oregon has a entry level, minimum wage job, they spit out kids like its no big deal even though they can’t afford to support them, they don’t do anything to further their education, most of them don’t even finish high school. How old are you and you can’t afford to live where you want to live? Then it’s probably just because you’re another unsuccessful Oregonian loser that is jealous of all the successful people that actually did something with their lives. And you’re seriously blaming Californians for making Oregon a s**t hole? I’ve lived in California my whole life the people here are NOTHING like the entitled trash that comes out of Oregon. I live in a nice town where you can leave your door unlocked and not have to worry about a bunch of tweakers breaking into my house/car like I would have to in Portland. There aren’t a bunch of homeless drug addicts walking the streets, people are intelligent and friendly. If anything you assholes are ruining California! I see how the people from Oregon act when they come here and it’s disgusting never have I seen such rude, self-entitled, ignorant losers. They come here and litter, steal, lie, they contribute nothing to society. The difference between Californians and Oregonians is astounding and I can say with absolute certainty that California is NOT the problem. I mean really the s**t these assholes pull is just flat out wrong. Here’s an article about University of Oregon students that came to Lake Shasta in California to party and trashed the whole god damn place. Causing the university to issue a public apology for their inconsiderate students. Oh but Oregonians aren’t the problem obviously. Oh look another article about the idiot Oregonian Trump rioters that didn’t even care enough to vote but you all are such intelligent, level headed people right? No possible way that you idiots that complain about everything and yet do nothing to fix the problem. Just the typical Oregonian mantra “Oh woe is us, everyone else is responsible for every negative thing in our lives, there’s nothing we can do” it’s impossible that perhaps YOU are responsible for your own life and your own problems? Maybe it’s YOUR fault you didn’t work hard enough to be able to stay in your precious state. You’re getting down on people for being in Oregon and complaining that they miss their old home, well aren’t you doing the same god damn thing? You wish you could move back to Oregon but apparently you “can’t afford it” even after 10 years of being gone? Well you’re obviously not working that hard to get back to your home are you? I’m sure the people stuck in Oregon would like to leave as well but not everyone can pick up and move their lives at the drop of a hat… 10 years seems plenty of time though, but I’m sure it’s someone else fault that you couldn’t manage to make yourself any more successful in the past decade, right Bob? You just keep proving time and time again that you fit right into the category that everyone on this page is describing and you’re too stupid to even realize you’re doing it! Good for you Bob you’re really putting out a great name for your fellow Oregonian losers, lol.

    • Hey Bob. Californians did not raise the prices of propery. Portland homeowners did, wanting to make as much money as possible. Seller sets the price. Buyer attempts to get lowest price possible. No one wants to over pay. Would you? If you really want to blame someone for property values, you have to look to your happy place natives.

  36. I wish you the best – but there is no help here. There’s nothing but ignorance and emptiness. PDX is a sinkhole of human waste.
    I know you are trying to “plan” your way out but that’s not going to work. You just need to do it.

    • At this point I’d need a sure job with relocation assistance unfortunately. I had a lot of unfounded reassurance that Nike would come through. (Though others who’ve been here awhile tell me everyone they know who works there seems deeply depressed.)

      The other complication is that I actually like my boyfriend here & I hadn’t had a relationship in decades in NYC…

      But if I got a job in Seattle or SF I could do long distance. The thing is, even companies that employ friends and former coworkers aren’t interested b/c of my age. I’d worked at one company 11 years & the same exact industry for like 14 back east so I had NO IDEA I’d aged out so irrevocably

    • Thank you. I know you’re being sincere. And I agree at this point. I’ve moved up for an interview in SF. I honestly think I’ll never get a decent job here.

  37. I’m done. I’m 6 days away from leaving this hell hole.
    The parting gift?
    My car was broken into and my purse and wallet stolen from my own car parked behind my house.

    • That’s unfortunate for you. Living in Fresno, CA for less than 10 years, every single year either your car or someone else’s car you personally know gets stolen. In Oregon, I’ve never heard of anyone I personally know who’s gotten their car stolen or broken into. If you don’t like getting car jacked, don’t move to Fresno, CA. Got it?


    Has anyone else seen the news about the Portland Trump protester that didn’t even vote? That’s Oregon for you- I’ll complain about a problem non-stop, but I’ll do absolutely nothing to solve it. I swear they see whining and drama and they absolutely have to involve themselves. If you didn’t vote then what in the hell are you protesting for? You didn’t care enough to vote but you’re suddenly so passionate about the subject you need to go out and riot? These losers will take any excuse they can to make themselves an even bigger burden to society.

    • I’m equally confused by the protesters who did vote. I might even be MORE confused by them. They participated in the democratic process, the candidate they voted for lost, and now they’re protesting what? The fact that they lost? That’s like agreeing to the terms/rules of a poker game, losing, and then whining about the character of the winner and the fact that he/she won. And the only response to “what, exactly, are you protesting?” that these Portland crybabies can give is, “It’s our right to protest!” Yes, it is…but that isn’t the question. The question is WHAT/WHY are you protesting. But this they cannot answer so instead they just break your car windshield. Yay Portland. I didn’t vote for Trump, and I don’t like him at all…but he won the election, and temper tantrums aren’t going to change that.

      • It’s really not about whether or not Trump is fit for office, personally I don’t vote because I’d rather not participate than have to choose the lesser of two evils. It’s more about the fact that these people complain about everything, even when they have done nothing to improve the situation. If they didn’t care enough to vote for one candidate or the other, do they really have the right to get so worked up about the outcome that they start a riot? To me the whole thing is absolutely ludacris. This is just what I expect from Oregonains, they love to start drama and make a fuss about things, but when it comes time to put in work to actually make a constructive difference and not just whine about the issue they are no where to be seen.

  39. I’m a transplant from deep Texas to Portland. I have seen first hand that these Portland people have no clue how dangerous it really is to live in a stare like Texas where the major cause of crimes and mixers are cause d by illegals from Mexico and el Salvador.etc. they cause more vehicle related mixers than in any state. They refuse to speak or learn englis. More r-words and muggings are because they have no experience of America laws. Its a nightmare in these state. Also Colorado and many more. Law enforcement ha e no ideal whom these people Re. And Portland. People are being unbelievable cry baby’s over a serious situation in other states. Its shameful that they have no clue of how stupid and uniformed they are. Wow is all we can say to these morons. Its shocking there stupidity. Come to Texas. You idiots and learn something real. You bleeding hearts. Or shut up about things you know nothing about.liberals blind as bats. Out there.unbelievable…..

    • Hello, why do you think this is a site for bashing immigrants? Guess what. It’s not. Take your racism somewhere else, far, far away.

    • You apparently failed your 5th grade English class. Stay away from Oregon, loser. Learn to read and write English properly before you complain about others who “refuse to speak or learn englis” as you put it. A$$hat.

  40. I agree, liking Portland because booze and women IS disgusting! Ever heard of herpes? HIV? Seriously that is pathetic if that is the best you cab say about why you like Port Land.. yuk..

  41. I know this one couple from Oregon, their family is made up of some of the trashiest people you can imagine. I bunch of backwards, alcoholic, uneducated hicks. The grandmother moved from Oregon to LA, parked her camper on the side of some random street and has been living in it with a bunch of other homeless people. Then she goes on social media and complains that people are trying to kick her out of her “home” and saying that they are discriminating against her because she’s a bum. Sorry but the street is not your “home” you don’t pay rent to live there you illegally parked there and just called it yours. Just like Oregonians to think they’re entitled to anything and everything and they should just be able to do whatever they want with no consequences. This woman is more than able to get a job but instead mooches off of others and claims the sidewalk as her permanent camping spot. Then goes into a rage when people tell her that’s not okay. It’s always “oh poor me I didn’t do anything wrong, how dare anyone tell me to leave, people here are so mean”. How about you take responsibility for yourself, get a job and pay for a place to park your camper legally? No one owes you anything, you don’t get special privileges, that’s illegal for everyone and no one is “discriminating against you”. I’m so sick Oregon losers coming to California and ruining my state. Why move here if all you’re going to do is complain about how rude people are and how everyone is picking on you for being homeless? Go back to Oregon then, because the people here aren’t just going to let you do whatever you want and ignore your bad behavior like they do over there.

    • This is exactly the mentality of those who live, or are from Oregon. They have zero self-awareness or perspective. I’m amazed at how stupid people are here, it’s frightening.

      • Yes I also find it extremely disturbing. The first few people I met that were from Oregon I assumed it was just them, but I swear every single Oregonian that I have come into contact with since then is absolutely repulsive. What bothers me even more than the way the act is that they think it’s totally acceptable! In fact they think they’re such incredible people, why I will never know… They’re all so immature and ignorant, every single one! I have yet to find one person from Oregon that doesn’t meet the typical criteria that I expect. It must be something in the water because stupidity is a state-wide problem in Oregon!

        • Lol, oh how apt and oh how much I agree with you! I was born, raised and have lived in Oregon my entire life. It used to be AMAZING! Honestly, it has only changed significantly in the last 15 years or so. Those of us who have lived here all our lives typically blame it on transplants in general and Californians specifically…we may be wrong but I don’t think so…all the hipsters and methheads – uuuuggghhhh…i work for the state and I can say with total honesty we are the 4th highest welfare state for a reason…people here simply EXPECT to be given a free ride, we have immigrant protests, flag burning, total disrespect for law enforcement, blatent racism towards whites and our local state government enforces it…if not for the fact we can’t leave our jobs 20 years before retirement and start over I would leave the only home I’ve ever known in a hot second…people come here because it’s easy and NOTHING is expected of you, the state falls all over itself to help those who have no desire to help themselves…it’s disgusting…plus, the riots and the WORST, the ROADS!!!! These transplants CANNOT drive! Especially in the rain…GO AWAY!

          • Brilliantly put. While it’s true that many locals are provincial, it’s the entitled, presumptuous, ignorant newcomers who are actually the source of the issues in this town. Most of the tweakers you see out there wreaking havoc are from out of state.

      • I concur with EVERYTHING! I couldn’t wait to move back to the Bay Area (Yup-California) where the people are friendly (they actually say hello if you are hiking on a trail), diverse (NOT ALL WHITE), progressive (NOT ALL CHRISTIAN) and most have their teeth.
        When I lived in Portland, some lovely person keyed my car because I didn’t give him cash when he was panhandling outside the Fred Meyers store. I actually did give him money after I did my shopping (he had a dog that looked like he needed food) and only noticed that he had keyed the car later.
        I couldn’t believe my M.D. had such bad BO (she rode her bike to her office)-that I thought I was going to puke. Same with the optometrist-bad scent and rode her bike. I’m so happy to be back where people believe in hygiene and actually do shower on occasion. Oh and don’t get me started on the weather. If you weren’t depressed when you moved there, I can guarantee that you will be acutely depressed after living there for a few months. I’m so grateful to be out of that revolting place. All the ‘Proud Oregonians’ deserve each other. When you show up as a tourist in my gorgeous world class city (Yep, SF), I will try to greet you with an open mind. Please don’t stay long. (How does it FEEL?)

          • Dead, dead, dead. In NYC I earned the most $ in my dept, and was freelance, thru the worst of the bankster depression of 08/09. Here? All is a sudden I’m a pariah.

          • Can we help each other? I’m a bit scared of comments like PDX is great for strip clubs. I don’t want to be taken advantage of since I’m in a bad situation but I’m screwed here. I came from SF, would love to return. Have tried for the last few months. Feel like I will if I keep trying since rents seem to be going down. But any help here or remote work to make the transition is appreciated. Otherwise just know it’s not just you. I ask myself daily if I’m going to end up working in a grocery store and I have 15 years highly professional experience. Pathetic the exploitation of newcomers. And yes I made mistakes in researching the job market but PDX has sold a mirage to grab young workers to support its aging population. Lies.

          • I had high up connections at Nike, but see my main had gotten in when they want people (mid 20s) and was clueless about how it’d be for me. I’m shacked up with my boyfriend now but otherwise I’d be homeless. And ya I even applied for and got a temp job at New Seasons but guess what, the “friendliest place in town” totally lied about 3 days a week and instead scheduled me for 5 consecutive 8-hour days, including two shifts with less than 12 hours off in between, which they say in their corporate induction they do not do. My first 8-hour shift was my last. I cried before it. I cried discreetly during my half hour break & I REALLY cried after… I designed lucratively all through the recession in NYC…

          • Yep Boodiba, that’s what I was thinking. Sort of at a loss as I’ve given up on Portland meetups, groups, etc I’m antisocial to Portlanders now and never used to be. Maybe some “group therapy” will help see it in a different light or help strategize leaving, be a sounding board to each other to make good choices in making the best of it or moving on? Any if interested maybe we should start a group somewhere?

        • Also the Christian thing…My God, EVERYTHING said Portland was the least religious city in the country! WTF?! It’s the MOST religious place I’ve EVER lived! no I didn’t see it visiting and that’s my fault but come on, they advertise it!

        • I made the move here from the East coast and thought the charm of PDX would eventually overshadow the general blight, homeless camps, inflated prices and aspirations of mediocrity and do-nothingness that came to take center stage with each visit leading up to my move.

          Now living here, I can unequivocally declare that it has been an experience quite the contrary. A native New Englander, I am no stranger to prolonged periods of inclement weather, keep-to-yourself mentality (well-known for curmudgeonry and general stubbornness) and the aversion to “outsiders,” but none of that is what has me already turning around to the East Coast.

          There are no jobs here, unless working in the service industry or some entry-level “career” position (which pays a third of the salary of any other city) is what you’re after. Ironic, indeed–particularly in light of an immensely over-inflated real estate/rental market and an economy that somehow, in light of this, supports $7 cups of coffee.

          Others have mentioned that adding Portland to your resume is the kiss of death and indeed, it is. Without question if you are mid-career and operating towards the top of your salary range. You will never recover from this decision. Unless you’re nearing retirement, have an abundance of disposable income and don’t need to work, are the beneficiary of a Trust fund, or are altogether just giving up, stay away.

          The value of goods and services for your money here is flabbergasting. Everything is easily 20%-25% more expensive than the East Coast with perhaps 60% of the quality. Gas, food, car repairs, restaurants, hotels, you name it. Be prepared to overpay and expect disappointment. If the notion of someone parking a 20 year old Airstream trailer on an empty lot and using it as a kitchen is appealing, if setting up some discarded restaurant booths and picnic tables under a tarp as your seating is your idea of “gournet” or “cute,” or something that commands a premium, than you are in the right place. Want to get a cup of coffee from the rear of a double-decker bus? Portland has that for you. $6, plus tip, of course. And like everywhere else, bus your own table, please.

          It’s not about living slowly, or with a higher quality of life here, nor is it the last vestige of the hippy culture–both of those imply direction, ideals and an eventual life goal. Here, it’s about embracing the culture of self-imposed oppression and aspiring to look/be disadvantaged or disenfranchised.

          Driving some s**tbox, smoke belching van from 20 years ago is apparently something to aspire to here, as is spending (significant) money to look nondescript and unfortunate. Having some restrictive dietary “sensitivity,” need, issue, challenge, handicap or other implied subjugation is critical to sustaining this nonconfirmist utopia of conformity. I now have a new perspective on Cascadia and I hope it is successful, now for other reasons.

          • Another fellow east coaster here! Mistakenly thought this place would ‘slow my pace of life’ or I could just did

        • I’m not sure what you’re smoking. I’m not white, and people in Portland say hi to me all the time. Now, going to central or southern Oregon, that’s a different story as it’s full of rednecks LOL. You sure you aren’t smoking that weed shiznit?

          Although I have to agree the panhandling is getting out of hand. It’s not homeless people because real homeless people have a sense of dignity not to ask for money. It’s losers who refuse to work who ask for money. In fact, there was a news story confirming this where a gentlemen asked two young kids if they wanted a job. They said no, that they made more money panhandling. So what does he do? He goes and stands next to them with sign telling people not to give them money haha.

          As for the real homeless (and some losers), it’s due to states like Colorado shipping them in mass buses to Portland in a free 1-way ticket claiming to the homeless there that Portland offers better homeless services. Southpark was right when they showed Cartman and his friends leading the homeless to other states.

          Now, SF is a place I’d never f**king move to, ever. You have to be a total moron to move there. If you enjoy there, why not just move to NYC? East coasters will give you a run for their money. I talk to them daily over the phone. You have to be aggressive with them or they won’t respect you.

          • It’s plainly obvious to anyone who has traveled extensively, Portland is nothing special, it’s a provincial village/ town who’s reputation vastly outwieghs its realities. There is no culture in this city, no diversity, there idea of international cuisine is a mix between Taco Bell and some white hipster joint that just opened because the owner got the idea while watching animal planet. I left after two years and knew staying there killed my passion and drive, people in Portland settle for so little there is no competition (unless ur drinking). No industry, everyone is married with kids by 21

  42. I visit Portland once a month with no desire to live there. Portland’s where Seattle was in the 90’s as far as prevalent cultural attitude.

    Conformity: to the point where differences are measured by “what kind of hipster are you?”

    Sublimated aggression and intolerance: it seems like most conversations are an anodyne remark away from altercation. Surly, entitled service sector workers abound. Aggressive cyclists’ and panhandlers’ behavior demonstrate where this aggression comes to a head in an abstract way.

    Nativism: tracing one’s lineage a few generations back in Portland justifies walking around with a “why don’t you people leave?” chip on one’s shoulder. This extends to Portlandians treating even other Oregonians as outlanders (I once heard “go back to Lake Oswego” apparently because I somehow looked like a Lake Oswegan that day — in public, Portlanders are very PC/careful about not having this xenophobia cross racial/ethnic lines but, in private conversations many prejudices come out.

    College sophomore level political views: while this is better than the high school drop out level political views evinced in some parts of the country, it’s still annoying. Everything is couched in antipodes (as in, you can’t be a hetero white male and call yourself a feminist). People apply very specific, complex labels to themselves and walk around looking to be offended by anyone who doesn’t share their specific world view.

    Celebrates mediocrity (as long as it’s local): obscure local artists and performers are touted as world-famous paragons of their craft, regardless of how uninspired.

    Solipsism: people seem to exist in a 5 foot radius bubble surrounding themselves. If they haven’t experienced something for themselves, it must be untrue or doesn’t exist.

    Here’s what I love about Portland, though:

    Libertarian sexual mores: not only are there tons of strip clubs but Portland many Portland women don’t let their hyperactive political views get in the way of tons of sex. Don’t bother approaching women in bars, though, go online. I’m assuming the casual online hookup culture extends to all genders and sexual orientation. Amazes me how many self professed “sapiosexual gender queer feminist” women seek hetero relations on the Internet (just keep it discreet).

    Drinking culture: this is good or bad depending on your viewpoint, but Portland bartenders tend to know their stuff. Great craft brewery culture, not much of a wine town but there’s that niche represented.

    Cheap! It’s quaint to hear Portlanders complain about cost of living.

    Time capsule: want to visit Seattle of the 90’s? Go to Portland. Want to visit Portland ten years into the future? Check out Seattle (where non-natives and corporate culture have turned the city into what Seattleites 15-20 years ago and Portlanders of today rail against).

      • Why is that disgusting? The 1950’s are long over. I agree that booze and women who are dtf is what makes Portland bearable.

    • well, having been born here and lived here all my life i can say once it WAS paradise…when people complain about the cost of living they’re really complaining about housing…Californians have run the real estate market crazy thru the roof! Rents and mortgages are INSANE…for instance, my grandmother sold my childhood home in the early 90’s for about 200K…i just looked it up on Zillow for kicks and giggles and its worth over a million bucks! Painful, yes! But it’s completely due to the extreme liberal elite and hipsters ruining our state and just so we’re clear, it’s NOT homebread Oregonians doing this, we’re being overrun by transplants…I myself, who spent a fantastic childhood and wonderful adulthood here, want now to move SO badly…

    • It’s all so, inconsistent! You’ll have some degree of difficulty timing your trips and living up to commitments.

      A big part of the problem is, with as sporadic as employment IS here in Portland, workers may work Mon/Wed/Fri at… the Beaverton branch/clinic/store etc. And every other week it’s Tues & Thur in Vancouver..!? Or whatever.

      There’s just no core industry here, no anchor employers ( since timber collapsed ) so we’re all taking the work we can FIND. Pretty soon you won’t know ANYONE “that drove the same commute for 36 years..!”

      And since most transplants came here more for LEISURE than ‘work’, frequent job-hoppers have no sense of commitment or permanent habits. They kinda’ like to mix it up.

      • Oh, and while we’re AT it.., perfectly disastrous Octoberfest AGAIN this year.

        It was as bad or WORSE weather than the Debacle of ’04 where it came down sideways in 40-ish degrees. Did my level best to keep the old chin up but there was no sugar coating this crapper.

        Even dressing for it ( including an umbrella ) just totally SOAKED. We look forward to it every year and only a mere 10-14 days ago it was forecast to be 84 & Sunny! Then, wtf, deteriorated [markedly] by.The.DAY.

        The more we [didn’t] discuss the OBVIOUS, the more depressing it got. Took a $100 bucks, fully intending to make an EVENING of it and… came home a scant two hours later w/ $70 and change. Maybe we should make it Augtober-fest? Just sayin’.

        Two years people. Two years.

    • Yes, drivers are terrible. They think they can “get ahead” somehow, rather than go with the flow and speed of traffic. Again, people are very stupid here.

  43. Oregon does suck. Weather is probably the worst I’ve seen, people are as dumb as mud, and there doesn’t seem to be any ambition. Oregon are slobs. And yet my other half keeps pulling us back tho that sucky state. He thinks its cheaper to live in Oregon even though i have shown him time and time again how pricey rents are in comparison to wages. The only good thing about Oregon; leaving it behind!

  44. This article describes Oregonians perfectly. Stubborn close-minded people who can’t accept and beliefs or opinions different from their own. Only what they say or believe is right and if you disagree they will become angry and defensive and try to insult or hurt you. They are incapable of progressing or learning anything because they don’t listen to anyone but themselves. Maybe this article will help those of you stuck in Oregon deal with these bitter, stupid people!

    • This is a good article but in my experience some of it doesn’t apply to Oregon, at least I don’t think so, because the ones here ” incapable of progressing or learning anything” have developed a kind of negative talent that lets them remain in their bubbles. Being firm but polite Never works. It’s just a prelude to action. I have to eventually yell and threaten things like calling the police or legal action to get anything at all done at most places. But the article is just right because folks here do indeed “become angry and defensive and try to insult or hurt you” but the only way I’ve found to break through that wall is to one-up them on the insult & threat to action. Hardly anyone ever does that to them, so the shock value just makes obstacles vanish & one can get things done. (At least as a one-off. After such an encounter they run or avoid you completely, or in the case of the OHSU Medical Mafia, discharge you from their hill.)

      It is so incredibly sad to have to revert to such behavior but otherwise one’s pharmacy prescriptions would not be filled, the doctors would not fill refills, the neighbors won’t stop trashing the common areas, and all the other things Oregonians take as The Perfect Way of Life would not be broken through long enough for normal people to get something accomplished.

