#88 Androgyny

Men can do their toilet business much faster than the ladies. And when girls just can’t wait in line, they may choose to hit up the men’s room. As case in point, go to Boiler Room at 11pm on a Friday night.  Although socially questionable, this act would seem somewhat … Continue reading

#86 Bangs

Women get excited about changing up their hairstyle. It’s as if we go through some mini quarter-life style crisis and instantly need a change. Most every Portlander from Vaughn to Mississippi seems to have bangs now, so I decided to try them out. When I first got bangs I LOVED … Continue reading

#85 Tanking

Note: This was posted in 2012. Tanking got us the 2013 Unanimous R.O.Y Damian Lillard! Tanking is awesome!  Then, in 2015 when S**T HIT THE FAN, we could’ve tanked but made it to the Second Round of the Playoffs. Tanking SUCKS! Last night, was a personal low for me as a … Continue reading

#83 The Tiger

The Tiger is the  U.S. Representative for Oregon’s 1st congressional district. As a beast and congressman, The Tiger has been a part of some landmark moments that have shaped our country. The Tiger was born in the 1950’s, when Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes was in need of a mascot to appear … Continue reading

#78 Ru-dy!

There isn’t anything that unites Portland more than our Trailblazers. Over the past few years, I’ve tried not to touch the Blazers with TAPTS. I know they can do no wrong in the eyes of Portlanders. But after the 2009 series and the one unfolding in front of their eyes, … Continue reading

#77 Police Bureau

Recently, a transient was shot by a Portland police officer and bled to death. You have probably heard that phrase so many times in the past couple of years that it seems almost routine. Officers receive a disturbance call and respond to it in varying degrees of time. Once they … Continue reading

#76 Nate McMillan

It appears that the 2009-2010 season will need another huge prayer of hope just to lose in the first round of playoff action. This season has seen a mass drop in production from marquee players, mostly due to injury. The Natural, The Vanilla Gorilla, Webster, Batum, Rudy, Outlaw, Greg Oden’s … Continue reading