#85 Tanking

Note: This was posted in 2012. Tanking got us the 2013 Unanimous R.O.Y Damian Lillard! Tanking is awesome!  Then, in 2015 when S**T HIT THE FAN, we could’ve tanked but made it to the Second Round of the Playoffs. Tanking SUCKS! Last night, was a personal low for me as a … Continue reading

#76 Nate McMillan

It appears that the 2009-2010 season will need another huge prayer of hope just to lose in the first round of playoff action. This season has seen a mass drop in production from marquee players, mostly due to injury. The Natural, The Vanilla Gorilla, Webster, Batum, Rudy, Outlaw, Greg Oden’s … Continue reading

#67 Lakers Fans

To all my friends, family and coworkers who are from the State of California, I’m sorry to confess: I’m a Californist. My heart has learned to open up a little and become more open minded to people from California. Your views and tanned skin might be a different than mine, … Continue reading

#54 Greg Oden’s legs

In the City of Roses, there are few things that affect each and every Portlander.  Examples are limited to: Mayor Tom Potter’s decisions, Burnside bridge construction, gentrification and transplants from California.  But recently, there has been one thing that hardens the heart of all Portland denizens… and it involves the … Continue reading