      Only days till we move. Thank [insert all gods, God, demigods, Joe Pesci, etc here]!!

      • I definately understand where you’re coming from and you’re right sometimes these techniques just do not work with these people. Seriously some of the most stubborn, irritating people I have ever met. You can argue with them until you are blue in the face and it won’t due any good, the only things you can really do are ignore them or when that’s not an option like you said you have to threaten them or insult them, basically fight on their level. It’s crazy the way they act and expect not to be called out on their incompetence and bad behavior. And when you do they freak out! Like no one has ever said one negative thing to them in their lives, it’s ridiculous. They can’t handle any criticism whatsoever. I’m glad you’re getting out, I would lose my mind living in that state! Good luck with your move anywhere is better than Oregon, lol.

        • Firstly, you have to break through their Cuteness (TM) Any time you’re pointing out, The Obvious, cuteness is their first line of defense. They’ll ( and I’m addressing primarily Hipsters here ) pretend they have no idea what you’re talking about? They’re clearly on some “higher plane”.

          So get used to repeating yourself. As other bloggers have noticed, Hipsters avoid eye contact like the plague. INSIST on it. You’ll have to explain you are in fact a real person! Not the stereotype they’ve casually assigned you.

          Trust me, regardless your considerable accomplishments in life to date, there’s nothing about you that can’t be immediately dismissed. Being dismissive, disrespectful is their stock in trade. This includes their employers.

          Getting ‘service’ from these dipw@ds is like pulling TEETH. They take care of “their own” FIRST. Rationalizing their friends ( w/ zero money ) they perpetually hang out with “keep the business open”. When in fact they’re running it into insolvency. Dissing Boomers is Priority 1 and they further rationalize, they can always find another ‘job’ once they’ve driven their current employer bankrupt. But delusional people keep hiring them banking on their “bringing in their tech savvy, affluent friends”. Ha! There’s a laugh…

      • I am glad you mentioned OHSU. Its a truly state-sponsored criminal enterprise. Most of its patients are way too dumb and uneducated to realize what’s going on, and those few who do realize, rarely can do anything about it because of the cozy relationship OHSU enjoys with the state government and legislature. You find yourself helpless against the incompetence and negligence of the OHSU “doctors”.

        • Agreed. OHSU isn’t even an official medical supply partner so if you have a baby and need a breast pump, you can’t buy it from them. Your insurance won’t cover it. We had to go to St. Vincent’s to get ours. Also, when we had our baby there, we didn’t know you just get some on call doctor doing the delivery, which is completely counter to any other hospital. The stupid on call doctor wanted to just have a c-section. I had an argument with her about the lack of a medical necessity for a c-section, which shut her up once she realized I wasn’t an idiot sheep. She tried to intimidate us, but we went in with a written letter, signed/dated by us explaining exactly what we wanted. Straight up folks, be smart about it.

    • Do you know what’s the difference between Portland and a Siberian village? I have seen both, and I am not joking. The people in a Siberian village are actually AWARE of their awkwardness, while people of Portland believe they are the best species ever born on earth. All the rest is about the same.

      • Yes, why do they all think they’re so awesome?! It’s absolutely shocking that these people are so embarrassingly immature and stupid and they think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. And when you try to point it out to them they freak the f**k out they just assume everyone loves they and thinks they are so wonderful and when you tell them otherwise they immediately become irate and jump down your throat for voicing your opinion about them. God forbid anyone say anything negative about these people they just can’t handle it. It’s inconceivable to them that anyone can possibly not like them and if you openly dislike someone for Oregon they will just tell everyone your a freak, psycho, loser etc. just because you don’t passively sit by and let them act like assholes like everyone around them does. They surround themselves with other like-minded idiots that convince them that everything they say and do is normal and acceptable. They have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they can’t see how ridiculous they look to normal people.

        • I was born, raised and have spent my entire life here…it’s changed drastically here over the last 15 years or so…i never thought in this day and age i would be living under censorship but I am…sometimes I can’t even say wat I truly think to my most loved family and dearest friends…it’s sad…if I could leave, I WOULD

  45. I asked a local what was good about Portland. With no irony at all they said, “Portland has lots of highways running through it so no matter what part of town you live in, it’s easy to get out into the county.”

    “So,” I replied, “the good thing about Portland is how easy it is to leave?”

    They had to think about it for a second. They could tell it was kind of a trick question. But thinking is hard for these people so they gave up and finally just agreed.

    Six years here. Packing as we speak. Never been anywhere stupider, more backward or less inviting. Can’t wait to get back to Colorado, New York or most anywhere in Europe to join civilization again. Goodbye you closemouthed backward hicks.

    • Eleven more days!!! Right after the moving truck leaves I’ll be on my way back to glorious Western North Carolina with PDX in my rear view mirror!!!

      • Congratulations to you both for your upcoming escapes! Very happy for all of you. As for us, we’re out of here next month, too. Counting the days, happily counting the days.

    • Excellent.

      And notice how ( in spite of the fact locals and transplants alike cling to their claim “the rain here really doesn’t bother me that much” ) those highways become completely JAMMED the minute there’s a promising weekend coming up!?

      Nope. Apparently NO ONE had been monitoring the weather for the first GLIMPSE of sunshine in MONTHS and NO ONE had been making their escape plans! It’s just an incredible coincidence we find them ( w/ surfboards strapped to the hood of their car ) on the same “Partly sunny” Friday… And all many of us stuck in traffic w/ them was trying to do is get home..?

      In terms of backward hicks, I recently heard someone describe the Hipster crowd as “urban hicks” and really think the shoe fits!

  46. Sick_in PDX, it’s been well known that OHSU has a cap on what they will pay out when they screw up.
    What’s even worse is that it’s a significantly lower cap at Doernf**kers than at OHSU. They can permanently alter the life of a child due to their incompetence but won’t pay to fix it. And their “hush” money to parents is down right laughable.

    • I should have made my post clearer. Yes, indeed, it is well known that OHSU hid behind claims of sovereign immunity for many years until about a decade ago when lawyers finally broke that wall to hold them accountable for their horrible incompetence. The cap is still way to low and should not be a cap at all given their record. As far as I know they’re the only state-chartered teaching medical school to hide behind such a claim, as if they were the DMV or the DEQ.

      The problem with Oregon in this case is that very few lawyers will go up against OHSU for any reason as their power and corruption extends far into the legislature and legal system. For those that don’t know, now disgraced former governor Kitzhaber is an OHSU alum. OHSU enjoys a cozy, nepotistic and corrupt relationship with the agencies charged with its regulation. All this is a good example of the culture of unaccountability that exists in Oregon healthcare. If you’re part of the OHSU Mafia family omertà applies. All the time.

    • Boregonian—I truly do enjoy your posts. You are fearless!

      Re “The Really Big One,” believe it or not, FEMA noticed. They ran a drill back in early June.

      Sounded to me like Washington state was more interested than Oregon. (Not a surprise.) Since no one bragged how well it went, I assume it didn’t.

      I regularly follow, which has some useful information on many cities and states. I wrote the editor shortly after I moved out of Oregon, saying that the website might want to put a note mentioning the Cascadia issue into their recommendations of Washington and Oregon coastal towns. (They habitually mention for California which locales have greater earthquake risks.) Well, so far, they are keeping mum.

      I think a lot of people really want to keep their heads in the sand. Sadly.

      • I think Boregonian may also be highlighting that she won a Pulitzer for the article, a very big deal, yet did anyone in Oregon notice? Not likely because they aren’t intellectual and worldly.

    • The local reaction, or non or no-reaction, to this story was explained to me by an acquaintance who is a commercial building inspector. I asked him about actual seismic building standards in Oregon. He replied that the answer was very easy: there are none. What is on paper & what is supposed to be enforced is usually overlooked or ignored. So even new buildings that say they have seismic reinforcement & are “up to the latest codes” are in fact not. He also said he’d never seen a culture of indifference like he encounters in Portland. (He lives and works in another state but comes here for conferences or consulting jobs.) His advice for surviving a major quake in Oregon is to be someplace else other than Oregon when it happens. I shall heed his advice.

  47. Is Oregon an option for a 60 year old youthful
    female divorce who’s stuck in central CA?
    Originally from Phila and miss culture, higher
    education, conversation, nature , clean air and space. Anyone have any advice or recommendations?

    • You ARE divorced, so this is one prerequisite to fitting in here.

      Ask yourself the following questions:

      Is your personal life a train wreck? Do you have or want any neck tattoos? Is your brain damaged due to past or current hard drug over use? Are you an alcoholic? Are you on multiple psychoactive medications to get you through your days? Are you unmotivated? Are you socially inept? Are you an enabler? Do you think face to face communication is threatening? Are you having trouble with that pesky law where you’re currently living? When things go wrong (again) is it ALWAYS someone else’s fault? When you say “culture, higher education, [and] conversation” do you mean lying around smoking crystal meth? Does having destitute, homeless people around you everywhere make you feel good about yourself? When you say “youthful” do you mean emotionally stuck at age 15? Do you like sitting in traffic?

      If you answer yes to these questions you may just be a perfect Portlander. EVERYONE I know who fits in and loves it here answers yes to most of these questions. I’m NOT kidding. I think all people who answer yes to the questions I’ve posed SHOULD move here. And people who answer no to those questions should go elsewhere. Just like one of my colleagues on here said: Portland is where you go to give up. You should click on and read some of the links that I have posted in these comments over the years. You should take these things seriously because they’re real.

      • I cannot believe how spot on you are. I have lived here for over ten years and never met a mate here For me, it’s lonely and depressing..I am an attractive, upbeat (used to be) single female. Everything you said is accurate. I have travelled a lot and seen many cities, but none as bad as this one with the gay, homeless, pot/drug culture.

        • I’ve been here for six years. I have no social life. I left a wonderful social life in New York and another great group of people in Denver. Up here I got nowhere. Finally I’ve thrown in the towel and I’m going back to Colorado. People here, the locals and the ones who make this their home, simply do not want to expand their social circle. As one person who took pity on me explained, “We already have enough friends.”

        • That’s unfortunate for you. I met my wife here (of 10 years) at a church camp. Apparently the both of us lived in the same city in California before that. Just be careful not to judge an area based on your own lack of social abilities. If you’re that attractive and upbeat, and you’re having trouble finding a mate, is the problem always the other people, or you? Perhaps you are a Portlander after all LOL! I do have to agree that the pot and drug culture is ridiculous.

      • +100

        Ahem, w/ the exception of: “Are you an alcoholic?” Drinkers, hardcore partiers and seasoned bar hoppers can and SHOULD take offense to that!

        Is it just me or do others notice the near inexhaustible supply of brown bagging hipsters, mumbling to themselves, ambling down sidewalks ( typically in immediate vicinity of incredibly UN-hip nationally franchised convenience marts ) anemically clutching to a six pack, single 40 ouncer or even SIGNLE beer!? Wtf?

        Hipster dude, if you’re an ‘alcoholic’ you’re (1) sorry an EXCUSE for one!? Seriously, what kind of a ‘buzz’ are you going to put together w/ 12-40 ounces of BEER? People, recently, just prior to The Who concert we were slamming shots of Fireball on I-5 n-bound ( yes we had a DD ) chugging tallboys at our parking spot THEN meeting friends in underground parking where an entire WET BAR was sprawled across the back of their Suburban! And of course elbowing other concert goers aside for (1) last [massive] draught before the show begins..! ( Warm up bands usually s*ck and this one was no exception )

        Call it what you WANT but at least my friends and I put forth our level best to wind up in detox. What are these “budget-minded drunks” trying to accomplish? Staying just sedated enough to a) not have the clarity of mind to up and LEAVE this place or b) stave off your suicidal leanings for just another day/hours..?

    • Wendy, please, please believe everything Boregonian says! I was very much like you but getting divorced and living in Boston. I simply wanted a change and valued everything you mentioned because it was what I was used to in Boston and was told I would find in Portland.

      You will find NONE of the things you love in Oregon. Well, maybe space. Certainly not clean air. There is a haze that sits over Portland. I thought maybe it was some kind of western weather phenomenon. More likely it was benzene and other pollutants, from which I am slowly recovering. The Willamette is filthy and runs with raw sewage after rainstorms. The rest of the time it is dark brown and full of silt. As for the Columbia, read this:

      Nature is lovely out in the boonies and along the coast, but in the cities the natives leave trash and junk everywhere. I got to the point I thought twice about leaving home to run errands because I didn’t want to look at rusted lawn furniture, bed springs, and old refrigerators sitting out in people’s yards. There is certainly no culture, higher education, or conversation in the boonies, so you will be stuck with one of the cities. If you pick the largest city—Portland—be ready to deal with the trash, the poor infrastructure, the absolutely hopeless recycling, and the ignorant, amazingly self-satisfied people. They will not welcome you, especially if you value common courtesy and good manners. If you want to fit in, you will need tattoos, pink/blue/green hair, and old clothes. The most intelligent person I met while there was my garage mechanic, Tom Dwyer. If you make the mistake of moving to Portland, you will need someone intelligent. I recommend his newsletter.

      After living in Oregon for 6 months, I was struggling to find positive things to like. After a year, I gave up and spent the following 11 months on the internet looking for someplace to live that didn’t make me want to die early. I’ve ended up in San Diego and couldn’t be happier—friendly, intelligent people, plenty of culture, beautiful country (try North County), great weather (I was done with snow), and people genuinely care about the environment. Oregon is definitely not an option for someone like us. Neither is Seattle from everything I read. (Google the Seattle Freeze.)

      If you haven’t considered San Diego, do. Otherwise, try Boston, or go back to Philadelphia. This website is here to stop people like you and me from making the mistake of believing what home-grown Oregonians say about their state. Sadly, I found it too late.

      Best of luck in finding a better fit!

      • I have lived here my entire life…it WAS utopia until recently…the people who want to live here now expect the government to support them. Period. They have zero accountability and expect others to support them while shaming everyone they come in contact with to accept illegal immigration and financial support of all of them, to excuse ALL minority crime and indict police officers and support any and all far left decisions…i hate it here now

    • Wendy, don’t come to Portland. It really is the worst. People here aren’t friendly, open, nor smart. It’s a death trap.

      • Wendy, I hope you heed the advice here. Don’t come to Portland. What AnneFromBoston says and others is quite true. And I’d add that your health would be seriously compromised by the so-called doctors here. Healthcare here is so bassackwards that if you arrive in good shape but have to see a doctor for any ongoing conditions you’ll likely be in much worse shape within six months. This is not a place you want to get sick because the system here is perfectly content to let you die in considerable pain and suffering. Your local community hospital in central California is a much better option than the gulags here like OHSU, home to the medical mafia that runs everything else here into the ground. Please, don’t come here. You will most likely regret it very much.

    • Oregon has no culture to speak of, higher education is a joke, given the 70% statewide high school graduation rate. Higher education appears to be PCC around here.
      Conversation, nature, clean air and education?
      You just described NH or VT or portions of Maine.

      • Are you smoking Oregon crack or weed? The wind moves west to east. The east coast gets acid rain from the west and midwest areas. That means NH and VT. Are you SURE you aren’t a Portlander??? They’re that retarded, you know.

  48. It is DISGUSTING the way Oregonians come to California and trash it. They ruined their own state with all the effing yard art, (old crap lying around everywhere!) overly liberal politics, the toxic air, polluted waters and filthy homeless folks peeing in fountains etc. Stay the hell out of California, we don’t want you here!

    • Yes! This is what irritates me about Oregon the most they brag about how awesome their state is then they’re always visiting/moving to California and turning it into a s**t hole like Oregon. If you like Oregon so much stay there! They are such stupid, entitled, rude people and I hate dealing with them here. I love California and the more and more people come here from Oregon the worse it gets. They’re dirty people they move/visit here and trash our beautiful state and ruin it for the real Californians. They come here with their filthy habits and bad behavior and expect everyone to just step aside and let them be assholes like people do in Oregon, then when someone calls them out they are sooo offended how dare anyone say anything negative about them! Get over yourselves Oregonians you’re no prize.

  49. Does anyone else think it’s stupid that these Oregonians wear California gear? Like you’ve never been to California, you don’t know anyone from California, California doesn’t like you… stop. Honestly it’s insulting to our state to have you idiots wear that, please don’t. Lol

    • Actually, since I used to live in Fresno and Sacramento, when I go back to visit, my first fear is someone breaking into my car. Those Oregonians wearing Californian gear are just former Californians LOL

    • That’s so disgusting. These people need to be kept out of California they are ruining our state. It seriously pisses me off more than anything else when these Oregonians come here and act like they own the place. They are trashy, nasty people that I don’t want to have to interact with here, STAY IN OREGON YOU ASSHOLES!! No one from California wants you here even temporarily. You contribute nothing to our state, you disrespect us by trashing our local hangouts. If you’re going to be a bunch of lazy, filthy losers than stay in your own state and destroy that instead. Oh wait you already have, look at what a s**t hole Oregon has become we don’t want this to happen to California too. It’s so frustrating and also very sad to have to see this kind of crap from these jerks.

      • “even temporarily” Too funny!

        Right, because apparently, the more temporary, the more license Oregon youths feel trashing the place is part of their [entitled] “road trip experience”! And I happen to utterly adore that part of NorCal most. Sad.

        Isn’t it ironic these are the very “Ugly American” accusations they’ve felt knee-jerk obligated to level against older baby boomers? Further ironic much of the litter I see even in small-town OR are teen/young ‘adult’ products.

        I’m just not picturing middle aged people carelessly leaving behind empty Big Gulps, and full Trojans? I guess that doesn’t matter. As long as you’re not the owner of an evil corporation, you can’t be a menace to the environment?

  50. I haven’t lived in Portland for 20 years but have visited since. I lived there for 4 months during winter and was miserable! It was so depressing. As beautiful as it is I couldn’t get over the lack of sun. There was a gray blanket covering the sky every day and it made me tired and unmotivated. I lived In Eugene for a while and loved it. Weather down there slightly better. I have friends who live in Portland and they don’t have a care in the world. They just scr-word by. I do think that there is a sense of laziness and entitlement here. I have no idea why, and why so many on food stamps and public aid. Thoughts?

    • I blame the school system. See my other posts. It’s full of losers who don’t care about school and wants $15 minimum wage. See the problem there?

    • Bore, so totally true word! Portland isn’t just weird, it’s scary. People getting shot, vagrants all over downtown and elsewhere, people smoke pot here like cigarettes and it’s run down and filthy. No clue why home prices here are supposedly going up. Who the hell wants to be stuck here these days?! Just goes to show that herd mentality; it got people in a ton of trouble in 2008 and if you buy a house with the idea you can sell it for twice what you paid you’re a fool! You buy a house to have a home!! So you don’t end up lining someone else’s pockets..not so you can brag about your investment.. Just my humble opinion..

  51. I too have noticed that I always feel better when leaving this place. It usually takes 2 days away for me to feel better. I always figured this effect was psychological and social (other places don’t seem to have all the socially inept and frustratingly slow people always getting in the way). But perhaps there is a physical component to my experience as well due to all the air pollution and it’s effect on the body and brain. Its pretty sad (but typical) that Portlanders have been so unable to admit just how poor the air is here. If you’ve ever gone into the Columbia Gorge, hiked up high and looked back at Portland there is visual proof of this… a stunningly thick brown smog. Of course there is a geographic component, with the Willamette and Columbia Valley inversion holding in particulates. There is also the feckless state DEQ which does virtually nothing. There HAS been SOME press lately for some reason, with Bullseye and Uroboros Glass pollution going public. Esco Steel has been pumping out horrible air for decades and that barely made it to any public awareness. Will the whole of the problem ever be acknowledged? Double it. Here’s some proof of the problem:

    And perhaps the reason people who live here longer term nearly ALWAYS seem intellectually stifled:

    • I think it’s been established that this sense of entitlement is a national problem. However, I think it’s also been established that the sense of entitlement here is several orders of magnitude worse than anywhere else. It is SO much worse here, that it stands out completely from other places and is almost incomparable.

      The typical defense of Portland is: “It’s like this everywhere.” And this is true to a small extent. My argument (based on my experience) has always been one of magnitude… that it’s several times WORSE here. For years I’ve been very frustrated by the fact that most Portlanders seem incapable of understanding this perspective or ANY perspective that is not ALL OR NOTHING. Which is part of why I think people here are narrow-minded and not very smart. The world is MUCH more complex than the typical “all or nothing” Portland perspective can comprehend.

    • I have to say Oregonians are the worst when it comes to self-entitlement. Not only that but they are completely full of themselves which is laughable considering these people are a sad excuse for human beings. It’s all about them and what they want. They are lazy and stupid but they expect to be rewarded for their minimal effort and when they are not they become bitter and jealous of those who have succeeded in life. If you’re not low class, dumb white trash then don’t expect to ft in here. I swear I see people here in their late 20’s to early 30’s who act like they are still in junior high. I talk like an educated adult, I don’t use slang words like “lit” and “on fleek” and “bae” and I use correct grammar so I’m considered a loser and a weirdo, lol. These morons reject anyone who isn’t as stupid and immature as they are. They think acting like children makes them cool but to me they just look like a bunch of self-absorbed idiots.

      • Everywhere I’ve lived, prior to here, there is somewhat of a direct relationship between a person’s competence and their confidence. Meaning the more competent someone is the more confident they tend to be. Not so here in Portland. Here there is either NO relationship between someone’s confidence and their competence or an INVERSE relationship. Meaning, in Portland the LESS competent someone is the MORE confident they are. It’s absolutely AMAZING to be around so many incompetent IDIOTS who are sooo overconfident. And these morons will just screw up EVERYTHING around them with no self-awareness whatsoever and just walk away from the disaster they leave as if they’re walking on water. (Perfect example: Mayor Charlie Hales.) And if you confront one of these idiots on what they’ve done they will deny that they had anything to do with it, blame someone else and blame YOU for it!

        I’m NOT a Republican but even for a liberal, it’s been absolutely stunning to witness a population which has been born and raised to have virtually NO self-awareness or sense of personal responsibility at all.

        • Boregonian, you are so right about these people being so incompetent yet so confident in their abilities. It’s not so disturbing to me that these people are basically retarded, there are lots of stupid people in the world, the part that really gets me is how full of themselves Oregonians are! It’s mind boggling to me, they are such trashy, stupid, immature people but they think they are the greatest thing to ever grace the earth. It’s all “look at me aren’t I great?!” and if you don’t agree with them they act like there is something wrong with you. Trying to explain to these people how ridiculous they make themselves look or show them how incompetent they really are is a futile effort. They can’t take any criticism and that’s why they will always stay a bunch of dumb, backwards hicks. They don’t think there is anything wrong with them and that’s the real issue and that’s why Oregonians will always be the way they are they refuse to take a good look at themselves, they just convince each other that they are such wonderful people and keep shoving their heads further and further up their own a$$. It’s revolting I’m so done with these people!

          • I experienced this. I’m floored by it. I have a theory that subconsciously they’ve learned through behavior patterns/mannerisms over generations to shun newcomers (religion, race and gender being dominant control factors in growth of the area). This was a self rewarding cycle to then exploit and abuse vulnerable populations weakened by lack of social inclusion to accept any working conditions, pay, social norms etc. As these folks would have then been essentially indentured servants there was and is no incentives for the folks who can “trace their Portland roots” several generations to be self aware or have ambition. Simply put, nobody’s told them the emperor has no clothes for quite some time if ever.

