#82 Snowpocalypse

Its that time of year when everyone in Portland gets on their cold weather periods. The peacoats, hipster scarves, and rain boots come out in full force. Coffee shops experience a jolt in morning sales. Our town becomes a super sad depressing wet blanket. The amount of darkness and rain … Continue reading

#81 Leaf Blowers

Every year, just after labor day, autumn descends on God’s Country. It is a time when one can finally switch out summer sweaters for winter sweaters! The air becomes crisp and misty! And at least a dozen local hipsters must be rescued from the Sauvie Island Corn Maize. Oh yeah, … Continue reading

#69 Pioneer Square

Bums. Street Urchins. Crappy Guitar Players. Disheveled unemployed. Now, I don’t believe that everyone should have a High School diploma, job or contribute to society because that would be an unfair expectation for the thousands of Californians who come here every year.  Pioneer Courthouse Square was created to be the … Continue reading

#68 Gresham

In Oregon, there lies a place just outside the city of Portland where people go to escape being awesome. Every major city throughout our country has this. Los Angeles has Bakersfield. New York City has the entire state of New Jersey. Detroit has 8 Mile Road. Located east of Portland … Continue reading

#66 Being Unhappy :(

KATU news broke this incredible story yesterday about Business Week’s list of miserable places to live. “PORTLAND, Ore. – Believe it or not, Portland has been named the “unhappiest place in the country.” According to Business Week magazine, Portland ranks No. 1 on the list of miserable places to live. … Continue reading

#50 Drivers vs. Cyclists

Road Rage is a TAPTS original series. Part 1: Cyclists vs. Drivers Part 2: Drivers vs. Cyclists Part 3: Pedestrians vs. Cyclists/Drivers I’m not going to say something irrational like, “cyclists suck and we shouldn’t have them on the streets”. Bicycling is a great workout, and for people that want … Continue reading