#49 Cyclists vs. Drivers

Road Rage is a TAPTS original series. Part 1: Cyclists vs. Drivers Part 2: Drivers vs. Cyclists Part 3: Pedestrians vs. Cyclists/Drivers Visitors to Portland frequently comment about how nice we Portlanders are. A friend visiting from NYC actually made a comment about all the niceties: “It’s starting to freak … Continue reading

#44 McFadden’s

OFFICIALLY OUT OF BUSINESS! McFadden’s, why can’t you just die like my grandfathers did twenty years ago? For ages, McFadden’s has provided Portland with one of its premiere Meat Markets. While other popular sausage fests such as Banana Joes, H20 and Moody’s dry out, McFadden’s has found the winning formula. … Continue reading

#40 Dirty Dining

Love/Hate relationship never meant more to me than after viewing my first segment of KPTV Fox 12’s Dirty Dining. The Double-D highlights a restaurant’s antics with health inspectors and host Kerry Tomlinson. Meant to be more comedy than genuine news report, Dirty Dining takes some horrific liberties to generate negative … Continue reading

#39 NW 23rd Ave.

Salon-> trendy restaurant-> clothing boutique: wash, rinse and repeat. It might as well be the motto for our most pretentious street in the Portland city limits. With an overwhelming amount of business targeting West/Nob Hill clientele, NW 23rd Ave. has become Portland’s Rodeo drive. When I say Rodeo drive, I … Continue reading

#36 Ringlers

“I’ve never had a good time there and I’ve never had a bad time there” Perfect quote for someone trying to describe the most divey of all Portland “clubs” (a.k.a. The cedar underbelly of the Crystal). Now I must warn you, the graphic detail in this thing about Portland that … Continue reading

#32 Happy Hour

As we wind down our work day, some of us feel a need to top the 7-10 hour grind with non-work related happiness. From 8:30ish to 4:30ish, Portlanders soak up LCD rays with the desire to get more satisfaction out of life. This behavior is what Henry IIX called “hobbies”. … Continue reading

#31 Portlandia

*Not to be confused with the show, which is 94% accurate I found this post from another Portland blog, “Public Portland Art” Enjoy this excerpt and click on the link below to read the full article. “I loath everything about Raymond Kaskey’s 1985 hammered copper sculpture, bolted to Michael Graves‘ … Continue reading

#30 Plaid Pantry

It really is difficult to say an entire franchise of rundown mini marts sucks… but that’s the magical uniqueness of Plaid Pantry. These tacky urban landmarks can be seen on street corners throughout Portland. Since it was founded in 1963, generations of Portlanders have walked through the grease-streaked glass doors … Continue reading

#29 Oaks Park

For many of the same reasons that the Portland Rose Festival Fun Center sucks, Oaks Amusement Park on the East Bank of Portland’s Sellwood Bridge sucks and should be strictly avoided.* Like the Fun Center, there are indeed corn dogs, toothless carnies, shoddy rides and the faint aroma of vomit … Continue reading