  52. To the person who provided the link to the Oregonian article about Oregon killing us.. Let me say I believe it is. I was always a healthy person, for the most part. Had no really lingering issues or problems whatever until… I moved to Oregon. Within a few months of moving into a apartment here in Mud City aka Portland I began to experience allergies, breathing problems and headaches that would rarely dissipate. Within a year I began to experience severe joint pain (even in the joints of my feet) and a feeling of malaise. I even moved thinking it could be the Smart meters making me sick.. I made a few trips back to Cali during this time and each time I felt better within 24-48 hours of crossing the Cali/Or border. Yet soon as I got back into the Beaver state within 36 hours I felt awful again. I was for the most part poo – pooed by physicians and was told I probably had SAD.. Etc. So I said to he’ll with these Oregon QUACKS and did my own research into the air quality and environmental hazards that proliferate the state of Oregon. Just about every major town in this state has contaminants in the soil, the air and the water from all the timber and industry. Get the he’ll out of this state if you can! Look at what is going on with Hayden Island! Not to even mention what all the mold spores are doing to our respiratory system! Any other state takes black mold seriously but in Oregon you’re expected to just deal with it as the spores cause asthma and chronic respiratory distress. If you aren’t sick yet and you stay in this state you will be. I am not going to grow old and die in this place. I want to keep my teeth and my independent views and not be any further exposed to a plethora of hazards to my health. If Oregonian had any real sense they never would have allowed Smart meters. And yet I didn’t hear any back lash at all about them unlike down in Cali where people have figured out how dangerous they are. If you think the utility bills in Portland and Oregon are high now wait until PUD etc start billing in Time Of Use rates!! Good luck to anyone who is stuck here.. you’ll need it..

    • The jury is still very much out on ‘Smart’ meters, but overall, my impression is they were far too hastily implemented based on very little research. Additionally, rate payers were sold they’d only be pinged once a month ( which is the typical billing cycle ) Then it was once a day! Now people are finding they’re taking readings CONSTANTLY. Some have even noted birds abandon their nests or they haven’t seen birds for awhile?

      But I doubt ( however ill advised ) health impacts would be felt immediately? Perhaps you’ve noticed the government can sell SOME people anything, as long as they preface it w/ the word “Smart”.

      You’re right however, living in *Western* Oregon year round isn’t good for ANYbody. You realize there’s a reason the natives only came to the Will. Valley during the Summer, right..? Yes, even people without computers and the CDC understood living in a DANK cold climate year round can only wreak havoc on your long term health. Of course tribes had claims to hunting grounds west of the Cascades, but primarily spent the other seasons to the east.

      Like yourself, even brief trips outside the area provide a tremendous sense of relief and elevated health levels. Spent a month in the islands and felt at least 10 to 15 years younger. And, as you’ve shared, felt utter decline within WEEKS of returning! So the moral HERE is? But keep in mind, it’s much harder to just pull up stakes after building a business and raising a family.

  53. Okay its not for everyone. No place is. So you had
    great expectations of accolades or at least a hug. Move on. Live with disappointment. Does not make you defective or less cuddly. You are someone’s everything! Don’t linger here amidst the bitterness and vitriol. Get the f**k out of Dodge! Northern California welcomes you. Love

    • Bob, I can tell you belong here, you are the people we are complaining about! We were looking for a bit of sanctuary here, on this blog, AWAY from just. your. kind! Please give us a tiny bit of peace!

      • Seriously, Bob why are you even on this thread? Is it because you just enjoy conflict or you can’t handle people saying negative things about your kind- both typical of an Oregonian. You are exactly the problem, you are the kind of person everyone is referring to on this page. You can’t let people have their own opinion or be different than you. Why is it that Oregonains seem to think their s**t don’t stink and they can just tell everyone what to do? This thread is labeled “a place for people to come and share their dislike of Portland” so what the f**k do you expect to see here? A bunch of “cuddly” warm comments about this place? You’re a delusional idiot, which is expected of someone from Oregon. You’re not changing anyone’s mind about Oregon so keep on wasting your time Bob you’re only making a fool of yourself.

        • Anyone ELSE ‘digging’ the COMMUTE lately..?

          The sheer amount of time I’ve poured into just getting 28 miles is, staggering! Last Thursday, 2 1/2 hours. Friday, THREE hours. Even bailing on I-5 S didn’t seem to help a LICK.

          I understand it’s the grad season, Rose Fest etc. but this was totally ridiculous. Rest assured I’ll be taking that stretch OFF next year, even if it’s just to enjoy the DUMP UofO students leave behind at Lake Shasta. ( see post above )

          There’s really no way AROUND it, this place SUCKS. Two years and counting…

  54. I’ve noticed that a lot of the folks who seem contented here spend a lot of time outside of Portland. And by that, I mean travelling overseas, to other (nicer) parts of the country, or, at the very least, to Bend and Southern Oregon–sometimes the Coast–on a regular basis.

    Of course they don’t think anything’s wrong–because they leave here all the time. And, why is that???

      • Altho a part of me is relieved that others hate this place as much as I do, I so do NOT want to be here at all anymore. I don’t think I’ll ever want to come back here for any reason, EVER. I so want a job back in California, been trying for months to get back home. And I haven’t even come close.. stuck in Portland.. hate it!!

  55. I hate dealing with these Oregonians here in California. I live in an area that has an extremely high risk for wildfires, I have been evacuated 3 times already this past year and nearly lost my home. I’m driving home the other day behind a car with an Oregon license plate and I see the driver flick her lit cigarette out the window. There are fields of dead grass and brush all around this road and she just throws a hot ember out onto the ground, wtf is wrong with these people? Like are you really stupid or just an asshole?? Do you realize that you could start a fire that could potentially burn down multiple houses and destroy hundreds of acres of land, ruining people’s lives? I stopped and got out of my car to make sure it got put out, sure enough the cigarette was sitting there on the side of the road, still lit. If I didn’t have to do that I would have followed that idiot and gave her a piece of my mind. These assholes are so self-absorbed and inconsiderate, they come here and destroy our wonderful state, GO BACK TO OREGON!!! No one wants you douche bags here!

    • Dude, I hear ya! Oregonian complain about us Californian “ruining” OR. What a joke. Last time I was in Oregon YUK. Everywhere I went people were puffing on cigarettes and pipes like they had not a care in the world. There is trash and more trash and Wth is with all the yard art?? Ever heard of a dump/refuse site??. Haul that s**t out of your yards.. ! Well, keep on smoking fools, you’re keeping the tobacco industry in business.. brilliant! Just don’t come down here to Cali with your disgusting habits..

      • Yes! I wish we could quarantine these people in Oregon there is no hope for that place now but at least we could keep those trashy assholes from spreading across the nation. I never used to think anything about people from Oregon… until I had the misfortune of actually having to deal with them. At the beginning I thought maybe it was just the few people I knew at first that were horrible, but it’s all of them. I have never met one person from Oregon that didn’t have their head shoved up their own a$$. They’re so full of themselves and for what reason I will never know. They’re rude to anyone that’s not like them. They’re always dishing out demeaning and negative comments and taking digs at other people but when someone has something bad to say about them it’s the end of the world and all of sudden you’re deemed as some vindictive psycho just for defending yourself. The sense of entitlement and double standards that these people have for themselves is just disgusting. No matter what they do they will never admit to being wrong, everything is always someone else’s fault. Dealing with them is torture I hate when they come here to California and act like they own the place and expect no one to call them out on their bad behavior because that’s how it is where they live. That’s how they get that way they are never held responsible for anything, it’s the Oregon way apparently.

    • Well.., here we go AGAIN!

      Another soggy Portland ‘Spring’. I’ll be careful how much I complain, some places in the NE are seeing snow?

      But looking forward, even freaking JUNE doesn’t look to die for? It’s more in alignment w/ our typical ‘Summer’. Starting just [after] the 4th of July, ending just in time for Labor Day. Overall it doesn’t look too awful, with just a handful of sunny days sprinkled in to keep you from going completely bonkers.

      Definitely iffy for any outdoor plans/activities. Outdoor weddings in June for the rest of the country. August for the PNW.

      • Absolute dogsh!t “weekend”. Did it manage to break 60 today? Overcast, on-again-off-again downpour. Gray to purple from horizon to horizon.

        Went flower shopping w/ the kids and couldn’t WAIT to get inside the greenhouse. Oh, and almost JUNE. Anyone remember 2007? I do. Our eldest daughter got married up at Silver Falls park. The date was set for June 30th. Thought we’d be in the clear?

        The rehearsal dinner was a DISASTER. Not only did it downpour all NIGHT, it was positively FREEZING. Granted, an elev. of about 1,400 feet? We had to have a rumbling fire going the whole time. The fire pit was the size of the one in the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark with a bed of glowing coals. And by the looks of things ( people didn’t wander far from it? )

        Thankfully the day [of] the sun managed to come out long enough to say, I Do. But the reception AGAIN turned chilly and just a dinner jacket didn’t seem adequate. Wish I’d have brought a scarf. Evening gowns w/ goosebumps for the girls.

        2016 is shaping up to be a total replay of ’07. Can’t TELL you how many June graduations ( nieces, nephews etc. ) where I’d wished I’d have brought a parka, umbrella and hand warmers. We were finally breaking the dreaded PDO ( Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Google it ) and now we’re going full speed ASTERN.

        But I absolutely REFUSE to “dress like it’s ‘Summer’ ” complete w/ shorts & sandals when we’re in the 50’s and drizzly. Sorry. You’ll see plenty of people that DO and it always looks perfectly ridiculous.

  56. I want to thank every one here who has honestly shared their thoughts about Portland. We moved here over a year ago and have decided it is not a good place for us. Mainly around the “medical mafia” whose hive is OHSU. So many docs around here trained there and their paternalistic, 1950’s attitude towards medicine and patient care has caused a great decline in my husband’s health. If a patient questions these docs, they simply ignore you or dismiss you from their practice. The pattern is clear, too. Of the few docs who did not train (med school or residency/fellowship) at OHSU they have been kind and helpful. But not the medical mafia.

    Part of this probably has to due with the highly provincial and unaccountable nature OHSU enjoyed for most of its lifetime. It had a kind of faux sovereign immunity to malpractice suits so their docs didn’t have much incentive to do anything for the patient. No accountability. That changed about 8 years ago but the culture persists.

    Anyone else have problems with Portland-bred or trained docs who seem to go out of their way to -not- provide the care their patients need?

    • There is an incredible amount of incompetence here. In ALL areas. For example, look at the incompetent drivers, the incompetent state government, look at how poorly meteorologists here predict the weather… absolutely the worst I’ve experienced. And people here DO notice individual things that are “weird” as they say. (As some of us learn, Portland “weird” is a politically correct term describing stupidity, incompetence and social ineptitude) But it’s noteworthy to say that people who like it and make it here in Oregon seem to be the people who can not put two and two together. They can’t see the entirety of the incompetence, how it’s EVERYWHERE, and how it’s a result of the permissive, no-accountability culture here. Just look at how people here raise their kids, they don’t push them or hold them to any standard AT ALL. One example: they don’t try to get their kids into the best college they can, like people do on the East Coast. People here put their kids in the worst/easiest/cheapest college that is socially acceptable.

      I know two doctors here in Portland, and they are both really flaky, dingy people both personally and professionally. But since it’s not socially acceptable to hold people accountable here, they get away with their air-headed behavior. I know it’s a small sample size, but I’ve never met doctors anything like this anywhere else. My advice is: Do your research and only go to people who are not from here and preferably who haven’t been here for very long. Also, you really have to be uptight and you have to push people, hold them accountable and be relentless about it. You can’t let them lull you into passivity. And it is REALLY hard because it’s just not socially acceptable to push people here. They’re going to ignore you and they’re going to think you’re a jerk, but you have to do it for your own benefit. Me, I’m tired of dealing with adults who act like irresponsible teenagers. That’s why I’m working on leaving. You really can’t win, it’s the vast majority of people here, it’s the culture. The Tanya Harding culture.

      • Thank you very much for your candid and thoughtful reply. We did indeed find a doctor who is not from here and they may literally save a life because of it. You’re remarks about the lack of accountability and overall incompetence here are spot-on. I have never seen a culture that is willing to let people die rather than simply admit a mistake & go about fixing it. Also thanks for the inspiration to keep going. We’ve spoken with doctors back home and they are appalled at what is happening but few who are familiar with the medical situation here seem surprised. Apparently it’s fairly well known what goes on here & one reason Oregon is having trouble attracting doctors not from Oregon. Unless they are on the run from someplace else & leave a trail of malpractice suits behind them.

        I wish you the best of fortune in your work on leaving. We are leaving, too, as soon as possible. Thanks again to you & everyone on this blog. As a character in one of the Thor movies says, it’s nice to wake up and realize the place you’re in is crazier than you are. 🙂

      • The Tanya Harding culture is the perfect description of this miserable place! LOL As far as I saw the ONLY thing Portland had going for it about 10 years ago was the lower cost of living. Now tho…. it has no redeeming features. Weather bites it! Traffic is worse than in SF and omg the mud and dirt and grungy people (and what the heck.. there’s no dentists around here? What’s with all the bad teeth? Meth?) the city is in the toilet.

        • Yea I also used to think the widespread bad teeth here was due to all the meth and hard drug use and that probably does have something to do with it. However, after living here for so long: I think a culture that lacks self-respect (due to clinical depression) has a lot to do with it as well. But mostly it has to do with the fact that these MORONS have been fighting science (ie fluoride) for decades! It’s all closely related here on Planet Portland (where reality doesn’t matter).

          • Boregonian, you won’t hear any argument from me about this backwards thinking state or the populace that inhabits it. Totally agree with you! A good example is how many of the peeps here smoke. My GOD!! It’s been a fact since around 1966 that doh cigarettes cause cancer, and now of course we know it causes COPD and a host of other problems. Yet these idiots keep puffing away.. Where are the an it – smoking campaign’s? Don’t they teach anything in Oregon schools except how to be a socialist and sit around on your butt?? Seriously.. Nobody really seems to give a flying f*!k here, about much of anything. Not even their own health. Sure it’s pretty up here, but so what? LOTSA places are pretty and have recreation out the wazoo. Just what the hell do people find so appealing about a city where everything is old, run down and the city government is nearly as corrupt as in Brazil or Venezuela?? Riddle me that!!

    • The medical care here in Oregon is HORRIBLE – always has been. We moved down from Seattle last year to take care of my mom and are taking her out of state to a more competent team of physicians. I work for a small hospital here in Oregon and OHSU is in the process of taking over. My goal is to be OUT of there asap. I have always been unimpressed with the way OHSU treats patients and it’s holier than thou mentality. I would stay away from them…”medical mafia is a great way to explain how they operate…

      I find it fascinating as much as Oregonian losers hate on California, so many of them find healthcare in California when things get tough. I’ve worked in both states and I can PROVE more Oregonians sneak across the border for care in CA than the mysterious Californians who sneak into here.

      I wish you the best – it will continue to be a challenge to find competent healthcare as the ACA is dismantled and dissected in the coming years, but I can guarantee you that California is where you need to be. There are amazing institutions and research facilities all over the state with brilliant medical minds who are developing new cures and medical treatments all the time. Move there…get out of here. This place will kill you…Portland is a hellhole…

      • Thanks, Campbell, for your good wishes. We’re out of here soon. Have already forwarded our medical records to new doctors in California. They are appalled at the sub-standard level of care they see documented. (We even have an excellent malpractice case against several doctors at OHSU but local attorneys won’t take the case because they’re either too scared to go up against OHSU or it’s all just part of the Axis of Incompetence and Corruption that is Oregon healthcare. “Medical mafia” is turing out to be a very accurate phrase indeed.)

        And yes, the totally reflexive, unexamined hatred of all things Californian by many Oregonians would be funny if it wasn’t so absurdly pathetic. The bubble floating on the surface of a warm “craft beer” so many around here live in is like nothing I’ve ever seen anyplace else. No one can imagine anything better than it is here, don’t want to know if there is anything better, and refuse to even think there could be anything more perfect than Oregon. That attitude goes a long way to explain why it is so corrupt, incompetent and why people don’t want to be accountable for anything: they can’t imagine anyone doing anything wrong in this “paradise.” It can’t even be called a “provincial” attitude because at least people in the provinces are aware that other places exist. Blinkered is probably the best word to describe many of the people here.

        Soon we will see Mt. Hood in the rearview mirror and be very thankful for it.

    • OHSU and Doernf**kers ( their Children’s hospital) made a critical error in my 4 month old daughters health – they “forgot” to mention she was in congestive heart failure wouldn’t answer a direct question to save their lives and the chief of cardiology came in to our room after we informed them we were seeking a second opinion at Boston Childrens (#1 in the country for pediatric cardiology, by the way) and told us ” we wouldn’t find anything new in Boston” and walked out. Within 3 hours of our initial visit in Boston we found out she was in moderate congestive heart failure, was a surgical candidate and was politely asked when we would like to schedule her open heart surgery.That fixed her and she is now a healthy amazing 2.5 year old. My favorite moment? Calling OHSU from her Boston Childrens hospital room and saying I wanted to cancel all of her appointments.They asked if I meant reschedule. No I mean CANCEL, and informed them that Boston did their job for them thank you.
      My blood pressure rises every time I have to drive past that bloody hill.

      • Very happy to hear you got your daughter to Boston and real medical care. That is really good news & that she is thriving today. The OHSU Medical Mafia that runs the Axis of Incompetence and Corruption that is Oregon healthcare can’t even comprehend your situation. They think themselves perfect and anyone that questions them is incomprehensible to them. Reprehensible is what they actually are, perched on that hill and killing people, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes by sheer ignorance. But always by their insular, blinkered attitude. The medical school rating people really need to reexamine any accreditation of that miserable place. As one person I know that was stuck in Portland said a while back, it’s really good you can do a doctor search for providers on all hospital websites — all you have to do is eliminate anyone with any association with OHSU and you will have a chance at finding a decent doctor. Unless they’ve been here too long & absorbed the ohsu-i-tude.

  57. The sense of self-entitlement that these people have is just ridiculous. Oregonians have no work ethic, they are lazy and uneducated. It seems like every person I have ever met from Oregon is either unemployed or works an entry level, minimum wage job. When they see someone like me who works hard and makes a decent amount of money and can afford nice things they get a chip on their shoulder. These people act like these things are just handed to me “Oh here in Oregon we actually have to work hard for our money” “We can’t afford to waste our money on fancy things like that ” “It must be nice being able to afford all that” like these things are just given to me. I went to college, I worked hard to get the job that I have to be able to take a vacation once and a while and treat myself and my family now and then. Why should I be made to feel guilty about my success? Oregonians think everything is a hand out. It’s no ones fault but yours that you didn’t go to college or hell even graduate high school and now you can’t get a good job or afford the things that I can afford. These people are losers who think they can get anything they want just by doing the bare minimum and when they realize that doesn’t work they just become bitter and jealous of the people around them that achieved their goals. I know so many families from Oregon where neither parent went to college, they have at least 3 kids, and usually only one of them works and then they complain about not being able to “afford Oregon” anymore and blame it on Californians moving here and raising housing costs. News flash Oregon no one is going to give you a free ride so either get your s**t together or stop complaining and blaming your problems on everyone else! The only person who is responsible for your life and your success is you! It’s not my problem and I’m sick of these people bashing me just because I made a good life for myself.

  58. Wow. Lovely reply. Small wonder you weren’t embraced. Like I said, you can find happiness and good people anywhere if you are okay yourself.

    • “A place for people to gather and share their dislike of Portland.” That is what it says just above your comment. DUH??? Go away LOSER!!! Get some sun, YOU NEED IT!!!

    • Wrong, Bob. I have lived in four major cities on the west coast before moving to Portland and have never, never before encountered the kind of people that live here. It would be comical if it weren’t so tragic. No personality, no intelligence, no humor, no eye contact, perpetual looks of disgust on their expressionless faces. This place is bizarre. It really is like hell on earth.

      • I thought I was the only one seeing this, what looks like, a general lack of ambition, intelligence, or basic social skills. So many mentally ill people roaming & floundering; it’s kind of depressing.
        What’s in the air out here?

        • I just finished reading the Oregonian article that someone posted about people getting sick here, and when they travel outside of Oregon, symptoms disappear. I have experienced this first hand also. I think it is in the air, and I think it’s benzene (google “benzene Portland Oregon”). I knew about this before moving here but stupidly thought, “It can’t be THAT bad or else something would have been done about it.” Wrong. Feeling trapped.

          • London, thanks so much for the google suggestion. I just did that. Sadly, I’m not at all surprised. I was having trouble with my sinuses before I left and never have before. And, lo, now that I’m in San Diego, I am SLOWLY starting to recover. I now actually go a few days in a row symptom-free. What’s with Oregon? Everyone says how clean and environmentally superior it is. Nope! I couldn’t swim my Labrador in the Willamette because the water is so disgusting. And I was talking to a woman in the supermarket who was undergoing chemo who said she grew up swimming in the Columbia. Everyone she knows who did that as a child has had/now has cancer. How nice. How Oregon! Since these folks can’t even do a decent job recycling, how can anyone expect them to care about pollution?

            And I so agree with you—why can’t Bob just find another forum to defend his indefensible state? But, oops, that may encourage more people to move to Oregon. Since that’s the last thing Oregonians want—newcomers—why do they tell people their state is wonderful? If they get on board with us, people will stay away. However, that’s the Oregon IQ for you….

        • Alex, completely agree it IS depressing, so much so, it’s turning me into one of those mentally ill people roaming around!!!

  59. WORLD CLASS… Portland is a world class city. World class in traffic jams that is… 9th worst traffic in the U.S. and 85th worst in the world!!! Good job Portland LOSERS!!! DUH!…

    Just imagine how bad it’s going to be in a few years with hundreds of thousands MORE people moving here and these brain-dead Portland morons making the roads even smaller:

    People here are the dumbest I’ve ever experienced. Even dumber than people in the south!! REALITY does not matter to people here. AMAZING!!!

  60. I couldn’t agree more with most of the negative comments that I have reviewed about Portland and the state of Oregon. We all remember the famous Cover Oregon debacle. The state of Oregon was not able to build a functional healthcare exchange after spending over three hundred million dollars on the development of the site. The failed project became a national disgrace and the FBI investigated the misuse of tax payer funds. In my opinion, it was a mixture of fraud and gross mismanagement from the incompetent government officials in Oregon. The fraudsters misled the Federal Government and boasted that it would be the best healthcare exchange in the United States. Lastly, Oregon is about to lose a law suit to Oracle that will cost another thirty million dollars. Simply, one more example of the fleecing of America!

    • Tony,

      Great points all. Followed that entire ( and rather embarrassing ) debacle. But Oregonians can be relied upon to fall back into this almost comatose-like state, pretty much greasing the skids for nothing but more corruption.

      We’d been thru a near identical scenario w/ our DMV back in the 90’s where $75 mil. was torched for a new “state of the art” driver license database. Din’t work. And don’t forget the gal that pencilled herself in for a, WHAT was it again? $25 mil. tax refund from the State! The only reason they caught her is b/c she lost the debit card ( they so mindlessly! ) granted her!

      The Oregon Gardens down in Marion County continues to bleed red ink and underperform even modest projections but always gets last minute cash infusions to keep it ‘afloat’. Just insane. I won’t miss paying my State income taxes to this dive here shortly…

      • Just some quick thoughts, I concur with your follow-up points! It truly represents a pattern of: waste, fraud, abuse and gross incompetence from the Oregon officials. As you probably know, another scam that’s coming to your local neighborhood is the real estate market in Multnomah County. Unfortunately, too many unsuspecting transplants have been purchasing over priced homes in this market. The present situation is not sustainable based on the lack of professional jobs and the rather low paying employment marketplace. The median income in Oregon is low compared to most U.S. cities. It’s a simple fact that over eighty percent of the residents in Oregon qualify for (ObamaCare) healthcare subsidies or free Medicaid (OHP) based on their income.

        As we all know, Oregon has never been a business friendly state compared to most of the country. I can’t tell you how many past CEO’s have claimed that Portland is a terrible place to grow a serious company. It appears that individuals are moving to Oregon, but real mature companies are not. The numbers are not favorable after you pencil out the high cost of doing business in Multnomah County. I suspect within one or two years more people will be leaving Oregon than arriving.

        I really don’t like the idea of unsuspecting people getting burned through misinformation. My advice to any person that is considering a permanent move to this city is to perform a thorough job search based on their experience and background. If you are bringing a job with you, please evaluate a plan B or C if your present job should not work out after you arrive in Oregon. Secondly, make sure you understand that Oregon has a State income tax, so calculate your net income after all taxes and deductions are subtracted. Additionally, factor in the high property taxes associated with living in Multnomah County as well. Lastly, please don’t fall for the trap that Oregon’s absence of a sales tax will save you a significant amount of money…unless you are buying expensive luxury items.

        • Tony,

          Seems you’re more ahead of the curve than myself. That 80% of PDX’s pop. would qualify for O’Care and/or the Oregon Trail ( food stamp ) card, really shouldn’t surprise me but it DOES!

          Tonight was another 205 commute from hell. 2+ hours [just] to make it to Oregon City. Ironically I zip to the AP in about 35 mins from W’Ville at 6AM w/ barely any traffic to mention. YET, at 3:30PM somehow everyone is.., heading home! ( Do these people work like 6-hour ‘days’? ) Skip lunch? Take -zero- breaks..? Even to use the bathroom?

          Then there’s all the tweakers/47’ers in their mid-90’s Dodge Neon’s deciding 4PM’s a great time to go out and score! Everywhere I turn it’s the same [incredibly] obese 20-something ( ciggy in hand ) demanding their Fair Share (TM) of the road, sporting hues of white not thought possible in the natural world?

          As you note, w/ substantially subpar wages, most “casual employees” can’t swing real ‘vacations’. That’s why they generally insist [every] weekend be a THREE day weekend. Opting to live like a ‘king’ ( only on a beer budget ) Leaving those career-minded co-workers to deal w/ the inefficiency HOLE they’ve left behind. Yep, it’s all “day trips” usually involving ( you guessed it ) more driving around? Jump out for 5 mins of selfies and invariably winding up right back where they started. Home Sweet Drizzle.

          And they’ve no idea three-bangers aren’t always your best friend. Perpetually relying on them means they never learn to budget or manage their finances in order to enjoy an actual vacation. Yeah, trip to the falls, a six pack of micros ( split 4 ways ) and some weed is just like the South of France! Isn’t it? Sorry for being so cynical, just so frustrated w/ this place…

          • Orig, please accept the award for bringing the most humor to such a sad and depressing environment. As they say, it’s better to laugh than cry. If Portland was any less ridiculous we would all go insane. However, speaking of bad commutes, have you traveled from Hillsboro into Portland lately on Highway 26? At present, the work week commute from Hillsboro to Sellwood can be as long as 2.5 hours two to three days a week…the distance is only 28 miles. I personally have never witnessed such incompetence when it comes to highway planning in my life. Why on earth, would the state of Oregon design a major three lane highway (26) to drain into one lane, followed by curvy city surface streets? It’s clear to me that Highway 26 was designed for a covered wagon or horse and buggy transportation. I don’t know why, but I continue to be puzzled by such short sited highway planning. Like you, I will be selling my home and making a final departure from this city in the next 12 months!

    • I’ve brought up the subject of the Cover Oregon disaster many times to people here and they always just get really quiet and/or walk away (even the conservatives). Yea, that’s one of the usual reactions to typical Oregon ineptitude… if they can’t blame someone else for their failure, they pretend it didn’t happen. Well here’s another guy who called them out…**king-idiots-r-204228

      • To get to the link above you’ll have to insert the “u” and the “c” in place of the asterisks. But I recommend reading it and watching the video, it’s pretty funny.

        • Bore,

          I’m sure it will be, entertaining. No reason to question you on this one!

          But you’re right. People from all walks find themselves either thoroughly ( and rightly ) embarrassed!? Or in Conserv’s case, utterly disgusted and frankly, pretty much powerless.

          For better or worse, Portland, and Oregon for that matter, have become little more than incubators for Progressive “magical thinking”. Handlers and their henchmen drive the agenda in progressive-friendly states, then USE it as precedent for foisting it on the rest of the nation. It’s proven a tried & true formula.

          And that’s precisely why conservative, libertarian and increasingly, sensible democrats are finding themselves w/ a defeatist mindset. So much so, as I’ve shared elsewhere, it’s become perfectly ridiculous to BOTHER having (3) separate West Coast ‘states’? What’s being pondered in Sacramento on Monday is being voted on in Salem by Wed and already LAW in Olympia on Friday!

          So why do we have three ( incredibly INSOLVENT ) and ‘different’ state capitols? Support three BROKEN public employee pensions..? They don’t RATE it.

  61. Portland was a disaster for me, is Seattle any better?

    I moved here last summer and it’s been hell ever since. The lack of job opportunities, the lame passive-aggressive people, expensive rents and overratedness all want me to leave. I can tolerate the weather, but not the $15-20/hour wages where I would get 60-75k+ in other markets. Before I leave the Pacific Northwest altogether, is Seattle worth a try? It’s hard to imagine doing any worse than here…

  62. Dear Lost Faith in Humanity,
    First. You are not crazy. This is important, because the PDX way is to make people feel terrible about their feelings and individuality. The Portand norm is conventional regardless of touted grooviness. Your desire to leave has probably been met with a lot of ‘something must be wrong with YOUness, that tends, along with the constant darkness, to make a person doubt themselves. I am here to tell you this: I finally was able to leave Portland six months ago, and I am happier every day. Even as I wrote that last bit, I imagined some PDXer writing in an commenting to me, ‘So glad you’re gone A-hole, your the problem etc.’ Cause that is how they do. Misery loves company. Don’t you be miserable. Life is short. Get out!

      • Well, I can just tell you what I did. I originally moved to Portland for my old, yellow lab, who needed a more temperate climate for her arthritis. (Portland is NOT dog-friendly, by the way, any more than it’s people friendly.)

        But back to the point. Took me about 6 months to realize that I hated Portland, and another 6 months to realize it wasn’t me. So I started researching where I could go. I had a lot of criteria, so it took me a while—a year in fact—but I couldn’t afford another mistake. Sight unseen, I moved to the San Diego area (north county). Sure, it’s more expensive in some categories, but I’m from Boston and used to expensive. You can juggle priorities and make it work financially. Besides, there are real jobs here and lots of them.

        It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I love the climate (temperate but with sunshine), the people are polite, pleasant, they smile, and they are intelligent. It’s racially diverse, and you can dress as you wish without being shunned if you look nice. Yes, folks drive fast, but I got used to that driving down the whole of the California coast when I left. The roads here are well-maintained (no snow/ice/salt), with great lane markings on the pavement, so drivers know what they are supposed to do, and the majority seem to follow the rules. The area is physically beautiful—very different from the East Coast but lovely just the same—and I can get to the ocean in about 10 minutes. Had I known how spectacular this area is, I might have left Boston (which I dearly love) long ago. My family keeps commenting on how happy I sound. And I am!

        As another poster observed, “Portland is where people go to give up.” Just be sure you leave before join them. The place can make you feel hopeless.

        • Anne,

          It’s just great to hear other folks have tightened up the old learning curve on this DUMP. It took years to figure out it wasn’t me. Then it was altogether too late. The wife and I burned decades trying to fit in, and for WHAT? Probably b/c we refused to dress in “bum clothes”.

          Oddly, and this is truly scary, while on vacation ( thank GAWD ) halfway around the world, I… ( does this guy EVER ‘learn’? ) introduced myself to someone whom it turns out was also from Portland!

          Let’s run down the old checklist!: Snooty. Check! Dismissive. Check! Paranoid as all HELL. Check! ( Why is this dude trying to be ‘nice’ to me? ) Anyway, just more proof POSITIVE Portlanders are to be avoided at all costs. Their ‘gift’ is the ability to export their particular brand of misery no matter WHERE they go!

        • Yes, California is a million times better than Oregon. I’ve been to both states but live in California and the differences between the two states is shocking once you cross the border it’s like a completely different world. However more and more of those assholes from Oregon keep moving here. It’s one thing if it’s people like you who realize what a s**t hole Oregon is and how revolting the people are there and want to get out. It’s another when people who were born and raised in Oregon come here. Honestly it’s depressing having to put up with these people here. The women I have to say are the worst. Stupid, immature, and worst of all soooo full of themselves. Like they are the greatest thing to walk the earth when really they are just disgusting scum. Like you said the way they dress, wearing pajamas around town at all time of the day and if it’s not that it’s the “bum clothes” that I’ve heard people referring to. They’re too stupid to know what birth control is so they pop out a bunch of kids and then raise them to be as awful as they are. I see little girls in middle school/junior high talking about “man problems” and trying to show everyone how “badass” and “hard” they are. (Yes they actually say that). You’re eleven, you have a crush on Justin Bieber, and you still live with your mommy you’re not “hard” or “badass”. I actually feel embarrassed for these idiots it’s appalling to watch how these people conduct themselves. Even the older women I’ve dealt with from Oregon are all gossiping, back stabbing, manipulative bitches. Trying to reason with them or talk to them is like banging your head against a wall. These people need to be quarantined in Oregon so their stupidity doesn’t spread across the world.

          • So why do thousands keep flocking to Portland? Why are home prices up 17%? Why is there only a 2% vacancy in Portland? I used to live there and have lived all over the US since moving away in the late 90’s. It was a beautiful place. No one who I’ve met in Portland has any resemblance to the vitriol spewed on this site. Go the f**k home if its as you describe. Go somewhere you will be happy. Maybe then Oregonians will be able to afford Oregon.Ironically I can no longer afford it so I moved to a waterfront property in California. Yes, California is beautiful and people are fine here. But I believe you can find good people wherever you move if you’re okay, yourself.

          • Bob, people are “flocking” to Portland because as I said before Oregonians spew all this bulls**t about how wonderful this place is but when people actually get there they start to realize how far Oregonians have their heads up their own asses. But by then it’s too late to get out. If Oregonians really want to “be able to afford living in Oregon” maybe sell your home for a lower price to another Oregonian instead of letting a Californian give you full asking price. It doesn’t suprise me that supposedly the people you’ve met from Portland are nothing like what is described on this page.(Which by the way I never mentioned Portland I was speaking about Oregon in general but apparently you’re too dumb to read which is also not surprising)That’s because YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. You Oregonians all think your s**t don’t stink and everyone else is always the problem. You take no responsibility for yourselves and if anyone has anything to point out or anything negative to say about Oregonians or Oregon in general it’s immediately responded to with hostility. I’ve witnessed this one more than one occasion. It’s pretty much the same with every person I’ve ever met that’s from Oregon. They will say rude things to you and about you for no reason, but when you say something back or call them out on their childish behavior they are outraged. “How dare you? I never did that!” when it’s obvious they did. They can’t be mature and admit when they’re wrong they just cop an attitude and spew a bunch of stupid excuses for their behavior. They are totally oblivious to how they act and that’s the worst part they obviously have no idea how ridiculous they look and seem to everyone else or certainly they would not want to come across like that. And I don’t need to “go the f**k home” I don’t live in Oregon I am home here in California where I was born and raised and now more and more of these Oregon assholes keep visiting and over-running our local events, ruining this state for the people who pay to live here. If Oregon is so f**king wonderful for you than stay in your own s**tty state and get out of mine!

        • Thanks, Anne. San Diego is great! I’m glad you ended up in a place that’s the antithesis of Portland. Good going! I guess you have your dog to thank partially!

    • You hit it right on! I want to leave this hellhole and all I hear is ‘oh god why? I love Portland this stare is beautiful’

  63. Dear Portland,
    I moved here last September from Philadelphia. I turned 30 and needed a change. My best friend moved here 4 years ago and has been ranting and raving how awesome it is here so I decided to give it a chance.
    This was a mistake.
    I’ve lived all over the country and this city has disappointed me more than ever.
    I’m getting ready to move back to east coast now.
    The women have been some of the worst I’ve met since grade school. They preach feminism but are very judgemental and shaming. They are not welcoming or empowering at all. I am a woman who does in fact like to wear make up and shower everyday and shouldn’t be shamed or judged. I think a breaking point was when another female said a tv show I like to watch was rotting my brain.
    Every woman seems like a sheep following the latest Portland Fad with no conscious of their own.
    Forget humor. Everything offends women here.
    Don’t smile. Nobody is waving back. Walk into a boutique or Salon and I’m ignored and treated like an asshole while spending hundreds. f**k you Portland. What the f**k is everyone’s problem here. What universe is this?
    The sense of entitlement here is outrageous. Everyone has mommy and daddy paying for their lifestyle and drugs while they go complain about how hard life is meanwhile i work my a$$ off for everything I own. I’ve become resentful towards people here and it’s something I’ve never felt before.
    Are all the drivers asleep here? Why is every restaurant and bar the f**king same?
    I dress in black and have my septum pierced. You would think I would fit in but no. Jesus Christ why is everyone so angry? Why did everyone turn the other way when an old man fell on the bus. Hypocrites everywhere.
    It’s f**king boring here. People here are worse than New Yorkers. I miss humor and smiling faces.
    Forget good work ethics here. Everyone is trying to find a way to scheme people like me out of money. I hope you all get what you truly deserve.

    – lost faith in humanity
    Sincerely an angry East coaster who misses laughter.

    • Nichole, I agree with EVERYTHING you said. My experience was exactly the same. I needed a more temperate climate than Boston for my old, arthritic dog, and my best friend ranted and raved about Portland and how marvelous it was. So I spent a long weekend visiting, and it seemed OK. What a mistake! In a weekend, you can look around a bit, see some nice scenery, travel to the coast, but it’s not enough time to see what the people are truly like. I had no idea that people anywhere were so self-absorbed, self-congratulatory, rigid, unaccepting, and unpleasant. I used to smile at people to see if I could get them to smile back. Nope. I was polite. People looked at me like I had two heads. I was used to dressing well. Stopped that in short order and took to wearing what I euphemistically termed my “bum clothes” everywhere just so I could appear to fit in. My ultimate clothing experience came as I waited in the Portland airport to board a plane to Philadelphia to visit an aunt. I wore nice clothes because that’s what one wears in Philadelphia (and pretty much everywhere else). So I was chatting with other people waiting in line, in particular, a nice older man (dean of a local college) and his wife. At one point, he asked me where I lived. I replied, “Portland,” thinking nothing of it. He said in shock, “YOU live in PORTLAND?” and looked me up and down. (He clearly assumed I was from somewhere else and just changing planes.) That truly clarified for me how much I didn’t fit in there and how much I didn’t WANT to fit in. And I won’t even go into the trash people leave in their yards, the unmaintained houses, and general rundown appearance of everything. Nor will I talk about basic intelligence and common sense (as in the total lack thereof). And Oregonians brag about their recycling and how environmentally concerned they are. Hogwash! They are years behind the rest of the country in recycling. They don’t know it, and worse, they don’t WANT to know it. When there is more than 2 inches of rain at once, the Willamette runs with raw sewage, and nobody seems to think it’s an issue.

      It took me a year to research places with a decent climate and organize my escape. I ended up in San Diego, and it feels like I’ve died and gone to heaven! People are polite, they smile, they are interesting, and intelligent. Leave as fast as you can. You will be so happy once you are out!

      • I agree with all the above. I move here from Baltimore thinking this was a wonderful city with forward-thinking people. I don’t mind the rain and the beautiful summers, but the people are the worst I’ve every encountered. They drive slow, work slow, and have a chip on their shoulder. It’s amazing that they have no self-respect – sofas on their front porch with mold, wearing pajamas and shower shoes to the grocery store, their doctor’s appts, restaurants, AND the symphony. How is it possible that you can be so unhappy? Ahhh, I get it. You’ve never lived anywhere else where others called you out on your bad behavior. It is as if Oregonians wear their mediocrity on their sleeves. And, please, stop blaming the Californians for raising the real estate prices. Oregonians, you are responsible for selling your homes FULL PRICE to the Californian buyers. If you didn’t want to get full price, then sell your home to an Oregonian for a cheaper price.

      • Hi Ann!!! – we lived in San Diego for 2 years and it is HEAVEN – I think we may look at going back – we HATE it here (and I grew up in what used to be Portland – i don’t know where we are now this is a ghost of what I remember). Thank you for your thoughts and words – my sister lives here and although she is really supportive, I can’t stand it here at all.

        I made the same mistake of coming home for Christmas last year and thinking this could be home again – I concur – a few days in Portland is not enough, especially if you lived here before. This is a ghetto…horrible place, horrible people, horrible homeless and drug problem. Bad people, bad food, bad lifestyle choices, and no class or fashion sense.

        I’m so glad to see you found the same joy we found in SD – hopefully we will find our way back – how is the economy down there??? We are both in healthcare and are having a hard time finding work here in the Big Sleaze…Need to get out this year – can’t take it anymore!!!

        • Hey, Campbell! Glad you wrote. It cheers me. I am dumbfounded at how long it has taken me to recover from Portland—actually have nightmares about having to live there again. And now that I’m in San Diego (North County actually), all I want to do is go around and enjoy how gorgeous everything is, now nice/friendly/smiling/INTELLIGENT the people are. San Diego is indeed heaven!

          Don’t just LOOK at coming back here—pack up and do it! Portland won’t get any better with time. One of the best comments I’ve seen on this website was, “Portland is where people go to give up.” That’s so true, so get out while you still have the energy and before you become one of THEM. Seriously, I have lived in 8 other places in the U.S. One of them I didn’t care for, but I didn’t actually hate anywhere—except for Portland. I finally got to the point where I didn’t want to go out because I’d have to look at the trash people left in their yards. How do they do that? How do they not care what you make your neighbors look at? People speak about “poor white trash” in connection with the South. I think Portland is where they are spawned. I could rant on, obviously, but I’ll spare everyone.

          For your questions, I too was in health care. Believe me, you don’t want to find work in health care in Portland. There is no quality health care that I was able to find. And being part of poor-quality health care isn’t an option as far as I’m concerned. I just retired, but as far as I can tell, there are a ton of health care jobs in San Diego County, and the economy is great. I don’t think you will have any problem at all finding work. Start looking online to see what’s available in your specialty, and I think you’ll feel more comfortable about moving. I stayed in an Airbnb while I looked for a place to live, and it worked out well because it gave me time to check out various neighborhoods and towns to find a good fit. I had never even been to San Diego before I moved, but I spent a year looking for good places to live online, and this seemed to suit my needs. Sure, scary moving to a place I’d never visited, but Portland was unbearable, and I figured practically anywhere else had to be better. Also, the fact I’d visited Portland before moving there and didn’t really see it for what it is convinced me that checking out a place in person before you move doesn’t prevent a serious error. So I just did internet research—much cheaper than a bad move. San Diego is not a mistake for me. Definitely died and gone to heaven here!

          And if you need any more convincing to leave ASAP, look for the OPB documentary “Unprepared,” which aired in October 2015. Don’t just watch the trailers (although here’s one: Best to look on YouTube (not PBS anymore) for the full program. It takes some searching because there seems to be a determination to downplay it, so the original documentary keeps getting pulled. But if you keep at it over a period of time, the program will reappear. There are many documentaries about the Cascadia Fault in general—lots of wild end-of-the-world-type stuff—but the one specifically on Portland what you want. It focuses on how totally unwilling to deal with reality and science Oregonians are.

          Campbell, I wish you the best. Try San Diego again—you will be so happy here!

          P.S. And if anyone knows, could you explain why Oregonians keep saying how wonderful Oregon is and yet they hate it when anyone moves there? Please, put the word out: Don’t brag about your state! (Instead maybe tell people it’s awful and they will be unwelcome?) It would save the rest of us so much grief….

    • It’s comforting to know “it’s not just me!” I was (am) seriously getting a complex, “Am I gross? Am I ugly?” No, I’m not. I tried dressing better, dressing worse, it didn’t make any difference. People actually have to make an effort not to acknowledge a person’s presence. How hard is it to look someone in the eye and smile or nod is smiling is too hard. Good grief!!! Socially stunted is what I’ve concluded. Sorry you had to feel the lack of humanity and common social graces that most every other group of people on the planet likely have. It’s sad, pathetic, and greatly diminishes quality of life here.

    • Nichole I completely agree, the women from this state are awful! As you said they act like they are feminists (who help and support other women) and they absolutely are not. They are all about tearing other women down, why? Because they are threatened by women who are not like them. I honestly feel like I’m in high school again dealing with these women. They all have their little “cliques” and if you’re not a part of it you are judged and made fun for absolutely no reason other then you’re new. They see someone who is mature and sophisticated, someone who takes care of themselves and wears nice clothes and makeup and it reminds them of what they are lacking (something you can’t point out to these people without them going for your throat). They try to live in their own little bubbles where they are just little miss perfect and when they see someone better than them I think they become enraged. They can’t accept it so they just lash out and then the rest of the idiots they surround themselves with all reassure them that they are right and everyone else is wrong. It’s like the mantra for Oregonians “it’s them not me”. It’s never them it’s never their fault and that why they will never change. It’s really kind of sad.

  64. I can see why the traffic in Oregon is so terrible, these idiots can’t just drive here they have to take selfies and video tape themselves while they’re doing it. Then post it on social media really great idea. Literally seeing these posts captioned with things like “#drivinganddancing #nohands” and “102mph on the way to Caliiiii!” Seriously what is wrong with these people? They should not be allowed to operate a vehicle if they can’t go one car ride without take a video of themselves for their snap chat or their Instagram. Sorry but no one cares about what you’re doing in the car but we do care that you’re driving like a moron and going to get someone killed. Such self absorbed, ignorant people… its revolting.

    • Oregon driving is like Night of the LIving Dead. No one is aware of anyone around them. Why is it not illegal to drive with ear buds in your ears?

      • It should be illegal to drive with earbuds in, but even if it was these assholes would still do it. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to drive around holding your phone up in front of your face and posing to take selfies but I see people do it all the time. How do they not get pulled over for that crap?! The police must be as stupid and incompetent as everyone else in this state. You’re so right about how they are completely unaware of everyone around them. It’s like they all live in their own little self-absorbed worlds where the rules don’t apply to them or anyone in their little “cliques”.

  65. What really irritates me about Oregonians is that they say all this s**t about how Oregon is so awesome and beautiful and the best state, but then they are always coming to MY state (California) and ruining all the local events for the people that actually live here. For instance Coachella, soooo many stupid assholes from Oregon coming here now! They are rude, ignorant, and annoying and come here with a sense of entitlement like they own the place after visiting once. I pay way more rent than these assholes do to live in California. I was born and raised here and should and be able to enjoy all of the wonderful sites and events that they have here and not have it ruined by a bunch of lazy, stupid moochers from Oregon. If your state is so “awesome” then stay there, because California doesn’t want you! Ugh pisses me off… soon all of our beautiful local areas and celebrations will be overrun by these idiots, then no one will be able to enjoy it anymore. So sad 🙁

  66. GO THE f**k HOME! To whatever miserable piss pot you came from. Portland USED to be heaven before all the strays who felt rejected elsewhere came and became enraged when they learned that life ANYWHERE owes you nada. Get a grip. There are so many cool places. Go find one. I hear Houston is perfect.


    • There you go again, blaming reality on EVERYONE ELSE!!! No it’s not that Oregonians are pathetic and lazy and can’t take control of their own state or even acknowledge/deal with ANY problems??? It’s just blame blame blame isn’t it?… It’s ALL THE CALIFORNIANS FAULT!!! You just wish you were left to your KKK rallies like it used to be hey? Those were the “good ole days”??? Poor, toothless and depressed for 9 months a year but you had those rallies to bring you together???? Forward thinking and progressive? What a joke!!!

  67. In my experience, there is a culture of no accountability here, unlike anything I’ve seen before anywhere in the U.S. Can you say Tanya Harding??? Still to this day she is pissed off because she was essentially held accountable by the rest of the country for what she did. And look at that, she barely made it out of Portland and she never left the PNW. HUH?! They can’t go anywhere else and have this type of snotty attitude and NOT EVER walk the walk like they can here. Another small example of how socially UNACCEPTABLE accountability is here: I’ve seen 4 near fist fights between drivers here in Portland solely due to the fact that one driver tooted the horn (a slightly direct form of holding someone accountable) at another driver. And all 4 times the nut-job who was beeped at (for their own dangerous driving), got out of his car ready to fight and screamed “DON’T BEEP THE HORN!” Each time I witnessed this it BOGGLED my mind… it was a complete caricature of people here! Sooo thin skinned that they can’t take being beeped at, when THEY are in the wrong! AMAZING!! Thankfully MOST people here are too depressed and lazy to actually get out of their cars but you know that’s exactly what most are thinking when THEY screw up and someone beeps at them! People here are born and raised like this. To explain to an Oregonian what real accountability is, is virtually impossible because they’ve NEVER experienced it. It’s obviously COMPLETELY foreign to them (not that they can admit it). Here are another couple of examples (of the COUNTLESS that are out there) to document the facts about people here…

  68. Dearest Bore,

    Since Portland is the number one desirable relocation area and well respected media like The Wall Street Journal write articles about Portland’s “Culture and Kindness,” what does that say about you and your bitterness? Maybe take a walk and get out of your head. Many people have fought their way out of depression and negativity by putting one foot in front of the other. So quit hiding behind the blinds and get on out there!
    Best Always,


    • Thanks for the advice Bobo. Maybe you failed to notice the title of this web site? Well let me help you out here, it’s: “” And that is what I post here: THINGS ABOUT PORTLAND THAT SUCK!!! Do you get it??? I know you’re obtuse but just try to get it through your depressed, thick scull. This is a web-site for people to post THINGS ABOUT PORTLAND THAT SUCK! Here is some advice for you Bobo: GET A LIFE! Go enjoy Portland since you love it so much. DUH??? You obviously DON’T enjoy it that much and that is why you are here harassing us. Every time you post Bobo, you prove the point that what sucks about Oregon is all the brain-dead, miserable, antagonizing people like you who clearly have NO self awareness whatsoever.

  69. The racism. Holy s**t. I do love testing with my native themed clothing. I am native but I don’t fit “the look”. It doesn’t disappoint. I’ve brought it up to my non mixed friends and they’re oblivious. But oregon seems to be oblivious on how racist it can be.

    Oregon news is so self centered and down right gross. The work doesn’t revolve around Portland.


    Vancouver is not the Couve. Vancouver is not apart of the “Portland metro area”. Vancouver isn’t in Oregon it’s in Washington. I can’t stand Portland absorbing surrounding every damn city into Portland. Leave us the f**k alone.

    Trying to out weird everything. Vegas, SF, Seattle, and Sedona is far weirder. It’s like it’s trying to prove something.

  70. How about the fact that for 2015, Portland was the number one destination in the country. The days of being Seattle’s little brother could be coming to an end. What is it that attracts everyone to Portland? Is it our high income tax, or our high priced housing market?

    • Kyle, I can only think it’s all the Kool-Aid produced by Portlanders, which they seem to consume in quantity. They are so convinced of their superiority (while determinedly ignoring input from the rest of the world) that they brag enthusiastically, and others are sucked in. When I was looking to move west, one of my best friends, who had visited Portland a number of times—and obviously consumed so much Kool-Aid her judgment had was affected—recommended I go there. I did…and spent the next two years planning my escape. I am now happily living in California, where IQ and experience of the world are considerably higher. Believe me, many Californians consider Portland a joke. I think eventually people will catch on that it’s the city of Kool-Aid, not craft beer, and stop going. It will just take time. Meanwhile, some, like myself, have to learn the hard way.

  71. Boregonian, you couldn’t have said it any better. I am also shocked and appalled at how stupid these people are, and that it is accepted it this backwards state! You were so right about how they don’t live in reality and if someone around them does that person is considered a loser. The most horrifying thing to watch is how they all encourage each other. That’s why Oregonians will always be an ignorant, self-absorbed, trashy people who don’t know how to think and act like proper adults. It’s like the whole state is one giant high school where drugs and alcohol are glorified and considered “cool” and the smart people are “losers”. Not only that but they create drama and cliques and act like talking s**t is their full time job. Yeah Oregon is awesome if you’re one of the many brainwashed idiots that live in that state.

  72. Every single person from Oregon that I have come into contact with is extremely stupid and irresponsible. The worst part about it is that they don’t even realize it. They act like they are so high and mighty, when is reality they are the scum of the earth. They are rude, trashy, and LOVE to start drama. If you have a problem with someone from Oregon be prepared to have a problem with all of their friends and family too because trust me they will all jump in on the action because unfortunately they have nothing better to do with their lives in their s**tty state. They are ignorant and don’t accept responsibility for their actions. Also they are liars and mostly either drug addicts or alcoholics. This one woman I knew from Oregon was 4 months pregnant and I saw a pic of her smoking a cigarette on her Facebook page and confronted her about it. She instantly got aggressive and defensive and tried to tell me that the picture was taken before she was pregnant. The caption for the picture was “pregnant bitches”…. Seriously?? She also denies that her boyfriend is an alcoholic even though he has a beer in his hand in every picture on his page. Just an example of how scummy these people are!

    • Are you sure it’s limited to racism? In the two miserable years I spent there, I decided Portlanders simply hate everyone.

      Several times I made the mistake of wearing nice clothes. I got disdainful looks. When I was pleasant and polite to people, they acted like I was strange.

      The funny thing is that the nicest woman I met in the entire time I was there was the woman who delivered my mail. She was the daughter of Mexican migrant workers, had lived all over the U.S., was well educated, and had lovely manners. We always spoke to each other using first names.

      My landlady, by comparison, who had lived in her house for at least 15 years and considered herself a true Oregonian, had no idea who I was talking about when I mentioned our mailperson by name. I was stunned. I grew up in the Midwest and spent most of my life in the East. No one, but no one, in either of those places would not have known the name of someone who had delivered their mail for more than a decade.

    • You’ll have to insert “hi” instead of the asterisks for the link to work. But it’s a good, mostly realistic article. If you’re into reality.

  73. I really don’t understand the allure here:

    1. The economy and job situation is one of the worst in the country
    2. If you are lucky to even get a job, it pays much lower than in every other major area
    3. The cost of living is expensive as hell
    4. The weather is rainy and gloomy 8 months out of the year
    5. Traffic is ranked in the top 10 worst in the country
    6. Some interesting outdoor activities but usually spoiled by the weather
    7. People aren’t really all that friendly and they generally dislike transplants
    8. No top tier Universities in the area (University of Oregon and Oregon State are not in Portland Metro)
    9. Public schools are historically mediocre
    10. Overly aggressive liberal politics
    11. Huge homeless and panhandler community
    12. Higher crime than should be expected for the population

    • Guilty on all 12 counts!

      Strangely enough ( and thankfully ) your Dirty Dozen don’t normally hit you all at once! They’re reserved for the different phases of life here, but they’ll ALL impact sooner or later.

      Even IF you’re fortunate to have one of those plumb jobs ( it’s still gloomy much of the year )

      You might be able to tune out the overly aggressive liberal politics, but NONE of us can outrun liberal POLICIES? Someone is going thru your trash as we speak!

      Making plenty of money? Good for you! But it’s still an empty replacement for having a growing circle of friends.

      No school-age children attending mediocre schools? Great! ( But you still have to deal w/ everyone ELSE’S dimwit kids! )

      There’s really no ‘winning’ here and the best any of us can hope for is to capitalize on the Best and skipping the rest. Ideally by being so successful, you spend the gloomy parts in Palm Springs…

    • 13. Most inflated, overpriced real estate in the country in an economy with little to no job growth == don’t buy real estate in portland!
      14. Incredibly blind-sighted, unprofessional workforce compared to any other mid-market or large city in america. don’t move to portland thinking your career is going anywhere. nepotism and ineptitude will ensure that

  74. Pretty much sums up most of the town here in Portland…

    Douche bag:

    An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.

    • AND… has anyone noticed how completely INSANE commuting has been lately..?

      Over the last month, and granted it’s been some wild weather, but my normal 1/2 hr. in the morning at 6AM ( and an HOUR ) to do same at 4PM is now in EXCESS of an hour and HALF!

      All just to go the the lavish distance of around 28 miles? I know that’s obscene by Oregon standards, but when compared to Cali, pretty reasonable. Just throwing darts here but it may not be entirely a Portland thing. Many now work Mon/Wed/Fri at (1) branch, office or site and… the rest of the week, wherever the boss SENDS them!

      Back in the day, most worked at the same location, now it’s a lot of flex-work stuff. Regardless, it’s just getting WORSE. Talk about ‘unsustainable’?

        • And notice how the author herniates himself to discredit Tom-tom’s technology, rather than… own UP to the fact: Portland Traffic SUCKS!

          It’s gotten so bad I actually looked into alternatives. A work sponsored carpool, always an option but certainly not without drawbacks. For all of Portland’s self-appointed progressive mindset, there simply isn’t any evidence carpooling is anything more than a feel good campaign?

          Public trans might look promising but I’d have multiple transfers just to get some place as common as the airport? MULTIPLE. Park & Ride blah blah…

          The ‘solution’ most Portlanders seem to prefer is part-time employment or better yet ( no employment at all! ) Problem solved…

          • The reason traffic is sooo terrible here is mostly because of poor planning and poor decision making. The reason the planning and decision making is so bad here is because the vast majority of the people here are SOOO STUPID and so unaccountable!!!! And since expressing different perspectives is not socially acceptable here and no one has to own up to their mistakes, it becomes an echo chamber of stupidity and irresponsibility. And (obviously) this echo chamber magnifies the stupidity EXPONENTIALLY. It’s really amazing to see just how out of touch with reality people here are. Reality is not socially acceptable here. If you attempt to be a realistic and balanced person, you are a loser here. Nobody wants anything to do with you. It’s sooo frustrating! But then again, what intelligent person wants anything to do with these stupid, boring people anyway? Not me.

            Another point I wanted to make is that terrible schools and poorly educated people IS NOT LIBERAL. REAL liberal states have better schools and have better educated people than conservative states. Liberals tend to be better educated than conservatives, that’s why they’re liberal. You can check the facts. Or better yet go move to New Jersey and see for yourself. Go move to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York etc. It’s VERY obvious that people in real liberal states are more educated and are doing better than their conservative counterparts. When I first moved here I immediately noticed a lot of people doing a lot of stupid things. I made excuses for people’s stupid behavior for longer than I should have and that was my mistake. Oregon is not really a liberal state. This is a poor, libertarian state that people confuse for a liberal state because people here aren’t smart enough to figure out the difference. Education is NOT a priority to people here. That’s why the schools suck and people are sooo uneducated and stupid. The priority here is doing drugs and going to strip joints. But lets just be real: Most people here don’t even understand the CONCEPT of priorities.

            I’ve lived all over the US, in liberal and conservative states. And this is the ONLY place I’ve lived where I didn’t fit in. It has been deeply disappointing and frankly shocking, because I’ve never experienced this ANYWHERE. But really and truly I’m SOOO GLAD I don’t fit in here!!! People here don’t like me and that is a GRAND COMPLIMENT! Insecure, brain-dead, losers don’t like me… AWESOME!!

  75. And why are they not capable of critical thought? Where are the smart people!???!! Please tell me where they are, I have yet to find them. Please, tell me where they are! Thank you.

    • There are virtually NO smart people here. The culture here selects AGAINST intelligence and enables stupidity. Being smart is not socially acceptable. Smart people are a threat to the vast majority and are shunned. Most of the smart people I’ve met here either leave, live here in perpetual frustration, or get beat/dumbed down and end up stupid like most everyone else. Even my doctor is a flaky, ding-bat. This is an uneducated and DUMB town, state and culture in general. And you really don’t need the statistics that DO back this up, all you need to do is talk to and experience most people here. ZERO common sense. It doesn’t seem like people here even understand the idea of common sense. To say that there is a lesser standard here is giving them too much credit because these people don’t even understand the CONCEPT of standards! It’s just random. What people here do is just random, stupid. People here are the most brain-dead, backwards thinking people I’ve ever experienced in my life. And part of what makes people here worse than, for example, people in the south and southern mid-west is that here they THINK they’re smart. And the social culture here is so stifled and repressed that they never get taught how dumb they really are. How does one learn? Somebody teaches them. NOT HERE. That is uncouth. Showing someone what they did wrong and how to fix it is considered uncouth here and nobody EVER does it. So what do you end up with? A race to the bottom. Everything ends up being “How pathetic can I be and get away with it.” For example: Homeless people everywhere. Beggars everywhere. 60 miles of dirt roads. People in their pajamas all day in public. Etc. I’ve been working with, volunteering with and experiencing in ALL phases of my life, people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s who have NEVER been held accountable or shown a better way to do something. NEVER in their lives have they been held to a standard. They just pretty much do whatever they feel like. So every once in a while when I go and hold somebody accountable and make them fix they’re own mistake (which they obviously have NEVER experienced before, EVER!) they’re apoplectic! “HOW DARE YOU!!” “I didn’t do that, that was someone else’s fault. I wasn’t even there!” And even my coworkers who agree with me and are really on my side, get petrified and walk off leaving me on my own. And that is the insular, feeble-minded, permissive culture that we live in here. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s part of life, can’t we acknowledge that? NOPE not here. And it’s frustrating for me as well because when I screw up, I never get held accountable EITHER! The only person who holds ME accountable here is ME. And I can’t do it all because half the time I don’t even know that I screwed up unless someone tells me. I WANT people to hold me accountable and tell me when I screw up, and I want to be the one that fixes it because I want to be a better person. And I’m not. I’m a worse person here and I CAN’T STAND IT!! The Portland culture isn’t how to be a better person, it’s how to be a WORSE person. And that is the type of person who THRIVES here. Over-confident, under-competent people thrive here. The type of person who consciously or otherwise wants to be as lazy as they can be, as stupid as they can be, as drugged out as they can be, as socially inept as they can be and wants to take NO responsibility for themselves at all… that is a PERFECT PORTLANDER.

    • London,
      You were looking for intelligent people. I found ONE—my auto mechanic, Tom Dwyer. He has a newsletter that’s terrific—no toleration for stupidity, hypocrisy, political idiocy, or ignoring facts. You might want to take a look. It will make you feel better. Knowing there was actually another human being in Portland who could THINK kept me sane during the year I was looking for a better place to live.

      For starters, try this:

      And you also might want to check out some of his earlier newsletters. Many are gems.

      And please, get out of Portland soon—nothing, nothing on earth is worth what they do to all the belief you had in yourself before you moved here!

  76. I hate Portland!! I hate the traffic because everyone drives like they are on a Fuxxing Sunday drive going 25 miles an hour, rain or shine it seems to be the same. The freeways suck and I doubt they will be fixed ever since it would involve mowing down all of the business by the freeway in order to make them wider. Columbia river crossing, what a joke! I hate all of the grunge-wannabe hippies with their F’d-up hair and piecrings.

  77. The problem with Portland today is that like all things, it changes. I lived in Portland from the late 80’s to the early 00’s, and loved it’s gritty vibe way back when, when you find a ram-shackled house for 15K a block away from Hawthorne. Back then, the city was great, lots of block parties, and nice, supportive people everywhere, whether they were locals or newcomers. There was hardly any traffic and you could zip around the city in no time.The Pearl hadn’t been developed, and was just block after block of grungy warehouses that you really didn’t want to be around after dark. In the 90s a lot of my friends bought old houses and fixed them up, trying to stay faithful to vintage and reused materials. These were the “first-wave renovators” of the close-in neighborhoods like Hawthorne, Rose City, Hollywood, etc. Most of us were only earning 10 bucks an hour at our jobs, but Portland was full of opportunity around every corner. Of course, after grunge music put the Northwest on the map, in the early to mid-90s, I saw a radical shift as people inundated the city. My formerly relaxed friends all seemed to morph into a liberal bougie type, who sold their homes (for a huge profit) and bought more expensive homes. Each time they moved, I noticed a new change in their attitude, a little more self-satisfied and smug. Around 2000, I started noticing this attitude more and more, and I left for greener pastures. The point I’m making is this: By the time the word gets out that a city is “hot”, it’s already beginning it’s slide. Regardless, of the self-conscious costumes that people now wear in Portland, it will never be the city it briefly was in the early 90s. Visiting again in 2015, has only convinced me of that fact, as I toured the city in July. It now looks like a dirty, broken, expensive dream that never quite got realized, for anyone except perhaps, the very rich, and that’s a damn shame. Scratch the surface of both liberals and conservatives and you will see the capitalist under all that blather. Portland is no different.

      • DW really summed it up nicely. More or less described the era I found myself involved. Keep asking myself.., “Where did all that promise GO!?”

        Still recall the article in the Oregonian from the early 90’s where a young white couple bought a NOPO “fixer” ( and that’s putting it mildly ) in an all Black neighborhood. They “put it all on plastic!” ( less than 20 grand ) as no banks would loan there.

        People DID things like that back then and as I recall, they found themselves not only welcome, but a vibrant part of their community! The important part, was they were doing their own thing, and people respected that on its FACE. A Where Are They Now? ( might prove disappointing )

        Back in that era, being conservative-leaning, libertarian etc. wasn’t ‘damning’. And it certainly wasn’t a PERSONAL PREFERENCE that would hurt your business or stunt your social growth? Whatever! Today you’ll be blackballed, dissed and DISMISSED in short order. Being liberal “on most issues” just isn’t GOOD enough. You’ve got to be willing to dangle from a bridge.

        AS DW so adeptly describes, it was all too fleeting. And lasted just long enough to dupe many of us into believing it was ‘structural’. And all those over the top radicals? Yeah, they’re not happy either…

      • The same can be said for the CA beach town of Del Mar where I grew up.. but I left in the late 70’s. Call it paradise… poof, it’s gone! But as we get older… it’s the same story for everyone … isn’t it?

    • I grew up here and left for 25 years – I’m back to take care of my mom and it’s a hellhole – I agree with DW – it’s a broken city – dirty, gross, and full of homeless people. It’s a nightmare for those of us who grew up here – really sad:(

    • DW, it happens everywhere. I was planning a move to Portland in the early-aughts, I knew someone who moved there in the 90’s. All I really wanted was very little snow and moderate temps (I actually love overcast, and remember loving it as a kid). By the time I started checking it out in 2004-2005, due to some family stuff I needed to do before I could go, it was gone! The goals is to find the next Portland (throw a dart at a map), and not tell anyone about it at all. If you write a story about it, it’s over…

    • Well said. Definitely did notice that sometime in the mid 2000s, Portland gradually became something else. Left for college and came back several years later, noticing how much things shifted as well.

      I mean, despite the city’s progressive image, it’s all just a facade. Look no further than MLK Blvd. It used to be blacks and latinos used to live there. Now, it’s California transplants and yuppie hipster types who can afford to live this faux-impoverished lifestyle consisting of organic food grocery stores, hole in the walls, and microbreweries.

      Whereas, all the ‘poor ethnic people’ have been moved to North Portland and SE Portland.

      Any socioeconomic benefit the people in Portland will receive due to their policies will only benefit suburban white people regardless of the politics they claim. It’s like the San Francisco-Oakland divide on a smaller scale.

      The place is in decay, honestly.

  78. Portland use to be the big little city. Absolutely no traffic, beautiful, and affordable. Oh how Times have changed. Yes some things change for the better. However there is no economic reason for portland to have such high rents. Being cool has become a trend. Where they stopped thinking for themselves and have become extreme democrats. Our schools have simply stopped being a priority. Oregon has a chance to be better, yet, so far, we are losing out to communities that are simply too rich for an average person to move their family to. The traffic has become ridiculous and customer service in this area is one of the worst I’ve seen in the many cities I’ve traveled to. I guess everyone here thinks they are too good for their job. I love the rain, i love Oregon. In my travels there are people that are kind and accepting. I guess Portland just lost its way. However, there are plenty of oregon cities that still remain unique and welcoming.

      • What cities? Oh you know… those “cities” that are North, South, East and West of here! I mean what a f’in joke!!! You drive over the border from California into Oregon and immediately the highway gets plugged up with morons getting right in each other’s way for NO f’in reason. This is a state full of Tanya Harding losers that just f- everything up for each other. The State needs to mandate Vitamin D supplements for all so that maybe these zombie-like, slow thinkers can get their brains functioning to a level that is partially human. One thing’s for sure: YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!!! Only solution is getting away from these brain-dead losers…

        • You hit the proverbial nail on the head, yet again. I’ve been trying to deduce what is behind people wanting to dominate others on the road, cut off for no reason, tailgate someone in the slow lane rather than go around, speed up to tailgate and then brake because it’s rush hour traffic causing the stop and go to be even worse. I agree, low brain power, plus massive inferiority complex, with a heavy dose of passive aggressiveness makes living and driving in Portland a living hell. Now I’m skiddish of moving to an even worse situation!

  79. I live in upstate New York I thought Portland seemed amazing for what I have interest in ( mild weather , outdoors , beer etc) took a trip out there in June . The hotel lost my reservation and the 13, yes 13 other hotels in the city I tried were either sold out or 300+ a night , I took the light rail which they claim is the best it was nothing more than a poor mans subway , nothing but ghetto unemployed retards riding around smelling like a weed farm , ran into a group of I presume drop out high school kids dressed in black trench coats riding skateboards around , ran into a bunch of meth heads

    Ready for my highlight ? Found a motel for one night guy said there was one room left but the ac is broke and smells like cigarettes ( I don’t smoke ) long story short I asked to check it out he unlocked the door for me there was a f**kinf meth head sleeping in there he broke in

    All in all I was in Portland 7 hours and jumped on a plane to Vegas to forget that s**thole . Idk how people live there

  80. There is nothing worse in this city than the horrible people! Homeless losers everywhere. Everybody is fat, stupid, ugly, retarded and mean. And they stare! Some people never do anything but stare. It’s like that’s all they know how to do. I never see them do anything else but stare at me. They act like I’m the only person in the room. No matter how many other people are around, I’m always the only one these morons stare at. Every single time you ask them why they stare, they never have an explanation. I yell at them “What the f**k are you looking at!” And they get embarrassed and start laughing like immature idiots. Don’t be surprised if I end up on the news beause I just might kill one of these useless losers one day! I can’t take it anymore. I do not deserve to be treated like this. I dread leaving the house! Why do people have to stare? And why do they always stare at ME???????????

    • Amen Valeria. If you notice, their mouths are usually hanging open while they’re staring. They have no self awareness whatsoever. It’s why I call people here “mouth-breathing gawkers”. I think it’s their version of socializing. Seriously, people here are so socially inept, gawking is just about all they can do to socialize. It’s how they are born and raised. And what’s even more pathetic is that if you DON’T inappropriately stare at people THEY consider YOU anti-social!!! NO SH–!! Yea, the vast majority of Portland consists of pathetic, anti-social, entitled trash. It’s where brain-dead, loser, morons are completely mainstream and average.

    • Valeria,

      Incredibly, this too is about, conformity! If you’re even remotely sharply dressed, it’s an ISSUE. For all their supposed open mindedness, the truth is, being “out of uniform” is a major, potentially blackballing infraction.

      Men my age have about (2) basic ‘options’, blue jeans ( of course! ) slip on rubberized boondockers and fleece pullover. Cap or hat optional! The other is; TFS. Total Freaking SLOB. Assigned, politically correct ‘attire’ if you can CALL it that, varies from age to age and gender to gender but you get the idea.

      Personally, any (1) well dressed couple is infinitely more a morale boost than all the bright, snappy, happy-colored fleece & jeans in the PNW put together! Besides, who wants to be married to freaking slob..?

    • Did you make the mistake of wearing nice clothes and jewelry instead of bum clothes and tattoos for decoration? Only the latter seem to be acceptable.

      I just left Portland after living there two years. Couldn’t stand the people—all they do is make their own Kool-Aid (meaning myths about how wonderful Portland is) and drink it. Professionally. That is ALL they do. They don’t smile, they aren’t friendly, they think they are outstanding recyclers but they barely recycle anything, they tout their dog friendliness, but their dog parks are small and revolting, and don’t even think of swimming your dog in the Willamette, which is filthy and runs with raw sewage after heavy rains.

      The locals call it “Stump Town,” but it would be more accurately named “Dump Town.” People leave trash in their yards—rusted bed springs, old cars, dead bicycles, you name it—and never clean it up. Some yards have so much, all I can think of is that it goes with the house when the owners sell it. They even smoke, so there are butt cans on most blocks. Who on earth smokes any more? Bright these folks are not. I couldn’t wait to leave!!!

  81. I’m, kid(who I love endlessly), traffic to a job I like and have worked hard to get! But if not for school aged kid I’d get the f$ck out of here about 2 years ago.. Inbred or California Sunscorched idiots.. That’s Portland now

  82. i am officially out of OR!!!! yay!!! i feel sooooo much better! no joke! I’m more relaxed, calmer and happy.
    to all my fellow portland h8r’s, i hope you the best. keep your heads up and don’t drown in Portland’s sea of douchiness. you’ll get out! best wishes for you guys and good luck! ✌out!

    • Congrats! Freedom at last! You’ve escaped this piece of s**t town. Make us proud out there will ya. The struggle continues. Hopefully, I can be out this bitch by next year. In the mean-time, im heading to Cali for a weekend to getaway from this bulls**t and refresh myself. f**k this gay a$$ town!

    • Totally awesome! Sadly I’m a few years out…

      Here’s the math for the numbers challenged: There’s 52 Weeks per, hence 52 WeekENDS in a year. Only (3) THREE months can be [safely] deemed, relatively safe from rain-infested, depression inducing DREAR. Though HARDLY a ‘guarantee’. 3 mos. X 4 weekends = 12 weekends, MAX. ( X 2, Sat/Sun = 24 ) Anything over and above that, consider yourself most ‘fortunate’ and PLENTY of years will sizzle right the the 4th of JULY weekend.

      That’s 24 days a YEAR. Then consider, as a homeowner, you’ve got landscaping and painting and a lot of OTHER chores that simply can’t be done, even in a mild, ‘warm’ drizzle? Although Oregonians generally commit to those during the near inexhaustible supply of “marginal” weekends.

      Next, multiply those ( exceedingly ‘gracious’ ) 24 Daze times the number of years you can stand, are STUCK here or your family’s track record of longevity permits? That’s just the FACTS guys. DEAL w/ it…

  83. I am a kid and you guys are just people with stereotypes. It is in a way like racism. It’s like in movies when you see the dark alley way in New York City and someone gets murdered, some people might not go to New York City because they think that it will happen to them. I am a teenager and I think Portland is a nice place.

  84. Thanks Pearl!!! Only ten days to go and I’m outta here! And I got to say, I love the term ‘initialed trash’ introduced by I’m not sure who. I get confused about who in writing what on this site. I hope you find your exit sooner than later. I should have left 6 years ago, but it just took me that long. Thanks for the drink offer, but I’m just too strapped with packing. 🙂

    • Woohooo! Have fun! I just happen to be dealing with some Portland bureaucrats today (you know, the kind that make the ladies at the SF DMV look like models of efficiency–not to mention models) so I’m extra jealous of anyone who’s going anywhere but here. Hope living here didn’t damage you permanently. Good luck, and may you find the perfect place for you! I I’m out of here in a year or less, and I’m counting the days.

    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Your self absorbed brand of negativism is the problem, not Portland,Oregon. Let us know how plush the red carpet is in your new town.

      • Oh Mike, are you still beating that drum? By definition a self absorbed person does not take much notice or interest in what is going on around them. I, to the contrary, am very aware of what is going on around me here in the town that joy forgot. Did you know that Portland is rated the unhappiest city in America? The link below is just one article about it. (
        Did you also know that the Northwest is the home of the most known serial killers in all the USA? I’m not the negative one, Mike. I like most others on this site, know a mess when they see one. Clearly, you have an attraction for the negative. If you didn’t you wouldn’t continue to contribute to this site, the very name of which is hostile to your beliefs about Portland. Perhaps you enjoy wallowing, or perhaps you are a masochist? Or perhaps you are the one who is self absorbed and don’t notice the wretchedness that surrounds you?

        • So you move to Oregon and expect the locals to have a ticketape parade in honor of your arrival? Is that it? Well guess what, in any city and relo you have to find activities and make friends the way we did in our infancy: the sandbox. In adulthood the “sand box ” is your job or the gym or any volunteer experience you enjoy. I’ve met self absorbed slobs, boring arrogant and socially incompetent humans (that’s you, Princess Nols)
          in every city I’ve lived in. Moved three weeks ago from Illinois to California. There are good souls
          and cool things to do most everywhere. Get out there! Life is calling and you’re never going to meet them when you are hiding behind the draoes. That’s just sad. Have any of you tried Hashing? Instant friends there. Google: HASH HOUSE HARRIERS. And people, let’s not pick on little kids whose hearts are still full and who have the guts to say what they think.

          • 1. finally left OR after 3 years and would prefer a parade celebrating my departure, which i would happily participate in.

            2. i wasn’t picking on the kid, i was serious. why is a kid on this site? and yes the kid should be doing his/her homework to get that diploma…which OR is lacking. I’ve worked at 3 different jobs and there was at least 1 person there that had a sibling that was a drop out. nothing wrong with voicing opinions, if you’re willing to dish it out better be able to take it too. that’s life.

            3. seriously, why are you still here? here’s an idea…start your own page and bitch about us there. sheesh, get over yourself.

  85. Poorly paraphrased; Robert Olen Butler wrote we are all completely and utterly alone, but there’s more: “we are ALONE together.” So perhaps the best spin on all this vitriol is that industry is the surest cure for melancholia. There is always work to be done. Ever handed out cheeseburgers under one of the bridges? Guaranteed to work better than Zoloft or Xanax but not as good as a nice crisp Riesling.

    • Talking to most Oregonians I almost always feel like there’s something not right upstairs. They’re usually lacking lucidity, basic common sense, normal interpersonal boundaries and basic social skills. Yea, it’s like brain damage, something is just not right. I always just call it brain-dead. Most people here are brain-dead. And they do always look really miserable and unhappy. Even in the summer time-when they’re getting some sun and nice weather-most of them look really unhappy. And not only do they LOOK unhappy, they ARE unhappy. I’m sure that’s a big part of the reason hard drug use is so mainstream here. And moreover most Oregonians are COMPLETELY unaware of how they look and act. If they had any self-awareness or any self-respect they surely wouldn’t want to come across like they do. I do think some of it has to do with the effects of the lack of Vitamin D on brain development. Because you’re right, something ain’t right with these people!!

      • NOLAbound, I can’t agree with you more. As a former San Franciscan (80s -90s), I just assumed that the culture of that city would apply here. Boy was I wrong. You are so right that “‘curiosity is not in the culture'” here. I have met plenty of people here who HATE travel and never go anywhere outside the state. Huh? I don’t get it. And that’s fine. I wish the uncurious no ill will. It’s just that when a city bills itself as “weird” and “progressive” and “tolerant,” I expect it will be just that. And Portland had enough outward manifestations of all those words that I was fooled. My bad. You’re right, some of us aren’t suited for this town, and I’m sure not. Your X-mas party story actually made me tear up a little, because some of the best times I’ve ever had were at ‘stray’ holiday parties I went to in SF. The fact that people would flake on someone offering their home and food on a holiday, speaks volumes about the priorities of this town (mainly self). You are in the enviable position of leaving here, but if you don’t, I invite you for drinks, holiday or not.

        • thanks Pearl. Get thee to where you want to be! Don’t let the people here convince you that ‘it’s you’ and PDX is great, leaving you depressed and uncertain. Find your spot. Everywhere is not the same, regardless of what the PDXers want you to believe. Thank you for the invitation, but I am out of here in just ten days, and am stressed packing. I just won’t have time to meet up.

        • Don’t look now Pearl, but as a guy who goes to SFO a few times a year on business, and has for a lot of years, SFO has changed so much, it’s more like Portland than whatever it was before. SFO is now totally unfriendly and obsessed with money; the only people that seem to survive there are “coders” and people involved in Pacific Rim finance. Whatever it was, it ain’t. San Francisco, way over with…

      • Reading your posts, I just thought of something, do you thing the writers and producers of The Walking Dead, lived in Portland for a while? They staged it in the south so people wouldn’t guess? HA!

  86. Hi London and Pollyanna,
    100% in agreement. I keep remembering one of the ‘defenders’ on this blog ranting how we ‘haters’ expect to have our butts kissed because we are from somewhere else. That rant personifies the overall attitude of PDX. Groovy on the outside xenophobic on the inside. I remember when I was young and living in San Francisco (late 70s) I was always excited to meet people from different places in the U.S. and the world (still am actually). I wanted to hear about where they were from. That curiosity it not here, by and large, it is not ‘in the culture’. Fear based like you said. I used to have a theory that Port towns were open minded because so many people came from all over the place to land at a given port. Portland has certainly put a damper on my theory. LOL.

    Pollyanna, I so hear what you said about ‘being alone’ here. For years I lived in New York City, reputed to be so full of rude and selfish people, and yet as a person alone in the world, I was NEVER alone on a holiday, I traveled with NYC friends to visit their families in Penn, Rhode Island, and Mass if I didn’t have anyone to be with in the city. When I moved back to SF, I was the one who hosted holiday parties for ‘strays’. I don’t know how many holidays I’ve spent by myself here. When I first moved here, I planned a Xmas part for about 50 people. It snowed a tiny bit on the day of the party-didn’t even ‘stick’, I was excited to have snow for my party. You both know what’s coming…only two people showed up. LOL. Snow at Xmas time is a threat here in PDX. TRUE story. It’s just like what you described. You are not crazy and imagining it for sure.

    Some of us are not suited for this town. For about 5 years I kept thinking it was me. It’s not. This place does not suit the cut of my jib. It doesn’t suit you either. Get OUT! There are beautiful places to get to. Don’t let the people who love this place convince you that it’s all about you.

    It all goes well, I will be kissing this place good-bye in less then a month! There are moments when the joy of it is almost overwhelming.

    • Hi, NOLAbound…where are you moving? Always interested in finding out where people are going from here. I’m hoping to leave sometime next year. I’m kind of over the “what if I can’t afford to” roadblock I was putting up for myself. I can’t afford NOT to at this point. I see no future here. I wanted to go back to SF (where I am from) but no way no how anymore. Too crowded, too expensive, and even more of this mentality; it’s not the same anymore. My friends down there can’t stand it. I too have ALWAYS been interested in people from other places…I know people up here who are even afraid to venture into Asian or Indian FOOD let alone show curiosity in another person. As my old boss used to say, “Why leave Portland? I have everything I could possibly want here!” I used to shudder when she’d say that!

    • NOLAbound, I can’t agree with you more. As a former San Franciscan (80s -90s), I just assumed that the culture of that city would apply here. Boy was I wrong. You are so right that “‘curiosity is not in the culture’” here. I have met plenty of people here who HATE travel and never go anywhere outside the state. Huh? I don’t get it. And that’s fine. I wish the uncurious no ill will. It’s just that when a city bills itself as “weird” and “progressive” and “tolerant,” I expect it will be just that. And Portland had enough outward manifestations of all those words that I was fooled. My bad. You’re right, some of us aren’t suited for this town, and I’m sure not. Your X-mas party story actually made me tear up a little, because some of the best times I’ve ever had were at ‘stray’ holiday parties I went to in SF. The fact that people would flake on someone offering their home and food on a holiday, speaks volumes about the priorities of this town (mainly self). You are in the enviable position of leaving here, but if you don’t, I invite you for drinks, holiday or not.

  87. Eagerly trying to leave Portland after so many years. Have realized that I’m not as liberal as I once thought….and I think that is the majority of my issue. While I love and appreciate progress and open-mindedness, I have my limits. I’m kind of a “conservative-liberal”, loving tradition and class and structure, while fascinated by new ideas as well. I guess I don’t need to see all the piercings, tattoos, grunge, etc. in order to appreciate liberation. While I also appreciate the need to save the environment, I often think Portlanders forget about each other. We hug a tree, yet leave someone alone and friendless to suffer through hardship. I’ve had a bevy of friends since moving here several years ago, but they are fly-by-night. No one seems to really bond or want to. There is little social life or culture here beyond beer or people-watching. Even the “natives” seem to just stick with their own, their tribe; few I know have any true friends. Back home, we considered friends “family”, but not here. People don’t even invite you over for the holidays if they know you are alone. It’s just very very strange and always has been to me. There is more effort put in how weird one can look than how one can make a difference in the life of someone else. Very self-serving and self-centered. It’s also very cliquish and insular here…..I’ve tried volunteering several times, but have felt MORE alone in the presence of the other volunteers who have all bonded to some extent and fear outsiders. As progressive as Portland is, there seems to be an underlying fear of change. It’s ironic. This could be an AMAZING city…I can put up with the weather, but I can’t put up with the bad politics, the way people treat each other, the cost of living, traffic, the scarcity of decent jobs, and the lack of earthquake preparedness (I know, random, but it’s an issue for me!). Portland just feels like it’s spinning out of control. As much as true Oregonians are somewhat “reluctant” to allow others in, they HAVE allowed others to take over their cities and I don’t understand that. It seems to have gotten easier to hang off a bridge in protest than it has to fight for each others’ well-being. I honestly feel the lack of cultural diversity has a great deal to do with how Portland is as a city…..let’s face it; us “whites” aren’t always the most passionate, compassionate, or most engaging while some other cultures are; they take care of their people. If there was a greater mix and that mix was acknowledged and appreciated, it would serve Portland GREATLY.

    • Pollyanna,

      There’s an absolute EARFUL in what you shared. Even having moved here in the late 70’s from the Midwest, I STILL haven’t figured ‘them’ out? Yep, 40 odd years and I’m left scratching my head?

      Fortunately I get to travel a great deal and the wife and I have friends all over the country, and world. It’s helped keep us sane. I think their unwillingness to be open and objective about Portland and OR in general has proven locals biggest stumbling block.

      It’s as if the KNOW deep down the place s@cks and just one moment’s lapse in their reality defense shield and they’re goners! So we play the Emperor’s Clothes when it comes to the weather, cost of living, taxes and as you note, a particularly twisted brand of ‘politics’. They have ‘tolerance’ for EVERYONE! ( Except YOU? ) The head-splitting cognitive dissonance doesn’t bother them a bit…

      Don’t get me started about how they are in business.

  88. Boregonian, I think the root of the problem is most people here are incredibly insecure, so much so, that you can’t challenge anything said, or have a regular conversation because it’s seen as questioning their very person or some other non-sense. I am pretty much over trying to figure out what it is because it’s so inane and boring. I just ask they contribute something of worth, and have the backbone to not be intimidated by others’ intelligence and contribution. Is that too much to ask? No, it’s not too much to ask!!!

    • I’ve had so many issues on the job since moving to PDX because of just that…if I show any intelligence, I am a threat (and we’re not taking rocket science brainiac here). I’m a woman, so double the threat. I am asked for an idea, give one, then am quickly dismissed, never to be asked again. There isn’t a lot of team work in Portland offices. I’ve heard “because that’s the way we’ve always done it” (BTWADI) too many times to count. While I’ve had some decent male bosses who don’t seem threatened (though still have good ol’ boy mentality), I have come across many petty female bosses who have made life hell for their employees. I’m in the process of finishing my degree in the hopes for a better job and more opportunity, but even my advisor said I will probably have to get out of Portland to do just that.

      • Pollyanna, yes, after you finish your degree, get out while you can. Move to a major metro city: NYC, LA, Chicago. I hear Atlanta is nice. The problem with Portland, in my estimation, is it’s projecting a progressive, liberal, open-minded persona. It’s none of those things. The hipster facade you aren’t cool with belies the interior reality of most people here (regardless of what their exterior looks like). People who like Portland, love their bubble. I happen to like a broad world view, different cultures and ethnicities. That makes it incredibly tough to live here.

        • Yes! That’s exactly it! I don’t understand when people don’t know what’s going on in the world outside Portland….very frustration. They ARE living in a bubble, a facade of Utopia….but Utopia it ain’t! Progressive thinking just isn’t how weird one can make oneself look or how edgy or how close to the fringe one can live. Progressive thinking is deeper than that….or 50 ways to recycle plastic!! It’s great that everyone cares about reduce reuse recycle, but the thinking stops there!

          • “People who like Portland, love their bubble” Lol!


            There’s any number of attributes/detractors virtually ANY place has to offer. All I’ve ever asked of locals is to be honest about it and not waste my time dragging into yet another ‘discussion’ when they’re wholly incapable of being objective enough LONG enough to weigh important decisions.

            The hard part is once you’ve have children in school and worked really really HARD to build a business, it’s tough to walk AWAY from. Even when you’re struggling.

            There isn’t a sense that “I’ve wasted my LIFE here!?” and we do have some wonderful friends, memories and experiences here. But now, as AGE sets in, we have to be honest w/ *ourselves* over how much of the year we can SPEND here?

      • I have had nothing but trouble in Portland as a smart, capable female. It’s almost a situation where, if you show any initiative or drive, you are threatening someone who is just coasting along. Which a lot of people are doing here. I came of age in a very competitive place, and showing drive and initiative is the only way you got anywhere, but here, it’s like you can’t get ahead unless you pretend you are something you’re not: a lazy, uninspired blob. Sorry, can’t do it. And neither should you. Go somewhere where your skills are appreciated.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Insecurity rules here. No thought that might make someone question their own beliefs (and I’m talking mundane beliefs, forget political…I wouldn’t dare challenge any one on their politics here…) will be tolerated.

      • Sadly, w/ altogether too many OR’s, virtually everything evolves around THEIR belief system/s. It’s virtually inescapable! They’re so incredibly INVESTED, you can’t comment about a micro beer without the risk of blowing up the relationship.

        Those that came over on covered wagons needed firm resolve and dogged persistence just to survive. Those that arrived via Southwest Airlines adopted those traits out of convenience and laziness.

        Having grown up in Chicago during the 50’s and 60’s I just IMAGINE making comment about a man’s CHOICE in the beer he is drinking? It’s all drink/drank/DRUNK anyway? If someone preferred Schlitz or whatever, why would you ever COMMENT on it anyway? Vice while away the hours pontificating over, hoppiness?

    • I don’t know much about Cogan, other than he’s an arrogant jerk who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. I do know the city council is composed of mostly people who care about making business connections, and not carrying out the “will of the people”. Maybe I’m naive, but I did think they were supposed to at least pretend they are working as representatives of the public will. It seems this city government is dirtier than most though, frankly.

      • Part of the problem is we have this outdated, unrepresentative form of city government. LAST in the nation with this commission form of government! We’re so backwards thinking and stupid… LAST IN THE NATION!! And one of only two large cities with all city counselors being at-large, meaning none of them represent a particular district. If you read the following article you’ll see how San Francisco is almost 40 years (and counting) ahead of Portland. And this is what the people here vote for over and over again, to continue to have an unrepresentative (and unaccountable) form of government…

        • You are touching on something ironic (not in a good way) about Portland. One would expect it to be “progressive”, forward thinking (not in a capitalist way, but ahead of the curve). I didn’t know about the structure of the city council, but in a way it explains some things. I’ll check out the article. Last in the nation, even behind any city in Kentucky? Another badge of honor.

        • BTW, the way Portland is governed is also illegal according to the Voting Rights Act of 1964. So Portland is stuck in the 50s in the WORST ways.

  89. Portland has 300 miles of streets without sidewalks. Out of 5000 lane miles of streets the city can only maintain 100 miles a year. I’ve never experienced anything like this anywhere else. Not even in the poor South have I experienced 60 miles of dirt roads in a major metropolitan area. We’ve got all these basic maintenance needs and we just spent $200 million on an unnecessary new bridge? WTF?!?! I-5 is 2 lanes going through Portland. 2 LANES!! I’m not a car person but that is just STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! Can people here acknowledge and take responsibility for how awful the decision making is here and for what a POS this town is? NOPE!! They’re too busy doing meth. These shi! heads can’t even come close to reality and responsibility. It’s all someone else’s fauIt. It’s all the Californians fault!! It’s all these new people who have moved here, it’s their fault!! These Oregon losers have NEVER been able to take care of themselves. They can’t realistically plan for the future, and that’s why this place is such a disaster and getting worse by the minute. And what do they do? Cop a snotty attitude and pretend reality doesn’t exist!! Check this out:

    • Could not agree more. Whoever designed the “motorways” in and around Portland is an idiot. And don’t get me started on downtown! If you end up on 5th St (one way), you won’t be able to get off until you travel the entire length. And it’s just getting worse (traffic) as more people move here, and we have incompetent nincompoops at the helm. Had we known what a backward and passive aggressive place this was, we never would have moved here. Feeling stuck.

  90. Bob and Michael,
    It seriously does boggle the mind though, that when an opposing view is expressed the response it to declare that view a result of a character flaw or illness as opposed to an opinion. I don’t agree, therefore I’m on ‘meds’, I don’t agree, therefore I am a narcissist, I don’t agree, therefore I am a negative person, I don’t agree, therefore, I hate dogs, I don’t agree, therefore I am immature, I disagree so I take negativity where ever I go etc. Pathetic really. And proof of why this site exists in the first place. As people in this town are not allowed to voice their ideas freely, about Portland, without this kind of backlash. I’d hate to think how you’d react if I said something as controversial as, ‘I don’t like beer.’ I’m guessing you find a way to send me to the nut house. LOL.

    and btw, In spite of the very personal mental and character diagnosis, and the hopeful fortune telling of violence against me, that I’ve received from you two, I don’t think anything is wrong with you, I just think you’re trying to fight a losing battle are aren’t taking it with much grace and have resorted to some rather plebeian name calling.

  91. Hey Bob, You’re funny. Too bad you don’t mean to be. To bad you actually mean to be insulting. Your shots have really missed the mark. A child has better aim.

  92. Hi Amanda, Thanks for your defense. But I assure you, the barbs these people attempt to through at me leave no sting. I am amused by them and even more entertained by writing responses to them. In fact I believe them when they say Portland is a great place to live. It IS, as long as you are conventional white people who want to bring up kids and never have your views challenged by the unconventional. It’s great for middle class white kids too, who want to act ‘crazy’ and get tattoos, smoke pot and hang out, until they are ready to settle down and raise kids. etc. So, I don’t take their views personally as I am not insecure about my opinions about this town. I am clear it isn’t the place for me, and I feel no need to defend my view. But I do like a battle of words now and then. But, unfortunately with these light weights I’m fighting with unarmed men.

    • LABound, you have hit the proverbial nails on their heads. You are right on every count. This place is like living in a terrarium. Or something that feels claustrophobic and horrible and white. Even people who should be intelligent (educated, traveled), aren’t. Their life experience is so narrow! I’m finally realizing I’m never going to fit here, which in a way is a good thing I guess. Might be time to take advantage of the inflated real estate market to cash in and get the heck out of dodge. I’m being bored, slowly to DEATH!!!!

      • London, I feel like I’ve been stuck under a heavy blanket for 7 years! People here are repressed, boring and physically and intellectually lazy. People here shun me and hate me because I have enthusiasm and energy and they don’t get that. I try to fix things and figure things out and somehow, even with educated, “upper class” Portlanders this is considered threatening. What’s the point of life if you don’t live it and love it and do fun things and laugh and enjoy it? No wonder everybody I know here has friends and family members who have committed suicide.

        I have fit in and have had friends EVERY PLACE I’ve ever lived. And that’s 11 different states. Not here!! I’ve actually come to a point where I feel proud that I don’t fit in here. If I fit in here it would mean I’m one of these boring losers. I know many people who fit in here and guess what?… they’re boring losers that couldn’t make it in a real state.

        • Wow, I completely relate to your situation (heavy blanket is the perfect metaphor), it sounds exactly like mine, except I have lost my enthusiasm and energy from being beaten down so many times. How did you manage to maintain it? Our stories are nearly identical. It’s heartening to find even one other person here who gets it. Are you planning on moving? And if so, where? Wondering if abroad is the way to go at this stage.

          • London, I’ve lost most of my energy and enthusiasm as well. Especially socially. My whole life has become avoiding… I avoid as much contact with average Oregonians as possible. Anymore I pretty much give to people what they give me. Which is basically nothing. They’re typical anti-social Portlanders and I’m like that back to them. However, I refuse to do the weird, creepy, codependency thing. You know where they half mumble something, sort of, to you without context and they expect you to read their mind and know what they’re mumbling about. I usually just ignore them. Sometimes I’ll boldly say: “Excuse me, are you addressing me? I don’t know what you’re talking about! If you want my attention, you might want to say excuse me, make eye contact and talk directly to me instead of mumbling passively looking away.” That doesn’t go over very well as you can imagine. But it’s so ridiculous that these people get to middle age and can’t communicate like adults. And as much as people here gawk and stare when it’s totally inappropriate, they can’t seem to make APPROPRIATE eye contact in a direct conversation. WTF? What’s so funny is that this is the only place I’ve ever been called anti-social by someone! Oregonians are BY FAR the most anti-social people I’ve ever experienced and THEY’RE calling ME anti-social?!?! That’s so Oregon… I mean, I’m intentionally anti-social to anti-social people and these people are born and raised this way. I can admit it and these people can’t admit anything! I’m going to get out of here at the latest next year. As long as that earthquake holds out! I’m saving money and looking for a job. My partner and I used to talk about moving abroad, however I’ve regressed so much being here that the only thing I can think of is just surviving day to day to get to another part of the US that is less bad than this. If I can just live in a place with normally socialized people again, hopefully I can recover from this miserably depressing 7 year hole in my life and think about moving to a decent society after that.

          • Boregonian, hadn’t been on the blog for awhile, sorry for the delayed response. BTW, your name is perfect. I can’t relate to your experience anymore, what you are describing is exactly the same as mine. The passive aggressive is really about to push me over the edge. I can relate to your not having the energy to even consider moving abroad because you are so drained by your current situation. I’ve never experience anything like this, even small, rural towns are better than this. My favorite is when you ask a direct question, and that is seen as aggressive. WHAT?!?! Asking a question is aggressive? Really? I worry for people that are raised here, they could never survive anywhere else.

        • you know, the 3 years I’ve been here I’ve worked 3 different jobs and at every single job there was at least some one that was jealous and competitive with me. no joke. it was like they’re threatened by me and feel their
          position was in jeopardy or something. sheesh! hell, idk what their problem was, but i didn’t care cause i didn’t plan on staying here anyways! but i will say the last two jobs i went off on the co workers and guess what? did i get fired or written up? HELL NO! Cause #1) I am a good worker and #2) I was in the right! that’s how oregonians are, they start sh*t. they instigate it. and when you confront them, they’re quick to deny or try to make excuses. ugh! so glad I’m moving…6 weeks and counting!!! yaaay!!!!

        • ThanK you for this and I mean this sincerely. I’ve lived around the world and found that portlandia is filled with a lot of entitled individuals who will will outcast you if u don’t fit the wierd or even have a lot of ambition. For a city that says they are so liberal — drastically lacks in ethnic diversity, and tolerance towards difference in opinions. I am so happy that I am no longer living here anymore and like you I’ve fit in everywhere accept for Portlandia. It’s true though what the others say once u try to intellectually have a debate with a person from Portland they are so insecure and easy to place blame instead of being accountable. Thank u again.

  93. NOLA
    Like I said don’t let these f**king assholes such as Mike Moniker and Bob get you upset. Because them two would be the passive aggressive people that would never say these things to our face. Have you ever had anyone respond to you ever about wanting to not live in the state they call home. When I talked s**t about Nevada and hated it there not one person reacted in the manner to which these people are accustomed to. Why don’t you idiots step to me or Boregonian. Trust me I will leave you speechless and leave you running home crying for your mama who I am sure lived in a super small ignorant town such as St John’s or St Helens.

    I will try and make this clear..
    How pathetic are your kick a$$ lives that you search for websites on your opposite views to talk s**t on when in all reality come face to face with me NOLA or Boregonian. (Sorry guys your my people now I have to include you) if you want me to stop mentioning your names I will. You two assholes wouldn’t say s**t and when you got beat up by a hot chic you would still call the police.

    I am still waiting for an idiotic comment from Bob or Mike Moniker…

  94. BTW, because I am a compassionate person, I advice you don’t respond. My bating you has been a conscious effort to entertain my fellows, and myself, on this site. We all know how passionate some people are about convincing us how wrong we are about PDX. Only God knows why you expose yourself to ridicule in this way on a website CREATED to be against your opiion. You aren’t the first, you certainly won’t be the last. But, for your own good, know you are convincing no one and the longer you protest, the more amusement you will afford us. Do you really want to be that person? Do you really want to be the newest ‘Tequila Sheila’? Portland sucks. It’s the name of the site, be good to yourself, go somewhere else.

  95. No, you weren’t ‘sharing your own experience’, you were telling us we are wrong about ours, and that as soon as we experience being somewhere else, and become mature, the way you have become mature, and realize all places have faults, we will realize that Portland is really pretty great, And that after we have experienced things the way you have, we will ‘be back’. That was you wasn’t it? Closing with ‘You will be back’? That wasn’t written by some blogger hacker was it? Someone bent on distorting your meaning? None of your thoughts were about ‘to each his own.’ If anyone misunderstands the concept it is yourself. If you truly believed the concept of ‘live and let live’ you would have kept your thoughts to yourself and allowed those of us who do not like this town, voice our frustrations to one another and stayed out of it. You would have had no urge to ‘correct’ our misguided ideas with your greater worldly wisdom. You would be happily looking at ‘why Portland is Awesome’ sites and left us alone. What is it about the title ‘why Portland sucks’ don’t you understand?

    • Ok. It doesn’t make a difference if I wish you the best. Your own miserable, contrarian attitude will follow you wherever you go. Portland ain’t the problem and will be a better place without you. Negative is as negative does. Do yourself a favor and lighten up would ya? It’s only a matter of time before somebody gets in your vapid face (if that hasn’t happened already.) I’m sure someone in New Orleans will happily oblige.

      • Mike, you are proving NOLABound’s very point! The people in Portland are negative and closed minded, it’s YOU not him! And if someone offers an opinion in opposition to yours, you attack, character assassinations, ridicule. Believe it or not, there are many ways to see the same thing! Not just one answer! This place, the strange people, makes me seriously nuts, I’ve never lived in such a horrible place in my life. Ever. I can’t wait to find a way to get out of here.

    • I wrote an epic post the other day and you didn’t respond. I asked what Parrish are you from or did you live in?

      Anyway to Mike Moniker and whoever else has some dumb a$$ s**t to say on this cite. Before I get started. I ALREADY WARNED EVERYONE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THEY COME ON HERE AND SPEAK OUT OF POCKET. So here you go:

      Obviously Mike you have not resided in the major cities that you claim to have because first off you would not be so intellectually inept that you would come on a website dedicated to the opposite of your beliefs and or feelings. Your scattered idiotic thoughts, and use of punctuation and your s**tty vocabulary make me think that your real name maybe Sheila Tequila, or Angel. For one if I here the saying “Wherever you go there you are ” one more time…It’s like what the f**k??? First off I am not vowing to hate Portland or am not running from myself or from anything and I highly doubt anyone else on this cite is either. I want to experience new cultures, and new things. I don’t need to get into my reasons because you all can read my previous posts. I don’t understand where bottoming out, or taking responsibilities for my actions, or longing for home which I definitely never did, has anything to do with the desire to experience new cultures or something different. I don’t blame anyone for my success or failures in Oregon but myself. I just know for a fact that I can be successful in a different state because I was for 18 years. Not because I have some false hope or fairy tale in my head but because I am well traveled, have researched and know that I will. I have mad love and respect for Nevada but will I ever live there again NO. This is why I know you have never lived in the cities that you claim. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO EVER SAY SOME DUMB s**t LIKE “WELL, WHY DON’T YOU MOVE THEN.” are uneducated Oregonians who have never lived in a different state in their whole lives. If anyone said they didn’t like it in a certain place and I was a native I would ask them where they were thinking about moving and why? It’s the response of you people that is so f**king bizarre. And being mature, and having luck has nothing to do with a reason someone hates a place. I understand that every person on this cite is of different backgrounds, races and different environments. But it is because of this that we all understand and turn to this cite. I never blamed anyone or anything but the facts of why I will never get ahead here. Let me break it down for you MIKE you f**king idiot:

      1. I am a career bartender who makes $150,000 plus a year which I cannot make here. People are broke a$$ mother f**kers here.
      2. My personal income gets taxed in the state of Oregon.
      3. I can make maybe tops $25,000 to $30,000 in the state of Oregon versus the latter in only four states for sure: California, New York, Nevada, and Florida
      4. Cost of living: studio on the beach in Cali $4,000 plus a month. Studio in Miami Beach $1,000.

      These are just a few reasons: Now obviously you have never lived or traveled to any of these places or you would already understand these things. You obviously live in Forest Grove and have maybe lived in one or two cities in the state of Oregon. Because, if you had lived in New York or WV (there is no A at the end of WV) you would first off, not be on a website in which you disagreed, nor would you be that ignorant nor uneducated to compare a the likeness of Portland to a persons likeness of broccoli.

      So, on that note MIKE I would love for you to respond to my post and give it all you got because next I will start asking you which cities you resided and about places that I have visited and things a person would only know if they have been or lived in a place. I am waiting…

      NOLA, I asked you last time what Parrish are you from? My people who were like my family in Vegas were from Jefferson Parrish. It’s a small world ya know…

  96. Nola: for gods sake tell the doctor the meds are NOT WORKING!!! Youve hid behind the dr-words for five or whatever years and on that basis you’ve decided you hate Portland? No, Nola; you hate your own company which is as bad as it gets. In your next life volunteer to walk shelter dogs or deliver meals on wheels. May you find your way out of the hamster wheel of narcissism. Here or elsewhere.

    • bob: for gods sake why are you here?!?! seriously, why are you here? oh that’s right, you’re one of those douche bags that likes to argue just to argue. even when you’re not making a point you argue because you think it’s amusing. sheesh! maybe you’re the one stuck on your “hamster wheel of narcissism”. how bout you take your own advice and volunteer to walk dogs or deliver meals on wheels? the main reason why i hate oregon is the ignorant people here and douche bags like you only proves that i am right. take your fist out your a$$, maybe then you won’t be so full of youself.

  97. Which part of “to each his/her own” do you not understand? I was simply sharing my own experience. I too came to dislike Portland. Then I left. Then I came back. In between, maybe I matured. Now I appreciate it in a way that wouldn’t have been possible – had I not left. I’m happy now (in Portland,) but I could also be relatively content in any number of places, or so I think. Love the Pacific Northwest more than I do P Town per say. There are a ton of nice communities all over the country. Chalk my perspective up to personal growth, hard knocks, and some luck. Plus, I still have a long way to go in the my life journey. s**t ain’t easy. Wish you the best, no matter where you relocate to.. and I could care less if you don’t like broccoli LMAO. Take it easy.

    • the fact that you are on this page telling us “we” are the issue just shows that you did NOT mature when you left. you actually grew into a douche bag and came back to be with your fellow douches. that’s why you fit in and feel at home now. you “appreciate” it more so now because you share their douchy views. u felt and heard the calling of the doucheness so you came back. btw, have you met your fellow douche bags sheila tequila or bob?

      • Douche bag is such an apt description of the type of “person” who fits in here. I’ve never experienced more douche bags anywhere. It’s definitely a majority of the population!!

  98. Clearly you love Oregon. It’s right for you, and it is your right to love it with all your being. But why do you, and others, insist it is right for everyone? That I, and others, are wrong about our view of the place. That if we would simply ‘grow up’ we’d realize that things suck everywhere, so we should be happy where you are happy-ish. Why do you insist that those of us who don’t like it here are simple minded or immature or fantasists. Perhaps, having gotten our s**t together we have decided to leave. That having made that decision we discovered this website and realized others feel the same way and that we are not alone. Why isn’t that a possibility? OH, that’s right, you love Portland, so everyone else is wrong about it and are simple minded, immature, fantasists who believe other places are Disneyland and Shangra La all rolled into one. Some of us just don’t like Portland. Some of us don’t like broccoli either, will you also insist that we like it because you do? How about Vampire movies? Should we adopt your view on those too, because if we don’t we are immature and simple minded?

  99. Very nice philosophy. And in many ways true. However, when I left San Francisco, I still loved San Francisco, I still love San Francisco. When I left New York, I still loved New York, and I still love New York. I was proud to live in those cities, as they are great. It was time to leave them for various reasons, some being opportunities that came up elsewhere. I do not like Portland, for all the reasons I’ve named, previously. In other words I am not projecting my personality flaws onto the city. Happily I will be gone in six weeks. And hopefully I will love my new city, as much as so many PDXers seem to love this place. There is a chance, that like you, I will look back on my time here with fond memories. i will miss the friends I made here, but they will still be my friends. I seriously doubt I will miss the ‘cultural identity of this town. I will miss the coast, but the Oregon coast is not Portland.

    It is not fare to say that it’s a person’s baggage that makes for an unhappy experience in a place. Sometimes places are not a good fit, and that is that. For example, I have never lived in a desert state, like Arizona, yet I know I would not like it there. It would be a bad fit for me. Your idea seems to be that if a person in the right head space, that person could be happy anywhere. Perhaps that is true if you are a saint. Luckily I don’t have to be a saint. Luckily I have the resources to leave. Which brings me to the oft stated ‘Just leave!’ argument. Many people do not have the resources to leave or are not able to leave at this point in time. So find refuge in a blog where their beefs can be voiced openly, without too much back lash from those who don’t believe we have the right to our opinions. The irony of the attempts made by people who strive to ‘make us love Portland ‘and that we Portland Haters are the problem etc. etc. only confirm our original beliefs about the place.

  100. “No matter where you are, there YOU are.”

    If someone feels like they need to leave Portland, Oregon (for whatever reason,) I encourage them to do precisely that. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was once in that space myself. I devolved to hate Portland, convinced it was “them” not “me.” I wasn’t particularly happy or successful and I blamed everyone else.

    What I found was that other places had there own set of drawbacks, and some were much worse than P Town’s. I would fall back into the old bad habits and once the newness of the new town(s) wore off, I would fall back into negative mind sets.

    It wasn’t until I took responsibility for my own attitudes and actions that things started to earnestly improve. And once they did, I longed for home – Oregon – that is. Then I discovered that moving back here wasn’t the auto option I had always assumed it would be. It took more hard work, a lot of blind luck and good planning. But first I had to bottom out – hard.

    Meeting a great girl helped, as did having a child (who was born in Utah.) Perhaps I simply, finally matured. Success then followed me back to the place where I had never experienced it before. We’re far from all set – renting an apartment, more or less living paycheck to paycheck, but we have hope and are making strides, finally at peace and experiencing contentment. More good things (and struggles) to come.

    Home ownership costs may unfortunately compel us to move again, but it won’t be too far. We love the Pacific Northwest, above all else, but to each his / her own.

    While I stated that it takes guts to stay in a place, it does also take courage to leave. Do a thorough self check first. While moving can be an effective way to end stagnation, to disrupt negative cycles, to stimulate personal growth – it is also not a cure all. Plus, no matter how many times you google “best places to live,” you’re absolutely rolling the dice.

    Take care everyone (and be nice to one another!)

  101. Having lived in many states in the U.S. (NY, VT, MD, WVA, CA, CO, UT,) I find the comments on this site amusing.

    While I share the annoyances about Portland (and OR in general) the good far outweighs the bad. You all do realize there is no perfect place, don’t you?

    There are more than enough resources that a person of a strong mind with a desire to improve themselves can thrive and be happy here. Moving to a new place and thinking your problems will go *poof* is a little simplistic.

    Once tried that and failed. Then, I got my own s**t together and jumped at the chance to move back. My appreciation for Oregon has never been deeper.

    The cost of living is too high relative to the wages. The public school system leaves a lot to be desired. The roads kinda suck. Traffic is stupid. Income tax is a burden. Homelessness is pronounced. Drugs are rampant and yes… these are problems shared by many, many other cities and towns across this country.

    It takes guts to stay in a place and find the good in it. If you can’t do that in Oregon, I wish you luck. It’s rough out there, anywhere.

    You’ll be back…

    • You’ll be back? What a freaking joke! I can not WAIT to get the f*** out of this s**t hole pos state. Worthless people. No jobs. Poor wages. Insane rental and housing prices. HORRIFIC healthcare. More homeless people than I have ever seen in my life. Meth addicts everywhere. Oregonians false sense of superiority. Pretending to be so liberal, but so unaccepting of anyone else’s views. No taxes? That is a joke. Oregon financially r-words you when you move here from out of state. Worst air quality I have EVER been exposed to. I was sick in bed for days this summer. Was not because of “the fire”, it’s because this is about the 26th most toxic air in the US due to lead and mercury in the air. My dog and I both have severe allergies here. The weather is terrible. Cold. Rains most of the time. Hipster everywhere who think they are too cool for school. If you have not mutilated your body with tats and piercings, forget about getting employed. Are there ANY men who don’t look like bears here? Hostile locals to everyone who has moved here from another state. Especially Californians.Sorry, but we got sick of your sorry unattractive Oregonian asses in Cali decades ago!! We have a standing joke in Cali about Oregonians, we say “find an attractive native Oregonian”, because you can’t. If they are attractive, than they are clearly a transplant.You think we wanted Oregonians ruining OUR Cali for decades? Suck it up you pathetic hipster f***s. I am sick to death of thier overly hoppy IPA’s and their “vegan-gluten free-vegetarian-organic” everything. Still a bunch of unhealthy looking judgemental posers with vitamin D deficiencies from lack of sun. My soul is dying here. I want to jump off a bridge every second I am here. I can’t even make enough money here to move back. For what we pay in rent here, you can live in a beautiful ocean town in Cali with clean pristine air and cool people. So wtf would you want to live here?! I did not expect Portland to be such a depressing s**t hole. This has been the worst place I have ever lived in my life, and I have lived in about 8 other states and abroad. Oregon is by far THE worst in every way. If any of you are moving back to Cali, please take me with you before I slit my wrists. I only wish N Korea could reach Portland.

  102. Boregonian, I love you dude even though I haven’t personally met you. I have been here for 2 and 1/2 years and honestly have to tell you what you had reiterated in an old post. Do not get stuck here!!! It does happen and you are one of the people it is happening to. I understand, I think, that you are married and your spouse loves it here. Well that must be difficult when you think you know someone and then you really don’t. I have had times when I have been so angry and so sad about how people act here. I have turned to this site time and time again to make sure that I am o.k. You have helped me through some trying times like when I wanted to fight some idiot for disrespecting me but didn’t because I know that I will end up going to prison. I think it’s funny how we have shut down every idiot that loves Portland on this site down. RIP Angel, and also now Tequila Sheila. That is the dumbest name. For instance, I hate Oregon right so I am not going to go to a website or even think about looking one up that has anything to do with how great the place is. That is so strange how these people get on here and have some s**t to say. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you need to get out yourself. I was just looking back at the posts from 2008, 2009 and it is the same s**t. I have had and still had times when I doubt my beliefs and opinions and I just stay strong. I was a bartender in Las Vegas for 20 years. I am hot, thin, intelligent and pretty f**king cool. I wear makeup and have class. Well I have had about four bartending jobs and I have quit or gotten fired because I was doing a good job, or I have been accused for working for OLCC which is the funniest. Sorry that I am not rude, clean, and take pride in my job. The customer service here is f**king disgusting. I have been on about 40 interviews and would never get jobs. I was like what is wrong I have gotten every job I have ever applied for in my life. And in other major cities I get respect because people know the nightclubs I have worked at. Which brings me to the point of these nasty bitches here. I have never been treated like such s**t by men in my life. I have been called a prostitute and a whore which I laugh off. Because I wear makeup and heals and run a brush through my hair I am different and therefore a prostitute. It’s quite funny. The men here only have nasty bitches that think their s**t don’t stink for a wife or girlfriend. And most of these hoes don’t even know how to f..k or suck a dick. Not trying to be vulgur but it is the truth. I understand why these men treat these bitches like s**t becuase these bitches are nasty. Someone posted that they drive and decent car, don’t shop at goodwill, and are having a hard time getting laid because they don’t have facial hair. It is because honestly you guys don’t want to get laid by these fat, nasty, uneducated, entitled, disease ridden hoes. Please do not grow facial hair it is typical Oregon mountain man bulls**t and it is gross. Anyway, Boregonian I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me keep my sanity. I finally, finally figured out why the Portland Trailblazers suck so bad and that we can’t get any good players to stay and we can’t win a championship. Well I if you go back to my last post I speak of the guy I am seeing and how much he gets taxed on his personal income. He is thirty something makes $20,000 a month and takes home $8,000 yes that one. He belongs to a prominent country club in the area and used to speak with Wesley Matthews a lot when he played here. The first night he took me out I made a comment that if I was African American I wouldn’t live in Oregon. And he said funny that you say that because I was talking to Matthews before he left and told him that his wife and kids hated Portland and he couldn’t stand the racism himself. My friend being white with money and well traveled understood. If you look back the last time we won was 1977 I was 2 years old. When we won that year with that f…..g hippie Bill Walton there weren’t that many African Americans playing here then. And the ones that do stay act white anyway. These a-holes don’t deserve a Pro team. The ex owner of the Golden State Warriors should buy the Portland Trailblazers he would fit in perfect here. Enough about that. The weirdest thing that I struggled with is when I first got back up here I was always talking about Vegas. Well Vegas is a melting pot and out of all of my best group of friends only one of them was actually from Vegas. My other best friend Christine was from Detroit, my other he was from Bama. And NOLA, my Vegas family who I spent every Christmas and New Years Eve with they were from New Orleans, Jefferson Parrish actually and yes they were white. JK, French Creole and white to be exact. I have been living in Oregon so long I am actually noticing peoples race again…What Parrish are you from. But when I talked about Vegas people always get mad and are like why do you always talk about Vegas and I was like I lived there half my life…I never understand or understood why people got so mad. I still don’t please someone help me on this one. When I met someone that was from Philly let’s say. I was like “Cool, tell me about it I have never been there. I heard that they have great Philly cheese steaks there. OMG, I love the Eagles our old coach from the Ducks is there now.” Something to that effect. But that goes to show the mental capacity of these people. Oh and one more thing. We will get together for a drink. You me and NOLA and any one else that hates this place. I am just a little leery about people from websites. And not because of meeting up with strangers. But because of the ratio of Serial Killers in this state is the highest in the country. Remember we are number one for that amongst everything else that is wrong with this state. Do any of you have anyone you can talk to about this stuff? When I try to talk to my family about it most of them do not understand. It’s truly, truly sad. That is the hardest part for me being from this place. People are always saying some dumb a$$ s**t about thinking the reason I wanna move is to run away from myself or something. It is so strange. I want to move because I want to experience new things, new cultures, something different. There is more to life than the Portland Metropolitan area. Everyone is trying to talk me out of it so I can be miserable like them. I tell everyone if I hate Miami I can always come back. Well I would go somewhere else if I hated it that much. It’s not that big of a deal I moved to Las Vegas at 23. I guess I happen to be smarter than the General Population. I have so much to say but I am done for now. But seriously Boregonian and NOLA because you two are consistent on this site I would love to meet up with you two before I leave. And no bulls**t this time. We got 5 weeks. Oh btw these f…..g idiots hanging from the St. John’s bridge protesting the oil crap. I can’t even talk about it because it is so f…..g stupid. I guarantee if it was 39 degrees and raining these motherf…..s wouldn’t be out there. All the sudden they care about Alaska’s clean water. What about our own it’s pathetic. It’s like do you want our gas prices to be any higher. I want to prove one point I have never met Boregonian or NOLA and I am pretty sure we are all from very different demographics but we still all come to a similar conclusion. I am 40 years old from Gresham Oregon, two years of community college. Went to the school of hard knocks in Vegas. I have no children, I have never been married, I have half of a degree, I am now back in community college with 47 credits. Currently not working. Have had it all, have had a severe severe drug problem, have lost it all, have done prison time, have traveled, have been exposed to things and situations people should never see. I have lived a crazy life and am now in recovery, I am 3 years sober, still drink and smoke a little pot. But to me that is sober. But when I make a mistake I can at least admit when I am wrong, I want to learn new things, want to see how different people live and communicate,I have love for every race, every creed, pretty much everything , I have a heart, I can be a raging psycho c**t if I care about people, I have mental health issues, I have an open mind, I have PTSD, I am a product of my environment, I know a lot but I really know nothing. I have life experience not asshole experience. And despite my issues and past successes and failures at least I can sleep at night knowing that I am true to who I am. I am pretty sure that you two wouldn’t judge me but “NOTHING IS PERFECT” and neither am I.

    Sorry if I misspelled, didn’t punctuate properly, or didn’t cross out my cuss words. This piece came straight from the heart.

    Amanda, Commander, Bujibitch

  103. Recently I wrote about I fender bender I had, when the man, Dennis Boyles by name, who hit me said, “Why didn’t you honk?’. Turns out he bold faced lied to his insurance co. and said he was parked and I hit him! The insurance co. sides with him naturally, since there wasn’t a witness. I called the insurance co. and asked, “Why would he say what he did if he was parked? Asking me why I didn’t honk is basically an admission of guilt.’ After all why would I honk at a parked car? They had nothing to say of course. I’m pretty sure he bragged about his clever remark to the insurance co. so it’s on record from him and me. It is a way of blaming while admitting guilt and the same time. But, it does not matter because the jerk was willing to lie to save his insurance from going up. That is your wonderful, politically correct, ‘good’ person from Portland. I said to the insurance person, that if he is willing to lie about something so minor he will most certainly lie about something more serious, and given that this man does not watch where is is going, it WILL happen again and next time someone may get hurt. By the way the a-hole drives a small red car. Beware.

  104. Geologically speaking, imminent can mean 100-200 yard or more. After all geologists are used to thinking in terms of millions of years, give or take a few years, as my Geologist Grandfather used to say. The quake certainly will happen, but all the rest is conjecture. I’ve been hearing about the big one since I was a little kid. I learned the hard way about PDX too. People who lived here kept telling me about how great it is. I realize now, they were just lonely for more non-natives to live here. LOL.

  105. pretty crappy place to live. i’ll never live there again. im even regretting the purchase of a plane ticket to visit family in oregon for 2 weeks. i dont know why anyone would stay there. its a bunch of judgemental yuppie people in your business that you dont even want to know.

  106. Don’t get me started on the bike fascists who think what the feel like doing is the law. ‘I feel like riding on the sidewalk, running a stop sign, red light, jumping a meridian, it’s legal cause I say so. And you are in a car which isn’t politically coronet so you are automatically wrong anyway’
    I used to ride my bike all around Brooklyn NY, and San Francisco, I don’t recall people on bikes acting so stupid and self righteous about being stupid. The bike messengers I knew from both cities were kind of ‘urban heroes of daring’ but they KNEW they were taking their lives in their hands when riding between cars etc. The bikers here seem to think they are immune to liability or responsibly because they travel on two wheels. Was ‘Dumb and Dumber’
    about two guys from Portland? I never saw it, but now I don’t have to I live it everyday.

  107. I just posted my best post ever in dedication to Boregonian and New Orleans Louisiana bound. I just figured it out. You will understand when my post gets approved NOLA. Anyway it is awaiting moderation whatever that means let me know if you guys see it before I do.

    Amanda, Commander40, Bujibitch

  108. Thank you very much. I have to say way more than one thing. I grew up here and moved away at 23 and was back at 38. What’s really hard for me is that my whole family is here and they are the opiteme of what I hate about this state. Ignorant, uneducated, racist, passive aggressive, entitled a**holes like the majority of the people here. I have struggled with this the 2 and 1/2 years I have been here. The main problem to me was Kitzhaber…He was governor in 1998 when I left and was in 2013 when I came back. How does that happen. He kept Oregonians uneducated, stoned, and locked up. We have the 3rd worst public school system in the country but the 3rd best prison system, yet there is no crime here. And any idiot that is gonna tell me to go to NE Portland or Gresham and tell me it’s ghetto and that the crime is terrible has a rude awakening. Try living in a real city where homicides occur every second of every day and when someone says some ignorant sh*t such as the N word they get there a** beat or shot. Only stay in Oregon if you like to get your personal income taxed, and if you enjoy living in a police state. My mom just retired from Multnomah county after 30 years she made 4500$ before taxes And took home $1800. The guy I am seeing makes $20,000 a month And takes home $8,000 it’s sickening And no that wasn’t a typo. Yes $20,000 I can’t f…ing believe that s**t. I prefer one of the 8 states that doesn,t tax personal income such as Nevada, Florida, Texas etc. And driving here I have literally gotten out of my car ready to fight someone for packing a bowl and sitting through a green light. But wait don’t get in a fist fight in Oregon. We have measure 11. Where I come from if someone disrespects you, you beat there a$$. “When I say where I come from I claim Nevada.” Nothing happens you might do 10 hours in jail for domestic violence but most likely nothing. Here you will do 5 to 10 years plus if you cause substantial bodily harm to someone. Growing up in Gresham I know 3 of my guy friends went to prison because of Measure 11. The first in 1995 happened on the Mount Hood Community College campus. My best friend he was the poster child, or the example for Measure 11 and they gave him 10 years for breaking someones jaw during a fight. My other friend he was looking at 8 years but got a really good lawyer and did 3 years, and another one is looking at 5 to 15. It’s really truly crazy to me. And why is the speed limit only 55 mph. When I moved to Las Vegas I got hip how to drive real quick. I can’t stand how pedestrians think they have the right of way here. Now, you all have to picture me moving to Las Vegas at 23 from Portland. I actually got clipped by a couple different cars trying to step out in the street when I first moved to Nevada. And when I thought about it with the open mind that I have it makes sense that cars should have the right of way. Vehicles weigh a couple hundred tons and I weigh 112 pounds so who should have the right of way? Obviously not us. To Boregonian and NOLAbound: Boregonian you brought to my attention the fact that I still have some traits of my up bringing here such as the social aspect of saying you want to meet up with people from work or yoga class or wherever it may be. I thought that was just an issue that I had. I always wondered why people I met in Las Vegas always genuinely wanted to hang out and always called me back when I never did. I always thought it was personal issues. Now I realize it was Oregon issues. Thank you for the education and for helping me laugh a little through some trying times in the last couple years. And to NOLAbound you are hilarious and on point though newer to this site you have been consistent and enlightening. I remember someone had once commented about your name NOLAbound trying to punk you or something. And I thought obviously you are most likely trying to not be Oregon bound. Such as meaning anywhere but here, maybe New Orleans bound or L.A. bound but not Oregon bound. I also could be wrong but it just goes to show the education factor of the people from here. I am embarrassed to say I am from this place. And I have a lot more to say and will when the time is right. One last thing to everyone trying to get out of this place. Don’t be one of the people who get stuck here. I woke up one day and realized I had already been here for 2 years. Don’t be complacent, or think something is wrong with you, or question who you are as a person. Because I have struggled with those issues but I stayed strong and I am getting out. Some conspiracy theorists say that Oregon is the test state for if and or when the government implements Marshall Law. It seems pretty reasonable to me. Keep the people uneducated, on drugs, and imprisoned with no chance of getting a head. And no one questions where the tax payers money is for the bridge or CareOregon and just keep voting in the same idiot. My uncle is 74 and tells it to me the best way he can being born and raised here. He says Amanda, in 1963 there was a vote on the ballot for an NFL team to play here. They were going to make Delta Park the Delta Dome. Well he said the people of Oregon voted no and now all we have is this stupid f…ing soccer team and now the Portland Pickles. You gotta love it!!!

    Amanda, bujibitch, COMMANDER

    • Yep, and Yep. It is like a weight is lifted, or awakening from and coma and realizing, ‘Nothing is wrong with me! It really is THEM!’ That you are a native and went away, learned the truth and came back, proves my often thought theory that the reason natives of Portland love it so much and defend it so much is because they’ve never been anywhere else. Like a monkey in a cage who believes himself to be in a jungle, because he is told he is from the jungle. Just so you know, you are very much on the right track with NOLAbound. NOLA is a common way of saying New Orleans Louisiana. So yes, NOT Oregon is the point. I hope to be gone within the next few months. May you and yours find a good exit strategy soon.

    • Got the shorter note second. So I get that you get my name. LOL, thanks for the dedication, it is gratifying to amuse and inspire. 🙂 I wrote a post a while back that was never approved. I think it’s because I pointed out that a certain large bookstore-beloved by all, including me- is not a ‘cultural institution’ as claimed by several ‘why Portland is a great place to live live’ lists on line, that it is in fact a retail store designed to make money. That is another case in point about how dumb people are here, they are so culturally starved they actually think a store is a cultural institution. They said it I didn’t! Check out one of those lists and you will see for yourself!

    • i totally agree with you. moved from cali to oregon around 23yrs old. that time only lasted 8 months, then moved to Florida. came back (13 years later) to live with sis in oregon (temporary) and am amazed at their ignorance. my family lives here and their level of ignorance is astounding! i thought it was just them but it seems it’s the majority of oregonians! I’m not saying I’m better than them and i love my family BUT i can’t live near them, especially here! I’m actually at the point where i can’t stand my family because if their ignorance! and they have this “it’s everybody’s fault, except mine” attitude even when they do the very same thing!!!! and when i bring up their hypocrisy, they do this “watever” denial sh*t! oh that’s another thing they’re great at “denial” and the INABILITY to admit they’re wrong! Sheesh! whenever i talk about oregon, i always refer to Oregonians as “self righteous douchebags”…ugh!… so annoyed, can’t wait to get out of here! 6 weeks left and counting!
      *sorry about the grammar and all, just had to vent!*

    • Nice post Commander. Now I regret not meeting you for a drink even more!! Sounds like you’ll get outta here before the “Really Big One”. Good for you. That’s my goal… to get out of here before this place gets decimated and I’m stuck here with all these losers!! It never ceases to amaze me what a disaster this place is. And it’s just going to get worse! I feel so badly for all those people from anywhere else who visit here and love it (it IS a great place to visit, temporarily) and then they move here and learn the hard way how much it sucks, the way I learned. It’s good that the imminent Cascadia earthquake is finally getting a little press. Maybe it’ll scare some smart people away. Shoot we’ve only know about the earthquake for 30 years!!!!!!!!! I’ve been talking about it for almost 7 years and people are always like “You’re sooo NEGATIVE!” And they quickly change the subject because they’re sooo feeble minded and just can’t deal with reality period! And then I get the sense that they think I’M stupid because I can and do acknowledge reality. Uggghh!

  109. A while back I read on this site that Oregon is know as the ‘state of dispute’ regarding insurance claims. That an Oregonian will always dispute an insurance claim and make trouble for adjusters, because they simply will not admit to doing something wrong. Well, believe it or not just last week I experienced this for myself. While in a parking lot a guy pulled out of a space without looking and hit me. When he got out of the car he said, ‘Why didn’t you honk?’ I showed restraint, and did not say, ‘Why didn’t you look where you were going?’ Yes, he is disputing the claim! LOL. When I spoke to my adjustor I told him what I had learned about Oregon being the dispute state. I could hear him trying to hold back his laughter, and remain professional.

    • Isn’t it awful? First off Oregonians don’t pay attention. Secondly the can’t take responsibility for themselves AT ALL!! Everything is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. It’s just how they’re born and raised here. And if you DO take responsibility for yourself (which I do) then everyone tries to pin everything on you. People here are sooo tedious and frustrating to deal with! NOLA you shouldn’t have “showed restraint”. You should have told him he wasn’t paying attention. You basically enabled his “not my fault” mentality and thus made it more likely that he’d dispute the claim… like he did. Anyways, I’ve had this exact same experience as well.

    • You are right, maybe I should have said something. I just didn’t want to lower myself to tit for tats. t did however ask him to write on a scrap of paper that he hit me, so I’d have his acknowledgment. He refused. Surprise. You can be sure I told the adjuster exactly what I had on my mind. Like you, I also have had it happen that when I’ve admitted fault in a work situation here, I am suddenly the ‘reason things are not working in the department.’ This all happening behind the back of course. The Passive aggressive way. Have you noticed how pedestrians wander out into the street like live stock, paying no attention to traffic? I’ve also experienced people hanging out in the middle of the street refusing to move when I drive up. I was once yelled at because I refused to drive on the wrong site of the road to accommodate the hanging-out -in the-middle-of the-street’. It was their ‘right’ to obstruct traffic. These people we speak of would die in any other environment. Hit by taxi cabs or someone willing to question their right to their wallets. A friend of mine summed up the native Oregonian like this, ‘They were too dumb to die on the Oregon Trail.” Yep, and all that ‘dumb’ is handed down through generations.

    • I think the depressing weather and the socially inept, unempathetic culture here has a lot to do with it as well. People here are very uptight socially and very socially isolated. Even friends just don’t connect here like friends do on the east coast. That’s why the east coast always has the lowest suicide rates.

  110. Boregonian your funny. I am finally getting out of here. Moving to Miami in September already have everything set up. I hope you get to get out of here soon. And please let someone make some dumb a$$ comments…because I will shut you down every time. I noticed Angel hasn’t been on the site for awhile. With her game hospital BS.

    Dueces PTown

    • Commander: We never got together for a drink!! Don’t worry I’m used to it. It’s been 7 years of stuff just like that. This is a bizarre, anti-social place and I’m really not much different at this point. I used to have a personality but it has long been squashed by all these stupid, insecure, boring Oregonians everywhere… all the Tequila Sheila’s and Angel’s that inhabit this place. Ugggh! What a waste of my f-ing life!! Best of luck to you Commander!

      • I think I was in a sort of PDX coma for the past six years. Yes, I too used to be social. But, as I am not married with children, or a pot smoking 20-30 something who thinks Tattoos were invented in the Northwest, I find I rarely go out and see people or do the things I use to do. I woke up one day and realized the only thing I really like about Portland is my house. Which means my house has become a prison, as I can find no reason to leave it. The house goes on the market in two days. I’m headed for New Orleans.

  111. Maybe because of the same reason the north bitches, complains, berates. and denigrates the south. BECAUSE WE CAN~~~~~

  112. Ha Ha Ha, now isn’t that funny, I am a college professor myself as it happens. Which is why I am so clear on the education stats. I came here because I had friends who convinced me how great this place is. They have already moved away, admitting their mistake. Me, I am moving just as fast as I can. Which is why I found this site in the first place, I was looking for a little affirmation about my feelings and experience living in this town, and wondering if moving is truly the right thing to do. And I found it! From others who are packing their bags just as fast as they can and from people like you, who defend the place and insist on defending it on a website designed for people who DON’T LIKE IT HERE. It is truly a testament to a missionary spirit, stubbornness or denial of others’ right to be frustrated and disappointed. I wonder at what things you might be frustrated with and have yet to change: job, marriage, house, addiction, self image? I assume you are not 100% happy here all of the time in all areas of your life, to be so would be inhuman. To your credit, as a college math teacher you must have your work cut out for you, given the poor standing of the high schoolers who come your way, I applaud your efforts. OH, and I never claimed to be a genius. My last I.Q. test was just 144.

    • Good Luck Nola:

      Use City-data to find better places to move to. No place is perfect but jusy about anywhere is better than the s**t hole of Portland.

  113. If it’s so dreadful why did you move there,
    Genius? I teach COLLEGE MATHEMATICS in Illinois for your information. What do you do, Enstien?

    • I seriously doubt you teach any higher mathematics being frim Oregon. I would be surprised if you knew anything about Green’s functions, reversion of power series or eigenvalue problems. You’re the typical pompous Oregon resident. So in love with themselves.

  114. Hummm….I have no idea who Noona is, but I think you may be referring to me. Judging from your spelling and grammar you MUST either be a drunk or a graduate from the local school system, or both. In 2014 Oregon rated #40 in the country for education K-12. In case you need a reminder, there are only 50 states in the Union. So yeah, Portland is AWESOME if your priorities in life are being ‘nice’ and ignorant. Btw, that place at #40 is higher than it was ten years ago, then Oregon was at #48, guess all those assholes from out of town are helping to up-the-score in education.

  115. Dearest Noona,
    If even an iota of what you wrote had even a tidbit of truth to then why has it become a hotspot for relocation? Have you read any of these whiny posts? Hoards of dumb-f**ks like you (and Kenneth) relocate here because of some disappointment romantic or professional (back home) and then can’t understand why the world isn’t crooning:
    “Oooh pinch me! You’re from Chicago?!? How exotic!! Let’s f**k!” Go the hell home and don’t let the door slam your a$$ on the way out. Portland was written up by the noteworthy WSJ for it’s “”Creativity and Culture of Kindness.” You guys have already polluted that. Not drunk but kind of wish I was….in Portland

    • You need only go online and check the stats yourself to see that what I wrote is true. I haven’t a motive to make that up. But clearly you are motivated to deny the truth of it. If being passive aggressive and full of artistic cliches is the cornerstone of a ‘culture of kindness and creativity’, Portland has it in spades. “Don’t let the door slam you in the a$$ on the way out’-how kind and creative of you. Thank you for providing proof of what I wrote, aggressive and cliche all in a single sentence. You are a Portlander born and bred alright. Congratulations on that. And btw some of us move around because we like change or are giving a job opportunity, not because we are running away from something. Thinking that we are whining and running no doubt makes it easier for you to feel righteous about your own anger and aggression toward ‘outsiders’.

  116. Tequila: Obviously you were drunk on your name sake when you wrote that. Is is impossible to pollute the gene pool here. Years of isolationism has already done that. People born in Portland, who rave about the pub